Rivian R1T Electronic Truck Announced

Automotive startup Rivian unveils an electric truck and SUV

I’m a big fan of electric vehicles.  Living in Southern California I’m always conscious of the amount of smog that is in the air.  It’s been interesting to speak with the older generation.  They often say that back in the 60’s and 70’s the air quality used to be so bad in Los Angeles that they would cancel school.  My mom spoke about driving to Disneyland with her family in the 1960’s.  As soon as they would come down the Newhall pass on the 5 Freeway their eyes would start to burn and her dad would have to turn on the car lights.

Thankfully the air quality here as really started to clear-up.  This has to do with the quality of gasoline that is sold at California gas stations.   Imagine with me though if none of the cars on the freeway spewed out any kind of exhaust.  What if even trucks were electric?  Our freeways would be a lot quieter for one and the air quality around here would be much better.

I’ve heard of a lot of electronic SUVs, and even large commercial trucks being battery driven, but the Rivian  R1T is the first electronic pick-up truck that I’ve heard of.

The automaker calls the vehicle an “Electric Adventure Vehicle.” The idea is that this vehicle can handle the rigors of the average day while also ready to go offroad and tackle the elements when needed. If the specs work out the way the company hopes they will, there’s a good chance these vehicles could deliver on the company’s promise.

According to Rivian the R1T will have up to 400-mile range, will do zero to 60 in three seconds, support over-the-air updates, seat five and have a four-motor AWD drivetrain.

Can you imagine being in a pick-up truck that goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds?  Sign me up!

When it initially ships in late 2020, the truck will be available with either a 180 kWh or 136 kWh battery pack. Later, a 105 kWh battery will be available.

Rivian says that the R1S SUV will be delivered in 2021 and that both vehicles will ship with level 3 autonomy (The vehicle will drive itself in certain circumstances, probably on the highway).

Very exciting indeed! Now you’ll just have to figure out how to get out of helping all of your friends and neighbors move! 😉

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