Which is better Android or Apple? Episode 14 – Tech Time Podcast

Samsung Reveals a Foldable Phone – Samsung Galaxy F

  • Last Wednesday (Nov 7) Samsung revealed a prototype of the Foldable phone.
    • It was “camouflaged” in a bulky case.  We expect the phone to be slimmer.
  • There were two screens (one on the outside and a large one on the inside) and opened like a book (as opposed to other designs where there is one screen on the outside).
  • The ‘book style’ will protect the large screen.
  • The screen was beautiful and didn’t appear to have a crease (unlike other prototypes shown by smaller companies).
  • Front 4.58” display 1960×840; middle 7.3” 2152×1536
  • The phone also could tell which screen you were looking at and automatically rotated, adjusted the apps you were working on.
  • Samsung will call the phone the Galaxy F (for foldable).
  • It will release in March of 2019 for about $1,770.
  • Most likely to be fully announced at CES 2019.
  • LG plans to release a foldable phone at CES 2019.


Leaker says Samsung S10 will have an O-Shaped Camera Cutout

  • UPS – Under Panel Sensors does not appear to work for the camera.
  • A leaker “Ben Geskin”, claims the S10 screen will have an O-shaped cutout for the camera.
  • Screen is called Infinity-O
  • It will be small & minimal but still technically a notch.
  • The S10 will also come with a triple camera option like the recent Galaxy phones (standard, wide angle & telephoto).

Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphones Hacked At Pwn2Own Tokyo

wiredmikey writes:Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphones were all hacked on the first day of the Pwn2Own Tokyo 2018 contest taking place this week alongside the PacSec security conference in Tokyo, Japan. Pwn2Own Tokyo 2018 participants earned a total of $225,000 on the first day of the event. On the second day, at least two teams will make additional attempts to hack the iPhone X and the Xiaomi Mi 6.

  • Do you think and act like your phone is secure?
  • Discussion about mobile security (online banking/bitcoin/social media/documents/pdfs)
  • WIFI phishing.
  • Even these new phones with modern operating systems can be hacked.

Comic Book Genius Stan Lee, Spider-Man Creator, Dies at 95

  • Stan Lee, the creative dynamo who revolutionized the comic book and helped make billions for Hollywood by introducing human frailties in Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, died Monday. He was 95.
  • As the top writer at Marvel Comics and later as its publisher, Lee was widely considered the architect of the contemporary comic book. He revived the industry in the 1960s by offering the costumes and action craved by younger readers while insisting on sophisticated plots, college-level dialogue, satire, science fiction, even philosophy.
  • Millions responded to the unlikely mix of realistic fantasy, and many of his characters, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and X-Men went on to become stars of blockbuster films. He won the National Medal of Arts in 2008.
  • Some say he’s the writer of modern mythology.


Android Vs. iPhone Battle:


More open: can change UI/backgrounds/icons/themes

Google’s suite: Gmail/docs/sheets/chrome better options than: Safari/iwork/mail

Cheaper phones with newer components (like USB-C)

More variety


Appstore (more secure and clean)

iMessage (can use on your computer/with wifi for a regular phone number)

iCloud (backs up contacts/photos) ← Can be hacked

High quality machine.  Well designed and thought out.

Sharing contacts/pictures easily with airdrop

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all right and we’re back we have a lot
to cover this week samsung revealed
their foldable galaxy F phone a leaker
says the s10 will have an O shape to
camera cutout Apple iPhone Tammy galaxy
s 9 and and Xiaomi me six bones are all
hacked in Tokyo comic book genius Stan
Lee has passed away we’ll talk a little
bit about that and give him a tribute
this week we’re gonna debate which is
better Android or iPhone I’m just back
down back down and as well tens of
thousands of Google employees walk out
in protest so we’ve got a huge show
today I was just wondering how are
things going on your side of the planet
man I’m good yeah we just had a long
weekend it was remembrance day so that
was nice I played axes and allies Global
Edition which is like two big game
boards put together that show the whole
world and we played we added it up
probably about 16 hours not straight
thankfully but we we did Friday evening
Saturday and then Monday so yeah it was
it was a good weekend did you ever take
over the Ukraine and say Ukraine is
strong I should have but I did take over
the Ukraine I played the Soviets Union
and I wore my Soviet Union hat that I
brought home from my years in Russia so
yeah there’s a lot of fun
and I found that when I wear the hat i
rolled better no it wasn’t that awesome
they’re just regular dice and axes and
allies the regular six-sided die but
yeah it was it was good times and super
uber geeky Remembrance Day thing to do
especially as we celebrated a hundred
years since the end of World War one
yeah you know and for all our fans in
the United States Remembrance Day is
Veterans Day
and so yeah we celebrated it here too
and I wore my poppy so oh that’s good to
wear your poppy did you anybody else
wearing a poppy it was just me people
had no idea what it meant over here I
was like don’t you watch international
news everyone wears it but it’s not
really a thing here
breathing is burning down unfortunately
yeah yeah are you caught up in that Dan
no thankfully I’m about 45 minutes away
but it’s sad all of the beautiful places
are burning why couldn’t they burn the
ugly places in California I think I
could find one or two all right I wanted
to start out here with the galaxy F
phone from Samsung it was cool I saw
some articles on this of of them folding
the phone do you want to talk a little
bit about it and when we can expect it
yeah it was really neat actually for
some reason at work I just happened to
have a little lull where I could blog on
and watch them live broadcast and and I
I logged in after all their little
preamble that they advertised before
just in time to see the VP pull out it
looked like this little book and the
lights all went dim and he opened it up
and and you saw this big picture ago and
it was really cool and you could tell
that actually it was in a camouflaged
case so basically they’re not showing
the full design of the phone right now
they’re just showing that it opens up
like a book so there were a few
different designs that they were mulling
around the first one is actually where
it’s the opposite of a book where the
screen is on the outside and then it
folds but you still have the screen on
the outside and the advantage of that
design is you only have one screen but
the disadvantage is your screen is on
the outside when it’s folded and prone
to scratches and and issues like that
because you can’t really put gorilla
glass on a foldable screen to protect it
from scratches so they talked about some
of the materials that went into making
it how is
be scratch proof but I don’t think it’s
gonna be anywheres near scratch proof as
the typical regular phones that we have
so this one actually has two screens so
on the front screen it’s a four point
five inch display which is kind of small
like like an old iPhone 4 maybe a little
bit bigger and it’s 1960 by 840 and then
you open it up and it’s a 7.3 inch
screen and it’s 21 52 by 1536 so it
looked like a beautiful screen it was
neat when he showed the front and it was
on that little tiny screen of them that
looks kind of lame but then when he
opened it up as soon as he opened it was
like everything switched to the inside
screen and it could tell which screen
you’re looking at and it would rotate of
course like a regular phone would so all
intents and purposes it look pretty neat
I’m not sure if I would fork out for it
so here’s the details they’re calling it
the Galaxy f4 fordable foldable no but
maybe not affordable right so it’s gonna
release for 1707 to US dollars yeah so
super pricey comes out in March of 2019
most likely it will be announced at CES
2019 but they’re also going to be
releasing the Galaxy S 10 at the same
time so the Galaxy S 10 most likely will
come out in February and then the Galaxy
F the foldable will come out in March so
it’ll be kind of this one to Samsung
punch early on in the year so we’ll see
how that goes
now everybody’s chasing the foldable
phone there was a really cheap working
prototype that I saw online last week
that was the outside one and you know
when it was open to have this big crease
in the middle and it just looked junky
and ugly and and I was like that is not
something I’d want to buy and apparently
LG is going to be showing their
version of a foldable phone also at CES
so Samsung’s not necessarily gonna be
the first but the prototype we saw last
Wednesday looks pretty slick to me I
have so many questions first of all it
looked really thick to me like it looks
like you couldn’t slip it in your pocket
like it look like a cereal box you know
it was so big he did pull it out of his
pocket those which is cool so he was
wearing a jacket you didn’t really
notice like a big lump or anything and
he pulled it out and it kind of reminded
me of when Steve Jobs brought out the
first MacBook Air remember when he did
that envelope yeah the military envelope
it was like your interoffice mail
envelope but we all went but yeah it
looked like a big book but what’s
interesting is that was actually the
camouflaged case so I’m actually
expecting this to look a little bit
sleeker a little bit sexier and if you
look at the patents that Samsung has
it’s got a neat looking hinge on the
patents so I’m expecting it to look a
little bit more like the Microsoft pros
like the actual laptops where their
hinges are a little bit more wider and
bigger so you know we’ll see how it
looks but it can’t be that thin in your
pocket because it’s a folded phone right
so talk to me more about the hinge how
are they gonna get away with that and
not have a crease down the middle
I don’t know Dan I don’t know and maybe
that’s why they went with the inside
screen instead of the outside screen but
from the patent I saw it actually the
hinge looked like it had two functional
moving parts so it’s like a flat part in
the middle and then a hinge on this side
and then a hinge on the other side and
so it looks like it actually folds in
two different spots to kind of protect
it and keep it from having that that
lump in the middle or a crease I hope
everyone’s watching on YouTube and
seeing mats
okay so is this something that you would
buy no not a first-gen and I don’t think
many people will I don’t think Samsung’s
even expecting many people to buy this
very first gen device
I think everybody’s still trying to
figure out what’s it for how useful is
it gonna be but you know if you look at
a lot of things like the very first VR
that came out was super clunky and it’s
getting slimmed down so I think that as
this device comes out and people are
gonna start using the device and then
the form factor will get tweaked for
uses that people aren’t eating it fork
first-gen know maybe a third or fourth
gen depending on if the price comes down
and if I actually see a use to having a
bigger screen like that but until then
I’m gonna stick with my phablet okay
that sounds great I think one use I
could see for me is using the front
screen everyday and then when I lie down
maybe watching Netflix on the bigger
screen yeah I mean that Real Estate’s
useful professionally in my work that I
I often pull up drawings pictures ISO
metrics I pull them up on my phone and
having that screen real estate is really
important you can always zoom in and
zoom in but having that bigger picture
is useful professionally so I think a
lot of people are gonna enjoy this but
is it worth seven seventeen hundred yeah
another leak came out this week I see
you have an article about the Samsung
s10 that it’s gonna have an au shaped
camera cutout yeah I was a little bit
disappointed about that because last
week we talked about this UPS which
stands for under panel sensors and yes
it really looked like the camera was
going to work through the screen which
to me sounded like magical technology
kind of takes us back to the original
iPhone unveiling and and Steve Jobs this
is a magical device right and it seemed
magical it was the Internet in our
pocket since
this UPS technology sounded like magical
unfortunately at least this generation
they’re calling it the infinity Oh
display so Santa yeah what does that
mean is that a knotch yes it’s a knotch
so it means they actually have a little
tiny cut out that’s just big enough for
the camera a piece itself and that
camera will it will be a little tiny
notch so it’s still a notch as far as
I’m concerned
now it says minimalistic as it can be we
saw the teardrop notch and the oneplus
60 and I thought it looked pretty cool
for a notch even though I’m not a notch
fan and this gets even smaller but I’m
hoping just fingers crossed that the
note 10 that will come out in the fall
of 2019 might just have this magical ups
under panel sensors that everybody’s
talking about well that’s what I’d
really like and when you talked a little
bit last week about the 1 plus 60 having
to think the fingerprint reader under
the screen yeah that was so cool that’s
so much better than having on the back
of the phone and so it looks like maybe
we’ll have these third-party Android
people doing it first maybe Samsung’s
not going to be the first to do it well
they’re the under fingerprint or under
screen fingerprint scanner is already
here in the 1 plus 60 shammies released
a few and so of some other smaller
companies but not just though yeah not
not listen I don’t think we’re gonna see
a full screen phone until maybe end of
2019 and maybe even into 2020 but we’re
getting closer so I wanted to talk a
little bit about security today so they
just had a conference in Tokyo called
Pantone and they actually hacked the
iPhone 10 the Samsung Galaxy S 9 and the
Xiaomi me 6 and they did it really
really fast so they won 225 thousand
dollars on the first
the event and apparently it was cracked
within 24 hours so I wanted to open up a
little bit of a discussion about phone
security and Matt do you think your
phone secure do you act like it is when
you use it do I act like it yeah I act
like it but really who am i right like
remember last week we talked about
Donald Trump’s iPhone getting hacked by
the Chinese and the Russians and they
both said yeah we do it right I mean if
you’re a high profile individual then
yeah you should be concerned personally
what do I use my phone for yeah I use it
at work but really who’s gonna be like
well let’s see what project Matt’s
working on now right like I I think that
they are easy to hack absolutely and I
am kind of surprised that different
companies especially large giant ones
allow us to bring our phones
I remember when cameras first showed up
on cell phones and it was a big deal and
I had one of the first Windows Mobile
devices that actually had a jar on it
and I remember my boss looked at it and
he freaked out because I had a camera on
my phone
and I could go around and take pictures
like some kind of a spy of all of our
drawings know why you’re freaking out so
much and they actually passed a rule our
corporation it was a major corporation
and they passed a rule that you weren’t
allowed to have a phone with a camera on
it and this was during the BlackBerry
craves and BlackBerry’s didn’t have
cameras at first
really yeah and blackberries were known
to be far more secure and they were far
more secure and that was kind of the
reason of why corporations went with
blackberry as opposed to iPhones and
when Android came out so I guess it
would be interesting to compare if
blackberry was still around what type of
security features they would have but
well yeah you know people are doing
their online banking all the time I know
I even do
coin transactions on my phone I have
PDFs that I pull up that maybe could be
a little more secure my social media
documents on Google Drive that I use I
mean all of those things technically
could be compromised by hackers and
these people in Tokyo did it under 24
hours with all of the latest phones all
of the latest software I mean we think
if we update our software we’re secure
but we’re not and this is a good time to
remind listeners that maybe your mobile
phones not the right place to have
sensitive information on it like banking
and money and and photos if you’re a
celebrity you know banking is an
interesting one I think I’m gonna look
into this hackathon that happened that
you’re talking about here and just see
like what kinds of aspects of the phone
were they able to hack into because I
love how easy it is to do my banking on
my phone I deposit checks on my phone by
signing the back and taking pictures it
uses my fingerprint to access my app on
my phone I send email transfers all the
time I mean when was the last time I
stepped into a bait years ago I’ll tell
you what people are still stepping into
the banks here in California the other
day I had to wait 45 minutes in line Wow
but you’re right it sure is convenient
but if somebody stole your phone and if
they were able to hack it and you know
get into those directories yeah yeah
where your CIBC account is or whatever
it is that you use they might be able to
find some information and but it’s not
the end of the world I mean we’re not
big corporations but I still think do
you think you’re secure and you’re
really not I think there’s a lot of
things we don’t know about who can
access our things including including
our cameras and our microphones and did
you know that Mike Mark Zuckerberg
actually covers his camera with with
taya’s I actually saw that so I saw a
picture and I saw
tape and I thought oh he’s one of those
paranoid people cuz lots of people do it
and it just seems to be that like older
people tend to have the tape over it not
necessarily the younger generation but
but I don’t think that’s necessarily the
case I think they’re more it doesn’t
matter what generation you are more of
us are becoming paranoid about people
hacking and using our software and our
hardware and and one of my biggest
concerns are self-driving cars I mean
that’s another debate we can get into
like what if somebody takes over your
car do they kidnap you and Mexico or
have you drive off a cliff like there’s
there’s all kinds of concerns there so
security I mean it’s a multi-billion if
not trillion dollar industry and it’s
just gonna get bigger as the Internet of
Things happens through 5g you know it’s
so interesting that all this money being
spent on security is because we can’t
trust people it’s too bad right we could
save so much money as a society if
people were just honest I really know
this week something kind of sad happened
down yeah genius Stan Lee
spider-man creator died at 95 he
actually died passed away at
cedars-sinai hospital in Los Angeles not
too far from me tell me what you know
about Stan Lee well I don’t know a lot
about Stan Lee but he’s been the face of
Marvel Comics definitely since the 70s
and especially since they started the
movies and it’s a big Empire these
Marvel movies and they’ve been the
highest-grossing movies every year and
now they’re like releasing four or five
six of them a year and they keep
bringing in the money I mean not even
Star Wars can keep up Star Wars people
are getting tired of and they’re calling
it Star Wars fatigue and we were getting
maybe two a year and we’re already tired
but yet for some reason we keep coming
back to these comic books and Stan Lee
was the main driving force behind it in
fact did you know that Marvel
we came really close to declaring
bankruptcy in the 90s I did not know
that yeah and so when Disney bought them
they actually got a pretty good deal
from them and I think Disney bought them
after Stanley convinced people to start
the movies and and get these movies
going and to kind of reboot our love of
comic books I don’t know about you dad
but when I was like 10 11 years old I
loved going to the Short Park Mall and I
went to the comic store and I loved
buying comics and I remember like it was
Thursdays all the new comics came in and
I would just listen to the older comic
book teenagers and men just talking
about all the latest fantastic for is in
oh here’s the new Silver Surfer and I
believe me collecting for our newspaper
route and having a fifty dollar Canadian
bill and the store was closed
I had it in the stock market it would be
like 10,000 right now and if you’d
bought Bitcoin talk about a couple
things first of all Stanley he was
famous for spider-man the Fantastic Four
Incredible Hulk one of the top writers
of Marvel he’s considered the architect
of the contemporary comic book and I was
reading reddit the other day and one
thing that somebody said was that you
know really he’s like a modern he’s the
writer of modern mythology because you
know we all know about Zeus we know
about all of those things
yeah from mythology but you know in
200-300 years people are gonna know
about spider-man they’re gonna know
about Thor they’re gonna know about the
Fantastic Four
it literally is modern mythology I love
that that’s great and look at the money
that we spend
or maybe not placing dead lambs and and
food on the altars of our mythic gods
but we are spending trillions of dollars
on this modern mythology so yeah it’s
that’s fascinating way to look at it I
wanted to talk a little bit more about
the movies yeah it’s been an interesting
trend for me to watch I don’t know if
you remember in the late 80s Early 90s
westerns were kind of the big thing
yeah and now nobody’s really into
westerns and so I wonder are we on a
trend where we’re watching superhero
movies and then maybe in 20 years it’s
gonna go away like the Western yeah you
look at the kids in the 60s right and
they were all wearing their little
cowboy hats and vests and their little
deputy stars and yeah I mean look at
kids today they’re all like Halloween
kids are knocking on my door dressed
like the Hulk and spider-man and you
know like it is it’s it’s definitely a
trend how long can it last I don’t know
but man it is Bank and Disney is cashing
one thing that I think is really
interesting is that movie theaters even
still exist because we have Netflix we
have Hulu we have Amazon Prime and we
all have these huge televisions in our
homes that are pretty cheap I mean this
one was maybe 300 bucks yeah everyone
has really good access to new movies you
can pop your popcorn at home you know if
you got your dog you can have them jump
up on your lap it’s private everything’s
fine yeah you go into the movie theater
you got a drive there you got a park
it’s $15 I mean I can’t believe in 2018
we’re still doing it and I think we’re
doing it because like you said people
are really into you know superheroes and
and really into Star Wars and it’s it’s
a little bit of nostalgia to go with
friends and wait in line and it’s just
fascinating to me that in the Internet
of Things we’re still lining up at a
movie theater like it’s 1980 right well
you know I yeah I like how you said it’s
like 1980 I remember was it 82 and eat
and that was the year birthday is May
timbre 28 so anyways we were lined up
around the block and I remember standing
with mom and dad and and Joe and I and
Nicole was there and mom was probably
pregnant with you and et came out and we
were in the rain and we just couldn’t
wait to go see et so I don’t know Dan
there’s something about seeing a movie
in the theaters and the way I rank
movies is the top rate that’s a great
movie is a theater movie that’s a movie
I have to see in the theaters now there
are some movies that I will say are
amazing and spectacular but they’re not
a theater movie unless there’s a
technical component to them like a big
soundtrack explosions like big wonderful
beautiful scenes you know those are
theater movies French horns like Crazy
Horse’s versus our listeners Dan doesn’t
like watching any movie with horses it’s
kind of the thing to a litmus test if
there’s French horns and horses I’m not
into it yeah it’s a no Robin Hood Prince
of Thebes man there’s horses and French
horns in that movie well I wanted to
have a little bit of a debate with you
are we gonna just like a rap battle yeah
terrible rapping I wanted to discuss
which is better the Android or iPhone
and I’m gonna be iPhone and you’re gonna
enjoy better what do you think all right
drop a beat then just kidding I’m not
gonna rap maybe I thought about this in
advance I could have put a nice little
rap to it
so Android why do I love Android I’ve
got to tell you it’s probably the
customization of Android the openness of
Android the ability to move files on and
all the things that come in Android
phones you want an Android phone this
cheap buy a cheap Android phone you want
an Android phone that has a additional
memory so that you can put tons of
movies and photos and videos on it you
get an Android phone you want a phone
where you can make it beep at you and do
all kinds of different things when
you’re looking upside down or left or
right Android will let you do that
so customization the freedom to do what
you want with it and the ability to buy
the phone that is right for you in fact
let me give you a good example so mom
said to me last night and and remember
when you were on the phone with us and
she said I want to know what phone is
best for me so for our listeners our
mother is in her late 60’s and she is
not very into technology and so she just
wants a simple phone well if she wants a
simple phone that’s not very expensive
it’s gonna be Android oh that’s
interesting that you said Android
because I think an iPhone would be
better for Mom and here’s the reason why
drop it down this is the debate it’s
better for Mom I think it’s just been
planned out way better they had the top
minds of their field figure out a design
that looks great it’s gonna fit well in
her pocket she’s gonna turn it on she
doesn’t know she doesn’t need to know
how to configure anything she just
presses a button to turn it on and it
just works and it’s beautiful and that’s
what I think would really appeal to mom
about that look with my iPhone I can
easily share contacts and pictures with
airdrop and I don’t know about you but I
find most of the people that I hang
around with have iPhones and so after a
hike or after you know going to
Disneyland it’s so much easier to just
open our phones and share photos that
way I’m not that easy to share with an
Android person is that that is correct
whereas actually
how do you what are you doing yeah
Google photos is awesome it works on
Android and it works on iOS and I love
it so here’s another question all right
so I will concede the fact that iOS is
simpler to use there’s no question about
it but it’s becoming more and more
difficult to use especially on the
iPhone 10s so you get the iPhone tens
and that home buttons gone so now
there’s all the gestures and the flicks
and and it’s got to be flicked just
right and it’s got to be gesture just
right so I feel like as iPhone is trying
to compete with androids functionality
there and they’re trying to simplify by
removing buttons I think they’ve kind of
created they’ve moved away from the
simplicity that they were known for and
then here’s the other problem is the
price right you to get something that’s
affordable for Mom something that she’s
if she’s only gonna use it as a cell
phone and then you know occasional web
browsing and Netflix you’re gonna be
buying a really old iPhone and the
problem with those really old iPhones is
they’re not supported anymore and what
drove me crazy when I had an old iPhone
is all the sudden an app will stop
working and it will say download the
latest app oh this latest app isn’t
available on your iPhone one of my best
apps just stopped working because it
just wouldn’t work on my old iPhone even
though it did four years well you know I
do want to talk about the App Store you
may have a point there but I personally
think with iPhone the app store is so
much more clean and secure because they
have such a big vetting process and it’s
easy to find what you want
it’s a well-designed App Store and you
know quite frankly people use it more
often and spend more money on it too so
if you’re a developer you’re gonna make
more money making games for the Apple
iPhone store
no question it’s far more secure than
Apple play and we’ve talked about that
too and you know a bit of the
functionality of an Android is that you
can actually sideload apps from anywhere
you want but then that leaves you open
to malware and you’ve got to really
trust the source of where you’re getting
your app from one thing that I really
like about the iPhone space is iMessage
really there’s just nothing that
compares with it on the Android side
when I had Android for three years
recently I tried everything Google had
text message er you know Samsung has
attempted text messenger I downloaded
some third-party ones that I thought
would you know work well but it just was
so disorganized and frustrating when
people sent me group text sometimes from
an iPhone it just came really weird and
sometimes in multiple messages broken up
one thing that I like about iMessage is
when you send it to people you can tell
when they receive it so there’s never a
question about it on my laptop I can
send my messages to which is very
convenient to people’s cell phone
numbers not so like an email address or
yeah I’m kind of a gtalk account it’s
actually to their third phone number the
messenger now does that too but it’s an
actual webpage I believe it’s messages
Google comm and you have to log in with
your your Gmail account but yeah I
totally hear ya iMessage is fantastic
and Android and iOS as far as messaging
is working better now but what I found
is you need to have a newer Android
phone so I think it was more on the
Android side was they created something
that was compatible with iMessage not
necessarily Apple saying let’s let’s
work well with Android because I don’t
think they would ever do that no but I
mean the problem is is it’s not standard
across the board you open up an iPhone
it doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone 5 or
a 10 s you’re using iMessage
when you text somebody you know whether
they received it or not when you group
text people it’s obvious it’s just so
much more organized if you’re on Android
it’s totally different if you’re on a
xiaomi phone than on a samsung phone
then on a Google phone Nexus phone
everything is different text messengers
yeah you can get lost in the messages
that’s why I like the vanilla Android
experience in fact on my samsung s 9
plus I actually use the Google messages
not the Samsung Messenger app and it may
play well with iOS and iMessage as well
but I just like to keep the experience
the same right ok that’s a good point
I like iCloud as well it backs up all of
my messages it backs up my photos that’s
one thing I really like about the iPhone
is there anything else you like about
the Android before our battle royale is
you know iCloud I have mixed thoughts on
that one
Sharon uses an iPhone and her iCloud
just her phone is always full and she’s
constantly removing photos and trying to
upload photos to iCloud and iCloud is
syncing all these different apps and you
gotta pay more to be able to use iCloud
I mean she doesn’t use a lot and yet her
phone is constantly telling her to
delete things and iCloud is full and pay
more money whereas Android especially
with my photos and videos everything’s
in Google Photos so I’ve now set up
Google photos on her iPhone and she no
longer has those issues because it
automatically syncs and it really is a
great app in fact I would argue that
Google’s apps are some of the best and
you can use them on iOS or you can use
them on Android but they’re made
specifically for Android and if you use
Google’s apps you know they’re gonna be
great just look at Google Maps Google
Maps is way better and has constantly
outperformed maps on iOS oh yeah and you
know it is
fantastic I can’t tell you about how
many times I’ve used apples map software
and gone to like a weird warehouse
that’s where the party is no no but
we’re just burying the bodies Oh back
yeah you got me there Matt I mean Google
photos is the way to go I always buy the
smallest iPhone in size because I I know
that most people fill up their hard
drive with photos and for me I delete
all of my photos on my phone and just
upload them the same day and so I have
tons of space on my phone all the time
yeah and yeah the only thing that I
don’t love about Google photos is my
live pictures which you can use with
with the Apple phone you know where it
kind of moves the Harry Potter style all
those are cool I like those they’re cool
but when you look them up on google
photos it’s weird it’s like a video and
they’re sound and it’s just not very
well integrated yet could be upgraded
soon so it sounds like we’re divided
here I’m on Team Apple natural team
Android team a Android yeah we’d love to
hear what you have to say if you’re on
youtube please comment below and tell us
if you like apple or android better and
we might take some of your points and
talk about it next week if you’re on the
podcast you can comment on our blog on
our website at backhoe comm or you can
actually use Twitter shout out us at
tech tech time show PC and you can also
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from you shoot us an email we’ll talk to
you next week bye

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