38 – Bitcoin is on FIRE! Tech Time Podcast

Bitcoin is on FIRE!

  • Story about Tiffany wanting to buy a bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin just surged past $8,000 on Tuesday, hitting its highest mark since last July. It tapered off slightly by mid-afternoon, but is still trading at its highest level in nearly a year.
  • Story about XRP license plate
  • Bullish experts say the strong showing could signal that bitcoin has a future as a worthy investment opportunity. But the currency’s volatile and controversial history has prompted plenty of skepticism.
  • After all, the currency skyrocketed in value Monday when the Dow plunged 617 points, perhaps suggesting that investors turned to bitcoin as a safe haven asset.
  • “It’s bitcoin’s moment to shine when people momentarily give up on the government or the banking system,” Held added.
  • t hit $20,000 in December 2017 before crashing the next year. Some experts called the downturn a correction after a period of “speculative mania.”
  • Maybe get an ETF that invests in all cryptocurrencies.  (Explain what a bitcoin is)
  • This could be going up and down due to market manipulation by the super rich.
  • CE (ICE), the owner of the NYSE, launched a futures exchange for bitcoin and other cryptos. (Making this a much more stable bet)

OnePlus 7 Pro – Best Bang for Buck!

  • Announced today!
  • According to Cnet, “Best Android Phone Value of 2019”
  • Blazing fast (Snapdragon 855, upto 12GB of Ram!!!)
  • 90 Hz (90 frams a second), curved,1440-pixel OLED notchless display (A+ Displaymate)
    • In display fingerprint reader (faster than 6T).
  • Popup Selfie Camera
    • Fast, durable, will pop back in if dropped.
    • Software bocca effect.
  • Triple Rear Camera – Ultra wide-angle camera, standard camera, telephoto camera
    • One test on a dark room with a bright window, lit up room better than pixel 3.
    • Appears to do better than night site (we’ll see).
    • 3x optical, 10x digital
  • Android Pie
    • + Screen recording (screen shot but a video), not work with Netflix.
  • 5G version coming to UK only.
  • No wireless charging, no headphone jack, not waterproof
  • $669 6GB RAM/128; $699 8GB RAM/256
    • $80 less than budget iPhone XR and Samsung 10SE.

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