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Sinemia, a Would-be Rival To MoviePass, Shuts Down US Movie-Ticket Subscription Service

  • Sinemia, a would-be rival to MoviePass, is closing down its U.S. operations — telling customers it could not find “a path to sustainability” amid legal headaches, competitive pressures and the challenging economics of the business model.
  • The company announced the shutdown in a notice on its website Thursday. “While we are proud to have created a best in market service, our efforts to cover the cost of unexpected legal proceedings and raise the funds required to continue operations have not been sufficient,” Sinemia said in the statement.
  • The competition in the U.S. market and the core economics of what it costs to deliver Sinemia’s end-to-end experience ultimately [led] us to the decision of discontinuing our U.S. operations.”
  • From the notice, it’s not clear whether Sinemia will be extending refunds that may be due to subscribers.
  • They aren’t releasing refunds.  ← Lots of friends are having difficulties.
  • AMC Stubs A-List might be the best deal.
  • 20 bucks a month.  Tammy and the T-rex (denise richards and paul walker)
  • Playboy mansion

Facebook’s F8 2019 – All the Deets!

  • Design Changes, New VR Headsets and a new Privacy Mantra
  • Today Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged Facebook’s “self-inflicted” issues, mostly caused by years of negligent behavior.
    • “I know that we don’t exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now, to put it lightly” Big Grin on Face.
    • He unveiled Facebook’s new Mantra, “The Future is Private”
  • Digital Living Room (private).
    • Promises to start with privacy in mind (Private Interactions with confidence it is private, encryption (even from FB), Reducing Permanence, Safety, Interoperability (various platforms), secure data storage (in secure countries).
  • Messenger for Desktop (Mac & Windows).
    • Friends Tab with all FB info (instagram, FB)
    • Video Chat – Can co-watch videos together.
  • Next Computing Platform
    • Digital Town Square – VR & AR
    • AR Portal For developers.
  • Portal in Canada this Fall.
    • What’s Ap to Porta
      • Encryption on all Video Chats.l
  • Oculus Quest and Rift S go on sale ($399 USD May 21).
    • Rift S = Better Rift (Higher resolution, Inside Tracking, Better Optics)
    • Quest = Independant and untethered, Full Freedom of movement.
      • Oprah Moment, “everyone at F8 gets a free Oculus Quest”

Google’s Wing Aviation gets Approval for Drone Deliveries in US

  • Alphabets Wing Aviation got approval on Tuesday (April 23) to deliver goods by drone in Virginia.
  • They had to get U.S. air carrier certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Commercial service delivering goods (businesses or residential).
  • Beyond line of sight and over people.
  • Already has over 70,000 test flights and 3,000 deliveries in Australia.
  • Currently on “trial” in Helsinki Finland.
  • They plan on Food Delivery fist.
  • Wing Claims benefits of faster food and medicine delivery (over car), reduce traffic and emissions.

After $702M Loss, Tesla Stock Sinks To Lowest Price in Two Years

  • Tesla stock price “slumped 5% on Friday to its lowest in two years,” reports Reuters, citing in part “a pitch by Chief Executive Elon Musk on autonomous cars that failed to win over investors.”
  • Musk is still battling to convince investors that demand for the Model 3, the company’s first car aimed at the mass consumer market, is “insanely” high, and that it can be delivered efficiently to customers around the world….
  • On Wednesday, Tesla posted a worse-than-expected loss of $702 million for the March quarter.
  • Musk said Tesla would return to profit in the third quarter and that there was “some merit” to raising capital….
  • Tesla’s stock has now fallen 29 percent in 2019 and the company’s market capitalization has declined to $41 billion from $63 billion in mid-December.
  • After overtaking the market capitalizations of General Motors and Ford Motor in 2017, Tesla slipped back below GM in January, and on Friday it dipped back below the market value of Ford, which saw its stock surge 10% after reporting a better-than-expected quarter.
  • Analysts now expect Tesla’s revenue to expand 19% in 2019, compared with 83% growth in 2018 and 68% growth in 2017, according to Refinitiv. MarketWatch helpfully illustrated the -5.04% drop in Tesla’s stock price over three days by animating it over a picture of Elon Musk’s face in front of a bullseye.

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