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Facebook Pressured Canada to Ease up on Data Rules

  • Internal Documents leaked to UK journalists show Facebook’s global lobbying operations.
  • Facebook promised to open a data center in Canada that was to create thousands of jobs.
  • In exchange Canada was not to enforce its jurisdiction over the Facebook’s non Canadian data.
    • Facebook could collect and share any data they wanted with non canadian accounts.
    • They wanted Canada to turn a blind eye (in regards to privacy laws) to non Canadian accounts.
  • This request was also done in the UK, USA, India & Brazil.
  • The Canadian government expressed concern over the double standard of privacy.
  • Facebook was firm and said, “If you don’t promise to turn a blind eye to non Canadian accounts, we will take this data center (and its jobs elsewhere).  
  • Canada eventually sent a letter guaranteeing “Independence of non-Canadian data”.
  • The data center was never built.
  • The leaked documents also show Facebook complaining about a Minister’s aid that was blocking this request and Levine (FB VP) personally went to Canada to “cut this person out.”
    • This shows a corporate interference in governmental organizations and independence.

What to expect from the March 25 ‘It’s show time’ Apple News and streaming video event
Apple has confirmed the long-rumored March 25 event but, of course, said nothing directly about what will be unveiled there. AppleInsider examines the evidence for Apple launching a more coherent Apple News service with magazines and other publications, plus the debut of Apple’s streaming video service — and what new hardware could appear.

Apple News Service

Apple is working on a $9.99 per month subscription news service that would give Apple News users unlimited access to stories from paywalled sites like The New York Times and the Washington Post.

This service is also expected to include a magazine elemen

US Tells Germany To Stop Using Huawei Equipment Or Lose Some Intelligence Access
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the United States has told Germany to drop Huawei from its future plans or risk losing access to some U.S. intelligence.

The U.S. says the Chinese company’s equipment could be used for espionage — a concern that Huawei says is unfounded.

“The Trump administration has been pressing allies to end their relationships with Huawei, but Germany, moving ahead with its plans, has not moved to ban the company from its networks,” reports The Verge

. From the report: According to the Journal, a letter sent from the U.S. Ambassador to Germany warns the country that the U.S. will stop sharing some secrets if it allows Huawei to work on its next-generation 5G infrastructure.

The letter, according to the Journal, argues that network security can’t be effectively managed by audits of equipment or software. While the U.S. plans to continue sharing intelligence with Germany regardless, the Journal reports, officials plan to curtail the scope of that information if Huawei equipment is used in German infrastructure.

Russia Wants to create an “Electronic Curtain”

  • The Russian Government wants to create an “Electronic Curtain” or a Firewall similar to China’s “Great Firewall of China”.
  • They are also passing laws that target social media apps that are used to criticize the current government.
    • Kremlin critic Sergei Boiko got sent to jail for 30 days because of a tweet.  He tweeted that they were going to hold a protest without an address or a city.  They put him in jail for not properly registering a political rally.
    • Boiko has been a vocal critic of Putin and his close allies by exposing their extravagant lifestyles.
  • The new laws
    • A crime to spread “Fake News”
      • The Russian Government perfected the art of Fake News (if not invented it).
    • Crime to insult Russia’s government.
    • Third – to allow Russia’s Telecoms to create a Stand-alone internet, independent of the outside world.
  • The person behind these new laws?  Andrei Lugovoi – Former KGB.
    • Accused by Britain for killing Alexander Litvinenko with a Radioactive pill.
    • I guess his cover was blown so he went into politics and is supported by Putin as a hero of the nation.  

Samsung Galaxy S10 Facial Recognition Fooled by a Video of the Phone Owner

Experts have proven once again that facial recognition on modern devices remains hilariously insecure and can be bypassed using simple tricks such as showing an image or a video in front of a device’s camera.

The latest device to fall victim to such attacks is Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung’s latest top tier phone and considered one of the world’s most advanced smartphones to date.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S10’s facial recognition feature remains just as weak as the one supported in its previous versions or on the devices of its competitors, according to Lewis Hilsenteger, a smartphone reviewer better known as Unbox Therapy on YouTube.

Hilsenteger showed in a demo video uploaded on his YouTube channel last week how putting up a video of the phone owner in front of the Galaxy S10 front camera would trick the facial recognition system into unlocking the device.

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