Everything to know about 5G cellular service

5G Services are Coming Soon!

I thought I’d chime in and talk a little bit about how 5G will blow up in the next few years.

Near the end of 2025, sources predict that 5G will have reached more than 40% o the population on the internet and will cover over 1.5 billion people!
5G promises a huge boost in speed. It’s short for fifth-generation network technology.

The first 5G phones should come out the first half of next year (2019).
What I find the most interesting is that they are predicting that people will use upwards of 21GB per month by 2024. I don’t know about you, but with my current 4G LTE service, I’m lucky if I use 5GB of data a month, and that’s while streaming Spotify, Netflix etc…

The first countries that are expected to adopt 5G are North America/North East Asia then followed by Western Europe.
I’m looking forward to it! It will be interesting to see if the bandwidth ranges are available in all of the countries.

I for one and looking forward to it!

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Project FI for all, 5G for the masses, Electric Truck Rivian R1S Unveiled

Google To Open Project Fi To iPhone, Samsung, and OnePlus

  • Google’s Project Fi mobile service will reportedly be adding support for Samsung, OnePlus, and iPhones.
  • “More handsets from existing Fi partners LG and Motorola will also gain Fi support,” reports The Verge.
  • “The iPhone experience is apparently ‘in beta,’ which is a sign that users might run into bugs or be left without some of Fi’s features.”
  • The lineup of “Fi-ready” compatible phones — those that Google says have been fully optimized for the network — is fairly short: Google is currently selling the Pixel 3, 3 XL, 2 XL, LG G7, LG V35, Moto G6, and Moto X4 (Android One edition) directly through its Project Fi website.
  • And although Google is apparently about to widen support and officially allow more devices onto Fi, those “Fi-friendly” phones will still offer the best overall user experience for subscribers, according to the report. It’s not yet entirely clear what that means, but we should know more once Google makes a proper announcement.
  • But while Project Fi’s plan isn’t the cheapest, it comes with a lot of perks. Pricing starts at a flat $20 per month for unlimited calls and texting and $10 for 1GB of data, but money for unused data is credited back to the user’s account. Overages result in a charge of $10 per GB used. Fi also doesn’t levy a fee on mobile hotspots — data used while tethering is deducted from a Fi user’s monthly allotment.


5G Will Cover Roughly 1.5 Billion People By 2024, Researchers Say

  • By the end of 2025, 5G will reach more than 40 percent of the world’s population and cover 1.5 billion people, according to the latest mobility report [PDF] from telecommunications company Ericsson, which says its networks currently carry nearly half the world’s mobile traffic.
  • 5G, short for fifth-generation network technology, promises a massive boost in speed and responsiveness.
  • Industry watchers expect the first 5G smartphones to come out in the first half of next year.
  • Researchers forecast that mobile data consumption will reach more than 21GB per month by 2024, which is nearly four times the consumption in 2018. 5G networks will carry 25 percent of global mobile data traffic, according to Ericsson. North America and North East Asia are expected to lead the 5G rollout, followed by Western Europe.


Half of all Phishing Sites Now Have the Padlock

  • You may have heard you should look for the padlock symbol at the top of a website before entering your password or credit card information into an online form.
  • It’s well-meaning advice, but new data shows it isn’t enough to keep your sensitive information secure.
  • Recent data from anti-phishing company PhishLabs shows that 49 percent of all phishing sites in the third quarter of 2018 bore the padlock security icon next to the phishing site domain name as displayed in a browser address bar.
  • That’s up from 25 percent just one year ago, and from 35 percent in the second quarter of 2018. This alarming shift is notable because a majority of Internet users have taken the age-old “look for the lock” advice to heart, and still associate the lock icon with legitimate sites.
  • A PhishLabs survey conducted last year found more than 80% of respondents believed the green lock indicated a website was either legitimate and/or safe. In reality, the https:// part of the address (also called “Secure Sockets Layer” or SSL) merely signifies the data being transmitted back and forth between your browser and the site is encrypted and can’t be read by third parties.
  • The presence of the padlock does not mean the site is legitimate, nor is it any proof the site has been security-hardened against intrusion from hackers.

Automotive startup Rivian unveils an electric truck and SUV

  • Electrified SUVs are popping up everywhere. So it’s no surprise that automotive startup Rivian has unveiled one of its own, the R1S. More exciting is the company’s electron-powered pickup truck, the R1T.
  • The automaker calls both vehicles “Electric Adventure Vehicles.” The idea is that both of these vehicles can handle the rigors of the average day while also ready to go offroad and tackle the elements when needed. If the specs work out the way the company hopes they will, there’s a good chance these vehicles could deliver on the company’s promise.
  • According to Rivian the R1T will have up to 400-mile range, will do zero to 60 in three seconds, support over-the-air updates, seat five and have a four-motor AWD drivetrain.
  • When it initially ships in late 2020, the truck will be available with either a 180 kWh or 136 kWh battery pack. Later, a 105 kWh battery will be available.
  • Rivian says that the R1S SUV will be delivered in 2021 and that both vehicles will ship with level 3 autonomy (The vehicle will drive itself in certain circumstances, probably on the highway).
  • All of this is impressive, but it takes more than promises for a new company to deliver a vehicle. Especially at scale. Just ask Tesla.
  • If Rivian can pull this off, the next time you hassle a friend to help you move, your Ikea furniture, clothes and boxes of old smartphones might be hauled by an electric truck.

Amazon’s Most Popular 5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Politicians Around the World are Criticizing Zuckerberg for UK Parliament No-Show

  • Mark Zuckerberg decided not to attend the UK Parliament to discuss Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytical Scandal or the Brexit vote.
  • Zuckerberg sent Richard Allan his VP of Policy Solutions to discuss the issues.
  • “Our democratic institutions … seem to have been upended by frat-boy billionaires from California”.- NDP  MP Charlie Angus.
  • Many countries from around the world were invited to the hearing.  Members of Parliament in Canada, Argentina, France, Singapore, Ireland, Belgium, Brazil and Latvia attended.


welcome back Matt how are the heck are
you over there in Canada no I’m doing
pretty good how about you did really
good I just stuffed myself with American
Thanksgiving that’s good I did that on
Friday actually so Black Friday I was
stuffing myself so it’s a day late but
oh great did you guys have Turkey oh
yeah we had turkey and all the things
yeah did your wife make it did you work
okay what’s the word Christmas party so
does it count
I don’t know hey I’m impressed you guys
had Turkey for Christmas
yeah yeah it was an early word Christmas
party and I considered it Thanksgiving
so there you go nice well I almost burnt
the house down
I got a 20-pound turkey for six dollars
what a deal right yeah that is a deal
because it was so large it had a hard
time fitting into my oven so all the
juices started overflowing and
evaporating and creating a lot of smoke
so those delicious juices I’m sure the
neighbors were like you suck so cooking
just ya know it’s a lot of fun it’s kind
of one of those weird forced holidays
you know that we didn’t really grow up
with we kind of did but not really you
well we always had Americans over for
American Thanksgiving okay
still feel like it was a little bit
forced but delicious so guess what
happened to me in my iMac oh yeah you
got that oh now is that a 2000
in 2010 I think it was a 2000 really it
was like 2012-2013 it’s only about five
years old so you know a five year old
iMac okay I get it it can break down but
I was really disappointed with the fact
that it was the mechanical hard drive on
it so this iMac was the first one that
came out to have basically an SSD or
Drive and this is where they once were
it’s like okay yeah I’m trying to
remember what they called it but it
wasn’t yeah it was a hybrid huh and so
like they had the SSD where you put the
operating system for the quick boot up
and then the storage was on a mechanical
hard drive well it was the mechanical
hard drive that busted on me I know my
128 gig SSD that was all the rage back
in 20
it’s still good but the terabyte
mechanical drive is gone and we lost all
of our photos that I had backed up you
didn’t back it up well I had a time
machine back up and so but the last time
I even bothered to plug in that external
drive and back it up was 2012 right when
I switched everything over to the new
iMac but then I started uploading all my
photos to I for to not iPhoto Google
Google’s photos yeah and I started doing
that in 2014 so 2012 and 2013 are pretty
skimpy years yeah so like key things
that we did like we went to Cancun
that’s there there were a couple scout
camps those are there a few birthdays
that are there but it’s it’s not like
the big photo collage that I normally
have every year
so then we thought we were told well for
250 dollars we can try to see what we
can do and find what’s lost on this
Drive and they said but we’re probably
not gonna find much because
your drive was only 4% good whoa I’m not
sure what 4% good means or were you
throwing it around the house that’s why
I’m really surprised really and they
said for 450 dollars we can send it
downtown and they’ll probably find it
but I was like for two years worth the
photos and it looks like we got the main
ones anyway so let that be a reminder to
everybody back up your photos and Google
photos in my opinion is one of is the
best FREE photo backup well it’s great
because you can use it with iPhone or
Android yes it also backs up your
computer photo directory and your phone
and it mixes them together so that’s
what I did I had a ton of photos before
I had phones you know that would take
photos back in the 2000s yes I uploaded
all my computer photos and then it just
it goes right on in with my phone photos
you can’t tell a difference it’s so
great I absolutely love it I think it’s
fantastic – and I got Sharron backing up
to it – I started in about 2014 she
started about 2016 so we may have lost
some of her photos that she was doing
but she also has I clawed because she
has an iPhone so oh sure that’s the next
thing I’m gonna do is check her iCloud
but the problem with iCloud is it’s they
don’t give you much storage and who
knows what she really kept there so yeah
I’m with you I’m a hundred percent
google right there but you know it’s so
surprising to me that your hard drive
crashed because I remember when I used
to make computers you know and we had to
unscrew them and put them together with
the motherboard and you should because I
used to drop the hard drives and
accidently have magnets and do all kinds
of crazy stuff and put them on top of
each other way too closed and they were
fine for years I’m sure you’d say hey
five years for a hard drive what do you
expect but on the other hand I’ve never
had a hard drive gone never had a hard
drive poop out on me before yeah so back
up back up back up
and not just your photos but there’s so
much cloud storage that’s free I mean I
use OneNote and OneNote gives
or onedrive that’s Microsoft’s onedrive
tons of fruit storage move it
yeah and Google Docs Google Drive I mean
there’s all this free storage also
Dropbox you can get a lot of free
storage so I mean I use Dropbox onedrive
and Google Docs I don’t think there’s
any excuse to not be backing up and so
yeah I don’t know if you’ve noticed this
but Dropbox seems to be a little bit
sketchy because I don’t really fill it
up with a lot of things but I’ll have
friends share things with me and then
all of a sudden my drives fall I’m like
well that’s not my Drive what if I don’t
their folder right if you take their
folder it counts against you whereas all
you want to do is be able to access
their folder you don’t want to
incorporate their folder it’s it’s dumb
and they know that and they’re doing it
because they want me to buy more space I
literally have nothing on it but I get
an email from them every day saying your
Dropbox is full I’m like what everybody
else’s stuff that they’re already
storing that that person is already
paying for I think they’re gonna I pee
Oh next year either they did it this
year they’re gonna give it next year so
that actually could be a really good buy
I gotta tell ya I like Dropbox I like
how everything syncs it syncs to all my
computer’s my work computer my home
computer and I can quickly access it on
my phone I don’t have it sync to my
phone because I don’t want it to but any
file that I want is a few clicks away in
there it is so even how we do this
podcast right we send each other the
audio files through Dropbox and maybe
that’s why it’s full although your files
are filling up my Dropbox is the audio
that I’m sending you now Google actually
has a really cool thing called Project
Phi and what it is is it actually works
with cell phones and it’s pretty cool
because it will use Wi-Fi to do your
telephone calls and your text messages
and it makes it a lot cheaper and it
makes it a lot less dependent on the
cell phone towers now I can still use
cell phone towers but kind of the cool
thing about it is it’s pretty cheap now
I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but
for someone like mom that loves to call
people it’s only $20 a month that
includes unlimited calling and texting
and then if you want to add data on top
of it I think it’s like another ten
dollars a gigabyte which is pretty
expensive however you can use it
anywhere I mean from what I understand
you can go to Italy and use it and so
it’s a really good international plan to
have because the same prices you’re
paying for in the States and Canada you
get overseas as well which is pretty
cool it’s good yeah it’s the
international usage right that’s great
it’s great and the fact that you could
maybe live in a weird house where you
don’t get good cell reception and all
your phone calls are going through the
Wi-Fi you know you can do that with AT&T;
and stuff by getting a box that clicks
on your router but this is just all kind
of built in and apparently they have a
lot of agreements with a lot of the
public Wi-Fi so it connects on to things
if you’re in you know a mall or a major
hub most likely you know your phone
calls and stuff will be really strong
because it’s going to be using the the
local Wi-Fi now the problem with project
fine though is that it’s only been
supported on a certain amount of Android
phones and mostly Google’s phones like
the pixel in the pixel 3 the pixel 3 XL
the 2 XL and then the LG G 7 the LG b 35
and the Moto G 6 and the Moto X 4 so
that’s kind of what the website says is
currently available however cool news
today Google is going to open up project
Phi to the iPhone and to Samsung phones
and the oneplus phone and so well thing
is it baked into the operating system is
that how it works because it sounds like
it’s more than just an app or else you
could have already had project Phi so it
sounds like Apple
to put it into iOS well that’s the thing
is that they they’re trying to make it
seamless right I mean right now you and
me with our Android phones we can open
up Google Hangouts and do a Wi-Fi call
to anybody anywhere around the world for
pretty cheap German and to us in Canada
in Mexico it’s free we have to open the
app though with project 5e seamless so
that you just open up your dialer and
then it calls but it’s calling what the
Wi-Fi without you having to tell it to
write and so yeah in fact it’s in beta
right now with the iPhone and there’s
signs that users might run into bugs or
be left without some of the the Phi’s
features that are featured in the
Android phones and so yeah I was reading
the article and it said for sure there’s
still issues and it probably has to do
with not being able to access the
operating system as much as it would
like to be so Dan is it related to
Google Voice in a sense I mean Google
Voice is a little bit different I use
Google Voice it gives me a phone number
and I’m able to do Wi-Fi calls with it
as well so in that sense it’s very
similar but the cool thing about Project
Phi is that it’s seamless and so anyone
including mom could just pick up a phone
and use it and it would be doing all
kinds of free things over Wi-Fi that
would typically be locked in a public
setting especially overseas and you
wouldn’t even know the wiser yes all you
need is Wi-Fi and away you go
absolutely now Google Voice still is
something that you might want to have if
you do have project five because you can
call people with it you can have it so
that when they ring your phone it calls
your office phone or five phones at the
same time you can have transcripting for
when people leave you messages there’s a
lot of really great other features and
then as well you can always pick a
number with a different area code maybe
an East Coast number so if you’re in
California you could have a different
state and people wouldn’t know if you
had a business so there’s a lot of great
things about Google Voice but
back onto fine though we’re hoping that
it gets popular my hope though is that
it gets a little cheaper because ten ten
dollars per gigabyte per month is a
little pricey now one of the cool
features that they do have now though is
if you don’t use the full gigabyte or
however much you buy it actually rolls
into the next month and so before they
just neukölln time you but now it just
compounds over time so here’s a question
and it probably just shows that I don’t
understand what Google Phi is why data
if you’re already on Wi-Fi and you need
Wi-Fi for it then you should already
have data and I think you do in
situations where you have access to the
Wi-Fi however if you’re on a subway
system or if you’re in the mountains and
you’re connecting to an actual cell
phone tower you need to pay for the the
data so because they have these
contracts with these mobile carriers you
should still be able to get it even
without a Wi-Fi connection and that’s
why it’s so accessible okay that’s good
to know
and one of the things that I’m not a
hundred percent sure on but when it
connects maybe to like Radio Shack’s
Wi-Fi or wherever if you’re in the mall
it might charge you then too because you
normally wouldn’t have access but I’m
not a hundred percent sure on that it
could actually be free there too it’s
something that I’ve always wanted to try
but I have such a screaming deal with my
current phone that through Mint sim if
you guys have ever tried that they’re
not paying me to say this but it’s
literally twenty bucks a month and I
guess gigabytes of data so I’ve just
never wanted a sophomore yeah but for an
international person like yourself I
mean you’re constantly in the States and
Canada project fine mate might make
sense especially since you used Samsung
phones well I’ve been in temped I’ve
really wanted a Google Voice account but
they won’t do it in Canada and
apparently when it first came out Canada
was included so some very lucky people
who signed up right at the beginning
will still have their Google Voice
that’s with Canadian numbers so I can
sign up for an American number but I
don’t really want people calling me on
an American number because they may be
charged long distance if they’re trying
to call me and they’re Canadian
so unfortunately I’ve been waiting year
after year after year for it to come out
in Canada and I’m still waiting
no that’s frustrating yeah I wanted to
keep talking a little bit about cell
phones let’s talk about 5g so 5g is
gonna come out next year and people say
it’s gonna be so fast that it might be
faster than your cable internet that you
have to your house which would be so
cool because I have the kind of house
where the cables are all coming from a
telephone pole and they have to string
them across my backyard
and it just blacks out this guy and it
looks really ugly and if I switch cable
companies which I did last year another
cable company had to come and string up
a different wire and they didn’t yeah
previous wired so now I have like seven
wires coming from this telephone pole
and it’s ridiculous so anyway that you
can cut wires or cut back on it I think
is a good thing
mm-hmm I agree I mean I don’t use
landlines anymore do you guys first
first telephone service
we’re actually cutting our landline we
kept it just because Kalin’s 10 he
doesn’t have a cell phone and if he’s
ever at home alone which is pretty rare
but if he ever is he can just pick up
the phone and call but you know what’s
funny I don’t think he even knows how to
use a regular phone because whenever you
could still rotary is that way well it’s
funny though because whenever he’s
called me he’s called me using our
Google home so he just tells Google home
to call dad and it calls me do that
through Wi-Fi and what’s it yeah I I
think it’s Google Voice which drives me
because you don’t have Google Voice
you’re in Canada but I don’t have a
phone number right because Google Voice
gives you a phone number and you can
pick your area code the number on your
cell phone when it causes unidentified
so go into my settings and I can put my
cell phone number there and it will show
up on other people as if it’s my cell
phone but when he’s using Google home to
call me on my cell phone I think it kind
of confuses it unidentified caller so
anyway you know I’m a big advocate for
cutting all wires I mean the fact that I
have this wire to my ears ridiculous we
need to cut them all off I’m all about
Bluetooth speakers all about why are
those things and the cool thing is is
they say that by the end of 2025 so in
about six years
40% of the world population will be on
5g that is tech-savvy so they’re saying
1.5 billion people which is awesome so
this is a massive boost in speed and
responsiveness and this is going to be
great for all kinds of things for the
Internet of Things so maybe your
refrigerator needs to use the internet
maybe you’re going out maybe it’s your
garage door opener
maybe it’s your car and so if you have a
situation where instead of being reliant
on your home Wi-Fi you could be driving
around you could you know maybe have
something in your pocket and things are
always connected the faster the better
and because we’re so video hungry you
know we’re gonna be streaming 4k and
it’s gonna be a piece of cake onto our
cellphones and that’s just next year so
that’s really exciting one thing I
wanted to talk about is how much data we
typically use how much would you say you
use per month meant oh boy I looked at
it so our home Wi-Fi because we use
Netflix and Amazon Prime like we stream
everything I’d say we’re probably around
30 gigabytes a month at least maybe
actually double I’d say 70 we’re at 70
cuz we do everything over Wi-Fi I think
about it it’s 2018 so the fact is in
five years you
doing all those kinds of streaming on
two tablets on two lapping up the cell
phones all 5g paste and it’s gonna be
they actually predict by that 2024 the
average user is going to use about 21
gigs a month on their cell phone what I
hope is that they make unlimited data
thing again cheap because I’m sick of
paying overages well I’m definitely not
paying for 21 gigabytes a month right
now so I I think that’d be fantastic and
you know six years is actually a long
ways away if you think about it Dan in
computer years like dog years six years
is like sixty so you know I and it
doesn’t surprise me that it’s gonna take
that long for 5g to get going because
it’s so close like you have to send a
signal from like down the street is far
away you’re talking 30 40 feet and line
a site and they’re trying to come up
with ways to bounce signals off of walls
and through tree branches and you know
it’s gonna take a while to get this mesh
that’s gonna work throughout the whole
world especially in these big cities and
going through concrete and glass and and
metal and yeah I believe it six years
until we’re on 5g and if you think about
how long it took to get 4G going I think
it was only three years from the time
they announced 4G till when most people
had a cell phone that could access 4G so
just an interesting fact I was reading
an article today about Samsung’s s10 5g
phone Samsung is forecasting that
they’re only gonna sell 2 million of
those 5g phones in 2019 so compare that
to perhaps the 30 or 40 million phones
that they sell every year even though
they’re gonna have a 5g phone they’re
not expecting the demand to be there
because one it will be costly into the
infrastructure just won’t be ready you
know that makes sense it’s exciting
though and I’m hoping it works and that
it doesn’t give us all cancer let’s talk
about security
one really cool thing about this podcast
is we can kind of dive in a little bit
and talk about keeping your data safe
one thing that gets a lot of people is
fishing mm-hmm so if you heard of
fishing before it’s where there’s a
click bait
link that looks really enticing you
click it and then get some malware on
your computer maybe happen sons of
phishing scams going through our emails
that work great for a day like it’s bad
people click on them it’s so funny you
know people will just think wow you know
this must be from the boss or it’ll say
like quarterly financials and you’ll
click on it it looks like it’s from the
boss it literally had my boss’s name and
it showed up and outlook as it was from
my boss and it said please review and
approve this invoice that sounds like an
inside job mad could be a disgruntled
worker maybe you what I think it’s doing
is somehow if somebody clicks on it I
think what it does is it accesses our
address book and then because I like the
ones I get I must have got it from 50
different people in our office
throughout Alberta and they’re people
that I know and even people who haven’t
been with the company for over a year so
I think it’s somehow going through our
address book and then spoofing and
that’s amazing it sounds like someone’s
putting work into that and if that’s
automated good for them they deserve it
because that is their crops but they’re
wise maybe they’re using artificial
intelligence for it now I wanted to talk
a little bit about what’s going on with
phishing sites now two years ago when
you were on the internet and you were
going and you were gonna click a site
chrome would automatically be like this
is a bad site
don’t come here you’d see this big you
know red X or bad site bad phishing site
and what a lot of people do to make sure
that the site is safe is they look in
the upper left-hand corner where the URL
is then they look for the safety padlock
and now this article that I read says
that 49% so almost half of the fishing
sites in 2018 now have that padlock of
course these so let’s talk about the
difference about what a padlock is
padlock means that the website has a
secure socket and that means that when
you’re talking to the website both you
and the website are secure and hopefully
no one’s listening in on you what is
this good for if you’re like a Starbucks
and you’re connected to your bank you
know it’s gonna be encrypted between you
and the bank and people trying to read
any of the packets that are floating
through the air will have a really
difficult time because it’s encrypted
and so Google made a big push just this
July of 2018 and said all the websites
need to have this secure lock or else
we’re gonna push you down and the web
searches and we’re gonna bury you and
people aren’t gonna find you because
they really wanted it to be secure for
you know public Wi-Fi or just even if
people had somehow hacked into your
router and what’s going on now though as
people are miss reading it and they’re
thinking because they see the security
padlock that it means that it’s a
hundred percent safe there’s nothing
wrong with it and while it might be
encrypting the message between you and
the website that doesn’t mean that the
website isn’t bad and so what’s
happening is people are going on these
secure web sites and they’re downloading
a malware from from the phishing site so
I thought that was really interesting
and that’s a jump up from 25 percent
just a year ago of websites that now
have the the padlock on it so that’s
just a warning to you guys if you see
that padlock that doesn’t mean you’re
totally secure it just means that the
connection between you and the host is
is secure but the host might not see the
thief in the crook is secure exactly see
they’re getting smart I bet you the same
people behind this or behind whoever
found out your boss’s name and is
sending out phishing emails
yeah so then I got a question for you
yeah do you want to get political yes
let’s get political political so Mark
Zuckerberg he we just can’t escape the
news that’s been bad news over and over
and over again did you hear that he was
summoned to the United Kingdom’s
Parliament how is that what he doesn’t
even live over there he doesn’t but of
course you heard about brexit and and
how the united kingdom’s trying to break
away from the from hit hearts trying to
break away from the European Union well
it looks like and there’s a lot of
evidence to point to that Russia was
using Facebook and not just Russia but
probe R Exeter’s were using it to alter
the election very similar to what
happened in the American 2016 election
so just like Zuckerberg was summoned to
Congress to speak and talk about what
happened with the 2016 election well the
United Kingdom had summoned him to talk
about the brexit election as well I mean
he did and he stood them up and so it
happened today and it was a big deal
that he didn’t go and use Skype or
anything no he sent his vice president
of policy solutions his name’s richard
allen and so he’s like well I sent a
vice president but when you are summoned
by one of the g7 s government you should
probably go especially a close trading
partner and a big chunk of your business
which is England and so he didn’t go and
what’s also interesting is Parliament
summoned politicians from all over the
world and they said hey if you have a
concern if you want to ask Mark
Zuckerberg a question come and so
members of parliament from all over the
world showed up so Canada Argentina
France Singapore Ireland Belgium
Brazil and Latvia they all attended to
drill Zuckerberg and he was a no-show
Wow so it does he get fine by them or
they can put some restrictions on his
Facebook or what what are the
consequences well I think it’s very
similar to when he was summoned by
Congress I think they wanted to ask
questions they wanted to grill him I
know the Richard Allen this VP of policy
he admitted that they could do better
and that their platform had been misused
but he didn’t really say that it was
their fault he basically said it was the
bad guys fault it was the Russians or it
was whoever was that was using their
platform so a lot of people are upset
and this is a quote from a member of
parliament from Canada who went he said
our democratic institutions seem to
being up ended by frat boy billionaires
from California all right so zing des
Mark Zuckerberg you know I just want to
say this out loud here that I think if
people actually knew what brexit was
gonna do they never would have voted for
it I mean there was just such a crash in
in everything when it happened all
across the globe I mean the interest
rate on even mortgages dropped at a time
because of brexit and now they’ve got
all this legal issues of you know can we
trade with the European Union even
though they’re right next door I mean
you can literally go in a tunnel and get
to France and they’re different now I
mean there’s gonna be tariffs there’s
gonna be a vessel that are living abroad
I mean I went to Spain the summer a ton
of people from the UK we’re living there
and they were telling me they have no
idea what this means they do they have
to move back are they are they gonna
have to ask for a green card in Europe
now I mean there’s so many questions and
it’s so ridiculous it is my opinion yeah
it’s really too bad and it makes you
wonder and that’s why a lot of people in
the United Kingdom are actually calling
for a second referendum now that
everybody knows do they really want to
go through with it however the
government says
look a referendum was had and we have to
uphold it unless we can prove that there
was some serious tampering that affected
the referendum and right now the there
is a smoking gun but the question is how
effective was it and so it looks like
they’re going through with it and all
the pain with it you could also argue
the same thing with the 2016 election if
everybody had known that Donald Trump
would have won I mean a lot I would I
wasn’t expecting him to all the polls
were showing would you have moved to
California for that month and voted I
don’t think it would have made a
difference in California no go do a
swing state like Florida or some of the
other one you know it’s interesting and
back to your point
I mean how effective is political
advertising I mean I would like to say
that I’m not swayed by a facebook
advertisement but maybe I am
subconsciously I don’t know and my
opinion though on brexit is I kind of
get the feeling that most Millennials
didn’t vote for it anyways I think it
was probably the older generation that’s
not too facebook savvy however maybe you
know what they’re not Facebook savvy but
yet they’re the ones that forward these
ridiculous articles that you see all the
time right they’re the ones that believe
the crazy that these scammers are
putting out there and the conspiracy
so maybe because they are susceptible
and they are on Facebook they’re they’re
the ones that are getting sucked into
these issues fascinating well we’ll see
what happens to our frat boy from
California I think you know it’s good
but the problem is is if every
government just started petitioning him
to come over I mean you have to put a
line down and say I know I don’t live
there this is ridiculous I don’t have
time to be doing this I mean he
literally has a billion dollar company
that has been sliced in half over the
last week he doesn’t have time to fly to
Europe I mean half its net worth is gone
but he’s it’s just been sliced in half
because of these decisions because of
these issues and I don’t think it’s good
for his bottom line to stand up and say
I’m not going to one of the largest
governments in the world and and to hold
myself accountable for the actions of my
company I think that was a bad move for
his pocket and a bad move for Facebook
and he’s a global company Dan global
which means you need to take
responsibility globally and I I think it
was a big mistake well if he does have
headquarters in London I’m not sure if
he does I mean that you measure a point
there yeah and England is part of the
pen tablet with the Queen so the next
thing I wanted to talk about is actually
a really cool electronic vehicle it’s
called the Rivi in’ and they’re actually
making an electric truck and an SUV now
this is cool because Tesla has had some
really cool roadsters I mean it looks so
good and my favorite thing about
electric cars is how fast they
accelerate I mean you’re going hero to
60 in like three seconds now the cool
thing about this review and SUV is
they’re saying even though it’s a pickup
truck you can still go zero to 60 which
is 100 kilometers an hour in 3 seconds
imagine that wouldn’t that be crazy if
you were off-roading and just punching
it up a hill I mean it could be so much
fun the other great thing about an SUV
is there’s plenty of room to put that
battery in the back and I’m not sure why
this isn’t more of a thing right now
maybe because it’s so heavy so they must
have some way to make the body of the
SUV light so that it’s you know more
aerodynamic and able to with the
electric motor but you know it’s no
surprise that these things are popping
up have you heard of any other SUVs that
are being newer trucks that are being
made all-electric not hybrid trucks
there are a few rumors but SUVs tons in
fact just about every electric vehicle
that was announced
in October they’re all SUVs so Porsche
has one Audi has one BMW has one there
Volvo has like two or three so they’re
all announcing their SUVs first and it’s
because SUVs have a higher margin a
higher return than smaller cars sure and
so that’s why just about every new
electric car you hear about is an SUV
now the truck is neat
because you’re gonna have that flatbed
in the back and it’s utilitarian and
Elon Musk in fact has been talking about
a truck and he’s ready to reveal it
probably in March and he says it looks
like it’s something from oh what’s the
Harrison Ford movie Blade Runner he says
oh cool
so I think trucks are cool I think it
raced the client or Pelican brief it
sounds like electric vehicles are here
to stay but to me the problem is the
infrastructure if you have a utilitarian
vehicle like a truck that’s gonna be out
in the boonies you need to be close
somewhere to charge up and there’s
really no charging stations out by your
farm or out where you’re gonna be using
trucks and so what do you think about
the infrastructure well the
infrastructure is tricky and hopefully
these farmers will be smart enough to
put solar power on their barns and then
they could charge it there I want to go
through some really cool dats on this
truck it’s got a 400 mile range so if
you’re living on a farm even a hundred
miles away from the nearest city you’ve
got 400 miles that you can go back and
forth and you know if you’ve got a full
day of hauling lumber or whatever it is
I think 400 miles is enough don’t you I
mean absolutely 400 miles is more than
enough like I said before it goes from
zero to 60 in three seconds
it supports over-the-air updates it
seats five and has four motors so it’s
really exciting this ribbon is going to
ship in late 2020 the truck is gonna be
available in either 180 kilowatts hours
or 136 battery pack so it looks like
there’s a lot of different battery
options so they say that the r1s SUV
will be delivered in 2021 and that both
vehicles will ship with level 3 autonomy
and autonomy means that it’ll be able to
drive itself in certain situations so
this is all really impressive but it
could just be one more excuse for your
friends to ask you to help them move
yeah well I got a question I’ve never
heard a ribbing before and there’s been
a lot of companies like Faraday that
started out with a bang and everybody
was excited about Faraday and now where
are they right and you know lots of
companies try the electric vehicle what
do you know Moravian are they actually
contender to Tesla do you think they
could do it you know there’s a
possibility but one thing that strikes
me funny is why isn’t GM doing this or
why isn’t Ford doing this you know the
people that are all-american that have
been in the business for a hundred years
you know don’t they have the capital to
be able to back this up especially since
they were bailed out in 2008 they’re in
their black again you know well
absolutely they have the capital
I mean GM already has the Chevy Volt and
they’re they’re actually making a ton of
Chevy Volt so a lot of these big
companies are doing electric vehicles
they just haven’t announced any trucks
just about every company has a car
because it’s an easy platform to do and
it’s also lighter so that your batteries
can take you farther and then most of
them have an SUV where you get less
distance and you’re not as fast but the
truck is I think the next thing to come
and for me it’s really about
infrastructure but if you can get 400
miles to a charge suite sign me up right
yeah you know it’s all really exciting
and these are things that would be on my
shopping list I think I would definitely
get a truck with all electric so pretty
cool stuff if you
I know anything about the ribbon we’d
love to hear back from you it’s kind of
a new thing for us to you know subscribe
to our podcast on itunes subscribe here
on youtube and comment we’d love to hear
from you and we’re always watching their
comments and responding and you know
check us out on our Instagram and on our
Twitter too all right thank you talk to
you next week

Is Artificial Intelligence and Existential Threat to Humanity?

Artificial intelligence may be a threat to humanity.

Life was created from a series of nucleotides. Perhaps the next version of life could be made from ones and zeros.

While we are at a rudimentary understanding of artificial intelligence this technology will advance. Countries will compete to have the smartest AI and perhaps it may one day become sentient.

What will it want? Will it hunger after the same things mankind desires? Will it be resource hungry? Perhaps it will see us as an inconvenience and wish to stomp us out for further resources.

Check out my YouTube video about my thoughts on AI. I also did a podcast this week about artificial intelligence.

I think Elon Musk is right. We should be careful and watchful.

The Astounding ZOZOSUIT

Zozosuit may be the Answer:

Zozosuit, have you heard of it?

I get it. It can be so frustrating to purchase something online only to realize that it doesn’t fit. It’s happened to me on several occasions. What’s worse, is I live in an apartment complex where I’m forced to go all the way to the Post Office to pick-up every single package. Returning online purchases can be a nightmare too. How many of us still have printers to print the return tags?

The Zozo suit could be the answer to this problem. It might be a bit ridiculous though.

It’s basically a black spandex all-body suit with several white poke-a-dots. ZOZO ships you the suit, you take pictures of yourself wearing it with their app, and then they have your perfect measurements. Of course this gives them the perfect opportunity to up-sell you their clothes.

I think it might be a good idea to do this maybe once, then use those measurements on websites with good deals.

I suppose we all won’t stay the same size forever (I’m writing this right after Thanksgiving 🙂 )

Checkout my video on YouTube about the ZOZO suit. We also have a tech podcast this week that talks all about our experience with it.

My opinion? Maybe just stick to going to a physical mall and tailor.

Black Friday Deals – Tech Time Podcast 15

Black Friday Discussion

  • Black Friday is this Friday and Cyber Monday.
    • I just bought an NVIDIA Shield TV Box (22% off).
      • my old Minix isn’t supported anymore.
    • I also bought dress shirts (50% off).
  • Dan, do you buy clothes online?
    • Do you return clothes that don’t fit?  Zozosuit?
  • Deals
    • You can buy a real christmas tree!
    • You can buy CBD products in Canada
      • Pot Advent Calendar – 25 days of different CBD experiences. Binging?
    • Doggie DNA
    • Cell Phone Plans + 100GB or 120 GB (are some limitations).
      • Freedom Mobile – 100GB anytime.
      • Rogers/Fido + 5GB every month for 24 months.
  • What about cyber monday?
  • Where are the best deals?
    • Websites that track the flyers.
  • What are the best tools?
    • Camel Camel Camel.
    • Honey

Facebook Now Faces a Massive Backlash. But Will Anything Change?


  • Slate argues that Facebook “is a normal sleazy company now,” saying the company “obscured its problems and fought dirty against its critics” — but that now its failings are being publicly aired. And Reason provides yet another example:
  • The Times also reveals that Facebook chose to support FOSTA (and its Senate counterpart, SESTA) — legislation that guts a fundamental protection for digital publishers and platforms, and makes prostitution advertising a federal crime — not as a matter of principle but as a political tactic to tar opponents and cozy up to Congressional critics.
  • Even Steve Wozniak has joined the critics, saying this week that Facebook should “stop putting money before morals,” adding later that “I haven’t seen them do one real thing.”
  • Woz also suggested that Facebook should allow users to export their data so they could upload it onto competing social networks.
  • Now long-time Slashdot reader pcjunky reports that the same scammy ad has been running on Facebook for a full two months after it was reported. But maybe they’re just understaffed?
  • Engadget reports that over the last six months Facebook has discoverd and eliminated 1.5 billion different fake accounts — which is 200 million more than the 1.3 billion accounts it removed in the previous six months.
  • On the Blind app, one Facebook employee reportedly asked the ultimate question: “Why does our company suck at having a moral compass?” So where will it all lead?
  • According to Fortune, Senators Chris Coons and Bob Corker “warned Friday that Congress would impose new regulations to rein in Facebook unless the social-media company addresses concerns about privacy and the spread of misinformation on its platform.” But will anything change?


Bitcoin slump

Pokemon let’s go

Julian assage


Department of Commerce Could Be the First US Entity To Broadly Regulate an Aspect of AI


  • Artificial intelligence technology has the capability to be the most impactful software advance in history and the US government has no idea how to properly regulate it.
  • The US does know that it doesn’t want other countries using its own AI against it.
  • A new proposal published this week by the Department of Commerce lists wide areas of AI software [PDF] that could potentially require a license to sell to certain countries.
  • These categories are as broad as “computer vision” and “natural language processing.” It also lists military-specific products like adaptive camouflage and surveillance technology.
  • The small number of countries these regulations would target includes a big name in AI: China. Donald Trump, who has placed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese goods as part of a simmering trade war, has long railed against China’s alleged theft of intellectual property.
  • This proposal looks like a warning from US officials, just as Chinese president Xi Jinping aims to boost AI in his own country.
  • “This is intended to be a shot across the bow, directed specifically at Beijing, in an attempt to flex their muscles on just how broad these restrictions could be,” says R. David Edelman, a former adviser to president Barack Obama who leads research on technology and public policy issues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Apple Stocks hit a Five Month Low Due to Warnings from iPhone Part Suppliers about lagging Demand.



  • Last week three iPhone suppliers have issued stock warnings due to lower than expected iPhone demand.
  • Causing the Stock to drop to lowest point in Five months ($177.41).
    • It was dropping every time I checked (1.5 dollars in 5 minutes).
  • Peaked at $232 on October 3rd.
  • Apple also recently cut production for iPhone X(S & R) phones by 30%.
    • Apple has already warned that emerging markets like India are ditching iPhones for cheaper Chineses alternatives (OnePlus).
  • Apple appears to have miss read China’s demand for the XR as the price is “too high”.
  • Market is still reacting to Apple no longer publishing the number of iPhones, iPads and iMacs sold.  (A sign of expected lower volumes).
  • Hall (Goldman Sachs) wrote. “The laboratory of the market now points to Apple being at the limit of their price premium for the iPhone. In our experience with mobile phones, when pricing power is lost, consumer technology companies tend to either lose margins or market share or both.”


Playstation 5 Rumoured to have 8 cores CPU with “Monster 4k” and built in VR.

  • Playstation 5 is rumoured by “RuthenicCookie” to be announced mid 2019 but not released till May (or Nov) 2020.
  • Says it will have a 7nm octa-core AMD Ryzen processor to produce 60fps at 4k.
  • New PSVR with camera on front, no breaker box (will be in console), next gen move controllers and “gloves”.


Samsung S10 to have massive 6.7” Screen & 6 Cameras

  • The S10 is to come in many options (from budget to extreme).
  • On the extreme end, the 6.7” S10 will feature 6 cameras (2 on front and 4 on back).
  • It is reported to also feature 5g connectivity.
  • This phone won’t come out till late Q1 or Q2.
  • Add new color options (Yellow & Green).


Scientists are Redefining the Kilogram

  • The kilogram will now be defined by an Electronic Kilogram instead of a hunk of platinum-iridium encased in three cases.
  • The old platinum-iridium kilogram doesn’t always weigh the same.
    • It has gained 10’s of micrograms.
    • Even though it is encased in three jars, it can still get dusty and dirty.
    • It can also get affected by the atmosphere.
  • The Electronic Kilogram is based on the Planck Constant – A subatomic scale constant used to create the “Atomic Unit” system.
  • The apparatus that will define the kilogram using the Planck Constant is called the Kibble Balance, which makes use of the constant to measure the mass of an object using electromagnetic force.
  • What does this mean to everyday users?  Nothing. It won’t change the price of bananas – unless you buy them at sub atomic sizes.

Zozosuit: The Bizarre Spandex Bodysuit Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

  • Zozosuit is an at-home measurement system that allows you to buy clothes online tailored for only one body:yours.
  • Invented by Usaku Maezawa – Punk drummer turned billionaire.  Founder of Zozotown.
    • He is also the first private citizen to go to the moon.
  • The suit is form fitting spandex and has hundreds of white dots on a black background.
  • You use your phone to take a picture and it creates surprisingly accurate measurements.
  • Dan, would you try the Zozosuit to get the perfect fit?

Contact us:

Email: techtimeshowpc@gmail.com

Twitter/Intagram: @techtimeshowpc


all right welcome back to tech time Matt
how are you doing over there in Canada
I’m doing pretty good haven’t you did
pretty good this weekend we actually had
a charity auction I don’t know if you’ve
ever been to one of those before it was
pretty cool we did it to help the kids
out over here and in my part of LA and
we had a bunch of ridiculous things
people could bid on and it was it was
quite fantastic what did you guys do Oh
what did we do
Sharon and I chaperoned to dance that
Branton me Laura
the kids are not the same as when we
were younger
no they’re just crazy so I said what do
you want us to do as chaperones and
they’re like well mostly just keep them
from breaking their necks they like to
do these flip flops is what does this
old Purdue lip flops kids like got his
hands out for his buddy to put his feet
on it I was like five or six flips did
you and Sharon flip-flop did you jump
into your flip-flops today I wanted to
bring up our first topic is Facebook it
seems like the whole world is out to get
facebook this week if you notice that
well I’ve definitely seen a lot of
negative press on Facebook that’s for
I’ve been watching it on the stock
market and I’ve just been feeling bad
for it it’s been plunging do you know
how much it’s been plunging like do you
have a percentage you know I’d hate to
misquote it but a lot like it
used to be in the high 160s and it is no
longer there yeah I saw some interesting
news where I guess
Mark Zuckerberg blamed his number two in
command for the whole scandal with the
politicians using the information on
Facebook and selling everybody’s info
and you know so it just sort of seems to
all this negative press just seems to be
compounding this week and it’s not just
Facebook it seems like most the test
Doc’s if not all of them are tanking
hard this week
you know those weren’t supposed to be
tears of joy and they were supposed to
be tears of sorrow it’s urine but you
have stocks in Facebook don’t you den
you know I just invest in the entire
stock market with an SMP 500 index fund
and so I guess in a way I do have a
little bit of a slice I want all of the
companies in the u.s. to succeed but
yeah specifically Facebook I don’t
here’s some interesting things you know
the websites late they argued that
Facebook is a sleazy company now which
is what I think a Facebook I don’t think
of sleaze I think of MySpace I remember
maybe snapchat can get sleazy – yeah oh
yeah I space super sleeves with the
black background music that always came
up that’s one of the things that
attracted me to Facebook when it first
came out I think it was like 10 years
ago 2007-2008 yeah it was just like a
white background you know blue labels it
was super clean looking I guess it’s
getting a little more cluttered now but
it seems like most of the animosity
towards it is actually due to the
advertising and the type of advertising
that’s going on so they’re saying that
it’s really failing and the times also
reveals that Facebook chose to support
fo sta in the Senate counterpart se sta
so that’s a legislation that cuts
fundamental protections for digital
publishers and platforms so it seems
like they’re kind of going against the
people that are rooting for them which
is surprising and I even Steve Wozniak
he’s the guy that helped found Apple
Computer yeah
where he got kicked out of the company
he was saying this week that he should
stop that Facebook should stop putting
money before morals which is surprising
he says that he hasn’t seen them do one
real thing so it sounds like the morals
to me are the types of advertising that
they’re they’re putting on one of the
users of a website that I frequent
called slash dot and said that they saw
the same sleazy ad over and over again
for two months straight and he made the
comment it’s like nobody even works
there they don’t even care what’s being
advertised they just want the money it
makes you wonder what sleazy ads he’s
seeing and what does that say about him
as an individual because isn’t Facebook
advertising kind of based on your
browser history and you know whatever
they can pull off of your Facebook page
so here’s an argument if your facebook
is sleazy does that mean you’re sleazy
I can tell you my facebook only has
wholesome advertising you know they’re
just puppy chow people running on the
beach only wholesome things on myung
what about you well what is Congress
might actually impose some regulations
on Facebook
they just said unless they address the
concerns about privacy and the spread of
misinformation on the platform and so
you know they’ve got a lot of things to
battle it’s it’s just strange how this
is all coming to a head the same week
that Apple’s stock is tanking and then
Amazon’s tanking and that yeah you know
alphabet and Netflix everything’s just
all the tech sectors kind of having a
rough go yeah the whole tech sectors
ruff go I know in video was getting hit
as well and that had a lot to do with
the Bitcoin and falling out which we may
take some time to talk about a little
bit later on so I mean there it’s not
just one specific company like Facebook
alphabet is taking a hit right now as
well so maybe it could be a little bit
of a bubble popping Dan mixed with some
down sentiment yeah I hope not
that would be really too bad right now
well one thing that’s interesting about
life is that we are slowly being taken
over by the machines robot overlords so
this you know AI is actually kind of a
scary thing that even people like Elon
Musk say if it’s not regulated properly
could actually end humanity and you know
a lot of people are saying that and one
interesting thing this week that I saw
one of the articles that caught my
attention was that the Department of
Commerce in the United States could
actually be the first u.s. entity to
broadly regulate the aspect of
artificial intelligence now what do you
think do you think it should be
regulated not well how would you
regulate it I mean you could say kind of
like what was the science fiction novel
where they create the fundamental rules
of androids like an Android will never
harm a human you know things like that
so I’m just wondering how would they
regulate it and it might just be setting
down rules but then it comes down to all
the philosophical debates you know that
a train is going down the track and you
have to choose between saving six babies
or are you watching the good place right
now is that philosophical debate and
what’s interesting is different parts of
the world value different groups of
people so for example in Japan they
value their sit at senior citizens over
their babies
right whereas like maybe you and I here
in the West we might say Oh save the
babies those old people have already had
a life so you know it’s gonna be
difficult to regulate and it will be
interesting to see what they do well you
know the interesting thing is if you
regulate it in the US who’s regulating
it in China absolutely
who’s regulating it in Israel or other
countries that you know are really
software savvy I don’t know if you can
really put a regulatory committee on it
and the terrifying thing about it is if
you teach a robot how to shoot you know
and then it starts to think the man had
a fish or shoot the robot just don’t put
any solar powers on it yeah you know
it’s been interesting the article that I
read talked a little bit about the
sanctions Trump has been putting on
China and how it all affects artificial
intelligence and it’s just interesting
well we’ll have to see if it gets
regulated and if it even becomes a thing
I mean what are the odds that it could
actually become sentient right well I
think pretty good and then the question
is what is sentient is it just some
mathematical calculations and if it is
how do you build morals and concepts
yeah let the debates begin and put it in
the comments below if you think you know
how to regulate artificial intelligence
I’d love to see it those math
calculations that are moral that’s I’m
trying to figure that out is it like
boobless on a calculator you don’t want
them doing that I hear you were reading
about Apple stock yeah so I mean to get
back to Facebook and all these tech
companies that are tanking right now
Apple stock is being hit really hard
right now and what’s fascinating about
it is there’s been this whole debate
around the iPhone tens and are they
going to improve
Apple stock or not well the answer is
absolutely not so everybody thought the
10 the 10 s and the 10 are all of these
phones are supposed to be bringing in a
ton of gold for Apple especially since
they’re so expensive but it turns out
that’s actually what’s hurting them
so just last week there were some
suppliers that supply mostly for iPhone
they came out and said hey we’re not
gonna hit our forecasted expectations
and so their stocks were lowered but
people knew well 90% of that supplier 90
percent of their stock goes into iPhones
and so not only did those companies drop
but also so did Apple in fact people
were yelling and screaming about it last
week and all the Apple deniers were
saying no no it’s not true these these
companies aren’t directly tied to it it
could be anything and then just this
week Apple admitted that they have
dropped their forecasted quantities by
30 percent for all iPhone tens so all
models are affected the the 10s max the
10 are all of them have been dropped
so that’s crazy because christmas is
coming up and i know a lot of people are
excited about buying their loved ones of
my phone 10 so interestingly it’s not
the United States demand that has
dropped it’s actually outside the United
States where there appears to be a lot
more competition from Android China was
a big area where at first Apple when
they got in there just boomed like crazy
because it was a prestige phone to have
in China well now there’s so many
knockoffs and so many other great phones
that you can get in China people just
aren’t shilling out the thousand bucks
to have a 10 r-right like and I’d be I’d
be curious from our Chinese listeners if
you’ve used both Android and iOS and
Chinese like is it a
more integrated in the Chinese software
for Android ours is does iOS to do a
better job right it will be fascinating
to see if the there is a big difference
as far as looking at Chinese characters
versus all the other alphabets that are
out there so another thing that was
interesting is Goldman Sachs who is
famous that when they make a prediction
when they say something the whole stock
market follows and it was just today
they actually downgraded their stock
valuation and they said this about the
iPhone tens and also apples premium
price tag that they put on it and this
is what they said quote the laboratory
of the market now points to Apple being
at the limit of their price premium for
the iPhone and our experience with
mobile phones when pricing power is lost
consumer technology companies tend to
lose either lose margins or market share
or both and I think we definitely saw
with some very powerful brands in the
past you have blackberry that once
dominated you had Nokia which once
Sony Ericsson which once dominated so I
think we could see I wouldn’t say the
Sun is setting on Apple but it’s
definitely getting dimmer and I I don’t
think it’s gonna be quite the prestige
device that we’re used to it being you
throw an apple up it comes right back
down right yeah that’s right it really
is shocking how low the stock is though
I mean I think it was like 232 or
something just a few weeks ago and today
I looked at it and it was like in the
180s I mean it’s yeah so I checked it
today at my lunch break and it was at
178 and a half oh my and then I came
back five minutes later and it was 177
point four so it was doing the downward
drum while I was writing this and
preparing for the podcast so you know
but what’s interesting is apples not
alone as we previously said Facebook is
dropping they’ve all dropped
approximately 20 percent so you know
this may not you could say this is just
an industry industry trend not an apple
trend well I’m surprised that the 10r
isn’t doing better in India and in the
international markets because it’s a
little bit cheaper yeah it’s a little
bit cheaper but compare it to their
options that they have you could get a
ten are for what seven eight hundred
bucks or you could get a one plus you
know 60 that’s sitting there at 500
bucks so it’s significantly less and
it’s pretty much the same phone well you
could argue that it’s not as waterproof
and it doesn’t have the Apple prestige
it’s not as snappy as Apple software but
it’s got double the RAM you know it’s
got all these great features at a much
more affordable price and I think that’s
what’s happening I think these emerging
markets don’t want to spend that much
money on a luxury item hey now I wanted
to talk to you about the PlayStation 5
that’s pretty yes is it gonna come out
next year well that’s what the the
rumors ours they’re going to announce it
next year but then it won’t come out
until 2020 so the yeah thumbs up so they
like to do that they like to get
everybody excited about it I was hoping
that they would announce it they’re
thinking maybe in May well if they
announce it in May hopefully it will be
ready for the Christmas season but it
doesn’t look like it will be in fact
there was a leaker his name is Ruth
Annette cookie him or her I’m not sure
who really the cookie is going to her or
a day anyway they had made a prediction
that Sony was actually gonna skip III
which is a big
daming convention and then all the
sudden a day later Sony comes out and
says yeah you know what we’re not going
to e3 and then everybody said oh well
what do you know Ruth in it cookie and
they said well I also know that the
PlayStation 5 is going to be announced
and unfortunately it probably won’t come
out until 2020 yes so we’re gonna have
to wait but it will be exciting to see
what it what it comes out as so the
rumors are is that it will be a 7
nanometre octa core AMD Rison processor
that will produce 60 frames per second
at 4k that’s yes you know that when I
used to game like back in the day I
would get 30 frames per second at 640 by
480 and I was like in quake
those frames per second I have a buddy
who is a competitive gamer and he
competes here on the local level and he
says it’s all about those frames per
second and for the longest time oh yeah
and it was all about sticking playing
that Nintendo on the cathode or a TV
because of the refresh rate is way
better than what you can get on LED or
LCDs and yeah so it was all about
old-school playing and you needed to be
able to see those frames to time your
moves and I was like dude that’s crazy
he’s like that’s the way it is in
competitive gaming so we’re starting to
get paid a lot of money and you can also
stream your gaming on Twitch too which a
lot of people really like to enjoy to
watch big money it is big money in fact
there’s an article that I was just
reading today about a ninja and I guess
he’s a big fortnight err and yeah cool
name ninja but that cool name ninja guy
he’s worth ten million dollars he makes
five hundred thousand dollars a month
just streaming himself playing for
tonight but you know there’s a lot of
pressure they come with these guys
because they always have to be on and
because it’s not like a basketball game
where LeBron James gets on and he’s a
star for a couple
of hours and then he goes home and rests
and does it again in a couple of days
these guys are always on like people are
watching them he has 14 million
subscribers now do you think it’s always
him or is it like his little sister
doing it a little bit while he’s taking
a nap no it is him it is him his name is
Tyler Blevins
and he is always on but it also has got
him into a lot of trouble I mean this is
I guess he dropped the n-word when he
won so he he and his buddy we’re like
hey let’s play some rap music to get
into fortnight and then he starts
ad-libbing and making up his own raps
and there’s like Orin right so that’s
not good and he also is he’s refusing to
play with women and I I don’t know he
couldn’t be on our podcast because no
problem and he’s got his own problems
and you know that’s part of the
competitive gaming world but to get back
to the PlayStation 5 it’s great the
other rumor that came out is that it
will have built in virtual reality
so I how does that even mean like does
it just mean it will come with a visor
well no actually the built in so I’ll
explain what it’s like right now my
playstation 4 Pro the virtual reality is
a separate box that runs through a USB
so it’s going through USB 3 but the
separate box is crunching all the data
it’s got its separate CPU and GPU and
it’s it’s doing it separately and then
it pushes the PlayStation 4 yeah
and then the PlayStation or outputs it
to the TV so it’s like a separate little
box but it sounds like the PlayStation 5
that little box is gonna be built into
it and so you’re already almost there
all you need to do is buy the
PlayStation the psvr that will come out
and it sounds like the next-generation
PlayStation virtual reality headset it’s
gonna have a camera in front so a little
bit like the HTC vibe and so that’ll be
kind of neat oh and they’re all
going to come out with virtual reality
gloves that’s the rumor
hmm so maybe you know a moat you can
flick your fingers and you know you can
imagine what kinds of things you can
tell people with your fingers here’s a
prediction I’m gonna make about it I bet
you they’re gonna just get rid of the
optical drive the memory I mean I I’m
trying to think of what games that I
have on my playstation 4 that are
actually blu-ray I bought a few games at
Christmas like I’ve got a Skyrim that’s
pretty cool and it’s huge so want to
keep that on blu-ray instead of putting
it on my hard drive but to be honest
with you most of the games we get
through downloading so yeah we’re kind
of downloading that okay I try to
remember it’s the PlayStation where you
get the free games every these are all
legit we subscribe to PlayStation my
days of a pirate at least for games are
long over are good for you alright so
let’s talk about the Samsung s10 again
Oh some more rumors came out about it
we’ve kind of been talking about this
every week and it’s starting to form and
it’s getting more exciting I wasn’t
excited about the circular notch that
you told me about last week what are the
new rumors this week okay so the new
rumor is there’s gonna be another
variant now there’s been rumors about a
5g s10 that was supposed to come out now
this one the 5g s10 they’re saying it’s
going to come a little bit later so
they’re gonna announce the s10 and s10
plus in February is completely stolen
from Apple’s marketing at all no no no
yes it’s Galaxy ten anyways that’s
getting out and then they’re also a
month or two later when the 5g variants
going to come out and this 5g variant is
what the rumors all about it’s gonna be
huge instead of a six point four inch
it’s gonna be a six point seven inch
screen and it’s gonna have six cameras
that’s the rumor six so you’re gonna
have to on the front like the pixel
three and then you’re gonna have four on
the back lose are you gonna do with
those four cameras like possibly be
taking a picture of that would need four
well some of them are kind of neat like
I think telephoto that’s one that you
and I have talked about before and I
love the fact that you don’t have to
have digital zoom enhance enhance even
if you use the shaky technique that
pixel does yeah which i think is still
kind of cool like let’s just mix those
two let’s use the telephoto lens and
let’s use the shaky technique and let’s
see what we can do with that so you’re
gonna have telephoto you’re gonna have
wide-angle so that you can get more
people in your pictures you’re gonna
have maybe low-light a camera that’s
special just for low-light and then
you’re gonna be combining all those
cameras and and different apertures and
things that they’re gonna take
especially in low light and you’ll just
light it right up like if you’ve seen
what the pixel three does with shine
absolutely shocking and that’s what I
want to take all the photos when things
are dark right like you’re outside I
mean the Sun sets so early now that it’s
daylight saving time and everything
comes out terrible on my old phone you
know already getting a dimly lit
restaurant or you’re in a dimly lit art
gallery or you know you’re in a dimly
lit child’s birthday party you’re gonna
be wanting to take pictures of in the
dark right so well that’s pretty cool
I’m excited about the s10 now are those
options for you being that you already
own the s9 is this something that would
make you want to switch no I
I love taking photos with my camera if
the camera is as amazing as the pixel 3
is right now and if they can do that
with 4 cameras and and steal some of
those tricks from Google
I just might because I I think that the
camera function alone might be worth it
but I’m also in a two-year contract and
so I would wait until that two-year
contract is up and 5g isn’t enough for
me to want to switch out my phone
because the infrastructure just won’t be
ready not about the fact that there
might be a yellow and green option oh
you know the pixel 3 did that with the
power button ooh they got red they’ve
got green and not pink well talk to me
about 5g real fast I mean do you even
think you’re said he’s gonna offer 5g
next year no I don’t think Edmonton will
I think they’re already rolling 5g out
in certain cities we’ve talked about
that with Verizon I think San Francisco
New York some of the bigger places
Houston might see it but I don’t think
you’re really gonna have a 5g
infrastructure until probably into 2019
early 2020 and by then we’ll really see
if that infrastructure is set up enough
that we can actually use those 5g
connections on our phones so I don’t
think it’s gonna become mainstream until
2021 2022 even but then we’ll have our
PlayStation 5s yeah in the meantime
let’s talk about Black Friday it’s
coming up let’s do it are you are you
thinking about buying anything this
Friday you know what then I am a Black
Friday cheapskate I love Black Friday
I love deals I love everything about it
and when Amazon came out I jumped all
over Amazon eBay came out I jumped all
over it how about you did now did you
get your big screen TV on Black Friday
actually I in Canada we have Boxing Day
oh yeah and so and my big-screen TVs
pretty old
we’ve only been celebrating Black Friday
here in Canada for maybe three years
maybe four years at most
ever since Amazon pushed it on you
guys yeah and it’s been pretty terrible
the last like the the first couple of
years but this year last year and maybe
even the year before it’s been just as
good as down in the States so it’s
starting to pull a lot of attention away
from Boxing Day which is the traditional
Canadian and British holiday for buying
things I was really disappointed
actually with Boxing Day sales last year
and I think it’s all moving to Black
Friday so exciting but too bad because
man I love standing out in that minus 30
weather just waiting to get into
whatever store I was trying to get to
buy my my music card remember we used to
have their sound cards for computers
that’s too old for me just kidding I do
remember I remember my soundblaster 16
and I remember everything about it yeah
so this Christmas I’ve already I hope my
children don’t listen to this but I’ve
already purchased an Nvidia shield to
replace our MINIX box really yeah why
well the MINIX box is old it’s like I
think it’s five years old already they
haven’t had an software update in a long
time watching Netflix on it it’s still
low res I can’t even get 720p on it it
thinks it’s a phone I’m guessing so this
new one the shield is by far the best TV
box that’s out there and you can get it
up to 4k my TV doesn’t do 4k but 1080p
is perfect for me so it will do all of
that I I P T or IPTV if you’re into
streaming live all kinds of great things
on the shield a ton of RAM great
software and they constantly update it
well why wouldn’t you want to do a Roku
or like an Amazon fire stick sure you
could do those if that’s what you’re
into I personally like using Android
boxes because you also have the Play
Store right so you get a lot more
functionality sure you can download
games on the Roku I mean
and dad have a Roku and my kids play
this little game and they have to share
the tiny little remote which you know
it’s okay that’s cool cuz it’s
well the shield is voice-activated too
plus you have everything in the
PlayStation Store and then they via a
shield also allows you to stream
computer games if you have an Nvidia
graphics card on your computer you can
actually stream directly to your box and
upon to your choice
I like that yeah so gamers love it I
don’t think I’m gonna do a ton of gaming
on it but it’s gonna be more for movies
and TV and streaming that way so I have
yeah yeah I was just gonna say him as
far as Black Friday goes what I was
really hoping is that I could get one of
those robot vacuum cleaners yeah yeah
yeah and I looked online and they’re not
as cheap as they were last year so I’m
really I might skip it yeah I guess it
depends on the brand here in Canada I’ve
seen all kinds of deals for Roomba and
we’re talking three hundred and fifty
dollars off but their hustle a thousand
dollar vacuum right yeah I’ve loved my
Xiaomi I’ve got a Xiaomi me I think is
what it’s called but it’s a robot vacuum
and you know I’ve talked a little bit
about her before we named her Rosie
she’s great she will be my robot
overlord someday when she becomes sent
to you yes if we don’t regulate that
right away so I have a question Dan yeah
a lot of Black Friday deals right now
are on clothing oh do you buy clothes
online it’s very rare the reason why I
like to go in the store put it on see
what it looks like I’m the same way with
glasses to I don’t like that Warby
Parker thing where they send you a bunch
and you try it it’s just I’m so wasteful
I like to go to the store there’s
something about parking at the mall
walking in somewhere trying something on
I just have a hard time with it and
returning stuff is the worst I mean you
have to go to the post office or
schedule them to pick it up and then you
have you no boxes and tape and stickers
and printout it’s just too much of a
headache for me right now it’s not it’s
not easy enough have you returned
anything on Amazon
I tried one time actually Amazon
accidentally sent me five text books
just a few weeks ago that I didn’t
purchase at all Wow yeah and so I said
hey these aren’t mine
but I’ll send him back to you and so he
said okay and then he scheduled someone
to come pick it up from my house and so
I put it on the porch and then I got a
note the next day from the postman
saying you didn’t pay for this to be
returned and like I mean yeah and then I
called them three more times and oh
we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do that
you know what by the fourth time I just
said I’m donating these to Goodwill
because you can’t get your act together
and if that’s a problem on their end
could you imagine trying to return
something normal that wasn’t their
mistake I have no no desire to return
any clothes or anything like that it
just doesn’t seem easy to me I’ve
returned a couple items and it wasn’t
that bad but I don’t have them come and
pick it up for me I just walked to the
post office which is a block away and I
just keep the original box that it came
in and then you just go on Amazon you
print out a little thing they tape it on
the box in a way it goes
so that’s actually not being too hard
but have you heard of the Zozo suit or
Zhu Zhu C so Zozo suit it’s the
brainchild of
this billionaire he’s a Japanese
billionaire let’s see if I got his name
sock amaze ah WA yes it again I said it
wrong so I shouldn’t but he started out
as a punk drummer and now he’s the
founder of Zozo town and he you may have
heard about him in the news where Elon
Musk has wanted to send a private person
up to the moon and he’s the guy that his
pants on so that he the first guy he
wants to bring all these artists up with
him so that’s this guy well he had a
problem when he wanted to buy clothes
online he says first of all I’m a small
person I’m smaller than your ad
human and when he buys things online
they never fit and he says for him who
has a more different body type than the
average he he just had terrible
experiences so he created this Zozo suit
or Zuzu suit I’m not sure how to
pronounce it maybe you guys can tell us
in the comments below if someone but
it’s this the spandex suit it’s black
and it has little white dots and you put
it on and it shows everything it shows
every chub every love handle every fold
everything in all of its glory if you
feel like it encased meat like sausage
or something walking around and then you
take your phone and you just use your
phone app and you take a picture of it
and it measures the the spaces between
all the dots it’s like hundreds of these
dots on your suit and then it gives your
measurements your shoulders your stomach
your hips your like everything and all
this sudden Facebook gets sleazy for you
I keep seeing people in a Zozo spandex
they’re not flattering what’s neat about
it is people who use it this has made
him a billionaire now you get clothing
specifically made for you not for your
body type not for your gender but for
you Dan for me
Matt and and I think that’s great so I’d
be tempted to try get a little spandex
suit some genderless clothes that could
be the future of buying clothes online
but I agree with you I like to try
things on I like to see how it fits and
I like the idea that you can always
return it if you got an issue with it
hey well that’s pretty cool I’ve had a
lot of fun today Matt that was a good
podcast we’d love to hear what you have
to say if you know anything about this
Zozo suit I want to know more about it
and if you’re feeling calm
enough to post it in the comments below
we’ve probably reposted on Twitter so
watch out it sleazy subscribe to our
podcast you know where iTunes stitcher
Spotify and will hit you up next week
I feel later

Tribute to Stan Lee – 9 of his Cameos in Screen Shots

Stan Lee Passes:

Stan Lee, the man responsible for Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther and the Fantastic Four has passed away. It happened quietly and close by to where I work.

I was amazed looking at my social media feed as to the impact he had on my friends and family. Several warm tributes were posted.

Thousands of years later we still talk about greek and roman mythology. Stan Lee in a sense has created a new type of mythology. Superhero characters that will stand the test of time. I imagine that in hundreds of years people will still be talking about Spiderman, just like we talk about Zeus today.

Stan Lee, the legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics whose fantabulous but flawed creations made him a real-life superhero to comic book lovers everywhere, has died. He was 95.

Lee, who began in the business in 1939 and created or co-created Black Panther, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil and Ant-Man, among countless other characters, died early Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

As I was reading-up on his life, I was impressed to see that he had served in the military and had many cameos in new movies!  I’m amazed at the energy he had later on in life:


  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron:

2.Captain America:

  1. Dr. Strange:

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy V2:

  2. The Incredible Hulk:

  1. Iron Man: (what a stud lol)

  1. Mall Rats:

8.Spiderman Homecoming:

9 The Amazing Spiderman:


Can you think of any other movies in which Stan Lee makes a cameo?  Let us know in the comments below!  If you have a fun story about him we’d love to hear it as well!

Let us know what you think in the comments.  Feel free to download and subscribe to our podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tech-time/id1430129202

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Which is better Android or Apple? Episode 14 – Tech Time Podcast

Samsung Reveals a Foldable Phone – Samsung Galaxy F

  • Last Wednesday (Nov 7) Samsung revealed a prototype of the Foldable phone.
    • It was “camouflaged” in a bulky case.  We expect the phone to be slimmer.
  • There were two screens (one on the outside and a large one on the inside) and opened like a book (as opposed to other designs where there is one screen on the outside).
  • The ‘book style’ will protect the large screen.
  • The screen was beautiful and didn’t appear to have a crease (unlike other prototypes shown by smaller companies).
  • Front 4.58” display 1960×840; middle 7.3” 2152×1536
  • The phone also could tell which screen you were looking at and automatically rotated, adjusted the apps you were working on.
  • Samsung will call the phone the Galaxy F (for foldable).
  • It will release in March of 2019 for about $1,770.
  • Most likely to be fully announced at CES 2019.
  • LG plans to release a foldable phone at CES 2019.


Leaker says Samsung S10 will have an O-Shaped Camera Cutout

  • UPS – Under Panel Sensors does not appear to work for the camera.
  • A leaker “Ben Geskin”, claims the S10 screen will have an O-shaped cutout for the camera.
  • Screen is called Infinity-O
  • It will be small & minimal but still technically a notch.
  • The S10 will also come with a triple camera option like the recent Galaxy phones (standard, wide angle & telephoto).

Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphones Hacked At Pwn2Own Tokyo

wiredmikey writes:Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphones were all hacked on the first day of the Pwn2Own Tokyo 2018 contest taking place this week alongside the PacSec security conference in Tokyo, Japan. Pwn2Own Tokyo 2018 participants earned a total of $225,000 on the first day of the event. On the second day, at least two teams will make additional attempts to hack the iPhone X and the Xiaomi Mi 6.

  • Do you think and act like your phone is secure?
  • Discussion about mobile security (online banking/bitcoin/social media/documents/pdfs)
  • WIFI phishing.
  • Even these new phones with modern operating systems can be hacked.

Comic Book Genius Stan Lee, Spider-Man Creator, Dies at 95

  • Stan Lee, the creative dynamo who revolutionized the comic book and helped make billions for Hollywood by introducing human frailties in Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, died Monday. He was 95.
  • As the top writer at Marvel Comics and later as its publisher, Lee was widely considered the architect of the contemporary comic book. He revived the industry in the 1960s by offering the costumes and action craved by younger readers while insisting on sophisticated plots, college-level dialogue, satire, science fiction, even philosophy.
  • Millions responded to the unlikely mix of realistic fantasy, and many of his characters, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and X-Men went on to become stars of blockbuster films. He won the National Medal of Arts in 2008.
  • Some say he’s the writer of modern mythology.


Android Vs. iPhone Battle:


More open: can change UI/backgrounds/icons/themes

Google’s suite: Gmail/docs/sheets/chrome better options than: Safari/iwork/mail

Cheaper phones with newer components (like USB-C)

More variety


Appstore (more secure and clean)

iMessage (can use on your computer/with wifi for a regular phone number)

iCloud (backs up contacts/photos) ← Can be hacked

High quality machine.  Well designed and thought out.

Sharing contacts/pictures easily with airdrop

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Email: techtimeshowpc@gmail.com

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all right and we’re back we have a lot
to cover this week samsung revealed
their foldable galaxy F phone a leaker
says the s10 will have an O shape to
camera cutout Apple iPhone Tammy galaxy
s 9 and and Xiaomi me six bones are all
hacked in Tokyo comic book genius Stan
Lee has passed away we’ll talk a little
bit about that and give him a tribute
this week we’re gonna debate which is
better Android or iPhone I’m just back
down back down and as well tens of
thousands of Google employees walk out
in protest so we’ve got a huge show
today I was just wondering how are
things going on your side of the planet
man I’m good yeah we just had a long
weekend it was remembrance day so that
was nice I played axes and allies Global
Edition which is like two big game
boards put together that show the whole
world and we played we added it up
probably about 16 hours not straight
thankfully but we we did Friday evening
Saturday and then Monday so yeah it was
it was a good weekend did you ever take
over the Ukraine and say Ukraine is
strong I should have but I did take over
the Ukraine I played the Soviets Union
and I wore my Soviet Union hat that I
brought home from my years in Russia so
yeah there’s a lot of fun
and I found that when I wear the hat i
rolled better no it wasn’t that awesome
they’re just regular dice and axes and
allies the regular six-sided die but
yeah it was it was good times and super
uber geeky Remembrance Day thing to do
especially as we celebrated a hundred
years since the end of World War one
yeah you know and for all our fans in
the United States Remembrance Day is
Veterans Day
and so yeah we celebrated it here too
and I wore my poppy so oh that’s good to
wear your poppy did you anybody else
wearing a poppy it was just me people
had no idea what it meant over here I
was like don’t you watch international
news everyone wears it but it’s not
really a thing here
breathing is burning down unfortunately
yeah yeah are you caught up in that Dan
no thankfully I’m about 45 minutes away
but it’s sad all of the beautiful places
are burning why couldn’t they burn the
ugly places in California I think I
could find one or two all right I wanted
to start out here with the galaxy F
phone from Samsung it was cool I saw
some articles on this of of them folding
the phone do you want to talk a little
bit about it and when we can expect it
yeah it was really neat actually for
some reason at work I just happened to
have a little lull where I could blog on
and watch them live broadcast and and I
I logged in after all their little
preamble that they advertised before
just in time to see the VP pull out it
looked like this little book and the
lights all went dim and he opened it up
and and you saw this big picture ago and
it was really cool and you could tell
that actually it was in a camouflaged
case so basically they’re not showing
the full design of the phone right now
they’re just showing that it opens up
like a book so there were a few
different designs that they were mulling
around the first one is actually where
it’s the opposite of a book where the
screen is on the outside and then it
folds but you still have the screen on
the outside and the advantage of that
design is you only have one screen but
the disadvantage is your screen is on
the outside when it’s folded and prone
to scratches and and issues like that
because you can’t really put gorilla
glass on a foldable screen to protect it
from scratches so they talked about some
of the materials that went into making
it how is
be scratch proof but I don’t think it’s
gonna be anywheres near scratch proof as
the typical regular phones that we have
so this one actually has two screens so
on the front screen it’s a four point
five inch display which is kind of small
like like an old iPhone 4 maybe a little
bit bigger and it’s 1960 by 840 and then
you open it up and it’s a 7.3 inch
screen and it’s 21 52 by 1536 so it
looked like a beautiful screen it was
neat when he showed the front and it was
on that little tiny screen of them that
looks kind of lame but then when he
opened it up as soon as he opened it was
like everything switched to the inside
screen and it could tell which screen
you’re looking at and it would rotate of
course like a regular phone would so all
intents and purposes it look pretty neat
I’m not sure if I would fork out for it
so here’s the details they’re calling it
the Galaxy f4 fordable foldable no but
maybe not affordable right so it’s gonna
release for 1707 to US dollars yeah so
super pricey comes out in March of 2019
most likely it will be announced at CES
2019 but they’re also going to be
releasing the Galaxy S 10 at the same
time so the Galaxy S 10 most likely will
come out in February and then the Galaxy
F the foldable will come out in March so
it’ll be kind of this one to Samsung
punch early on in the year so we’ll see
how that goes
now everybody’s chasing the foldable
phone there was a really cheap working
prototype that I saw online last week
that was the outside one and you know
when it was open to have this big crease
in the middle and it just looked junky
and ugly and and I was like that is not
something I’d want to buy and apparently
LG is going to be showing their
version of a foldable phone also at CES
so Samsung’s not necessarily gonna be
the first but the prototype we saw last
Wednesday looks pretty slick to me I
have so many questions first of all it
looked really thick to me like it looks
like you couldn’t slip it in your pocket
like it look like a cereal box you know
it was so big he did pull it out of his
pocket those which is cool so he was
wearing a jacket you didn’t really
notice like a big lump or anything and
he pulled it out and it kind of reminded
me of when Steve Jobs brought out the
first MacBook Air remember when he did
that envelope yeah the military envelope
it was like your interoffice mail
envelope but we all went but yeah it
looked like a big book but what’s
interesting is that was actually the
camouflaged case so I’m actually
expecting this to look a little bit
sleeker a little bit sexier and if you
look at the patents that Samsung has
it’s got a neat looking hinge on the
patents so I’m expecting it to look a
little bit more like the Microsoft pros
like the actual laptops where their
hinges are a little bit more wider and
bigger so you know we’ll see how it
looks but it can’t be that thin in your
pocket because it’s a folded phone right
so talk to me more about the hinge how
are they gonna get away with that and
not have a crease down the middle
I don’t know Dan I don’t know and maybe
that’s why they went with the inside
screen instead of the outside screen but
from the patent I saw it actually the
hinge looked like it had two functional
moving parts so it’s like a flat part in
the middle and then a hinge on this side
and then a hinge on the other side and
so it looks like it actually folds in
two different spots to kind of protect
it and keep it from having that that
lump in the middle or a crease I hope
everyone’s watching on YouTube and
seeing mats
okay so is this something that you would
buy no not a first-gen and I don’t think
many people will I don’t think Samsung’s
even expecting many people to buy this
very first gen device
I think everybody’s still trying to
figure out what’s it for how useful is
it gonna be but you know if you look at
a lot of things like the very first VR
that came out was super clunky and it’s
getting slimmed down so I think that as
this device comes out and people are
gonna start using the device and then
the form factor will get tweaked for
uses that people aren’t eating it fork
first-gen know maybe a third or fourth
gen depending on if the price comes down
and if I actually see a use to having a
bigger screen like that but until then
I’m gonna stick with my phablet okay
that sounds great I think one use I
could see for me is using the front
screen everyday and then when I lie down
maybe watching Netflix on the bigger
screen yeah I mean that Real Estate’s
useful professionally in my work that I
I often pull up drawings pictures ISO
metrics I pull them up on my phone and
having that screen real estate is really
important you can always zoom in and
zoom in but having that bigger picture
is useful professionally so I think a
lot of people are gonna enjoy this but
is it worth seven seventeen hundred yeah
another leak came out this week I see
you have an article about the Samsung
s10 that it’s gonna have an au shaped
camera cutout yeah I was a little bit
disappointed about that because last
week we talked about this UPS which
stands for under panel sensors and yes
it really looked like the camera was
going to work through the screen which
to me sounded like magical technology
kind of takes us back to the original
iPhone unveiling and and Steve Jobs this
is a magical device right and it seemed
magical it was the Internet in our
pocket since
this UPS technology sounded like magical
unfortunately at least this generation
they’re calling it the infinity Oh
display so Santa yeah what does that
mean is that a knotch yes it’s a knotch
so it means they actually have a little
tiny cut out that’s just big enough for
the camera a piece itself and that
camera will it will be a little tiny
notch so it’s still a notch as far as
I’m concerned
now it says minimalistic as it can be we
saw the teardrop notch and the oneplus
60 and I thought it looked pretty cool
for a notch even though I’m not a notch
fan and this gets even smaller but I’m
hoping just fingers crossed that the
note 10 that will come out in the fall
of 2019 might just have this magical ups
under panel sensors that everybody’s
talking about well that’s what I’d
really like and when you talked a little
bit last week about the 1 plus 60 having
to think the fingerprint reader under
the screen yeah that was so cool that’s
so much better than having on the back
of the phone and so it looks like maybe
we’ll have these third-party Android
people doing it first maybe Samsung’s
not going to be the first to do it well
they’re the under fingerprint or under
screen fingerprint scanner is already
here in the 1 plus 60 shammies released
a few and so of some other smaller
companies but not just though yeah not
not listen I don’t think we’re gonna see
a full screen phone until maybe end of
2019 and maybe even into 2020 but we’re
getting closer so I wanted to talk a
little bit about security today so they
just had a conference in Tokyo called
Pantone and they actually hacked the
iPhone 10 the Samsung Galaxy S 9 and the
Xiaomi me 6 and they did it really
really fast so they won 225 thousand
dollars on the first
the event and apparently it was cracked
within 24 hours so I wanted to open up a
little bit of a discussion about phone
security and Matt do you think your
phone secure do you act like it is when
you use it do I act like it yeah I act
like it but really who am i right like
remember last week we talked about
Donald Trump’s iPhone getting hacked by
the Chinese and the Russians and they
both said yeah we do it right I mean if
you’re a high profile individual then
yeah you should be concerned personally
what do I use my phone for yeah I use it
at work but really who’s gonna be like
well let’s see what project Matt’s
working on now right like I I think that
they are easy to hack absolutely and I
am kind of surprised that different
companies especially large giant ones
allow us to bring our phones
I remember when cameras first showed up
on cell phones and it was a big deal and
I had one of the first Windows Mobile
devices that actually had a jar on it
and I remember my boss looked at it and
he freaked out because I had a camera on
my phone
and I could go around and take pictures
like some kind of a spy of all of our
drawings know why you’re freaking out so
much and they actually passed a rule our
corporation it was a major corporation
and they passed a rule that you weren’t
allowed to have a phone with a camera on
it and this was during the BlackBerry
craves and BlackBerry’s didn’t have
cameras at first
really yeah and blackberries were known
to be far more secure and they were far
more secure and that was kind of the
reason of why corporations went with
blackberry as opposed to iPhones and
when Android came out so I guess it
would be interesting to compare if
blackberry was still around what type of
security features they would have but
well yeah you know people are doing
their online banking all the time I know
I even do
coin transactions on my phone I have
PDFs that I pull up that maybe could be
a little more secure my social media
documents on Google Drive that I use I
mean all of those things technically
could be compromised by hackers and
these people in Tokyo did it under 24
hours with all of the latest phones all
of the latest software I mean we think
if we update our software we’re secure
but we’re not and this is a good time to
remind listeners that maybe your mobile
phones not the right place to have
sensitive information on it like banking
and money and and photos if you’re a
celebrity you know banking is an
interesting one I think I’m gonna look
into this hackathon that happened that
you’re talking about here and just see
like what kinds of aspects of the phone
were they able to hack into because I
love how easy it is to do my banking on
my phone I deposit checks on my phone by
signing the back and taking pictures it
uses my fingerprint to access my app on
my phone I send email transfers all the
time I mean when was the last time I
stepped into a bait years ago I’ll tell
you what people are still stepping into
the banks here in California the other
day I had to wait 45 minutes in line Wow
but you’re right it sure is convenient
but if somebody stole your phone and if
they were able to hack it and you know
get into those directories yeah yeah
where your CIBC account is or whatever
it is that you use they might be able to
find some information and but it’s not
the end of the world I mean we’re not
big corporations but I still think do
you think you’re secure and you’re
really not I think there’s a lot of
things we don’t know about who can
access our things including including
our cameras and our microphones and did
you know that Mike Mark Zuckerberg
actually covers his camera with with
taya’s I actually saw that so I saw a
picture and I saw
tape and I thought oh he’s one of those
paranoid people cuz lots of people do it
and it just seems to be that like older
people tend to have the tape over it not
necessarily the younger generation but
but I don’t think that’s necessarily the
case I think they’re more it doesn’t
matter what generation you are more of
us are becoming paranoid about people
hacking and using our software and our
hardware and and one of my biggest
concerns are self-driving cars I mean
that’s another debate we can get into
like what if somebody takes over your
car do they kidnap you and Mexico or
have you drive off a cliff like there’s
there’s all kinds of concerns there so
security I mean it’s a multi-billion if
not trillion dollar industry and it’s
just gonna get bigger as the Internet of
Things happens through 5g you know it’s
so interesting that all this money being
spent on security is because we can’t
trust people it’s too bad right we could
save so much money as a society if
people were just honest I really know
this week something kind of sad happened
down yeah genius Stan Lee
spider-man creator died at 95 he
actually died passed away at
cedars-sinai hospital in Los Angeles not
too far from me tell me what you know
about Stan Lee well I don’t know a lot
about Stan Lee but he’s been the face of
Marvel Comics definitely since the 70s
and especially since they started the
movies and it’s a big Empire these
Marvel movies and they’ve been the
highest-grossing movies every year and
now they’re like releasing four or five
six of them a year and they keep
bringing in the money I mean not even
Star Wars can keep up Star Wars people
are getting tired of and they’re calling
it Star Wars fatigue and we were getting
maybe two a year and we’re already tired
but yet for some reason we keep coming
back to these comic books and Stan Lee
was the main driving force behind it in
fact did you know that Marvel
we came really close to declaring
bankruptcy in the 90s I did not know
that yeah and so when Disney bought them
they actually got a pretty good deal
from them and I think Disney bought them
after Stanley convinced people to start
the movies and and get these movies
going and to kind of reboot our love of
comic books I don’t know about you dad
but when I was like 10 11 years old I
loved going to the Short Park Mall and I
went to the comic store and I loved
buying comics and I remember like it was
Thursdays all the new comics came in and
I would just listen to the older comic
book teenagers and men just talking
about all the latest fantastic for is in
oh here’s the new Silver Surfer and I
believe me collecting for our newspaper
route and having a fifty dollar Canadian
bill and the store was closed
I had it in the stock market it would be
like 10,000 right now and if you’d
bought Bitcoin talk about a couple
things first of all Stanley he was
famous for spider-man the Fantastic Four
Incredible Hulk one of the top writers
of Marvel he’s considered the architect
of the contemporary comic book and I was
reading reddit the other day and one
thing that somebody said was that you
know really he’s like a modern he’s the
writer of modern mythology because you
know we all know about Zeus we know
about all of those things
yeah from mythology but you know in
200-300 years people are gonna know
about spider-man they’re gonna know
about Thor they’re gonna know about the
Fantastic Four
it literally is modern mythology I love
that that’s great and look at the money
that we spend
or maybe not placing dead lambs and and
food on the altars of our mythic gods
but we are spending trillions of dollars
on this modern mythology so yeah it’s
that’s fascinating way to look at it I
wanted to talk a little bit more about
the movies yeah it’s been an interesting
trend for me to watch I don’t know if
you remember in the late 80s Early 90s
westerns were kind of the big thing
yeah and now nobody’s really into
westerns and so I wonder are we on a
trend where we’re watching superhero
movies and then maybe in 20 years it’s
gonna go away like the Western yeah you
look at the kids in the 60s right and
they were all wearing their little
cowboy hats and vests and their little
deputy stars and yeah I mean look at
kids today they’re all like Halloween
kids are knocking on my door dressed
like the Hulk and spider-man and you
know like it is it’s it’s definitely a
trend how long can it last I don’t know
but man it is Bank and Disney is cashing
one thing that I think is really
interesting is that movie theaters even
still exist because we have Netflix we
have Hulu we have Amazon Prime and we
all have these huge televisions in our
homes that are pretty cheap I mean this
one was maybe 300 bucks yeah everyone
has really good access to new movies you
can pop your popcorn at home you know if
you got your dog you can have them jump
up on your lap it’s private everything’s
fine yeah you go into the movie theater
you got a drive there you got a park
it’s $15 I mean I can’t believe in 2018
we’re still doing it and I think we’re
doing it because like you said people
are really into you know superheroes and
and really into Star Wars and it’s it’s
a little bit of nostalgia to go with
friends and wait in line and it’s just
fascinating to me that in the Internet
of Things we’re still lining up at a
movie theater like it’s 1980 right well
you know I yeah I like how you said it’s
like 1980 I remember was it 82 and eat
and that was the year birthday is May
timbre 28 so anyways we were lined up
around the block and I remember standing
with mom and dad and and Joe and I and
Nicole was there and mom was probably
pregnant with you and et came out and we
were in the rain and we just couldn’t
wait to go see et so I don’t know Dan
there’s something about seeing a movie
in the theaters and the way I rank
movies is the top rate that’s a great
movie is a theater movie that’s a movie
I have to see in the theaters now there
are some movies that I will say are
amazing and spectacular but they’re not
a theater movie unless there’s a
technical component to them like a big
soundtrack explosions like big wonderful
beautiful scenes you know those are
theater movies French horns like Crazy
Horse’s versus our listeners Dan doesn’t
like watching any movie with horses it’s
kind of the thing to a litmus test if
there’s French horns and horses I’m not
into it yeah it’s a no Robin Hood Prince
of Thebes man there’s horses and French
horns in that movie well I wanted to
have a little bit of a debate with you
are we gonna just like a rap battle yeah
terrible rapping I wanted to discuss
which is better the Android or iPhone
and I’m gonna be iPhone and you’re gonna
enjoy better what do you think all right
drop a beat then just kidding I’m not
gonna rap maybe I thought about this in
advance I could have put a nice little
rap to it
so Android why do I love Android I’ve
got to tell you it’s probably the
customization of Android the openness of
Android the ability to move files on and
all the things that come in Android
phones you want an Android phone this
cheap buy a cheap Android phone you want
an Android phone that has a additional
memory so that you can put tons of
movies and photos and videos on it you
get an Android phone you want a phone
where you can make it beep at you and do
all kinds of different things when
you’re looking upside down or left or
right Android will let you do that
so customization the freedom to do what
you want with it and the ability to buy
the phone that is right for you in fact
let me give you a good example so mom
said to me last night and and remember
when you were on the phone with us and
she said I want to know what phone is
best for me so for our listeners our
mother is in her late 60’s and she is
not very into technology and so she just
wants a simple phone well if she wants a
simple phone that’s not very expensive
it’s gonna be Android oh that’s
interesting that you said Android
because I think an iPhone would be
better for Mom and here’s the reason why
drop it down this is the debate it’s
better for Mom I think it’s just been
planned out way better they had the top
minds of their field figure out a design
that looks great it’s gonna fit well in
her pocket she’s gonna turn it on she
doesn’t know she doesn’t need to know
how to configure anything she just
presses a button to turn it on and it
just works and it’s beautiful and that’s
what I think would really appeal to mom
about that look with my iPhone I can
easily share contacts and pictures with
airdrop and I don’t know about you but I
find most of the people that I hang
around with have iPhones and so after a
hike or after you know going to
Disneyland it’s so much easier to just
open our phones and share photos that
way I’m not that easy to share with an
Android person is that that is correct
whereas actually
how do you what are you doing yeah
Google photos is awesome it works on
Android and it works on iOS and I love
it so here’s another question all right
so I will concede the fact that iOS is
simpler to use there’s no question about
it but it’s becoming more and more
difficult to use especially on the
iPhone 10s so you get the iPhone tens
and that home buttons gone so now
there’s all the gestures and the flicks
and and it’s got to be flicked just
right and it’s got to be gesture just
right so I feel like as iPhone is trying
to compete with androids functionality
there and they’re trying to simplify by
removing buttons I think they’ve kind of
created they’ve moved away from the
simplicity that they were known for and
then here’s the other problem is the
price right you to get something that’s
affordable for Mom something that she’s
if she’s only gonna use it as a cell
phone and then you know occasional web
browsing and Netflix you’re gonna be
buying a really old iPhone and the
problem with those really old iPhones is
they’re not supported anymore and what
drove me crazy when I had an old iPhone
is all the sudden an app will stop
working and it will say download the
latest app oh this latest app isn’t
available on your iPhone one of my best
apps just stopped working because it
just wouldn’t work on my old iPhone even
though it did four years well you know I
do want to talk about the App Store you
may have a point there but I personally
think with iPhone the app store is so
much more clean and secure because they
have such a big vetting process and it’s
easy to find what you want
it’s a well-designed App Store and you
know quite frankly people use it more
often and spend more money on it too so
if you’re a developer you’re gonna make
more money making games for the Apple
iPhone store
no question it’s far more secure than
Apple play and we’ve talked about that
too and you know a bit of the
functionality of an Android is that you
can actually sideload apps from anywhere
you want but then that leaves you open
to malware and you’ve got to really
trust the source of where you’re getting
your app from one thing that I really
like about the iPhone space is iMessage
really there’s just nothing that
compares with it on the Android side
when I had Android for three years
recently I tried everything Google had
text message er you know Samsung has
attempted text messenger I downloaded
some third-party ones that I thought
would you know work well but it just was
so disorganized and frustrating when
people sent me group text sometimes from
an iPhone it just came really weird and
sometimes in multiple messages broken up
one thing that I like about iMessage is
when you send it to people you can tell
when they receive it so there’s never a
question about it on my laptop I can
send my messages to which is very
convenient to people’s cell phone
numbers not so like an email address or
yeah I’m kind of a gtalk account it’s
actually to their third phone number the
messenger now does that too but it’s an
actual webpage I believe it’s messages
Google comm and you have to log in with
your your Gmail account but yeah I
totally hear ya iMessage is fantastic
and Android and iOS as far as messaging
is working better now but what I found
is you need to have a newer Android
phone so I think it was more on the
Android side was they created something
that was compatible with iMessage not
necessarily Apple saying let’s let’s
work well with Android because I don’t
think they would ever do that no but I
mean the problem is is it’s not standard
across the board you open up an iPhone
it doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone 5 or
a 10 s you’re using iMessage
when you text somebody you know whether
they received it or not when you group
text people it’s obvious it’s just so
much more organized if you’re on Android
it’s totally different if you’re on a
xiaomi phone than on a samsung phone
then on a Google phone Nexus phone
everything is different text messengers
yeah you can get lost in the messages
that’s why I like the vanilla Android
experience in fact on my samsung s 9
plus I actually use the Google messages
not the Samsung Messenger app and it may
play well with iOS and iMessage as well
but I just like to keep the experience
the same right ok that’s a good point
I like iCloud as well it backs up all of
my messages it backs up my photos that’s
one thing I really like about the iPhone
is there anything else you like about
the Android before our battle royale is
you know iCloud I have mixed thoughts on
that one
Sharon uses an iPhone and her iCloud
just her phone is always full and she’s
constantly removing photos and trying to
upload photos to iCloud and iCloud is
syncing all these different apps and you
gotta pay more to be able to use iCloud
I mean she doesn’t use a lot and yet her
phone is constantly telling her to
delete things and iCloud is full and pay
more money whereas Android especially
with my photos and videos everything’s
in Google Photos so I’ve now set up
Google photos on her iPhone and she no
longer has those issues because it
automatically syncs and it really is a
great app in fact I would argue that
Google’s apps are some of the best and
you can use them on iOS or you can use
them on Android but they’re made
specifically for Android and if you use
Google’s apps you know they’re gonna be
great just look at Google Maps Google
Maps is way better and has constantly
outperformed maps on iOS oh yeah and you
know it is
fantastic I can’t tell you about how
many times I’ve used apples map software
and gone to like a weird warehouse
that’s where the party is no no but
we’re just burying the bodies Oh back
yeah you got me there Matt I mean Google
photos is the way to go I always buy the
smallest iPhone in size because I I know
that most people fill up their hard
drive with photos and for me I delete
all of my photos on my phone and just
upload them the same day and so I have
tons of space on my phone all the time
yeah and yeah the only thing that I
don’t love about Google photos is my
live pictures which you can use with
with the Apple phone you know where it
kind of moves the Harry Potter style all
those are cool I like those they’re cool
but when you look them up on google
photos it’s weird it’s like a video and
they’re sound and it’s just not very
well integrated yet could be upgraded
soon so it sounds like we’re divided
here I’m on Team Apple natural team
Android team a Android yeah we’d love to
hear what you have to say if you’re on
youtube please comment below and tell us
if you like apple or android better and
we might take some of your points and
talk about it next week if you’re on the
podcast you can comment on our blog on
our website at backhoe comm or you can
actually use Twitter shout out us at
tech tech time show PC and you can also
send us an Instagram message and we’d
love to hear back from you if you are
listening to our podcast please give us
a five star rating on iTunes or stitcher
or Spotify and yeah we’d love to hear
from you shoot us an email we’ll talk to
you next week bye

Diablo Immortal is a Huge Disappointment

Diablo Immortal was not well received at BlizzCon

Hopeful fans gathered at BlizzCon last week expecting news of an upcoming Diablo Immortal PC game.  Instead they were met with a multiplayer mobile game. While this makes sense from an economic standpoint, many die-hard fans were extremely disappointed.

The mobile world of gaming has been quite lucrative as of late.  Nintendo, normally keen on selling their own hardware for their games has started releasing mobile versions of their most popular titles.  Super Mario Run has made Nintendo very rich this past year.

Most of us have a smart phone capable of running complex games with 3D graphics.  Tapping into that market can be really ground breaking.

The problem with Diablo Immortal is that it basically is just copying a Chinese mobile game.  It lacks originality.  Most of the fans were looking for a PC version, perhaps for nostalgia from the 90s.

Commenting on this reaction during the quartly call a top executive stated: “So we’ve seen some interesting reaction to the announcement.  I think that it’s clear that there are a lot of players who are eager for more Diablo PC and console content. I think that came through loud and clear from BlizzCon. And frankly, we feel fortunate to have a community that cares so much about that franchise. The commitment and the engagement of our community is, I think, one of the things that makes Blizzard very special. It’s something that we really appreciate, and we like to hear the things that they articulate as to what they want to hear next and what we can do better, frankly.”

Very well said in my opinion.  Here’s what the rest of the internet thought.


I laughed out loud several times while scrolling through Reddit and seeing the reactions from the die-hard gamers.

Diablo for me brings a sense of nostalgia.  I remember staying up late nights with friends playing the game back in middle school.   I even remember using KALI to connect with other friends via my 2400 baud modem.

It looks like the world is slowly going toward mobile.  Maybe it’s time I embrace it too. I think I’m just like the rest of the fans though… I would love to see another PC release.

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iPad Pro 2018 is awesome but expensive – Episode 13

iPad Pro Apple Event Oct 30

  • iPad Pro
    • 11” $799, 12.9” $999 (same price as previous MacBook Air)
    • Face ID (266 ppi), Slimmer Bezels, rounded corners, Liquid Retina Display, 4 speakers, no home button, 1 USB C
    • Storage tops out at 1TB, 8 core A12X Bionic processor (same as new phones).
      • Claim 92% faster than i7 chips.
    • Apple Pencil wirelessly charges.  
      • Old Pencil won’t work on new.  New pencil won’t work on old.
    • Support for USB-C
      • Cannot connect directly to Monitors yet.  Needs Dongle.
    • Output for 5K displays
      • only mirrors but 3rd party can extend.
    • Can buy Magnetic Keyboard $200 (That’s $1,200 with 12.9” iPad Pro).
      • Max $1899 + Pencil + Folio + BT Headphones (no HP Jack). $2,200
      • Just get a Surface Pro 6 or MacBook Air!
  • MacBook Air
    • 13.3” laptop, 2.75lbs, Retina Display, Touch ID (17% smaller and 10% thinner).
    • 8th Gen i5 dual core, 128GB – 1.5TB SSD
    • $1,199
  • Mac Mini
    • Up to 6 cores, 64GB of memory and 2TB of storage.
    • $799 (previous $499).


Apple lowers forecast for iPhone XR by 30% and Stock Tumbled Below $1 Trillion.

  • Apple announced that they will miss forecasted earnings.
  • Specifically around the iPhone XR which is their budget friendly iPhone X.
  • Stocks dropped 6.6% on Friday and is the fifth week in a row of declines.
  • Interestingly, they increased production of the iPhone 8 due to greater demand.
  • It looks like Apple users are getting $$$ fatigue and want cheaper iPhones.


Blizzard getting booed for the first time at their own event.

  • As soon as Chang opened and used the word mobile the whole crowd let out an audible groan.
  • Later during the QA someone asked him if this was an out of season April fools joke.


  • There’s exactly three problems with Diablo Immortal.
  • 1: People spent real money- 200 bucks for the tickets, probably around one grand in travel and lodging expenses- to go to Blizzcon. The convention for Blizzard. The company best known for it’s PC titles. No one is going for the next big cell phone game announcement. Hearthstone was announced at Pax for a reason, you know?
  • 2: This is a core franchise title. Hearthstone was spun off from Warcraft, but Immortal is straight up the plot of the Diablo universe in between 2 and 3.
  • 3: This isn’t even a Blizzard game. They’re not developing it, a Chinese mobile cell phone game developer is.


The Year OnePlus Started Ignoring Fans

  • OnePlus has made a name for itself selling devices that punch above the price class. The Chinese smartphone maker has also built a loyal fanbase by proactively reaching out to its users and incorporating the changes and suggestions they make in its product lineup.
  • But as the company grows bigger and embarks on a new journey — entering the United States — it is increasingly turning a blind eye to its community.
  • OnePlus releases two phones per year, and it makes sure to hype these before each debut. This year was the same in this regard, except for the obvious fan backlash.
  • notches and headphone jacks.
  • In March, OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei tweeted that users should “learn to love the notch.” The outcry was so great that Pei deleted the tweet.
  • The OnePlus 6 of course launched in May with a notch. Earlier in March, Pei also tweeted his usual annual poll about headphone jacks. The OnePlus 6T, which started shipping in the U.S. on November 1 and will hit the rest of the world on November 6, has a smaller “teardrop” notch. But as you likely already know, it doesn’t have a headphone jack. […]
  • It’s a bizarre set of decisions given OnePlus has always prided itself on giving its fans exactly what they want.


OnePlus 6T to Has Teardrop Notch & Removed Headphone Jack

  • Oct 29, OnePlus announced the 6T.
  • Synaptic’s 2nd Gen Under-screen Fingerprint reader
    • 1st gen released at CES in January.
    • 3rd gen confirmed in Samsung’s S10 – Ultrasound.
      • Used when finger is wet.
      • More secure.
    • 1st in US to have under-screen Fingerprint reader.
  • OnePlus 6T has a teardrop notch.
    • Smallest notch next to the Essential Phone.
  • Expandable Micro SD – No
    • German Retailer Otto had a short lived posting.
  • Camera
    • Front 16mp + Portrait Mode
    • 16mp 20mp + Night Mode
  • Android Pie
  • Carl Pei (Cofounder of OnePlus) confirmed the 6T will not have a headphone jack.
    • States that 59% of OnePlus customers already have wireless headphones.
    • Will have a dongle in the box.
    • Can buy USB C headphones.
    • Pros
      • More internal space.  Specifically used for battery.
      • Easier to make it waterproof.
        • Did not happen.
    • Cons
      • People love their headphones – I have bose.
      • Can’t charge at the same time as using a dongle.
      • OnePlus copying Apple again (face unlock, notch, now no headphone jack)?
  • Will be released on T-Mobile’s 600 Megahertz spectrum.  Can be used unlocked on Verizon.
  • Cost $549 (6GB 128GB) – $629 (8GB 256GB)
    • $300 off at T-Mobil ($259) with trade in (iphone 6, Pixel 1, Samsung s6, OnePlus X, 1).


OnePlus to be among the first to launch a 5G phone.

  • Carl Pei made the announcement alonside Qualcomm at the 5G Summit in Hong Kong today.
  • The OnePlus 7 will feature Qualcomm’s x50 modem and QTM052 mmWave antenna.
  • According to Qualcomm at least 2 5G phones will be released next year.


Samsung Leaker Claims the Galaxy S10 will be Bezel-less and Notchless.

  • Ice Universe got in a Samsung event in China where Samsung was talking about the S10.
  • Not only integrates in the fingerprint sensor but the front-facing camera and speaker as well.
  • FoD – Finger on Display – snaptec’s 3rd generation. Ultrasonic pulses (sound) to map finer instead of optical (picture) in this year’s phones.
  • HoD – Haptics on Display – creates sensation of buttons for games.
  • SoD – Sound on Display – the screen becomes an external speaker.
    • Can others hear your conversation?
  • UPS – Under Panel Sensors.  Camera Lens and facial recoginition sensors placed behind the screen so they are hidden but hey can see through the screen when in use.
  • Will the UPS technology be ready for the release in Q2 of 2019?


President Trump’s iPhone was Hacked!

  • A report came out last week stating that both Russia and China have spied on President Trump through an iPhone he keeps to chat with his friends.
  • The NSA has altered two iPhones for President Trump but he cannot store contacts on those phones and prefers to use his personal phone to call friends.
  • The New York Times states that China is using the information from his phone calls to manipulate President Trump’s policies towards them.
  • This is done through using his friends to influence his thoughts on certain policies.
  • Russia isn’t thought to be doing something similar because “Trump Admires Putin”.
  • Xiaomi (a Chinese company that doesn’t have a foothold in the USA due to security concerns) has invited President Trump to use one of their phones.

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welcome back to the tech time podcast we
have so much to cover today we’re gonna
talk about Apple’s event how they
announced the new iPad pro the new
MacBook Air we’re gonna talk about the
oneplus 6 president Trump’s iPhone got
and maybe some rumors about the Galaxy S
10 coming out next year and about
Apple’s stock getting slashed by 10% so
we have a ton to go through but first I
want to know how are you doing Matt are
you having a good time in Canada oh man
we are in a frozen winter wonderland
we’ve had freezing rain all week car
accidents left and right it’s almost
like everybody kind of forgot how to
drive throughout the beautiful it’s it’s
not that bad but yeah it’s time to get
the winter tires on and you know like
right when it just starts getting cold
that’s when you get all that ice that
just builds up because it freezes and
thaws and yeah it’s it’s bad but anyways
we’ll get through that we’ll be back to
the beautiful winter paradise that we’re
known for you know what terrifies me
about winter driving is the traffic
circles you guys have yeah so I just
remember one time I was taking the first
exit and I just slid right on through
really trying to pump the brakes and I
was just turning and spinning there’s
cars everywhere in the traffic circle so
here in the states we do have traffic
circles they’re just one lane and never
two lanes at least in the city that I’m
in and you know no ice at all this week
oh yeah you know what two lane traffic
circles are the way to go the problem is
as most people don’t know how to use
them and so it got a signal the
dangerous part about it is people
changing lanes in the traffic circle
you’re like no no stop or people going
too far when they’re in the outside lane
and I mean the problem isn’t with the
design the problem is with people who
don’t know how to use them and you know
absolutely and I’m gonna save everyone’s
lives here that are listening right now
that my
visit Canada or Europe if you’re in a
traffic circle and you’re not taking the
first exit use your blinker light to the
left and that way people will know
you’re not taking the first exit so
there you go
it’s a choice yield to people who are on
the what side inside or outside daddy
aware when you’re in a traffic circle
what’s going on around you yeah I’m just
gonna be looking to the inside the whole
time imagine doing it the opposite in
the UK go in the opposite direction oh
yeah inside or outside man-bird National
Lampoon’s Kids Big Ben and then they
keep driving around this big annex big
to the inside even if you’re driving the
other direction are you sure you just
keep driving until 2 in the morning when
no one else is there and then you run
away signal you know I had a pretty cool
weekend we actually went to have a soup
I so for our listeners that don’t know
about that it’s the Grand Canyon there’s
this giant waterfall that has these
majestic blue waters and in February you
can actually reserve a campsite there
and you have to hike down with your
packs and you know I was so lazy on the
way up I just bought a mule to take all
my my pack sup to the top and then that
way I could just hike the 10 miles
without a 30 pound bag on my back so it
was pretty pretty cool you’ll have to
check out our Instagram and our Twitter
for some pictures on that and the
mermaid tail yeah there was somebody
randomly had a mermaid tail there so
there may or may not be pictures of that
up well let’s get back down to business
so Apple had a big event tell us what
happened there
okay this was round two so the first
event was all about their iPhone tens
and the changes that came there and so
this one was their iPad event at least
that’s what they focused on but they
also talked about releasing a MacBook
Air as well as a Mac Mini and you know
Dan I’m actually a big fan of the Mac
Mini I thought it was a really cool
design when it first came out and I was
really disappointed that it just doesn’t
get the same kind of love that other
Apple products get so I was excited to
see a little bit more love coming I
wasn’t excited about the price because
it’s still supposed to be
budget-friendly and it is still kind of
but nothing like it was supposed to be
but anyways yeah let’s get into it so
the product everybody’s talking about
right now is the iPad pro and so as we
were talking about through leaks that we
had seen slimmer bezels absolutely this
is a beautiful iPad it’s a little bit
thinner than the previous iPad pro but
the key is is they’ve slimmed down those
bezels and yes there is facial
recognition with those little infra red
dots that come out and map your face but
Dad but no not no just gonna redesign my
game for this right now tonight I’m
gonna stamp until 3:00 in the morning
yeah they were able to keep a lot of the
I’m pretty sure the same aspect ratios
and what’s really neat about it is you
compare the iPad pro from last year to
this year and even though the screen
size is the same it’s a much smaller
footprint because they’ve slimmed down
those bezels and man it was time I mean
those bezels were just killing us cool
I’ll tell you what I’m the most excited
about it’s that USB see yeah the most
excited about and you know people were
talking on rumors about this and I
thought they’ve got their proprietary
lightning cable no way they’re gonna
switch because they have all these
speakers and you know car attachments
and plugins and they’re probably making
so much money off of those lightning
cables and the minute that they switch
it to USB see then all of these
third-party places you know can just use
the same cable for their PC as their
iPad pro now and it really takes away a
lot of the market for them but the
positive thing is now we
can use all of our peripherals you can
plug that into basically anything an
overhead projector if you’re at school
and you want to show a presentation you
can plug it into lots of things that
will give it power no dongle necessary
yeah yes we were always buy an iPhone
dongles dongles for your headphones
you’ll still need that because they got
rid of the headphone jack I mean you
could put a headphone jack thing there’s
room in there there’s room for the drop
this thing in the toilet we’re both
using our headphone jack right now right
that’s interesting
they also improved the screen so they
call it their liquid Retina display they
have four speakers that’s pretty cool so
this thing some really good sound they
got rid of home button that’s part of
shrinking the bezels and so it’s all
about the flicks and the gestures and to
be honest with you I I don’t know I
haven’t tried it yet but just from the
reviews I’m seeing not everybody’s
excited about the new gestures and it’s
a little bit harder to get to the
multitasking features that we were used
to with like a double tap on the home
button so I guess we’ll see how that
so other things that come along with
this and then let’s talk about price
because that’s crazy
yeah so peripherals you can buy a new
Apple pencil today hmm it wirelessly
charges it has a magnetic mount where
you just stick it right on top and so
your pencil doesn’t have to stick in
your ear or up your nose where you used
to keep it yeah that’s cool what’s sad
about it is it’s pretty expensive I
think it’s around 200 bucks and you
cannot use the old pencil wait wait wait
the pencils $200 of the iPads $200
groceries for a month or one pencil cool
things you could tap it to like make it
change from like eraser mode and stuff
like that
so but what’s sad about it is you can’t
use your old pencil if you bought the
pencil last year you can’t use it on the
new iPad whatever you know you just
can’t do it so you have combined the new
pencil okay so another thing you have to
buy because people say this is the
must-have peripheral is this new
magnetic keyboard portfolio that one is
$200 I saw that one and a keyboard makes
sense for $200 a pencil in my opinion is
a little bit crazy yeah and maybe it’s a
hundred maybe 150 we’ll have to like
answer down in the comments below of
what it really is but you know it starts
adding up if you’re buying all these
peripherals so first of all how much
does this cost n do you know how much it
costs to buy a new iPad pro I’m gonna
guess 599 wrong Bob one dollar Bob what
you’ve got here so for the 11 inch which
is the budget-friendly model 799 dollars
okay that’s yeah you know to be expected
okay now the 12.9 just squeaks under
$1000 for their cheapest version 999
okay how much was the previous MacBook
Air wasn’t that the same price as
getting a MacBook Air yeah that’s the
budget-friendly hurt so this doesn’t
come without the e or any of those sim
card slots now you can crank this up to
a terabyte storage you can put LTE in it
and the most expensive it’s 1809 that’s
like my iPad I mean my iMac pro now slap
on that at $200 a keyboard by the pencil
let’s even call it an extra 100 bucks
you’re gonna need bluetooth headphones
unless you want to dongle it up all the
time you’re gonna be like around 20 to
23 hundred bucks by the time you’re
finally done buying this iPad well the
thing about iPads is you can’t really
create still as well on them I mean if
you’re using this
magnetic pencil for $200 maybe you’ve
got some crazy photoshop skills and can
do a little bit of creation but yeah all
of the creative people I know they use a
laptop or a Microsoft Surface because
they need those more powerful
applications that you know are a little
more RAM hogs and the the iPad
applications I just haven’t seen them be
equal yet and you know it’s the
hopefully tasking – it’s the
multitasking you go back and forth you
take screenshots of things you put it
into Photoshop I mean that kind of stuff
is just harder to do on the iOS instead
of the Apple now this one you can do
split screen so you can have two apps
open at the same time but that’s it you
can’t have four you have this massive
screen you got a 12 point 9 inch screen
if you go for the big one and you can’t
put 4 apps you can’t do 3 it’s it’s –
and what’s interesting about this though
is the chips they are super high power I
mean you’re talking processing seven
nanos like it is so fast and what do so
many nanos what they’re saying though is
that the just running it through the
benchmarks this is a powerful device but
yet it’s still even though it would
underperform say macbook air of the same
price value it still isn’t as functional
as say a laptop so all the reviews I’m
reading basically say is it a laptop
killer no but it is the best tablet you
could buy out there if that I’m making a
prediction here me internet problems
Apple has said for a long time that they
are not merging Mac OS and iOS but I’m
calling them on it I think they’re gonna
have to if they’re gonna make these
$2,000 iPads they’re gonna need to merge
the two operating systems they’re gonna
need to have creatives be excited about
buying this and creating content on the
platform I mean I just don’t see people
creating this and this seems like maybe
something that rich rich baby boomers
would have to you know read but III just
don’t see a lot of people running out
and buying this I mean it’s a beautiful
device it really is but when you look at
the form factor that it is and how big
it’s gonna be if you’re gonna stick it
in your bag you might as well put a
laptop in your back right like it’s not
as amazing is when the the iPad first
came out it was way thinner than a
laptop and way easier to take with you
and I tried really hard to get my iPad
to replace my tablet mostly by screen
mirroring and and leaving my laptop at
work and oh that’s interesting yeah I
could do all kinds of cool stuff with it
but it I just no matter how hard I tried
I could not replace my laptop and even
today which we’re talking like seven
eight years later from when I was doing
that we still can’t do it so I agree
with you I think they’ve got to somehow
bring the software experience together
between us
iOS and and OS OS X yeah well speaking
of laptops the new MacBook Air now this
is the thing that I was waiting for in
the summer we’ve talked about it in our
past podcasts I really wanted to buy a
new Apple laptop in the summer time and
they just kept delaying it I kept
hearing rumors finally I threw up my
hands and I said I need to buy this
MacBook Pro today and of course now
months and months later they have this
reasonably affordable laptop I mean it
comes in at $1,200 yeah and you know
it’s even a bunsen worth than before
yeah yeah I read the the benchmarks
comparing it to my MacBook Pro the 2018
with the touch bar and they actually say
that for the single core processes it’s
pretty comparable where my MacBook Pro
really beats it is the multi-core so
when are you gonna start using
multi-core that’s going to be when
you’re creating YouTube content like we
do and when we are rendering things or
when you’re compiling code it’s really
for creative people if you’re using
Photoshop and you have some
an effect that you’re gonna put in your
picture the multicore is gonna make that
go a whole lot faster and process it
quicker but for the single core things
and that’s for the majority of people if
you’re gonna be word processing if
you’re gonna be using Chrome or Safari
to browse the internet or even if you’re
playing games most likely you’re not
going to tap into that multi-core unless
you’re using some pretty hardcore stuff
and so I think this is a great deal if I
could talk to myself back in July I
would say self-weight wait until
November because you’ll save $600 a
MacBook Air is amazing yeah so it’s it’s
the 8th gen I 5 dual-core that comes out
with it you get 128 gigabytes up of
storage up to 1.5 terabytes
now I’m sure that’s gonna be expensive
to stick that in there and 128 gigs
though I mean that goes so fast I mean
you basically install your operating
system is gone like you know what you
need to double that at least at least
but the big deal is they now have Retina
display so that’s good that’s what
they’ve been asking for for these
MacBook Airs for a long time so I think
it’s gonna be a nice laptop and I think
it’s gonna be a winner for Apple and Mac
Mini let’s quickly touch on it even
though it’s not the most sexy device
that Apple’s ever put out it’s gonna do
sexy yes sexy six quarters that’s what
its gonna have 60 40 gigabytes of memory
yeah and two terabytes of storage so
it’s got tons of memory tons of storage
six cores and it comes in at $7.99 so
it’s almost double it used to be $4.99
so 500 bucks
now it’s 800 bucks it’s a big price jump
but you also look at what you get with
that you get an awesome processor up to
six cores and tons of storage so I think
it’s gonna be great the portability of
taking it with you a lot of people use
them in server farms I think it’s gonna
be pretty good I I’m glad that they
refreshed it instead of just letting it
die well let me talk about the Mac Mini
for a minute I really like it because
all of us have keyboards in the garage
or a door
we all have mice from 15 years ago we’ve
all got a monitor that just is a flat
screen that we don’t use anymore yeah so
here comes this Mac Mini that you can
hook up that old technology to and you
can keep upgrading and keep those
peripherals that are fine I mean our
mice and our keyboards haven’t really
changed in the last 20 years so I like
it for that standpoint because you can
save money now who would want to buy
this Mac Mini developers because you
can’t use Xcode on Windows and it is so
expensive to buy an Apple computer just
to use Xcode I mean you have people that
are actually renting Mac computers
online just to compile their code that’s
why people get older Mac minis to have
Xcode so that they can compile their iOS
apps now here’s the problem with the Mac
Mini yeah a roommate of mine has the Mac
Mini but the problem is is it it’s only
five or six years old and it’s not it’s
not ordered anything you can’t install
the latest operating system on it and I
suppose you could say that with all of
Apple’s hardware whether it be a laptop
their iPads their iPhones you buy one of
these and you’re hoping you can use your
legacy technology four or five years you
can’t use Xcode anymore you’re no longer
able to to submit apps to the Apple
Store because it really has a shelf life
of maybe four to five years so that’s
the danger you run into there weren’t
weren’t I totally agree and this is the
cheapest way to get a Mac is to get a
Mac Mini and I think they’re cool all
right so what happened since this
announcement well Apple stock actually
rose they everybody said hey this is
great we think the iPad looks pretty
cool maybe it’s gonna bring in some
money the definitely the iPad or the air
the MacBook Air is gonna bring in a
whole ton of cash and so stocks rose and
then Friday dan do you know what
happened Friday well you know they had
their quarterly their quarterly
announcement their phone call
it’s funny I don’t know what you guys do
for budgeting but I keep track of my net
worth on a quarterly basis so I’ve just
decided to do it with Apple stocks so I
have a spreadsheet and every time that
they do the Colin you know this was how
many Macs we sold then I just put my you
know net worth on this spreadsheet so I
knew it was coming up because I was
excited to see the difference from last
time now what they did was they
announced how many units they had sold
for each individual thing and it was
actually down the amount of money they
made was up and the reason why is
because they’re charging us more for the
phones they’re charging us more for the
iPads and so they’re making more money
but they’re not selling as many units
and so then at the end of the phone call
they announced we’re not going to tell
you how many units were selling anymore
we’re just gonna tell you the bottom
line of how much money we made and
everyone lost their mind because it’s
not honest I mean look at us we’re
buying these thousand-dollar phones
$1,200 laptops we’re buying these iPads
for $1,800 and it’s making them a lot of
money but what you don’t realize is that
other companies out of China’s or Korea
Samsung they’re selling more units and
they’re more affordable and so you
really have to look at the numbers and
people were not very pleased that means
the next quarterly report we will not
know how many they sold yeah and so what
I I think you hit it right on the head
Dan if they stopped talking about units
sold we will lose the ability to track
market share and that’s what’s important
because yeah they can keep hosing us and
the fanboys will keep forking out the
cash but if the fanboys are forking out
more cash and the units are getting less
and less and less you will actually have
a stock crash as soon as people realize
how much market share is being lost and
Apple is the one who is losing market
share like crazy if you look at their
market share they owned the world five
years ago they
owned it and then as Android became more
competitive and Samsung came in and took
over as the number one cellphone
producer and then you’ve got phone
companies like oneplus and so and Xiaomi
and you know out of China these
companies are just growing like crazy
cuz their affordable
margins are tight apples margins are
great that’s awesome but they’re losing
market share so a lot of people are
asking the question is Apple in the same
position today that Blackberry was in
eight years right good point you know
it’s so interesting to watch their stock
I remember I sent you and dad an email
probably a couple years ago and it was
at $100 and they had that big scandal
where a bunch of celebrities their nude
photos were hacked and so oh yes their
stock had fallen below $100 I think it
was like 98 dollars and I I wrote you
guys and I said bye bye-bye and you know
if you had bought it it would have
doubled which is pretty cool but it’s
just interesting to see that even this
huge stock that everyone’s in love with
I mean it’s part of the sp500 it’s a
huge company even something as robust as
that can still fall overnight by 10% so
you have to be really careful when you
look at these numbers and I just find it
fascinating from an economic standpoint
so one last thing and I don’t want to
beat the dead horse with this but this
is an interesting thing that came out
they announced they were actually going
to produce less iPhone 10 ours and
that’s the budget-friendly model of the
iPhone 10 and I think there’s two
reasons why they’re gonna do it number
one is they show demand wasn’t there
like they thought it was everybody was
forecasting this phone to take the world
by storm the cheapest iPhone 10 and it
didn’t why it’s still crazy expensive
and it’s still $800 to start yeah it’s
crazy expensive so people are still
saying you know what I’m just gonna get
an iPhone 8 which is still I think it’s
only a hundred bucks less than that but
it turns out that’s where the
and is so Apple said look we’re gonna
cut back the iPhone 10 are and we’re
gonna increase production of the iPhone
8 and as far as I’m concerned that’s
kind of an ugly phone for 2018 I mean
yeah it’s got a chin like but you can
get a refurbished one for $4.99 I saw on
Apple’s website it’s an iPhone 8 so
that’s way better than $7.99 right you
know what else you can get for $4.99
what add 50 bucks in there and you can
get a one plus 60 with the greatest
process sorry I mean okay we won’t talk
about that yet but let’s let’s first
talk about another company that was all
guns-a-blazing I can’t wait to tell you
about this sorry about this frequent
redditor so I’m always on reddit seeing
what’s going on and yesterday people
were losing their minds over blizzard so
Blizzard has this thing called Blizzcon
where they announce new things I don’t
know if you remember this game did you
ever play Diablo or Diablo – of course
of course I did
so this was called up to 90 yeah this is
kind of a 90s thing you know Diablo is
kind of fun and the cool thing about it
is you could do multiplayer you could
really get into the quests people just
loved Diablo 2 and jambo 3 actually did
pretty well as well and as soon as Chang
opened he used the word mobile and
everybody’s brain melted people lost
their minds
boo he actually got booed at his own
Blizzcon so you know ii was in second
it’s like if you went to comic-con and
booed spider-man I mean nobody would do
that but people were so angry later they
had a questions and answers session
where people could go up and ask
questions and one guy said is this an
out of season April Fool’s joke and
everybody laughed and it’s funny on on
reddit there’s memes there’s videos of
just hilarious things of people making
fun of this and you know it’s it’s
really funny people wanted the actual PC
game you know and I’ve seen that
recently a lot of people are
heading back towards PC games because of
Steam people want their powerful
processors they want their big screens
to play these games and basically these
hardcore fans did not want a mobile game
here’s another problem with it this
mobile game is basically being made by a
Chinese manufacturer it’s basically a
Chinese game that’s just kind of being
made into Diablo and people are furious
because the controls are the same
everything looks the same there’s just
no originality to it I think it’s really
actually sad this is a computer gaming
company now where’s the cash of course
the money is in mobile of course
why because little six-year-old kids are
racking up mom and dad’s iTunes credit
card because they’re buying all these
little extra things so that they can
beat their buddies in fortnight or
whether it will actually fortnight’s one
of the ones where you can’t pay to win
but a lot of people pay a lot of money
and pay to win and and we talked about
this earlier about some computer games
going that way and people are losing
their minds but this is another example
of a company chasing the buck and
leaving behind what they’re known for
and what they’re known for
are great amazing and game world
altering PC games world altering I’m
telling you these games like Diablo and
World of Warcraft and many of their
franchise games change the way people
play video games and it’s like of course
they should be booed it’s like they’re
walking away from what they do great to
chase that almighty dollar it was just
like when EA with battlefront 2 started
putting all those micro transactions and
pay2win and everybody went boo
we don’t want this well that’s the thing
is as a corporation you really need to
listen to the consumer what do they want
and you need to cater to that which
actually brings me into the oneplus yeah
about it that is a corporation that’s
not necessarily listening to their fan
base look they have really great things
and like you were saying you can get
their flagship for 650 dollars which is
much cheaper than the idea can I 55 well
there you go let’s go buy it today but
they’ve made a name for themselves
selling devices that really have great
hardware at great prices and the Chinese
phone maker has also built a loyal fan
base and they’re always reaching out to
users asking them what do you like how
can we improve on this well as you know
with their newest phone it came out with
a knotch
that people weren’t excited about back
in March and then this latest one
doesn’t have a headphone jack and people
lost their minds again because they want
the headphone jack they don’t want a
knotch if you listen to your consumer
that’s who that’s who you should be
listening to or else you’re gonna lose a
lot of money and a lot of the fan base
is frankly gonna go over to Samsung
because it’s the same story over there
but possibly just designed a little bit
better and a lot more expensive that’s
true too but I got to tell you yeah
people lost their minds when they
brought the notch out and so the one or
the yeah the one plus six came out
earlier in the spring and it had a notch
was it as crazy huge as the iPhone 10 no
but it still was an ugly notch and I
gotta tell you Dan I really struggled
because I I seriously considered the 1
plus 6 but that not just had me going
and Carl Pei said embrace the knotch
that’s right he wrote that tweet did me
and Anita lead it right after
it was like the whole does everybody
went and saying over it now
I got to tell you have you seen the new
notch that’s on the sixth it much better
right it’s a teardrop notch on it’s so
tiny now if you gotta have a notch it’s
the way to go I’m still not a notch
lover but on a scale of one to ten where
the iPhone 10 is a notch that makes you
rage like the Hulk
the the oneplus six was probably a 5 or
a 6 and the oneplus 60 this new one’s
probably a 2 or a 3 on a rage scale of
10 so it’s it’s really small it’s not
nearly as obtrusive but it’s still there
but still if you gotta have a notch I
think it’s the best implementation we’ve
seen to date so this all got announced
and of course it has the first under
screen fingerprint sensor which we were
talking about last week and it’s optical
so it takes a picture of your finger and
that’s how the biometrics work it’s
slightly slower it’s a third slower than
the optical sensors that most
fingerprint readers have so some people
say they notice it some people say they
don’t I prefer to have that fingerprint
reader on the front especially when it’s
it’s docked in my car so I can just
unlock and go and you know even though I
have Samsung it has Retina display I
find myself staring at my phone yeah one
thing we did say one of the rumors that
didn’t turn out to be true is that it
would have expandable memory it doesn’t
but it does have great cameras the
cameras aren’t much different from the 1
plus 6 that came out earlier you still
got a 16 megapixel front camera you have
a 16 and a 20 megapixel on the back and
you have great night mode I don’t
believe that they have optical zoom
which is what I really look forward to
when I have 2 cameras but it’s I think
it’s a great phone and the best price
that that you can get out there for all
the flagships yeah yeah the only thing
this phone does not have
is proper waterproofing my and well it’s
still you can drop it in the toilet and
you’ll be okay but you can’t drop it to
the bottom of a swimming pool for half
an hour like you can with all these
other phones yeah doesn’t have that same
rating even when they got rid of the
headphone jack so you know that’s part
of the problem with it but and it also
doesn’t have wireless charging I’m
pretty sure that’s that’s one of the
issues but you give up wireless charging
and that extra waterproofing and you
shave off three four hundred dollars off
of the price of a cell phone if you get
and they’re no longer calling it a
flagship killer they’re calling it a
flagship great so it is right up there
with bones like the pixel three the the
Samsung nine the iPhone 10 doesn’t have
all the bells and whistles they have no
but it comes pretty darn close for a
fraction of the price yeah the processor
screaming fast the cameras are pretty
good yeah and now that price is really
great the price is fantastic in my
opinion I think this is by far the best
one plus phone that we have seen and you
know we’ll see it’s it actually looks
like it’s quite popular and the fact
that it’s gonna be released on t-mobile
oh Dan did you hear how much money you
can buy it for on t-mobile how much you
can so it’s five hundred and fifty
dollars and you can get three hundred
dollars off by training in an old phone
any phone not any they got a list but
they go way back like you can go back to
a Samsung s5 you can go back to an
iPhone I believe six and you can go all
the way back to one plus one or one plus
X which my son has I think I only paid
250 for it and you still get $300 credit
so you’re paying two hundred and fifty
dollars for a flagship phone right you
know what is the problem with t-mobile
though is I think their cheapest price
that you can get is fifty dollars a
month for their unlimited plan last time
I looked into it
and you know I just do way better with
other things I pay $19.99 for my
wireless bill and it’s five five gigs of
data so it would be hard to get back
into that you know where you’re kind of
renting the phone is that what it is you
are kind of renting it and you’ve
definitely got to do your homework and
research like make sure that the cost of
the phone is factored into that $50 a
month that’s true and see is it cheaper
so ask yourself how much would I pay
without having this plan of $50 a month
is it 35 is at 40 and then is it worth
offsetting the price of the phone in
fact when I bought my samsung s 9 plus
actually it was way cheaper to do that
which surprised me so for the last three
four years I’ve always just brought my
own device and paid a cheap for plan but
when I actually did the math I said I
can drop a thousand bucks right now on
an s nine plus and then have this
cheaper plan or for two years I can only
pay I think it was $500 for it nice plus
I get a trade-in so I mean there were
things you gotta do your homework and do
your own research cool well that’s great
and it sounds like one plus might even
be among the first to launch the 5g
phone right that’s the rumor so Carl Pei
made the announcement alongside koala
comm so this was a week or two ago and
koala coms making these 5g chips and
they said oneplus is our first baby that
will be coming out with it so you know I
think that’s great I am cheering for
oneplus the underdog has grown from
underdog to medium dog yes let’s say I’m
all about oneplus growing some more so
let’s see how that goes so some other
exciting news is there’s been some leaks
about the Galaxy S 10 so they’re saying
it might be bezel this and notch less
that’s pretty cool how big is your notch
in bezel on your s9 uh well I have no
but here I’ll hold it up for you okay if
everybody on the YouTube channel can see
this and yes that is an iPhone
background what I join it cuz I like it
you can see so the forehead is pretty
thin and so is the chin okay you can see
on the forehead you still have your
sensors you have your front camera and
you have your speaker and then down here
it’s really just the space they need for
the screens hardware that’s underneath
on the chin so what they’re saying with
the s10 is it’s gonna be bezel this now
will it or won’t it I’m gonna prophesy
now I’m gonna say the s10 isn’t gonna
quite achieve it but I think the note 10
will oh they always seem so it’s just
like the under screen fingerprint reader
the note 9 was supposed to get it but it
just wasn’t quite ready you know it
always seems like they save a little bit
of amazing technology and because
they’re working feverishly on getting it
to work so I’m gonna say we’re probably
not gonna see bezel listen till the note
10 but this is what the the forecast is
or the roadmap for Samsung for 2019 so
are you ready yeah well I really want to
hear in your current one where’s your
fingerprint readers and on the back yeah
it’s on the back how cool would it be if
it was under the screen totally cool and
what they’re saying is the new
technology is going to be sonic so the
one that we see right now in the 1 plus
6 is optical when it takes a picture of
your finger and then compares it and
that’s exactly what these fingerprint
sensors on the back and some of them are
on the side of the phone I like that
idea of on the side of the phone I’m
sure it drives left-handed people crazy
but in any case that’s optical it’s
taking a picture of your fingerprint so
the sonic is it sends out sound and will
actually tap test the depths of the
creases in your fingerprint so you get a
3d map and it’s supposed to be way more
secure than the optical where you can
actually fake it right now that’s pretty
cool yeah so that’s neat so that’s the
third generation now the other thing
that they have to do there’s a few
technologies to make it
Trulli bedless how are you going to get
the speaker underneath that screen well
this technology’s been out for a little
bit I believe there’s some Xiaomi phones
that already do it and they basically
use the screen as a mini speaker so that
the screen vibrates and you can hear it
I haven’t been able to test it out but
the reviewers say surprisingly it
doesn’t sound any different from a phone
that actually has a speaker grille in
the top cool yeah so it makes me kind of
wonder well does that mean it’s gonna be
a little bit louder for my neighbor who
sitting next to me on the bus will they
be able to hear my whole conversation I
don’t know but from what the reviewers
are saying this technology actually
works pretty good so another one so
that’s called s OD sound on display and
then they’ve got finger on display which
we talked about and then there’s haptics
on display we’ve seen this a little bit
in the past I know Apple played around
with it where they were trying to make
it feel like there’s buttons on the
screen and they’re kind of shying away
from that now I read an article that
said they’re not really doing that
anymore they’re just doing the press and
hold thing and yeah they’re not really
doing the 3d touch as much as they were
before yeah so I’m a little bit more
skeptical on this feature haptics on
display it’s supposed to create the
sensation of buttons for games so kind
of like you’re holding a controller in
your hands
and to me I don’t know if we really need
that right like we’ve already got
virtual buttons I don’t really miss the
old buttons but anyways that’s one thing
they’re working on now the big
technology this is the one that’s
blowing everybody’s minds if they can
actually do this it’s called ups under
panel sensors so what they’re doing is
they’re actually gonna put the selfie
camera behind the screen that’s
impossible I don’t know a screen that
lights up but yet it will be able to
take pictures through the screen so
that’s pretty neat and they’re talking
about putting a 3d optical recognition
just like Apple has but instead of this
gross notch that takes up most the top
anyways yeah that notch sucks it’s gonna
fly through the screen
yeah so I think that’s pretty neat so to
me that’s the game changer if they can
put sensors and the selfie camera behind
the screen we will see a truely bezel
as’ phone and who can do this
Samsung already creates most of the
screens out there for the phones that’s
true yeah they come for Apple they make
them for themselves they make them for
most of the smaller Android companies so
I think LG is making the ones for pixel
right now but still those screens don’t
match up to what Samsung can do so if
anybody’s gonna be able to pull this off
I think Samsung is the one and that’s
what I’m looking forward to if they can
get ups working for the s10 this phone I
never upgrade until after three years
but I might be tempted to yeah it’d be
pretty sweet now I know we normally
don’t go this long but I think there’s a
fun story that I want to hear about it’s
a little bit political and being that
it’s voter day today will you tell us a
little bit yeah political political I
keep singing that song we should
probably have like a little intro with
that when we work on it so Donald
Trump’s iPhone is getting hacked by
spies we love talking about spies we
love talking about President Trump and
when you can take president Trump and
spies and put them together and make a
tech story out of it this is goal it
makes our minds melt like all those
people at Blizzcon so it turns out
Donald Trump has three cell phones that
the NSA has taken apart made them super
secure I don’t know if it launches up to
Sputnik and back down well wouldn’t be
Sputnik that would be a Russian
satellite but you know I’m not sure how
they make it so secure but one of the
features they have is he’s not allowed
to keep any contacts on those three
phones probably in case somebody picks
it up they can’t figure out who he’s
calling right away right so right no
contacts so when he calls his buddies do
you think he goes to one of his secure
phones no he picks up his iPhone that
he’s had forever
nobody here bill gates right so that’s
what he’s doing and the problem is that
phone is completely unsecured in fact
with just some simple technology you can
get from Radio Shack or The Shack or you
know whatever your they’re calling
themselves these days you anybody can go
and listen to other people’s cell phone
conversations it’s not that hard and so
do you think there are spies following
president Trump around what they’re
they’re basically they’re the cup to
their ear to the wall absolutely they
are you know I heard that even there
were some reports that possibly China
and Russia had already tapped into that
phone which is insane they admitted it
oh of course we do how could they even
figure out what that phone number is in
the first place people are you know
really on top of it when it comes to
yeah so so basically Russia said of
course we listen in to President Trump
when he uses this phone it’s great but
we know he loves Putin so of course we
do nothing so that’s what Russia says
China goes oh yeah man we use it to
manipulate him because it’s got all
kinds of business ties in China so we
talk to his buddies and we’re like hey
you know president Trump’s putting all
kinds of tariffs on China and do you
think he could soften him up a bit and
by the way I heard him say this to you
about that talking about this to him
then perhaps you can alter president
Trump’s policies if this was a Netflix
show I’d watch it anyways that’s what’s
fascinating and then the best part this
is kind of the punchline to the whole
situation Xiaomi a Chinese company came
out and and they were the ones that not
only president Trump but many other
Republicans and perhaps even Democrats
stopped from Verizon sharing their
phones because the security issues
Xiaomi came out and said president Trump
our phones are secure
dating China would you like to use one
of our crazy
I really enjoyed that political story
there that you know this is great I’m so
glad you guys are listening to us on the
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