Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks Again!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks again!

The new Galaxy S10 isn’t expected until next year, but come check out the latest leaks. Click on the video above to see what we think about the leaks.

Leak 1: “The Bell” published a report stating that three companies have won the contracts to manufacture the cameras for the 4G versions of the Galaxy S10 phones. The four companies include: Daeduck GDS, NewFlex, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO).

Leak 2: There will be three 4G versions of the S10 Galaxy S10 Beyond 0: 5.8”, 3 cameras (1 selfie + 2 back). Galaxy S10 Beyond 1: 6.1”, 4 cameras (2 selfie + 2 back). Galaxy S10 Beyond 2: 6.4”, 5 cameras (2 selfie + 3 back).

NewFlex will be making the wide angle cameras.

The report also forecasts: 30 million S10 4G phones (20m Beyond 1 or 2). 2 million S10 5G phones (no info on the cameras on the 5G).

Let’s not forget about the 5G rumored chip:

Analysts at GF Securities are predicting the fully loaded 5G version of the S10 will pack:

12 GB of RAM 1 TB storage 6.7” screen 6 cameras (2 selfie + 4 back). One back camera is rumored to be a 3D Time of Flight Sensor.

Highly accurate distance mapping and 3D imaging. Short Infrared light pulse, camera measures the return time. This is similar to LIDAR used in self driving cars.

I’ll be honest, I’m the most excited about the 5G possibilities. The problem is affording a 5G plan that will have unlimited data.

Would you be interested in buying a 5G enabled Samsung phone? What do you think about the new leaks? Is it worth the upgrade?

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