Project FI for all, 5G for the masses, Electric Truck Rivian R1S Unveiled

Google To Open Project Fi To iPhone, Samsung, and OnePlus

  • Google’s Project Fi mobile service will reportedly be adding support for Samsung, OnePlus, and iPhones.
  • “More handsets from existing Fi partners LG and Motorola will also gain Fi support,” reports The Verge.
  • “The iPhone experience is apparently ‘in beta,’ which is a sign that users might run into bugs or be left without some of Fi’s features.”
  • The lineup of “Fi-ready” compatible phones — those that Google says have been fully optimized for the network — is fairly short: Google is currently selling the Pixel 3, 3 XL, 2 XL, LG G7, LG V35, Moto G6, and Moto X4 (Android One edition) directly through its Project Fi website.
  • And although Google is apparently about to widen support and officially allow more devices onto Fi, those “Fi-friendly” phones will still offer the best overall user experience for subscribers, according to the report. It’s not yet entirely clear what that means, but we should know more once Google makes a proper announcement.
  • But while Project Fi’s plan isn’t the cheapest, it comes with a lot of perks. Pricing starts at a flat $20 per month for unlimited calls and texting and $10 for 1GB of data, but money for unused data is credited back to the user’s account. Overages result in a charge of $10 per GB used. Fi also doesn’t levy a fee on mobile hotspots — data used while tethering is deducted from a Fi user’s monthly allotment.


5G Will Cover Roughly 1.5 Billion People By 2024, Researchers Say

  • By the end of 2025, 5G will reach more than 40 percent of the world’s population and cover 1.5 billion people, according to the latest mobility report [PDF] from telecommunications company Ericsson, which says its networks currently carry nearly half the world’s mobile traffic.
  • 5G, short for fifth-generation network technology, promises a massive boost in speed and responsiveness.
  • Industry watchers expect the first 5G smartphones to come out in the first half of next year.
  • Researchers forecast that mobile data consumption will reach more than 21GB per month by 2024, which is nearly four times the consumption in 2018. 5G networks will carry 25 percent of global mobile data traffic, according to Ericsson. North America and North East Asia are expected to lead the 5G rollout, followed by Western Europe.


Half of all Phishing Sites Now Have the Padlock

  • You may have heard you should look for the padlock symbol at the top of a website before entering your password or credit card information into an online form.
  • It’s well-meaning advice, but new data shows it isn’t enough to keep your sensitive information secure.
  • Recent data from anti-phishing company PhishLabs shows that 49 percent of all phishing sites in the third quarter of 2018 bore the padlock security icon next to the phishing site domain name as displayed in a browser address bar.
  • That’s up from 25 percent just one year ago, and from 35 percent in the second quarter of 2018. This alarming shift is notable because a majority of Internet users have taken the age-old “look for the lock” advice to heart, and still associate the lock icon with legitimate sites.
  • A PhishLabs survey conducted last year found more than 80% of respondents believed the green lock indicated a website was either legitimate and/or safe. In reality, the https:// part of the address (also called “Secure Sockets Layer” or SSL) merely signifies the data being transmitted back and forth between your browser and the site is encrypted and can’t be read by third parties.
  • The presence of the padlock does not mean the site is legitimate, nor is it any proof the site has been security-hardened against intrusion from hackers.

Automotive startup Rivian unveils an electric truck and SUV

  • Electrified SUVs are popping up everywhere. So it’s no surprise that automotive startup Rivian has unveiled one of its own, the R1S. More exciting is the company’s electron-powered pickup truck, the R1T.
  • The automaker calls both vehicles “Electric Adventure Vehicles.” The idea is that both of these vehicles can handle the rigors of the average day while also ready to go offroad and tackle the elements when needed. If the specs work out the way the company hopes they will, there’s a good chance these vehicles could deliver on the company’s promise.
  • According to Rivian the R1T will have up to 400-mile range, will do zero to 60 in three seconds, support over-the-air updates, seat five and have a four-motor AWD drivetrain.
  • When it initially ships in late 2020, the truck will be available with either a 180 kWh or 136 kWh battery pack. Later, a 105 kWh battery will be available.
  • Rivian says that the R1S SUV will be delivered in 2021 and that both vehicles will ship with level 3 autonomy (The vehicle will drive itself in certain circumstances, probably on the highway).
  • All of this is impressive, but it takes more than promises for a new company to deliver a vehicle. Especially at scale. Just ask Tesla.
  • If Rivian can pull this off, the next time you hassle a friend to help you move, your Ikea furniture, clothes and boxes of old smartphones might be hauled by an electric truck.

Amazon’s Most Popular 5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

  • Amazon Echo Dot $29.99 ($50).
    • We have the Google Home + Mini.
  • AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity $59 ($100).
    • 23 & Me.
  • Instant Pot DUO 6 Qt $69.95 ($99.95).
    • We have the 8 Qt.
  • Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones $149 ($295).
  • Michelle Obama’s new Book “Becoming” $14.97 ($34.97).

Politicians Around the World are Criticizing Zuckerberg for UK Parliament No-Show

  • Mark Zuckerberg decided not to attend the UK Parliament to discuss Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytical Scandal or the Brexit vote.
  • Zuckerberg sent Richard Allan his VP of Policy Solutions to discuss the issues.
  • “Our democratic institutions … seem to have been upended by frat-boy billionaires from California”.- NDP  MP Charlie Angus.
  • Many countries from around the world were invited to the hearing.  Members of Parliament in Canada, Argentina, France, Singapore, Ireland, Belgium, Brazil and Latvia attended.


welcome back Matt how are the heck are
you over there in Canada no I’m doing
pretty good how about you did really
good I just stuffed myself with American
Thanksgiving that’s good I did that on
Friday actually so Black Friday I was
stuffing myself so it’s a day late but
oh great did you guys have Turkey oh
yeah we had turkey and all the things
yeah did your wife make it did you work
okay what’s the word Christmas party so
does it count
I don’t know hey I’m impressed you guys
had Turkey for Christmas
yeah yeah it was an early word Christmas
party and I considered it Thanksgiving
so there you go nice well I almost burnt
the house down
I got a 20-pound turkey for six dollars
what a deal right yeah that is a deal
because it was so large it had a hard
time fitting into my oven so all the
juices started overflowing and
evaporating and creating a lot of smoke
so those delicious juices I’m sure the
neighbors were like you suck so cooking
just ya know it’s a lot of fun it’s kind
of one of those weird forced holidays
you know that we didn’t really grow up
with we kind of did but not really you
well we always had Americans over for
American Thanksgiving okay
still feel like it was a little bit
forced but delicious so guess what
happened to me in my iMac oh yeah you
got that oh now is that a 2000
in 2010 I think it was a 2000 really it
was like 2012-2013 it’s only about five
years old so you know a five year old
iMac okay I get it it can break down but
I was really disappointed with the fact
that it was the mechanical hard drive on
it so this iMac was the first one that
came out to have basically an SSD or
Drive and this is where they once were
it’s like okay yeah I’m trying to
remember what they called it but it
wasn’t yeah it was a hybrid huh and so
like they had the SSD where you put the
operating system for the quick boot up
and then the storage was on a mechanical
hard drive well it was the mechanical
hard drive that busted on me I know my
128 gig SSD that was all the rage back
in 20
it’s still good but the terabyte
mechanical drive is gone and we lost all
of our photos that I had backed up you
didn’t back it up well I had a time
machine back up and so but the last time
I even bothered to plug in that external
drive and back it up was 2012 right when
I switched everything over to the new
iMac but then I started uploading all my
photos to I for to not iPhoto Google
Google’s photos yeah and I started doing
that in 2014 so 2012 and 2013 are pretty
skimpy years yeah so like key things
that we did like we went to Cancun
that’s there there were a couple scout
camps those are there a few birthdays
that are there but it’s it’s not like
the big photo collage that I normally
have every year
so then we thought we were told well for
250 dollars we can try to see what we
can do and find what’s lost on this
Drive and they said but we’re probably
not gonna find much because
your drive was only 4% good whoa I’m not
sure what 4% good means or were you
throwing it around the house that’s why
I’m really surprised really and they
said for 450 dollars we can send it
downtown and they’ll probably find it
but I was like for two years worth the
photos and it looks like we got the main
ones anyway so let that be a reminder to
everybody back up your photos and Google
photos in my opinion is one of is the
best FREE photo backup well it’s great
because you can use it with iPhone or
Android yes it also backs up your
computer photo directory and your phone
and it mixes them together so that’s
what I did I had a ton of photos before
I had phones you know that would take
photos back in the 2000s yes I uploaded
all my computer photos and then it just
it goes right on in with my phone photos
you can’t tell a difference it’s so
great I absolutely love it I think it’s
fantastic – and I got Sharron backing up
to it – I started in about 2014 she
started about 2016 so we may have lost
some of her photos that she was doing
but she also has I clawed because she
has an iPhone so oh sure that’s the next
thing I’m gonna do is check her iCloud
but the problem with iCloud is it’s they
don’t give you much storage and who
knows what she really kept there so yeah
I’m with you I’m a hundred percent
google right there but you know it’s so
surprising to me that your hard drive
crashed because I remember when I used
to make computers you know and we had to
unscrew them and put them together with
the motherboard and you should because I
used to drop the hard drives and
accidently have magnets and do all kinds
of crazy stuff and put them on top of
each other way too closed and they were
fine for years I’m sure you’d say hey
five years for a hard drive what do you
expect but on the other hand I’ve never
had a hard drive gone never had a hard
drive poop out on me before yeah so back
up back up back up
and not just your photos but there’s so
much cloud storage that’s free I mean I
use OneNote and OneNote gives
or onedrive that’s Microsoft’s onedrive
tons of fruit storage move it
yeah and Google Docs Google Drive I mean
there’s all this free storage also
Dropbox you can get a lot of free
storage so I mean I use Dropbox onedrive
and Google Docs I don’t think there’s
any excuse to not be backing up and so
yeah I don’t know if you’ve noticed this
but Dropbox seems to be a little bit
sketchy because I don’t really fill it
up with a lot of things but I’ll have
friends share things with me and then
all of a sudden my drives fall I’m like
well that’s not my Drive what if I don’t
their folder right if you take their
folder it counts against you whereas all
you want to do is be able to access
their folder you don’t want to
incorporate their folder it’s it’s dumb
and they know that and they’re doing it
because they want me to buy more space I
literally have nothing on it but I get
an email from them every day saying your
Dropbox is full I’m like what everybody
else’s stuff that they’re already
storing that that person is already
paying for I think they’re gonna I pee
Oh next year either they did it this
year they’re gonna give it next year so
that actually could be a really good buy
I gotta tell ya I like Dropbox I like
how everything syncs it syncs to all my
computer’s my work computer my home
computer and I can quickly access it on
my phone I don’t have it sync to my
phone because I don’t want it to but any
file that I want is a few clicks away in
there it is so even how we do this
podcast right we send each other the
audio files through Dropbox and maybe
that’s why it’s full although your files
are filling up my Dropbox is the audio
that I’m sending you now Google actually
has a really cool thing called Project
Phi and what it is is it actually works
with cell phones and it’s pretty cool
because it will use Wi-Fi to do your
telephone calls and your text messages
and it makes it a lot cheaper and it
makes it a lot less dependent on the
cell phone towers now I can still use
cell phone towers but kind of the cool
thing about it is it’s pretty cheap now
I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but
for someone like mom that loves to call
people it’s only $20 a month that
includes unlimited calling and texting
and then if you want to add data on top
of it I think it’s like another ten
dollars a gigabyte which is pretty
expensive however you can use it
anywhere I mean from what I understand
you can go to Italy and use it and so
it’s a really good international plan to
have because the same prices you’re
paying for in the States and Canada you
get overseas as well which is pretty
cool it’s good yeah it’s the
international usage right that’s great
it’s great and the fact that you could
maybe live in a weird house where you
don’t get good cell reception and all
your phone calls are going through the
Wi-Fi you know you can do that with AT&T;
and stuff by getting a box that clicks
on your router but this is just all kind
of built in and apparently they have a
lot of agreements with a lot of the
public Wi-Fi so it connects on to things
if you’re in you know a mall or a major
hub most likely you know your phone
calls and stuff will be really strong
because it’s going to be using the the
local Wi-Fi now the problem with project
fine though is that it’s only been
supported on a certain amount of Android
phones and mostly Google’s phones like
the pixel in the pixel 3 the pixel 3 XL
the 2 XL and then the LG G 7 the LG b 35
and the Moto G 6 and the Moto X 4 so
that’s kind of what the website says is
currently available however cool news
today Google is going to open up project
Phi to the iPhone and to Samsung phones
and the oneplus phone and so well thing
is it baked into the operating system is
that how it works because it sounds like
it’s more than just an app or else you
could have already had project Phi so it
sounds like Apple
to put it into iOS well that’s the thing
is that they they’re trying to make it
seamless right I mean right now you and
me with our Android phones we can open
up Google Hangouts and do a Wi-Fi call
to anybody anywhere around the world for
pretty cheap German and to us in Canada
in Mexico it’s free we have to open the
app though with project 5e seamless so
that you just open up your dialer and
then it calls but it’s calling what the
Wi-Fi without you having to tell it to
write and so yeah in fact it’s in beta
right now with the iPhone and there’s
signs that users might run into bugs or
be left without some of the the Phi’s
features that are featured in the
Android phones and so yeah I was reading
the article and it said for sure there’s
still issues and it probably has to do
with not being able to access the
operating system as much as it would
like to be so Dan is it related to
Google Voice in a sense I mean Google
Voice is a little bit different I use
Google Voice it gives me a phone number
and I’m able to do Wi-Fi calls with it
as well so in that sense it’s very
similar but the cool thing about Project
Phi is that it’s seamless and so anyone
including mom could just pick up a phone
and use it and it would be doing all
kinds of free things over Wi-Fi that
would typically be locked in a public
setting especially overseas and you
wouldn’t even know the wiser yes all you
need is Wi-Fi and away you go
absolutely now Google Voice still is
something that you might want to have if
you do have project five because you can
call people with it you can have it so
that when they ring your phone it calls
your office phone or five phones at the
same time you can have transcripting for
when people leave you messages there’s a
lot of really great other features and
then as well you can always pick a
number with a different area code maybe
an East Coast number so if you’re in
California you could have a different
state and people wouldn’t know if you
had a business so there’s a lot of great
things about Google Voice but
back onto fine though we’re hoping that
it gets popular my hope though is that
it gets a little cheaper because ten ten
dollars per gigabyte per month is a
little pricey now one of the cool
features that they do have now though is
if you don’t use the full gigabyte or
however much you buy it actually rolls
into the next month and so before they
just neukölln time you but now it just
compounds over time so here’s a question
and it probably just shows that I don’t
understand what Google Phi is why data
if you’re already on Wi-Fi and you need
Wi-Fi for it then you should already
have data and I think you do in
situations where you have access to the
Wi-Fi however if you’re on a subway
system or if you’re in the mountains and
you’re connecting to an actual cell
phone tower you need to pay for the the
data so because they have these
contracts with these mobile carriers you
should still be able to get it even
without a Wi-Fi connection and that’s
why it’s so accessible okay that’s good
to know
and one of the things that I’m not a
hundred percent sure on but when it
connects maybe to like Radio Shack’s
Wi-Fi or wherever if you’re in the mall
it might charge you then too because you
normally wouldn’t have access but I’m
not a hundred percent sure on that it
could actually be free there too it’s
something that I’ve always wanted to try
but I have such a screaming deal with my
current phone that through Mint sim if
you guys have ever tried that they’re
not paying me to say this but it’s
literally twenty bucks a month and I
guess gigabytes of data so I’ve just
never wanted a sophomore yeah but for an
international person like yourself I
mean you’re constantly in the States and
Canada project fine mate might make
sense especially since you used Samsung
phones well I’ve been in temped I’ve
really wanted a Google Voice account but
they won’t do it in Canada and
apparently when it first came out Canada
was included so some very lucky people
who signed up right at the beginning
will still have their Google Voice
that’s with Canadian numbers so I can
sign up for an American number but I
don’t really want people calling me on
an American number because they may be
charged long distance if they’re trying
to call me and they’re Canadian
so unfortunately I’ve been waiting year
after year after year for it to come out
in Canada and I’m still waiting
no that’s frustrating yeah I wanted to
keep talking a little bit about cell
phones let’s talk about 5g so 5g is
gonna come out next year and people say
it’s gonna be so fast that it might be
faster than your cable internet that you
have to your house which would be so
cool because I have the kind of house
where the cables are all coming from a
telephone pole and they have to string
them across my backyard
and it just blacks out this guy and it
looks really ugly and if I switch cable
companies which I did last year another
cable company had to come and string up
a different wire and they didn’t yeah
previous wired so now I have like seven
wires coming from this telephone pole
and it’s ridiculous so anyway that you
can cut wires or cut back on it I think
is a good thing
mm-hmm I agree I mean I don’t use
landlines anymore do you guys first
first telephone service
we’re actually cutting our landline we
kept it just because Kalin’s 10 he
doesn’t have a cell phone and if he’s
ever at home alone which is pretty rare
but if he ever is he can just pick up
the phone and call but you know what’s
funny I don’t think he even knows how to
use a regular phone because whenever you
could still rotary is that way well it’s
funny though because whenever he’s
called me he’s called me using our
Google home so he just tells Google home
to call dad and it calls me do that
through Wi-Fi and what’s it yeah I I
think it’s Google Voice which drives me
because you don’t have Google Voice
you’re in Canada but I don’t have a
phone number right because Google Voice
gives you a phone number and you can
pick your area code the number on your
cell phone when it causes unidentified
so go into my settings and I can put my
cell phone number there and it will show
up on other people as if it’s my cell
phone but when he’s using Google home to
call me on my cell phone I think it kind
of confuses it unidentified caller so
anyway you know I’m a big advocate for
cutting all wires I mean the fact that I
have this wire to my ears ridiculous we
need to cut them all off I’m all about
Bluetooth speakers all about why are
those things and the cool thing is is
they say that by the end of 2025 so in
about six years
40% of the world population will be on
5g that is tech-savvy so they’re saying
1.5 billion people which is awesome so
this is a massive boost in speed and
responsiveness and this is going to be
great for all kinds of things for the
Internet of Things so maybe your
refrigerator needs to use the internet
maybe you’re going out maybe it’s your
garage door opener
maybe it’s your car and so if you have a
situation where instead of being reliant
on your home Wi-Fi you could be driving
around you could you know maybe have
something in your pocket and things are
always connected the faster the better
and because we’re so video hungry you
know we’re gonna be streaming 4k and
it’s gonna be a piece of cake onto our
cellphones and that’s just next year so
that’s really exciting one thing I
wanted to talk about is how much data we
typically use how much would you say you
use per month meant oh boy I looked at
it so our home Wi-Fi because we use
Netflix and Amazon Prime like we stream
everything I’d say we’re probably around
30 gigabytes a month at least maybe
actually double I’d say 70 we’re at 70
cuz we do everything over Wi-Fi I think
about it it’s 2018 so the fact is in
five years you
doing all those kinds of streaming on
two tablets on two lapping up the cell
phones all 5g paste and it’s gonna be
they actually predict by that 2024 the
average user is going to use about 21
gigs a month on their cell phone what I
hope is that they make unlimited data
thing again cheap because I’m sick of
paying overages well I’m definitely not
paying for 21 gigabytes a month right
now so I I think that’d be fantastic and
you know six years is actually a long
ways away if you think about it Dan in
computer years like dog years six years
is like sixty so you know I and it
doesn’t surprise me that it’s gonna take
that long for 5g to get going because
it’s so close like you have to send a
signal from like down the street is far
away you’re talking 30 40 feet and line
a site and they’re trying to come up
with ways to bounce signals off of walls
and through tree branches and you know
it’s gonna take a while to get this mesh
that’s gonna work throughout the whole
world especially in these big cities and
going through concrete and glass and and
metal and yeah I believe it six years
until we’re on 5g and if you think about
how long it took to get 4G going I think
it was only three years from the time
they announced 4G till when most people
had a cell phone that could access 4G so
just an interesting fact I was reading
an article today about Samsung’s s10 5g
phone Samsung is forecasting that
they’re only gonna sell 2 million of
those 5g phones in 2019 so compare that
to perhaps the 30 or 40 million phones
that they sell every year even though
they’re gonna have a 5g phone they’re
not expecting the demand to be there
because one it will be costly into the
infrastructure just won’t be ready you
know that makes sense it’s exciting
though and I’m hoping it works and that
it doesn’t give us all cancer let’s talk
about security
one really cool thing about this podcast
is we can kind of dive in a little bit
and talk about keeping your data safe
one thing that gets a lot of people is
fishing mm-hmm so if you heard of
fishing before it’s where there’s a
click bait
link that looks really enticing you
click it and then get some malware on
your computer maybe happen sons of
phishing scams going through our emails
that work great for a day like it’s bad
people click on them it’s so funny you
know people will just think wow you know
this must be from the boss or it’ll say
like quarterly financials and you’ll
click on it it looks like it’s from the
boss it literally had my boss’s name and
it showed up and outlook as it was from
my boss and it said please review and
approve this invoice that sounds like an
inside job mad could be a disgruntled
worker maybe you what I think it’s doing
is somehow if somebody clicks on it I
think what it does is it accesses our
address book and then because I like the
ones I get I must have got it from 50
different people in our office
throughout Alberta and they’re people
that I know and even people who haven’t
been with the company for over a year so
I think it’s somehow going through our
address book and then spoofing and
that’s amazing it sounds like someone’s
putting work into that and if that’s
automated good for them they deserve it
because that is their crops but they’re
wise maybe they’re using artificial
intelligence for it now I wanted to talk
a little bit about what’s going on with
phishing sites now two years ago when
you were on the internet and you were
going and you were gonna click a site
chrome would automatically be like this
is a bad site
don’t come here you’d see this big you
know red X or bad site bad phishing site
and what a lot of people do to make sure
that the site is safe is they look in
the upper left-hand corner where the URL
is then they look for the safety padlock
and now this article that I read says
that 49% so almost half of the fishing
sites in 2018 now have that padlock of
course these so let’s talk about the
difference about what a padlock is
padlock means that the website has a
secure socket and that means that when
you’re talking to the website both you
and the website are secure and hopefully
no one’s listening in on you what is
this good for if you’re like a Starbucks
and you’re connected to your bank you
know it’s gonna be encrypted between you
and the bank and people trying to read
any of the packets that are floating
through the air will have a really
difficult time because it’s encrypted
and so Google made a big push just this
July of 2018 and said all the websites
need to have this secure lock or else
we’re gonna push you down and the web
searches and we’re gonna bury you and
people aren’t gonna find you because
they really wanted it to be secure for
you know public Wi-Fi or just even if
people had somehow hacked into your
router and what’s going on now though as
people are miss reading it and they’re
thinking because they see the security
padlock that it means that it’s a
hundred percent safe there’s nothing
wrong with it and while it might be
encrypting the message between you and
the website that doesn’t mean that the
website isn’t bad and so what’s
happening is people are going on these
secure web sites and they’re downloading
a malware from from the phishing site so
I thought that was really interesting
and that’s a jump up from 25 percent
just a year ago of websites that now
have the the padlock on it so that’s
just a warning to you guys if you see
that padlock that doesn’t mean you’re
totally secure it just means that the
connection between you and the host is
is secure but the host might not see the
thief in the crook is secure exactly see
they’re getting smart I bet you the same
people behind this or behind whoever
found out your boss’s name and is
sending out phishing emails
yeah so then I got a question for you
yeah do you want to get political yes
let’s get political political so Mark
Zuckerberg he we just can’t escape the
news that’s been bad news over and over
and over again did you hear that he was
summoned to the United Kingdom’s
Parliament how is that what he doesn’t
even live over there he doesn’t but of
course you heard about brexit and and
how the united kingdom’s trying to break
away from the from hit hearts trying to
break away from the European Union well
it looks like and there’s a lot of
evidence to point to that Russia was
using Facebook and not just Russia but
probe R Exeter’s were using it to alter
the election very similar to what
happened in the American 2016 election
so just like Zuckerberg was summoned to
Congress to speak and talk about what
happened with the 2016 election well the
United Kingdom had summoned him to talk
about the brexit election as well I mean
he did and he stood them up and so it
happened today and it was a big deal
that he didn’t go and use Skype or
anything no he sent his vice president
of policy solutions his name’s richard
allen and so he’s like well I sent a
vice president but when you are summoned
by one of the g7 s government you should
probably go especially a close trading
partner and a big chunk of your business
which is England and so he didn’t go and
what’s also interesting is Parliament
summoned politicians from all over the
world and they said hey if you have a
concern if you want to ask Mark
Zuckerberg a question come and so
members of parliament from all over the
world showed up so Canada Argentina
France Singapore Ireland Belgium
Brazil and Latvia they all attended to
drill Zuckerberg and he was a no-show
Wow so it does he get fine by them or
they can put some restrictions on his
Facebook or what what are the
consequences well I think it’s very
similar to when he was summoned by
Congress I think they wanted to ask
questions they wanted to grill him I
know the Richard Allen this VP of policy
he admitted that they could do better
and that their platform had been misused
but he didn’t really say that it was
their fault he basically said it was the
bad guys fault it was the Russians or it
was whoever was that was using their
platform so a lot of people are upset
and this is a quote from a member of
parliament from Canada who went he said
our democratic institutions seem to
being up ended by frat boy billionaires
from California all right so zing des
Mark Zuckerberg you know I just want to
say this out loud here that I think if
people actually knew what brexit was
gonna do they never would have voted for
it I mean there was just such a crash in
in everything when it happened all
across the globe I mean the interest
rate on even mortgages dropped at a time
because of brexit and now they’ve got
all this legal issues of you know can we
trade with the European Union even
though they’re right next door I mean
you can literally go in a tunnel and get
to France and they’re different now I
mean there’s gonna be tariffs there’s
gonna be a vessel that are living abroad
I mean I went to Spain the summer a ton
of people from the UK we’re living there
and they were telling me they have no
idea what this means they do they have
to move back are they are they gonna
have to ask for a green card in Europe
now I mean there’s so many questions and
it’s so ridiculous it is my opinion yeah
it’s really too bad and it makes you
wonder and that’s why a lot of people in
the United Kingdom are actually calling
for a second referendum now that
everybody knows do they really want to
go through with it however the
government says
look a referendum was had and we have to
uphold it unless we can prove that there
was some serious tampering that affected
the referendum and right now the there
is a smoking gun but the question is how
effective was it and so it looks like
they’re going through with it and all
the pain with it you could also argue
the same thing with the 2016 election if
everybody had known that Donald Trump
would have won I mean a lot I would I
wasn’t expecting him to all the polls
were showing would you have moved to
California for that month and voted I
don’t think it would have made a
difference in California no go do a
swing state like Florida or some of the
other one you know it’s interesting and
back to your point
I mean how effective is political
advertising I mean I would like to say
that I’m not swayed by a facebook
advertisement but maybe I am
subconsciously I don’t know and my
opinion though on brexit is I kind of
get the feeling that most Millennials
didn’t vote for it anyways I think it
was probably the older generation that’s
not too facebook savvy however maybe you
know what they’re not Facebook savvy but
yet they’re the ones that forward these
ridiculous articles that you see all the
time right they’re the ones that believe
the crazy that these scammers are
putting out there and the conspiracy
so maybe because they are susceptible
and they are on Facebook they’re they’re
the ones that are getting sucked into
these issues fascinating well we’ll see
what happens to our frat boy from
California I think you know it’s good
but the problem is is if every
government just started petitioning him
to come over I mean you have to put a
line down and say I know I don’t live
there this is ridiculous I don’t have
time to be doing this I mean he
literally has a billion dollar company
that has been sliced in half over the
last week he doesn’t have time to fly to
Europe I mean half its net worth is gone
but he’s it’s just been sliced in half
because of these decisions because of
these issues and I don’t think it’s good
for his bottom line to stand up and say
I’m not going to one of the largest
governments in the world and and to hold
myself accountable for the actions of my
company I think that was a bad move for
his pocket and a bad move for Facebook
and he’s a global company Dan global
which means you need to take
responsibility globally and I I think it
was a big mistake well if he does have
headquarters in London I’m not sure if
he does I mean that you measure a point
there yeah and England is part of the
pen tablet with the Queen so the next
thing I wanted to talk about is actually
a really cool electronic vehicle it’s
called the Rivi in’ and they’re actually
making an electric truck and an SUV now
this is cool because Tesla has had some
really cool roadsters I mean it looks so
good and my favorite thing about
electric cars is how fast they
accelerate I mean you’re going hero to
60 in like three seconds now the cool
thing about this review and SUV is
they’re saying even though it’s a pickup
truck you can still go zero to 60 which
is 100 kilometers an hour in 3 seconds
imagine that wouldn’t that be crazy if
you were off-roading and just punching
it up a hill I mean it could be so much
fun the other great thing about an SUV
is there’s plenty of room to put that
battery in the back and I’m not sure why
this isn’t more of a thing right now
maybe because it’s so heavy so they must
have some way to make the body of the
SUV light so that it’s you know more
aerodynamic and able to with the
electric motor but you know it’s no
surprise that these things are popping
up have you heard of any other SUVs that
are being newer trucks that are being
made all-electric not hybrid trucks
there are a few rumors but SUVs tons in
fact just about every electric vehicle
that was announced
in October they’re all SUVs so Porsche
has one Audi has one BMW has one there
Volvo has like two or three so they’re
all announcing their SUVs first and it’s
because SUVs have a higher margin a
higher return than smaller cars sure and
so that’s why just about every new
electric car you hear about is an SUV
now the truck is neat
because you’re gonna have that flatbed
in the back and it’s utilitarian and
Elon Musk in fact has been talking about
a truck and he’s ready to reveal it
probably in March and he says it looks
like it’s something from oh what’s the
Harrison Ford movie Blade Runner he says
oh cool
so I think trucks are cool I think it
raced the client or Pelican brief it
sounds like electric vehicles are here
to stay but to me the problem is the
infrastructure if you have a utilitarian
vehicle like a truck that’s gonna be out
in the boonies you need to be close
somewhere to charge up and there’s
really no charging stations out by your
farm or out where you’re gonna be using
trucks and so what do you think about
the infrastructure well the
infrastructure is tricky and hopefully
these farmers will be smart enough to
put solar power on their barns and then
they could charge it there I want to go
through some really cool dats on this
truck it’s got a 400 mile range so if
you’re living on a farm even a hundred
miles away from the nearest city you’ve
got 400 miles that you can go back and
forth and you know if you’ve got a full
day of hauling lumber or whatever it is
I think 400 miles is enough don’t you I
mean absolutely 400 miles is more than
enough like I said before it goes from
zero to 60 in three seconds
it supports over-the-air updates it
seats five and has four motors so it’s
really exciting this ribbon is going to
ship in late 2020 the truck is gonna be
available in either 180 kilowatts hours
or 136 battery pack so it looks like
there’s a lot of different battery
options so they say that the r1s SUV
will be delivered in 2021 and that both
vehicles will ship with level 3 autonomy
and autonomy means that it’ll be able to
drive itself in certain situations so
this is all really impressive but it
could just be one more excuse for your
friends to ask you to help them move
yeah well I got a question I’ve never
heard a ribbing before and there’s been
a lot of companies like Faraday that
started out with a bang and everybody
was excited about Faraday and now where
are they right and you know lots of
companies try the electric vehicle what
do you know Moravian are they actually
contender to Tesla do you think they
could do it you know there’s a
possibility but one thing that strikes
me funny is why isn’t GM doing this or
why isn’t Ford doing this you know the
people that are all-american that have
been in the business for a hundred years
you know don’t they have the capital to
be able to back this up especially since
they were bailed out in 2008 they’re in
their black again you know well
absolutely they have the capital
I mean GM already has the Chevy Volt and
they’re they’re actually making a ton of
Chevy Volt so a lot of these big
companies are doing electric vehicles
they just haven’t announced any trucks
just about every company has a car
because it’s an easy platform to do and
it’s also lighter so that your batteries
can take you farther and then most of
them have an SUV where you get less
distance and you’re not as fast but the
truck is I think the next thing to come
and for me it’s really about
infrastructure but if you can get 400
miles to a charge suite sign me up right
yeah you know it’s all really exciting
and these are things that would be on my
shopping list I think I would definitely
get a truck with all electric so pretty
cool stuff if you
I know anything about the ribbon we’d
love to hear back from you it’s kind of
a new thing for us to you know subscribe
to our podcast on itunes subscribe here
on youtube and comment we’d love to hear
from you and we’re always watching their
comments and responding and you know
check us out on our Instagram and on our
Twitter too all right thank you talk to
you next week

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