Hauwei Hates Canada – Podcast 18

Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Chinese Huawei Inc. Detained in Vancouver at the request of U.S.

  • Meng Wanzhou was detained on Dec 1 in Vancouver in between flights by Canadian authorities on the request of the United States government.
    • Meng is charged with fraud dealing with International sanctions against Iran.  
    • Meng is accused of repeatedly lying to financial institutions about the relationship between Huawei and a company called Skycom that did business in Iran in violation of international sanctions.
    • She serves as deputy chairwoman of the company’s board and served on the board of Skycom in 2008 and 2009.
    • As a result of her alleged lies, prosecutors contend that the banks she dealt with were “induced into carrying out transactions that they otherwise would not have contemplated.” Those transactions put them on the wrong side of the international community.
  • A former Canadian Diplomat, Michael Kovrig, was detained in China earlier in the week.
    • Kovrig works for “International Crisis Group” an non profit.
    • China has not released the details of his detention but many are saying it is in retaliation to Meng’s detention.
  • Canada Goose (parkas) Shares have dropped by 20% since Meng’s arrest.
    • Canada Goose Parkas are prestige clothing in China.
    • A viral anti-Canadian campaign was started on Weibo (Chinese social media) and named Canada Goose as a company to boycott.
    • The Chinese Government followed suit and has published the boycott across China.  
      • Why not American?
    • The Chinese Government hopes to put enough pressure on Canada and Canadian companies to release Meng before she gets extradited to the United States.
  • What are the Concerns with Huawei’s 5G technology?
    • Huawei is working on advanced security technology with the “Public Security Bureau” in China.
    • They are working on advanced new surveillance and population-control techniques.
      • the use of facial recognition
      • digital monitoring
      • artificial intelligence in policing.
    • Chinese law requires companies in China to “support, cooperate with and collaborate in national intelligence work”.
    • Security experts have proven that this “surveillance technology” could be brought into other countries in their 5G telecommunications hardware and smartphones.
    • Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance – 3 of the 5 (US, Australia and New Zealand) have already banned Huawei from their 5G infrastructure.  Canada and Britain are still on the fence.
    • China also has a history of stealing intellectual property from Western countries (including Canada).  

Google Will Shut Down Google+ Four Months Early After Second Data Leak

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  • Google+ has suffered another data leak
  • Google has decided to shut down the consumer version of the social network four months earlier than it originally planned.
  • Google+ will now close to consumers in April, rather than August. Additionally, API access to the network will shut down within the next 90 days.
  • According to Google, the new vulnerability impacted 52.5 million users, who could have had profile information like their name, email address, occupation, and age exposed to developers, even if their account was set to private.
  • Apps could also access profile data that had been shared with a specific user, but was not shared publicly.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG, Irregular Heart Rate Features Are Now Available

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  • Today, with an update to watchOS, Apple is making its electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) reading feature available to Apple Watch Series 4 owners.
  • It’s also releasing an irregular rate notification feature that will be available on Apple Watches going back to Series 1. Both are a part of watchOS 5.1.2.
  • To take an EKG, you open up the EKG app on the Watch and lightly rest your index finger on the crown for 30 seconds. The Watch then acts like a single-lead EKG to read your heart rhythm and record it into the Health app on your phone.
  • From there, you can create a PDF report to send to your doctor. The irregular heart rate monitoring is passive. Apple says that it checks your rhythm every two hours or so (depending on whether you’re stationary or not), and if there are five consecutive readings that seem abnormal, it will alert you and suggest you reach out to a doctor.
  • If you have been previously diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, Apple’s setup process tells you not to use the feature.
  • Apple tells me these features are most definitely not diagnostic tools. In fact, before you can activate either of them, you will need to page through several screens of information that try to put their use into context and warn you to contact your doctor if needed.
  • They are also not the sort of features Apple expects users to really use on a regular basis. The EKG feature, in particular, should only really be used if you feel something abnormal going on, and then you should only share the resulting report with your doctor, not act on it directly.
  • Angela Chen from The Verge notes that these features have only received “clearance” from the FDA, which is not the same thing as FDA “approval”: The Apple Watch is in Class II. For Class II and Class I, the FDA doesn’t give “approval,” it just gives clearance. Class I and Class II products are lower-risk products — as [Jon Speer, co-founder of Greenlight Guru] puts it, a classic Class I example is something like a tongue depressor — and it’s much easier to get clearance than approval.

NYC Votes To Set Minimum Pay For Uber, Lyft Drivers

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  • On Tuesday, New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to set a minimum pay rate for Uber, Lyft, and other on-demand ride-hailing drivers.
  • The new rate will be set at $17.22 after expenses, or $26.51 per hour gross.
  • New York is believed to be the first city in the nation to implement such a pay floor.
  • Four months ago, the Big Apple also imposed a cap on the number of such vehicles in the city.
  • The Independent Drivers Guild, a local affiliate of the Machinists Union, advocated for the change.
  • Meanwhile, Uber has already put out a statement saying that increased driver earnings “will lead to higher than necessary fare increases” and that the new rules do not adequately take into account “incentives or bonuses forcing companies to raise rates even higher.” “Today we brought desperately needed relief to 80,000 working families. All workers deserve the protection of a fair, livable wage and we are proud to be setting the new bar for contractor workers’ rights in America,” Jim Conigliaro, Jr., founder of the Independent Drivers Guild, said in a statement.

Old news:


Microsoft is Building its own Chrome Browser to Replace Edge

  • Microsoft is moving from EdgeHTML to Chromium.
  • There has been a growing frustration with Web compatibility issues as most developers write code for Chrome.
  • Chrome is the most popular browser.
  • Microsoft has pulled the Chrome installer from their store as it, “violated  store policies”.
    • They required browsers to use EdgeHTML.

‘YouTube Music is a Bad Product in Desperate Need of Improvement Before Anyone Will Care To Use It’

  • Andrew Martonik, writing for AndroidCentral: YouTube Music as a service has been around for about three years now, though it really only existed in earnest once the revamped version of the YouTube Music app and dedicated website, as we know it today, launched in May.
  • Whether you look at it as three years or just six months old, one thing is clear: YouTube Music isn’t finished yet, is filled with issues and is incredibly frustrating to use on a daily basis considering it costs the industry-standard $10 per month.
  • YouTube Music is so unfinished and lacking features that I question whether Google has any intentions of following through with its vision of replacing Google Play Music entirely.
  • Put simply, I can’t believe Google thinks anyone will pay $10 per month for it when all signs point to Google itself not caring about YouTube Music’s success.
  • YouTube Music effectively doesn’t work with Google Home. […] YouTube Music also still doesn’t work with Android Auto, which is just as inexcusable as not working with Google Home.

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