Tech Time Podcast Episode 17 – Lime Scooters & Samsung Leaks

Tech Time Podcast Episode 17: Electric Scooter & Samsung Leaks

Quora Data Breach Exposes 100 Million Users’ Personal Info

  • Information sharing website Quora has announced a data breach which has exposed “approximately 100 million users'” personal data.
  • discovered the “unauthorized access to one of our systems by a malicious third party,” on Friday. Chief Executive Adam D’Angelo wrote in the blog post that Quora had alerted law enforcement authorities and was “working rapidly to investigate the situation further and take the appropriate steps to prevent such incidents in the future.” D’Angelo said
  • Quora was working to alert the affected users of the site, whose names, email addresses and encrypted passwords, and public content such as their questions, answers and comments, were exposed through the breach.
  • Mariott also was breached.  500 million people had their info compromised.


Electric Scooters are Sending People to Emergency

  • Injured scooter riders are hitting the emergency rooms at an estimated number of 1,000 per month.
  • Injuries can be caused by broken or malfunctioning equipment (brakes, steering, etc) or rider error (riding into traffic, walls, etc).
  • Lyme = 20m rides, Bird = 10m rides.  Many others.
    • Cost $1 + $0.15 per minute.
  • Many don’t follow safety rules (helmets).
    • Shouldn’t weigh more than 220 lbs, store in cool dry place, scooters should be inspected with each use (yeah right).
    • Scooters don’t come with helmets.
      • Bird says it will give a free hemet to anyone who wants one.
      • Bird also was responsible for repealing california’s electric scooter helmet law.
  • Are there traffic rules with scooters?  Can you ride on the sidewalk?
  • “If you hit the ground at 20mph [on a scooter] or a baseball bat hits your head at 20mph, that’s about the same thing.”


Epic Games Launches Store to Compete with Steam

  • Epic Games released a store today to compete with Steam.
  • Will be released for Mac & Windows before Android.
    • Steam 70/30% split (Developers/Steam)
    • Epic 88/12% Split.
  • No Required DRM on games.

Qualcomm Announces the Snapdragon 855 and Its New Under-display Fingerprint Sensor


  • While the company didn’t release all of the details yet, it stressed that the 855 is “the world’s first commercial mobile platform supporting multi-gigabit 5G.”
  • The 855 also features a new multi-core AI engine that promises up to 3x better AI performance compared to its previous mobile platform,
  • as well as specialized computer vision silicon for enhanced computational photography (think something akin to Google’s Night Light) and video capture.
  • The company also briefly noted that the new platform has been optimized for gaming.
  • The product name for this is “Snapdragon Elite Gaming,” but details remain sparse. Qualcomm also continues to bet on AR (or “extended reality” as the company brands it).


Sony patent hints smartphone with a transparent display

  • Foldable smartphones seem to be the next big thing in smartphone technology, with Samsung already confirming its plans to launch a phone next year.
  • It looks like Sony plans to launch a similar smartphone as well, but how it plans to do so is a little different, to say the least. The company has filed a patent which describes a method for a transparent display on a smartphone.
  • First spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent shows a smartphone with two displays. One on the front, and one on the back. These can be set to work in six different modes by being set to opaque, transparent, or translucent. The website has also posted a few renders of what the smartphone might look like.
  • This is of course a unique view on how to use a dual display phone. I hope this new technology helps the company regain its foothold in the market. It should also be noted that since Sony has a patent on the device, it does not guarantee that the company will implement it in future devices.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Next Gen Cameras

  • “The Bell” published a report stating that three companies have won the contracts to manufacture the cameras for the 4G versions of the Galaxy S10 phones.
    • Daeduck GDS, NewFlex, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO).
  • There will be three 4G versions of the S10
    • Galaxy S10 Beyond 0: 5.8”, 3 cameras (1 selfie + 2 back).
    • Galaxy S10 Beyond 1: 6.1”, 4 cameras (2 selfie + 2 back).
    • Galaxy S10 Beyond 2: 6.4”, 5 cameras (2 selfie + 3 back).
  • NewFlex will be making the wide angle cameras.
  • The report also forecasts:
    • 30 million S10 4G phones (20m Beyond 1 or 2).
    • 2 million S10 5G phones (no info on the cameras on the 5G).


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Rumours

  • Analysts at GF Securities are predicting the fully loaded 5G version of the S10 will pack
    • 12 GB of RAM
    • 1 TB storage
    • 6.7” screen
    • 6 cameras (2 selfie + 4 back).
      • One back camera is rumored to be a 3D Time of Flight Sensor.
        • Highly accurate distance mapping and 3D imaging.  Short Infrared light pulse, camera measures the return time.
        • Similar to LIDAR used in self driving cars.  
      • A9 has Ultra Wide, Wide, Telephoto + Depth

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okay and we’re back Matt how was your
week oh you know it’s been a pretty good
week but I had a frustrating day today
what happened well it was just all I
don’t know if this is tech related but
it had to do with trying to link up my
points with my credit cards and my wife
is the main person on the credit card
even though we’ve had it for twenty
years and I always do all the finances
and every time I want to make a change
they’re like well can we speak with mrs.
Harker I’m like I’m at work she’s not
here she doesn’t care it drives me crazy
and then I finally linked everything up
to get points so that we can you know
get all that free great stuff but man it
was painful and you know this credit
card also isn’t syncing with mint and I
use mint to track my my financial
expenses and I asked mol why are you
syncing with mint and they said oh we
have a block on it I don’t know why they
have a block and anyway it’s frustrating
you know there’s a whole subculture of
credit card people that you know open
new credit cards to get the bonus points
and then they travel miles and people
just fly all over the world
I’ve been following some of the blogs
and it’s amazing what you can do maybe
you should just dump that credit card
you’re using and find something a little
more effective yeah yeah and just take
my family to I don’t know Disney World
see the problem is is I don’t really
want to spend all my time signing up for
new credit cards just so that I can get
a whole bunch of points right for me the
credit card I have is tied in with
President’s Choice and I get groceries
and I love the groceries so I mean it’s
a lot of work to do these hacks and I
wonder if anybody’s ever tracked the
amount of time it takes to sign up for
these new credit cards it’s also gonna
hit your credit score because at least
here in Canada every
somebody does a credit check on you it
actually lowers your score just a little
bit right yeah so you know it makes you
wonder is it really worth it they say oh
I took my whole family to Disney World
for a hundred and fifty bucks and now my
credit scores five fifty yeah it’s like
how many hours did you spend you know
running around signing up for credit
cards and making sure you’ve got the
minimum amount of payments on them and
transferring everything over like
getting your rent on there and your
utilities like how much time did you
spend doing it and was it really worth
it in the end
I don’t know well maybe not but here’s
the cool thing about moving countries as
soon as you decide to move to the dark
side over here in the States
you leave your credit history behind
when I moved they were like your credit
card score is zero and I was like what
I’ve had a credit card for ten years
totally different systems so you can
just mess it up as much as you want Matt
come move down here I know I’m tempted
to get an American credit card just so I
can start building my American credit in
case I ever wanted to come down there
and you know you or you and I go into
business together and do something on
the side hustle was zero credit I can’t
do much you do a lot in Canada I had
kind of a funny thing happened to me
this week so I got a new robotic vacuum
it was the Roomba yeah the 675 it’s the
Wi-Fi one so I thought I’d be cool I’m
slowly building a smart home yeah so
right now I have the nest thermostat
pretty soon I want to do the garage door
that’s automatic you know and I’ve got
lots of plans for my smart home but
automatic vacuum cleaner is definitely
one of them because I don’t like to
sweep yeah how do you like it you know
it still has not successfully docked on
its own oh no the third time I’ve tried
and every day I’m at work it sends me a
little text help I can’t find my home
and actually the first time I used it it
sent me a text while I was at church and
it said help I’m stuck and when I came
home it had eaten that all of the
wrapping paper that I had left in my
room anyway but it looks like they’re
still dust on the floor so I don’t know
I can’t give it a positive review yet
but I’m working on it I love my robot
vacuum cleaner there’s just something
fantastic even though you got to spend a
whole bunch of time cleaning up your
house or I’ll say we’ll eat that paper
it will do that so I mean that’s kind of
a positive yeah you you have to keep
stuff off the ground you have to kind of
minimize and what you’re doing if you
want the vacuum to get in there and so
that’s a positive but yeah I just love
the text messages I got this one where
it’s like help my precious duck I could
pull up an app on my phone mine actually
maps out the floor it’s like it see
where it is I’m like oh it’s in Milla’s
room and I said I closed Milla’s door so
it wouldn’t go in there and I go in and
sure enough she must have gone in and
left the door open and she has this
bucket full of yarn you know this week I
wanted to talk a little bit about
security so the Marriott hotels actually
have been breached and get this five
hundred million people’s data is
compromised now in the entire United
States you know I think we have
something like three hundred and thirty
million people so that’s more people men
women and children than in the United
States for compromise and that’s because
they’re an international global company
yeah what does that mean it means
that hackers basically have a whole ton
of information about credit card use and
Marriott came out and said oh well it’s
encrypted but I’m here to tell you if
they were able to get a hold of five
hundred million bits of your data
they’re smart enough to figure out how
to Deacon crypt your your your credit
card the hard part is done you’re
absolutely right they’re gonna be
decrypting that now the interesting
thing that I read is that a lot of it
would be like repeat uses so if I had
used a Marriott Hotel ten times in a
year then that’s really only one person
but yes which one of those times counted
so I don’t know if it’s really as many
people but it’s still astronomical in my
opinion this might be the biggest hack
yet to date can you think of any that
are bigger well there has been a ton but
think about the type of patrons that use
Marriott its business people that have
lots of money and that if their data was
compromised you know it’s not someone
with a 500 credit score right it’s
somebody that has money and they’re
traveling for business and so I I think
a lot of people could get get a lot of
problems over it yeah absolutely it is a
concern so I the other thing that
concerns me is how long it had been
going on for it sounds like it had been
happening for years and they just caught
it so that’s another concern and if
somebody had been using this data what
have they been using it for I don’t know
well the other thing too you know you’re
pretty conscious with your money Matt
you’re using mint you had mentioned that
before you know you’re watching all of
the ins and the outs a lot of people
don’t look at their bank account on a
daily basis or even a weekly basis and
as long as when their paycheck comes in
they can just pay off the credit card
you know for them if they do pay off the
credit card exactly but you know how
many people maybe there’s a 20 30 50
dollar charge there from a hacker
they don’t even notice it because
they’re not aware of their finances yeah
absolutely yeah it’s pretty scary now
there was another website that was
breached just this week have you heard
of Korah no so core is pretty cool it’s
just coming onto the scene I mean it
might have been around for a few years
but it’s not it hasn’t really been
popular until the last year or so it’s a
pretty cool idea it’s basically like
reddit where people go on and chat about
a topic but instead of a topic people
ask questions so they’ll say why is the
sky blue and then people will respond
and say well it’s because of this
wave-like frequency and you know as you
respond to people’s questions you get
points and so it’s really taken off and
they get a ton of use I think like half
a billion views a day on their website
it’s insane because wow people just love
answering questions and sounding smart
you know it’s interesting thinking about
all of these websites that are doing so
well they’re really tapping into the
human psyche of what makes you feel
important what makes you feel smart core
is one of those websites you go on there
you feel like a million bucks because
you’re answering people’s questions that
you know and you can sound all smart
about it it’s kind of like the new
Wikipedia oh yeah yeah it’s like
Wikipedia the same psychological you
know I’m helping out the community but
actually a hundred million users had
their data compromised this week which
is huge and you know that’s mostly email
addresses and passwords but you know I
personally don’t use the same password
for my email address but I can tell you
9 times out of 10 people do you know if
you have a gmail account you’re using
that same password for Facebook you’re
using that same password for Instagram
you know whatever you’re in you’re using
the same password because you don’t want
to remember 10 different passwords
probably even at work people use the
same password as their gmail address so
with a hundred million people
compromised you know that means that
maybe they could log into your mint
account they can put your email address
into your mint account and then use the
same password check to see
it still works and then they’ve got
access to your finances yeah absolutely
so I personally use about six different
passwords and I’ve got them category
based and I probably shouldn’t do that
even and you know the most secure way is
double verification you can actually get
a fob that Google has now that’s
supposed to be super secure and so as
long as you’re using the fob all their
partners will automatically log you in I
mean there’s lots of things you can do
but passwords is a problem and I don’t
know if you’ve noticed this but I have
passwords they now want at least ten
characters it used to be six characters
yeah and little and something funky in
there and number and you know like it’s
they’re getting bigger and crazier I’ve
never used a password generator or
whatever they’re called where it sort of
manages all your passwords like one
password yeah have you ever used it and
do you think it would be user friendly a
lot of people like it
here’s the problem if Marriott is
getting compromised maybe one password
will get compromised and so the target
really nobody’s safe honestly I mean we
could have maybe as our listeners maybe
you could tell us what you think about
one password or anything like that that
manages your passwords I’m I’m pretty
private with with things and so I like
to have separate passwords and I just
remember them but you know it makes it
tricky I mean what if you pass away and
die how are your you know the people
that are gonna inherit all of your
things how are they going to log on to
all your different bank accounts with
different passwords and it gets really
hairy doesn’t it it sure does so I’d
love to maybe hear more from our users
and maybe that’s something we should
research and see if we can recommend
something to our listeners in the future
so I’ve got something I want to
recommend yeah let’s hear it electric
scooters so we don’t have them up here
in Canada and I think you’re sorry
yeah yeah I think number one is it’s
cold I mean you can only use the
scooters when it’s nice out now up until
two days ago we could have been riding
around on scooters because whatever snow
we had was gone within days but man we
had a dump a huge amount of snow in fact
yesterday I couldn’t get out of my
garage without shoveling first because
we had had about a foot and a half of
snow and it was up over the bumper of my
Corolla so what is that foot half you
know maybe even two feet of snow so yeah
it was a lot to be dumped all at once so
you definitely can’t be taking electric
scooters through there so Dan have you
used an electric scooter yeah there are
a lot of fun but they’re expensive and
they’re obnoxious I mean we’ve talked
about them a little bit before they’re
just kind of junky I mean they’re
here in Los Angeles they’re just on
people’s lawns they’re next to schools
they’re just dumped everywhere now the
nice thing about it is is is if you’re
anywhere there’s one close to you
because there’s so many of them littered
all over the city and what’s frustrating
is a lot of the towns have bylaws where
you cannot use a scooter in a park
that’s electric you can’t use it on a
bike path you can’t use it on the beach
you can’t use it anywhere so basically
the only place that you’re allowed to
use it is on the road which is in my
opinion extremely dangerous now they do
have lights on them at night which I
like but when you’re driving on the road
not every city has a bike lane for you
to be in and what if somebody opens
their car door when you’re you know
scooting past you’re gonna get hooked it
really could happen so one night some
friends and I from Canada we just all
thought it would be fun to rent one now
here’s something interesting about these
scooters is you have to be an American
citizen because it asks for your
American driver’s license now my friends
they all tried to use their Canadian
licenses and it would not work so they
all had to use mine which was fine they
just paid me back but it’s not cheap I
thought you know what if you don’t have
a driver’s license you can’t use it and
maybe there’s a way but the real simple
way to set up was like scan in your
driver’s license yeah and then my
friends that didn’t have a local license
couldn’t do it it’s so that’s not to say
there isn’t another way around it I’m
not sure there probably is but that’s
step one number two it was expensive I
mean if you catch an uber for a couple
miles it’s like four or five bucks you
split an uber even cheaper this scooter
I had it for maybe fifteen minutes and
it was like six bucks and I barely went
anywhere because there was all these
stoplights and I mean it just didn’t
seem economically it didn’t make sense
to me at all so I actually did a little
bit of research on this and it didn’t
seem very expensive at all what I found
is Lyme for example charges one dollar
and then fifteen cents per minute okay
so I guess it depends how long you had
it under your name so maybe when you’re
done like if you’re just whipping around
downtown and you just want to get
somewhere quick it might be pretty cheap
as long as you figure out how to get it
off of the the the ticker right that’s
going fifteen cents every minute and so
I actually had a question for you like
if these scooters are all over the lawn
like how does lime or bird or any of the
others know where their scooters are
it’s GPS located and yeah it’s pretty
cool there are actually people that as a
side hustle will take trucks yeah and
they’ll just load up the back of the
truck will up and they’ll pick them up
and then they’ll plug them in and
they’ll make money that way because lime
will will pay them but I don’t know
about you but every time I put my air
conditioning on in my house it’s like
literally five dollars a day to do that
so I mean it’s not cheap here in
Southern California to plug anything and
yeah I mean
you’ve got solar on your house I think
it’s a terrible idea to plug these into
your house and expect that you’re gonna
make more money in that way oh so they
plug them into their own homes correct
yeah because and they’re incentivized by
you know charging them because lime
doesn’t want to go around and charge
them all they say you charge them we’ll
pay you but either you’re living at your
parents home and your parents don’t know
what you’re up to in the backyard
hooking all these scooters up to their
power grid or you guys or your neighbors
solar power yeah or your neighbor or
maybe a public I don’t know but I I
don’t think it’s a good deal yeah and
even when I was using the scooter I
didn’t feel like it was a good deal it
was five dollars for for that little
amount of time five or six bucks yeah
and we really didn’t get anywhere and it
was dangerous because I didn’t have a
helmet with me I mean who carries a
helmet with them nobody no so I wanted
to talk a little bit about that so first
of all I think these scooters if you
went out to buy them yourself they’re
about $500 a scooter right no I was just
trying to understand the business model
a little bit if lime spends $500 on a
then they’re probably gonna need fifty
rides or so until they pay off the
scooter let alone make any money and
plus they’re paying people to pick them
up they just leave them all over the
lawns like yeah I was just really
wondering if the business model is
working obviously it is because here’s
some interesting statistics lime has
logged over 20 million rides Wow 20
million so let’s just say the average is
five bucks you spend six bucks right
it’s like still around these aren’t
practical they’re dangerous yeah because
they really haven’t a good kick like if
you I was worried to go the full speed
without a helmet on
I was you know in the streets of Santa
Monica on a street not on a bike path
and you know I tried to go full throttle
and it was way too fast
someone could have opened their door and
hit me and someone could have swerved or
tried to turn right into my lane there
were so many things that could have
happened then it just was not wise and
not about that about how dangerous these
things are so I also did a little bit of
research and it turns out that in
California it’s a legal to ride these
things without a helmet
at least until let me just see here it’s
just been repealed sobered is I think
the second biggest one out there and
they’ve logged over 10 million rides
they lobbied the government to repeal
California’s electric scooter helmet law
so they did it’s successful so right now
it’s still illegal to wear a helmet to
not wear a helmet but I think in January
of 2019
thanks to bird you don’t need to wear a
helmet but anyways right well that’s
crazy because someone was telling me the
other day that cops are pulling people
over and writing them tickets for not
having helmet as they can right now and
they were writing tickets for them being
in public parks on bike paths on all
these places where they shouldn’t be and
it’s funny you know this was me being
responsible but I see people all of the
time on sidewalks that are extremely
dangerous because there’s old ladies
walking and they’re zipping by them on a
sidewalk so where they not allowed on a
sidewalk because every picture I’ve seen
online they’re on sidewalks well it’s
like right like if you’re on a bike
you’re on the road right in the bike
lane yeah you’re not supposed to be on
the sidewalk because and this thing has
a motor so if you’re heading towards
grandma you’re gonna hit her and it’s
gonna hurt yes you’re going fast and
just think about hitting walls so here’s
another thing that I researched on these
things they’re averaging this is the gas
1000 emergency room visits per month
really yes 1000 per month and then they
listed like the types of injuries that
now California is recording these things
but they’re all over the place they’re
not just in California like I think
Dallas has them as well in Austin
yeah and so apparently a lot of people
are hitting walls right like they just
get going too fast and they’ll hit a
wall well you’re gonna want a helmet
right you know there was an interesting
quote here let’s see if I can find it
where they were talking if you hit the
ground at 20 miles per hour on a scooter
or a baseball bat hits your head at 20
miles per hour it’s the same thing
I guess lime and bird are both trying to
give away free helmets because it’s it’s
like bad PR right where I mean are you
gonna just wear a backpack everywhere
thank you helmet he’s not gonna put a
helmet with the scooter because then you
got head lice and gross you know yeah
you would never it’s it’s not gonna work
mark my words in five years this is over
because it’s a fad and people people
think it’s fun now but it really isn’t
cheap enough to replace uber in my
opinion yeah well one thing I would like
to do with it I was just thinking last
time I was in San Francisco we wanted to
go to Pier 39 and you know you were way
down in the south and I was way down in
the north and we were trying to find
each other remember all that I mean if
one of us had a scooter we probably
could have gone a lot faster so like as
a tourist it might be kind of nice but
you know that’s that’s about as far as I
would go this is a step below a Segway
as being creepy and weird and you’re not
you’re not even exercising you’re not
exercising at all and by the way Segway
makes these things oh they do yeah so I
think limes are all Segway maybe maybe
not I remember when I was reading it
somebody out there either lime or bird
mostly has segways and lime is now
designing their own scooters so they’re
gonna get into the production of them
and that’s probably gonna save them a
lot of money in the long run but
I’m kind of with you on this one dan I
think it is a fad and I think it’s
dangerous I think it’s gonna be shut
down because of the danger I mean think
about these scooters just the
maintenance of them right who’s making
sure the brakes work who’s making sure
that the steering works like you’ve got
that issue plus people who probably
shouldn’t be on them at all the they say
you shouldn’t weigh any more than 220
pounds that’s on for sure I’ve signs
website 220 pounds dad I’m a hundred and
ninety that’s not much more than I am
yeah I’d be interested to see if they
made an IPO though I wouldn’t invest
because I don’t think it’s going
anywhere now you had put an article up
about steam having a little bit of
competition who’s doing that
yeah so it’s epic games these are the
guys that bring us fortnight and I think
they are like breaking records left and
right for the amount of money they’re
making on fortnight I mean it’s crazy
money they make and so they were in the
news a couple months ago when they said
we’re skipping the Google store Google
Play Store and you have to come to our
website to download fortnight and that
was a big deal because you and I talked
about well do you trust sites like that
and then there were all these phishing
sites out there that were pretending to
be epic site and anything that had to do
with fortnight that you’re installing on
your Android outside of the Play Store
was full of malware so it was a big deal
we talked about that a couple podcasts
ago but I guess they’ve been so
successful that with fortnight that they
want to create their own store online
storefront this is not surprising to me
and it’s actually kind of sad for Google
because if they had put their foot down
like the Apple store does and they
wouldn’t be in this mess you know they
said no no you have to use our website
or nothing at all right and then you
would have to go through crazy
sideloading tech
and you know what if you really want
something that bad that’s not in the
store then go ahead and do the crazy
side loading and and try to figure that
out kind of like I was doing when I
jailbreaking iPhones back in the past
you know back before I switched over to
Android but you know here’s the what’s
interesting about it I think that
they’re gonna give steam a run for their
it’s all about splitting the revenue
with the developer I guess with steam
it’s a 70/30 split so 70% of the
proceeds go to the developer with epic
it’s gonna be 88% they with the
developer so it’s unique well split
so you’re saying third party game makers
can give their game to epic it’s not
you’re not talking about only things
that epic makes no it would be you and I
create a game and we could go to steam
and sell it and we’d make 70% of the
proceeds or we could go to epic and make
88% of the proceeds so that is a big
deal and then they’re also saying no
required DRM for a software that you put
there so you know it’s it’s something I
want to watch and see what happens
personally I’m you know I’m concerned
with the malware that has been targeting
epic but I hope that they have enough
money and they’re secure enough that
perhaps they can make a go of it and
give steam a little bit or run of their
money I love steam I don’t know are you
on Steam den briefly yeah there were
some games that I wanted to download I
mean it’s been years since I’ve gone to
the mall and purchased a game you know
yeah exactly and I can tell you my son
he’s on Steam and all of his buddies are
on Steam so if they’re not playing on
the PlayStation or his buddies have Xbox
so Playstation or Xbox or the console
the big ones if they’re not on those
then they’re on Steam cool yeah so
steams making tons of money off the next
generation and I think epic is also
trying to zero in on it because who’s
playing fortnight
everybody but I’m sure a good portion of
it is the next generation that are
teenagers and younger cool so this week
actually today Qualcomm announced the
new Snapdragon 855 and it’s new under
display fingerprint sensor so this is
pretty cool because we’ve seen a few
cell phones try to have the under the
display fingerprint sensor but the fact
that this is Qualcomm now is gonna
really make it across the board a lot
more unified for all of the you know
cell phone makers out there and make it
faster so that’s the key cuz right now I
know the oneplus 60 has an under screen
fingerprint sensor and all the reviews i
am reading say hey it’s great it’s sweet
it works says it’s supposed to work but
it’s not as fast as previously just
pushing a fingerprint sensor on the back
row on the side interesting yeah it’ll
be interesting to see how fast it is but
there’s a few cool things with this new
chipset number one it’s it’s supporting
multi gigabit 5g so which is awesome and
that’s going to be something really huge
in 2019 we’re gonna see a lot more 5g
adaptation and it also features a new
multi-core artificial intelligence
engine and so it’s supposed to be three
times better with AI performance what
kind of things would you do for
artificial intelligence on your phone
well things like your Google Assistant
would be artificial intelligent voice
recognition plenty of things with
developers when they’re creating content
would use artificial intelligence so
that’s baked right into the phone which
is awesome there’s also going to be a
really cool photography feature on this
have you heard of Google’s nightlight
before of course I mean it looks amazing
I almost wanted to get an A pixel pixel
3 just for that because pixels are known
for photography and Dan the stuff I’ve
seen on this one of the YouTube bloggers
I saw he called it witchcraft he’s like
this is witchcraft
this is not technology he showed a
picture before and they
after he turned on the feature and it
was crazy literally night and day like
anything this is witchcraft Google well
the cool thing about this is this new
855 chipset is supposed to have really
similar photography so it’s gonna make
things a little more competitive where
you’re not gonna have to buy a pixel
every time maybe you could get a oneplus
that has this chipset next year with it
which is really cool so dan do they say
what phones are already lining up for
the 855 is this gonna be the typical
chip that we’re gonna see in flagship
phones like that 845 is now I sure hope
so I think it will be and we’ll have to
see in Madrid next February when when
the big phones come out but as far as
the article I read today it was actually
in a foreign language and so I had to
translate it it was very hot off the
presses that’s very hot off the press
but they do say that this is gonna be
kind of an elite gaming chip and that a
lot of people maybe if you like for
tonight it’ll really speed things up for
you so you get those frames per second
right oh I saw an article today that
actually said that certain games on
Android phones are going to be able to
access 60 frames per second yeah that’s
awesome that’s like on a television and
so if you’re a fortnight ER or anything
that really requires those frames per
second then yeah there are some phones
that can do it Danny it’s amazing what
phones can do that is amazing and I
heard though that unfortunately the code
for fortnight as of today still does not
support 60 frames a second on Android
I heard though maybe on iPhone I was
just reading articles this week so maybe
the users can you know pop up and tell
us for sure but from what I understand
it’s stuck at 30 but with this new 855
chipset let’s boost it up yeah I only
know of two Android phones that can
actually handle that kind of processing
power and I don’t think Apple’s there
yet and the two are is the razor phone
so that one but aim for gaming and
there’s another one I’ll have to scroll
through our notes to see it but it
actually comes with like
and that you attach as a module to the
back of the phone that it will cool off
the processor so those are the only two
phones that I know of that are capable
of that but just watch I mean it’s
amazing like I said what can phones do
now they’re way more powerful than our
computers were 10 years ago and and it’s
in our phone I mean we could launch
rockets you look at what like Sputnik I
mean Texas Instrument computer or
calculator was it’s smarter than Sputnik
right so and that thing’s been orbiting
earth forever so it’s amazing what we
can do it’s it’s wild and it’s exciting
in fact another really exciting thing I
wanted to bring up is Sony just patented
a smartphone with a transparent display
that so aren’t all phones transparent
well think about it this way
if you ever watched a movie where you
know it’s in the future and they’re
looking at like a computer monitor a
computer screen and it’s transparent so
you can see what’s on the computer
screen because he was behind it and so a
nerdy report yeah there’s not really a
lot of practical application to this but
it looked really cool and in the patent
that I read they actually had it where
you could fold it kind of like the
Samsung phone we talked about on the
other podcast but you could actually
make one of the screens opaque
underneath or you can make the top one
translucent or you can make them both
translucent it just seems cool I’m not
really sure what the applications of
that would be but it sure would look
cool I mean Steve Jobs originally wanted
to make the iPhone a sheet of glass with
no ports with no buttons and imagine if
that sheet of glass was transparent when
you turned it off how cool would that be
right pretty sweet yes piece of glass
and then you pick it up and then all of
a sudden you know it turns opaque and it
would be really neat I think it’d be
cool I mean there’s been some things
that are going on right now have you
seen Samsung’s televisions where they
look like a picture frame yes and they
take a picture they they’re not
transparent at all but they take a
picture of the wall behind them and
so if the lights are on or ever ambient
light it kind of guesses and so it
always just looks like the wall and then
they float art in front of it and you
know it so it’s kind of like augmented
I mean aware if if you put it on a visor
or I mean that’s kind of what they’re
doing now now you’ve got a lot of leaks
that you want to talk about real quick
right yeah let’s let’s let’s talk about
the leaky Samsung Galaxy S 10 so there’s
always a new S 10 rumor and that’s
probably because it’s the next major
flagship that’s going to be released and
Madrid in the new year we’re gonna see a
lot of phones announced but even before
that we’ll see a lot of phones announced
at CES
so Samsung in the put in the past so in
January they have talked about they’ve
released phones traditionally at CES
sometimes they’ll release a few more
like a month later in Madrid and then in
the last three four years I think ever
since the s5 so five years they’ve been
releasing them with their own events
kind of like Apple has been doing so
here’s the latest leaks number one we
know that there’s gonna be a lot of
cameras and there’s basically four
versions of the S 10 that we are aware
of and each one of those versions is
gonna have a different number of cameras
kind of weird but that’s how it’s
looking so here’s their code names
Samsung S 10 beyond zero beyond zero is
a five point eight inch with three
cameras it has more than 0 cameras so
one selfie two on the back very similar
to Marvel’s that we have today the S 10
beyond one is a 6.1 inch with four
cameras two selfie
two on the back so they’re going with
the double selfie probably for the extra
wide-angle a lot like the pixel threes
have now here’s the bizango one it’s the
S 10 beyond 2
and it’s 6.4 inches so it’s a really big
screen five cameras and it’s gonna have
to selfie three back what would you do
with that third one well it’s kind of
like the p20 the Huawei p20 or does it
Xiaomi I think it’s things Huawei
anyways Huawei has three cameras and so
one is wide angle 1 is telephoto and I
think the third one could be depth
sensing or it could be a monochrome that
picks up more detail and Samsung already
has one with four cameras on the back
and so what they have and actually this
is they use a lid our idea so let’s just
see if I can find it here they have the
a9 it has an ultra wide on the back it
has a wide and it has a telephoto plus a
depth so the very last phone so those
are three we know there’s gonna be four
variants at least the fourth one is
gonna be a 5g phone so of all these it’s
gonna be the only one capable of 5g
maybe look at 8:55 chipset yeah yet
probably six point seven inch screen so
huge 12 gigabytes of RAM suite a
terabyte of storage now the note 9 kind
of claims a terabyte but it has 512 and
then you can put another 512 chip in it
so 6 cameras so it’s gonna have two
selfies four on the back and so we’re
guessing it’s gonna be like the a9 with
an ultra y2y to telephoto and then a
depth sensor so I was asking what is
this depth sensor and I did a little bit
of research so it’s called a 3d
time-of-flight sensor and what it does
is it sends infrared dots out and then
it times how long it takes for that
infrared light to bounce off of objects
and come back so it’s extremely accurate
when it comes to focusing and knowing
how far things
so I imagine this is gonna help with the
bokeh effect where you blur things in
the background it’s probably gonna be
super quick focus you can like tap on
different objects like you currently
count on your phones and it’s going to
just make sure that you get all the
proper focuses so it sounds like that’s
the direction that they’re going and the
a9 already has a depth sensor it’s just
not a 3d time-of-flight sensor so I
guess we’ll just have to see what
benefits that we’ll have but I on the
researching it was crazy they said it’s
similar to lid are so lid are is what
self-driving cars are using as they
shoot out all these little points all
over the place and then they can
identify sickle some some crazy person
without a helmet on a scooter
like so so that’s that’s what’s pretty
neat that’s leaking on the web right now
it sounds like this s 10 5 G’s just
gonna be amazing and if it gets as you
were saying that night site witchcrafts
to be able take pictures in the dark and
as Google set in their pixel 3 event
they want to eliminate flashes off of
phones holy cow that would be awesome
that would be really cool and I can
already see a lot of people in Saturday
Night Live and other things making fun
of how many cameras are on these phones
and we’ll start right now it happened
here yeah it’s probably not the first
but erst
yeah well if you want to be first please
put your first comment below also
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