Black Friday Deals – Tech Time Podcast 15

Black Friday Discussion

  • Black Friday is this Friday and Cyber Monday.
    • I just bought an NVIDIA Shield TV Box (22% off).
      • my old Minix isn’t supported anymore.
    • I also bought dress shirts (50% off).
  • Dan, do you buy clothes online?
    • Do you return clothes that don’t fit?  Zozosuit?
  • Deals
    • You can buy a real christmas tree!
    • You can buy CBD products in Canada
      • Pot Advent Calendar – 25 days of different CBD experiences. Binging?
    • Doggie DNA
    • Cell Phone Plans + 100GB or 120 GB (are some limitations).
      • Freedom Mobile – 100GB anytime.
      • Rogers/Fido + 5GB every month for 24 months.
  • What about cyber monday?
  • Where are the best deals?
    • Websites that track the flyers.
  • What are the best tools?
    • Camel Camel Camel.
    • Honey

Facebook Now Faces a Massive Backlash. But Will Anything Change?


  • Slate argues that Facebook “is a normal sleazy company now,” saying the company “obscured its problems and fought dirty against its critics” — but that now its failings are being publicly aired. And Reason provides yet another example:
  • The Times also reveals that Facebook chose to support FOSTA (and its Senate counterpart, SESTA) — legislation that guts a fundamental protection for digital publishers and platforms, and makes prostitution advertising a federal crime — not as a matter of principle but as a political tactic to tar opponents and cozy up to Congressional critics.
  • Even Steve Wozniak has joined the critics, saying this week that Facebook should “stop putting money before morals,” adding later that “I haven’t seen them do one real thing.”
  • Woz also suggested that Facebook should allow users to export their data so they could upload it onto competing social networks.
  • Now long-time Slashdot reader pcjunky reports that the same scammy ad has been running on Facebook for a full two months after it was reported. But maybe they’re just understaffed?
  • Engadget reports that over the last six months Facebook has discoverd and eliminated 1.5 billion different fake accounts — which is 200 million more than the 1.3 billion accounts it removed in the previous six months.
  • On the Blind app, one Facebook employee reportedly asked the ultimate question: “Why does our company suck at having a moral compass?” So where will it all lead?
  • According to Fortune, Senators Chris Coons and Bob Corker “warned Friday that Congress would impose new regulations to rein in Facebook unless the social-media company addresses concerns about privacy and the spread of misinformation on its platform.” But will anything change?


Bitcoin slump

Pokemon let’s go

Julian assage


Department of Commerce Could Be the First US Entity To Broadly Regulate an Aspect of AI


  • Artificial intelligence technology has the capability to be the most impactful software advance in history and the US government has no idea how to properly regulate it.
  • The US does know that it doesn’t want other countries using its own AI against it.
  • A new proposal published this week by the Department of Commerce lists wide areas of AI software [PDF] that could potentially require a license to sell to certain countries.
  • These categories are as broad as “computer vision” and “natural language processing.” It also lists military-specific products like adaptive camouflage and surveillance technology.
  • The small number of countries these regulations would target includes a big name in AI: China. Donald Trump, who has placed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese goods as part of a simmering trade war, has long railed against China’s alleged theft of intellectual property.
  • This proposal looks like a warning from US officials, just as Chinese president Xi Jinping aims to boost AI in his own country.
  • “This is intended to be a shot across the bow, directed specifically at Beijing, in an attempt to flex their muscles on just how broad these restrictions could be,” says R. David Edelman, a former adviser to president Barack Obama who leads research on technology and public policy issues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Apple Stocks hit a Five Month Low Due to Warnings from iPhone Part Suppliers about lagging Demand.


  • Last week three iPhone suppliers have issued stock warnings due to lower than expected iPhone demand.
  • Causing the Stock to drop to lowest point in Five months ($177.41).
    • It was dropping every time I checked (1.5 dollars in 5 minutes).
  • Peaked at $232 on October 3rd.
  • Apple also recently cut production for iPhone X(S & R) phones by 30%.
    • Apple has already warned that emerging markets like India are ditching iPhones for cheaper Chineses alternatives (OnePlus).
  • Apple appears to have miss read China’s demand for the XR as the price is “too high”.
  • Market is still reacting to Apple no longer publishing the number of iPhones, iPads and iMacs sold.  (A sign of expected lower volumes).
  • Hall (Goldman Sachs) wrote. “The laboratory of the market now points to Apple being at the limit of their price premium for the iPhone. In our experience with mobile phones, when pricing power is lost, consumer technology companies tend to either lose margins or market share or both.”


Playstation 5 Rumoured to have 8 cores CPU with “Monster 4k” and built in VR.

  • Playstation 5 is rumoured by “RuthenicCookie” to be announced mid 2019 but not released till May (or Nov) 2020.
  • Says it will have a 7nm octa-core AMD Ryzen processor to produce 60fps at 4k.
  • New PSVR with camera on front, no breaker box (will be in console), next gen move controllers and “gloves”.


Samsung S10 to have massive 6.7” Screen & 6 Cameras

  • The S10 is to come in many options (from budget to extreme).
  • On the extreme end, the 6.7” S10 will feature 6 cameras (2 on front and 4 on back).
  • It is reported to also feature 5g connectivity.
  • This phone won’t come out till late Q1 or Q2.
  • Add new color options (Yellow & Green).


Scientists are Redefining the Kilogram

  • The kilogram will now be defined by an Electronic Kilogram instead of a hunk of platinum-iridium encased in three cases.
  • The old platinum-iridium kilogram doesn’t always weigh the same.
    • It has gained 10’s of micrograms.
    • Even though it is encased in three jars, it can still get dusty and dirty.
    • It can also get affected by the atmosphere.
  • The Electronic Kilogram is based on the Planck Constant – A subatomic scale constant used to create the “Atomic Unit” system.
  • The apparatus that will define the kilogram using the Planck Constant is called the Kibble Balance, which makes use of the constant to measure the mass of an object using electromagnetic force.
  • What does this mean to everyday users?  Nothing. It won’t change the price of bananas – unless you buy them at sub atomic sizes.

Zozosuit: The Bizarre Spandex Bodysuit Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

  • Zozosuit is an at-home measurement system that allows you to buy clothes online tailored for only one body:yours.
  • Invented by Usaku Maezawa – Punk drummer turned billionaire.  Founder of Zozotown.
    • He is also the first private citizen to go to the moon.
  • The suit is form fitting spandex and has hundreds of white dots on a black background.
  • You use your phone to take a picture and it creates surprisingly accurate measurements.
  • Dan, would you try the Zozosuit to get the perfect fit?

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all right welcome back to tech time Matt
how are you doing over there in Canada
I’m doing pretty good haven’t you did
pretty good this weekend we actually had
a charity auction I don’t know if you’ve
ever been to one of those before it was
pretty cool we did it to help the kids
out over here and in my part of LA and
we had a bunch of ridiculous things
people could bid on and it was it was
quite fantastic what did you guys do Oh
what did we do
Sharon and I chaperoned to dance that
Branton me Laura
the kids are not the same as when we
were younger
no they’re just crazy so I said what do
you want us to do as chaperones and
they’re like well mostly just keep them
from breaking their necks they like to
do these flip flops is what does this
old Purdue lip flops kids like got his
hands out for his buddy to put his feet
on it I was like five or six flips did
you and Sharon flip-flop did you jump
into your flip-flops today I wanted to
bring up our first topic is Facebook it
seems like the whole world is out to get
facebook this week if you notice that
well I’ve definitely seen a lot of
negative press on Facebook that’s for
I’ve been watching it on the stock
market and I’ve just been feeling bad
for it it’s been plunging do you know
how much it’s been plunging like do you
have a percentage you know I’d hate to
misquote it but a lot like it
used to be in the high 160s and it is no
longer there yeah I saw some interesting
news where I guess
Mark Zuckerberg blamed his number two in
command for the whole scandal with the
politicians using the information on
Facebook and selling everybody’s info
and you know so it just sort of seems to
all this negative press just seems to be
compounding this week and it’s not just
Facebook it seems like most the test
Doc’s if not all of them are tanking
hard this week
you know those weren’t supposed to be
tears of joy and they were supposed to
be tears of sorrow it’s urine but you
have stocks in Facebook don’t you den
you know I just invest in the entire
stock market with an SMP 500 index fund
and so I guess in a way I do have a
little bit of a slice I want all of the
companies in the u.s. to succeed but
yeah specifically Facebook I don’t
here’s some interesting things you know
the websites late they argued that
Facebook is a sleazy company now which
is what I think a Facebook I don’t think
of sleaze I think of MySpace I remember
maybe snapchat can get sleazy – yeah oh
yeah I space super sleeves with the
black background music that always came
up that’s one of the things that
attracted me to Facebook when it first
came out I think it was like 10 years
ago 2007-2008 yeah it was just like a
white background you know blue labels it
was super clean looking I guess it’s
getting a little more cluttered now but
it seems like most of the animosity
towards it is actually due to the
advertising and the type of advertising
that’s going on so they’re saying that
it’s really failing and the times also
reveals that Facebook chose to support
fo sta in the Senate counterpart se sta
so that’s a legislation that cuts
fundamental protections for digital
publishers and platforms so it seems
like they’re kind of going against the
people that are rooting for them which
is surprising and I even Steve Wozniak
he’s the guy that helped found Apple
Computer yeah
where he got kicked out of the company
he was saying this week that he should
stop that Facebook should stop putting
money before morals which is surprising
he says that he hasn’t seen them do one
real thing so it sounds like the morals
to me are the types of advertising that
they’re they’re putting on one of the
users of a website that I frequent
called slash dot and said that they saw
the same sleazy ad over and over again
for two months straight and he made the
comment it’s like nobody even works
there they don’t even care what’s being
advertised they just want the money it
makes you wonder what sleazy ads he’s
seeing and what does that say about him
as an individual because isn’t Facebook
advertising kind of based on your
browser history and you know whatever
they can pull off of your Facebook page
so here’s an argument if your facebook
is sleazy does that mean you’re sleazy
I can tell you my facebook only has
wholesome advertising you know they’re
just puppy chow people running on the
beach only wholesome things on myung
what about you well what is Congress
might actually impose some regulations
on Facebook
they just said unless they address the
concerns about privacy and the spread of
misinformation on the platform and so
you know they’ve got a lot of things to
battle it’s it’s just strange how this
is all coming to a head the same week
that Apple’s stock is tanking and then
Amazon’s tanking and that yeah you know
alphabet and Netflix everything’s just
all the tech sectors kind of having a
rough go yeah the whole tech sectors
ruff go I know in video was getting hit
as well and that had a lot to do with
the Bitcoin and falling out which we may
take some time to talk about a little
bit later on so I mean there it’s not
just one specific company like Facebook
alphabet is taking a hit right now as
well so maybe it could be a little bit
of a bubble popping Dan mixed with some
down sentiment yeah I hope not
that would be really too bad right now
well one thing that’s interesting about
life is that we are slowly being taken
over by the machines robot overlords so
this you know AI is actually kind of a
scary thing that even people like Elon
Musk say if it’s not regulated properly
could actually end humanity and you know
a lot of people are saying that and one
interesting thing this week that I saw
one of the articles that caught my
attention was that the Department of
Commerce in the United States could
actually be the first u.s. entity to
broadly regulate the aspect of
artificial intelligence now what do you
think do you think it should be
regulated not well how would you
regulate it I mean you could say kind of
like what was the science fiction novel
where they create the fundamental rules
of androids like an Android will never
harm a human you know things like that
so I’m just wondering how would they
regulate it and it might just be setting
down rules but then it comes down to all
the philosophical debates you know that
a train is going down the track and you
have to choose between saving six babies
or are you watching the good place right
now is that philosophical debate and
what’s interesting is different parts of
the world value different groups of
people so for example in Japan they
value their sit at senior citizens over
their babies
right whereas like maybe you and I here
in the West we might say Oh save the
babies those old people have already had
a life so you know it’s gonna be
difficult to regulate and it will be
interesting to see what they do well you
know the interesting thing is if you
regulate it in the US who’s regulating
it in China absolutely
who’s regulating it in Israel or other
countries that you know are really
software savvy I don’t know if you can
really put a regulatory committee on it
and the terrifying thing about it is if
you teach a robot how to shoot you know
and then it starts to think the man had
a fish or shoot the robot just don’t put
any solar powers on it yeah you know
it’s been interesting the article that I
read talked a little bit about the
sanctions Trump has been putting on
China and how it all affects artificial
intelligence and it’s just interesting
well we’ll have to see if it gets
regulated and if it even becomes a thing
I mean what are the odds that it could
actually become sentient right well I
think pretty good and then the question
is what is sentient is it just some
mathematical calculations and if it is
how do you build morals and concepts
yeah let the debates begin and put it in
the comments below if you think you know
how to regulate artificial intelligence
I’d love to see it those math
calculations that are moral that’s I’m
trying to figure that out is it like
boobless on a calculator you don’t want
them doing that I hear you were reading
about Apple stock yeah so I mean to get
back to Facebook and all these tech
companies that are tanking right now
Apple stock is being hit really hard
right now and what’s fascinating about
it is there’s been this whole debate
around the iPhone tens and are they
going to improve
Apple stock or not well the answer is
absolutely not so everybody thought the
10 the 10 s and the 10 are all of these
phones are supposed to be bringing in a
ton of gold for Apple especially since
they’re so expensive but it turns out
that’s actually what’s hurting them
so just last week there were some
suppliers that supply mostly for iPhone
they came out and said hey we’re not
gonna hit our forecasted expectations
and so their stocks were lowered but
people knew well 90% of that supplier 90
percent of their stock goes into iPhones
and so not only did those companies drop
but also so did Apple in fact people
were yelling and screaming about it last
week and all the Apple deniers were
saying no no it’s not true these these
companies aren’t directly tied to it it
could be anything and then just this
week Apple admitted that they have
dropped their forecasted quantities by
30 percent for all iPhone tens so all
models are affected the the 10s max the
10 are all of them have been dropped
so that’s crazy because christmas is
coming up and i know a lot of people are
excited about buying their loved ones of
my phone 10 so interestingly it’s not
the United States demand that has
dropped it’s actually outside the United
States where there appears to be a lot
more competition from Android China was
a big area where at first Apple when
they got in there just boomed like crazy
because it was a prestige phone to have
in China well now there’s so many
knockoffs and so many other great phones
that you can get in China people just
aren’t shilling out the thousand bucks
to have a 10 r-right like and I’d be I’d
be curious from our Chinese listeners if
you’ve used both Android and iOS and
Chinese like is it a
more integrated in the Chinese software
for Android ours is does iOS to do a
better job right it will be fascinating
to see if the there is a big difference
as far as looking at Chinese characters
versus all the other alphabets that are
out there so another thing that was
interesting is Goldman Sachs who is
famous that when they make a prediction
when they say something the whole stock
market follows and it was just today
they actually downgraded their stock
valuation and they said this about the
iPhone tens and also apples premium
price tag that they put on it and this
is what they said quote the laboratory
of the market now points to Apple being
at the limit of their price premium for
the iPhone and our experience with
mobile phones when pricing power is lost
consumer technology companies tend to
lose either lose margins or market share
or both and I think we definitely saw
with some very powerful brands in the
past you have blackberry that once
dominated you had Nokia which once
Sony Ericsson which once dominated so I
think we could see I wouldn’t say the
Sun is setting on Apple but it’s
definitely getting dimmer and I I don’t
think it’s gonna be quite the prestige
device that we’re used to it being you
throw an apple up it comes right back
down right yeah that’s right it really
is shocking how low the stock is though
I mean I think it was like 232 or
something just a few weeks ago and today
I looked at it and it was like in the
180s I mean it’s yeah so I checked it
today at my lunch break and it was at
178 and a half oh my and then I came
back five minutes later and it was 177
point four so it was doing the downward
drum while I was writing this and
preparing for the podcast so you know
but what’s interesting is apples not
alone as we previously said Facebook is
dropping they’ve all dropped
approximately 20 percent so you know
this may not you could say this is just
an industry industry trend not an apple
trend well I’m surprised that the 10r
isn’t doing better in India and in the
international markets because it’s a
little bit cheaper yeah it’s a little
bit cheaper but compare it to their
options that they have you could get a
ten are for what seven eight hundred
bucks or you could get a one plus you
know 60 that’s sitting there at 500
bucks so it’s significantly less and
it’s pretty much the same phone well you
could argue that it’s not as waterproof
and it doesn’t have the Apple prestige
it’s not as snappy as Apple software but
it’s got double the RAM you know it’s
got all these great features at a much
more affordable price and I think that’s
what’s happening I think these emerging
markets don’t want to spend that much
money on a luxury item hey now I wanted
to talk to you about the PlayStation 5
that’s pretty yes is it gonna come out
next year well that’s what the the
rumors ours they’re going to announce it
next year but then it won’t come out
until 2020 so the yeah thumbs up so they
like to do that they like to get
everybody excited about it I was hoping
that they would announce it they’re
thinking maybe in May well if they
announce it in May hopefully it will be
ready for the Christmas season but it
doesn’t look like it will be in fact
there was a leaker his name is Ruth
Annette cookie him or her I’m not sure
who really the cookie is going to her or
a day anyway they had made a prediction
that Sony was actually gonna skip III
which is a big
daming convention and then all the
sudden a day later Sony comes out and
says yeah you know what we’re not going
to e3 and then everybody said oh well
what do you know Ruth in it cookie and
they said well I also know that the
PlayStation 5 is going to be announced
and unfortunately it probably won’t come
out until 2020 yes so we’re gonna have
to wait but it will be exciting to see
what it what it comes out as so the
rumors are is that it will be a 7
nanometre octa core AMD Rison processor
that will produce 60 frames per second
at 4k that’s yes you know that when I
used to game like back in the day I
would get 30 frames per second at 640 by
480 and I was like in quake
those frames per second I have a buddy
who is a competitive gamer and he
competes here on the local level and he
says it’s all about those frames per
second and for the longest time oh yeah
and it was all about sticking playing
that Nintendo on the cathode or a TV
because of the refresh rate is way
better than what you can get on LED or
LCDs and yeah so it was all about
old-school playing and you needed to be
able to see those frames to time your
moves and I was like dude that’s crazy
he’s like that’s the way it is in
competitive gaming so we’re starting to
get paid a lot of money and you can also
stream your gaming on Twitch too which a
lot of people really like to enjoy to
watch big money it is big money in fact
there’s an article that I was just
reading today about a ninja and I guess
he’s a big fortnight err and yeah cool
name ninja but that cool name ninja guy
he’s worth ten million dollars he makes
five hundred thousand dollars a month
just streaming himself playing for
tonight but you know there’s a lot of
pressure they come with these guys
because they always have to be on and
because it’s not like a basketball game
where LeBron James gets on and he’s a
star for a couple
of hours and then he goes home and rests
and does it again in a couple of days
these guys are always on like people are
watching them he has 14 million
subscribers now do you think it’s always
him or is it like his little sister
doing it a little bit while he’s taking
a nap no it is him it is him his name is
Tyler Blevins
and he is always on but it also has got
him into a lot of trouble I mean this is
I guess he dropped the n-word when he
won so he he and his buddy we’re like
hey let’s play some rap music to get
into fortnight and then he starts
ad-libbing and making up his own raps
and there’s like Orin right so that’s
not good and he also is he’s refusing to
play with women and I I don’t know he
couldn’t be on our podcast because no
problem and he’s got his own problems
and you know that’s part of the
competitive gaming world but to get back
to the PlayStation 5 it’s great the
other rumor that came out is that it
will have built in virtual reality
so I how does that even mean like does
it just mean it will come with a visor
well no actually the built in so I’ll
explain what it’s like right now my
playstation 4 Pro the virtual reality is
a separate box that runs through a USB
so it’s going through USB 3 but the
separate box is crunching all the data
it’s got its separate CPU and GPU and
it’s it’s doing it separately and then
it pushes the PlayStation 4 yeah
and then the PlayStation or outputs it
to the TV so it’s like a separate little
box but it sounds like the PlayStation 5
that little box is gonna be built into
it and so you’re already almost there
all you need to do is buy the
PlayStation the psvr that will come out
and it sounds like the next-generation
PlayStation virtual reality headset it’s
gonna have a camera in front so a little
bit like the HTC vibe and so that’ll be
kind of neat oh and they’re all
going to come out with virtual reality
gloves that’s the rumor
hmm so maybe you know a moat you can
flick your fingers and you know you can
imagine what kinds of things you can
tell people with your fingers here’s a
prediction I’m gonna make about it I bet
you they’re gonna just get rid of the
optical drive the memory I mean I I’m
trying to think of what games that I
have on my playstation 4 that are
actually blu-ray I bought a few games at
Christmas like I’ve got a Skyrim that’s
pretty cool and it’s huge so want to
keep that on blu-ray instead of putting
it on my hard drive but to be honest
with you most of the games we get
through downloading so yeah we’re kind
of downloading that okay I try to
remember it’s the PlayStation where you
get the free games every these are all
legit we subscribe to PlayStation my
days of a pirate at least for games are
long over are good for you alright so
let’s talk about the Samsung s10 again
Oh some more rumors came out about it
we’ve kind of been talking about this
every week and it’s starting to form and
it’s getting more exciting I wasn’t
excited about the circular notch that
you told me about last week what are the
new rumors this week okay so the new
rumor is there’s gonna be another
variant now there’s been rumors about a
5g s10 that was supposed to come out now
this one the 5g s10 they’re saying it’s
going to come a little bit later so
they’re gonna announce the s10 and s10
plus in February is completely stolen
from Apple’s marketing at all no no no
yes it’s Galaxy ten anyways that’s
getting out and then they’re also a
month or two later when the 5g variants
going to come out and this 5g variant is
what the rumors all about it’s gonna be
huge instead of a six point four inch
it’s gonna be a six point seven inch
screen and it’s gonna have six cameras
that’s the rumor six so you’re gonna
have to on the front like the pixel
three and then you’re gonna have four on
the back lose are you gonna do with
those four cameras like possibly be
taking a picture of that would need four
well some of them are kind of neat like
I think telephoto that’s one that you
and I have talked about before and I
love the fact that you don’t have to
have digital zoom enhance enhance even
if you use the shaky technique that
pixel does yeah which i think is still
kind of cool like let’s just mix those
two let’s use the telephoto lens and
let’s use the shaky technique and let’s
see what we can do with that so you’re
gonna have telephoto you’re gonna have
wide-angle so that you can get more
people in your pictures you’re gonna
have maybe low-light a camera that’s
special just for low-light and then
you’re gonna be combining all those
cameras and and different apertures and
things that they’re gonna take
especially in low light and you’ll just
light it right up like if you’ve seen
what the pixel three does with shine
absolutely shocking and that’s what I
want to take all the photos when things
are dark right like you’re outside I
mean the Sun sets so early now that it’s
daylight saving time and everything
comes out terrible on my old phone you
know already getting a dimly lit
restaurant or you’re in a dimly lit art
gallery or you know you’re in a dimly
lit child’s birthday party you’re gonna
be wanting to take pictures of in the
dark right so well that’s pretty cool
I’m excited about the s10 now are those
options for you being that you already
own the s9 is this something that would
make you want to switch no I
I love taking photos with my camera if
the camera is as amazing as the pixel 3
is right now and if they can do that
with 4 cameras and and steal some of
those tricks from Google
I just might because I I think that the
camera function alone might be worth it
but I’m also in a two-year contract and
so I would wait until that two-year
contract is up and 5g isn’t enough for
me to want to switch out my phone
because the infrastructure just won’t be
ready not about the fact that there
might be a yellow and green option oh
you know the pixel 3 did that with the
power button ooh they got red they’ve
got green and not pink well talk to me
about 5g real fast I mean do you even
think you’re said he’s gonna offer 5g
next year no I don’t think Edmonton will
I think they’re already rolling 5g out
in certain cities we’ve talked about
that with Verizon I think San Francisco
New York some of the bigger places
Houston might see it but I don’t think
you’re really gonna have a 5g
infrastructure until probably into 2019
early 2020 and by then we’ll really see
if that infrastructure is set up enough
that we can actually use those 5g
connections on our phones so I don’t
think it’s gonna become mainstream until
2021 2022 even but then we’ll have our
PlayStation 5s yeah in the meantime
let’s talk about Black Friday it’s
coming up let’s do it are you are you
thinking about buying anything this
Friday you know what then I am a Black
Friday cheapskate I love Black Friday
I love deals I love everything about it
and when Amazon came out I jumped all
over Amazon eBay came out I jumped all
over it how about you did now did you
get your big screen TV on Black Friday
actually I in Canada we have Boxing Day
oh yeah and so and my big-screen TVs
pretty old
we’ve only been celebrating Black Friday
here in Canada for maybe three years
maybe four years at most
ever since Amazon pushed it on you
guys yeah and it’s been pretty terrible
the last like the the first couple of
years but this year last year and maybe
even the year before it’s been just as
good as down in the States so it’s
starting to pull a lot of attention away
from Boxing Day which is the traditional
Canadian and British holiday for buying
things I was really disappointed
actually with Boxing Day sales last year
and I think it’s all moving to Black
Friday so exciting but too bad because
man I love standing out in that minus 30
weather just waiting to get into
whatever store I was trying to get to
buy my my music card remember we used to
have their sound cards for computers
that’s too old for me just kidding I do
remember I remember my soundblaster 16
and I remember everything about it yeah
so this Christmas I’ve already I hope my
children don’t listen to this but I’ve
already purchased an Nvidia shield to
replace our MINIX box really yeah why
well the MINIX box is old it’s like I
think it’s five years old already they
haven’t had an software update in a long
time watching Netflix on it it’s still
low res I can’t even get 720p on it it
thinks it’s a phone I’m guessing so this
new one the shield is by far the best TV
box that’s out there and you can get it
up to 4k my TV doesn’t do 4k but 1080p
is perfect for me so it will do all of
that I I P T or IPTV if you’re into
streaming live all kinds of great things
on the shield a ton of RAM great
software and they constantly update it
well why wouldn’t you want to do a Roku
or like an Amazon fire stick sure you
could do those if that’s what you’re
into I personally like using Android
boxes because you also have the Play
Store right so you get a lot more
functionality sure you can download
games on the Roku I mean
and dad have a Roku and my kids play
this little game and they have to share
the tiny little remote which you know
it’s okay that’s cool cuz it’s
well the shield is voice-activated too
plus you have everything in the
PlayStation Store and then they via a
shield also allows you to stream
computer games if you have an Nvidia
graphics card on your computer you can
actually stream directly to your box and
upon to your choice
I like that yeah so gamers love it I
don’t think I’m gonna do a ton of gaming
on it but it’s gonna be more for movies
and TV and streaming that way so I have
yeah yeah I was just gonna say him as
far as Black Friday goes what I was
really hoping is that I could get one of
those robot vacuum cleaners yeah yeah
yeah and I looked online and they’re not
as cheap as they were last year so I’m
really I might skip it yeah I guess it
depends on the brand here in Canada I’ve
seen all kinds of deals for Roomba and
we’re talking three hundred and fifty
dollars off but their hustle a thousand
dollar vacuum right yeah I’ve loved my
Xiaomi I’ve got a Xiaomi me I think is
what it’s called but it’s a robot vacuum
and you know I’ve talked a little bit
about her before we named her Rosie
she’s great she will be my robot
overlord someday when she becomes sent
to you yes if we don’t regulate that
right away so I have a question Dan yeah
a lot of Black Friday deals right now
are on clothing oh do you buy clothes
online it’s very rare the reason why I
like to go in the store put it on see
what it looks like I’m the same way with
glasses to I don’t like that Warby
Parker thing where they send you a bunch
and you try it it’s just I’m so wasteful
I like to go to the store there’s
something about parking at the mall
walking in somewhere trying something on
I just have a hard time with it and
returning stuff is the worst I mean you
have to go to the post office or
schedule them to pick it up and then you
have you no boxes and tape and stickers
and printout it’s just too much of a
headache for me right now it’s not it’s
not easy enough have you returned
anything on Amazon
I tried one time actually Amazon
accidentally sent me five text books
just a few weeks ago that I didn’t
purchase at all Wow yeah and so I said
hey these aren’t mine
but I’ll send him back to you and so he
said okay and then he scheduled someone
to come pick it up from my house and so
I put it on the porch and then I got a
note the next day from the postman
saying you didn’t pay for this to be
returned and like I mean yeah and then I
called them three more times and oh
we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do that
you know what by the fourth time I just
said I’m donating these to Goodwill
because you can’t get your act together
and if that’s a problem on their end
could you imagine trying to return
something normal that wasn’t their
mistake I have no no desire to return
any clothes or anything like that it
just doesn’t seem easy to me I’ve
returned a couple items and it wasn’t
that bad but I don’t have them come and
pick it up for me I just walked to the
post office which is a block away and I
just keep the original box that it came
in and then you just go on Amazon you
print out a little thing they tape it on
the box in a way it goes
so that’s actually not being too hard
but have you heard of the Zozo suit or
Zhu Zhu C so Zozo suit it’s the
brainchild of
this billionaire he’s a Japanese
billionaire let’s see if I got his name
sock amaze ah WA yes it again I said it
wrong so I shouldn’t but he started out
as a punk drummer and now he’s the
founder of Zozo town and he you may have
heard about him in the news where Elon
Musk has wanted to send a private person
up to the moon and he’s the guy that his
pants on so that he the first guy he
wants to bring all these artists up with
him so that’s this guy well he had a
problem when he wanted to buy clothes
online he says first of all I’m a small
person I’m smaller than your ad
human and when he buys things online
they never fit and he says for him who
has a more different body type than the
average he he just had terrible
experiences so he created this Zozo suit
or Zuzu suit I’m not sure how to
pronounce it maybe you guys can tell us
in the comments below if someone but
it’s this the spandex suit it’s black
and it has little white dots and you put
it on and it shows everything it shows
every chub every love handle every fold
everything in all of its glory if you
feel like it encased meat like sausage
or something walking around and then you
take your phone and you just use your
phone app and you take a picture of it
and it measures the the spaces between
all the dots it’s like hundreds of these
dots on your suit and then it gives your
measurements your shoulders your stomach
your hips your like everything and all
this sudden Facebook gets sleazy for you
I keep seeing people in a Zozo spandex
they’re not flattering what’s neat about
it is people who use it this has made
him a billionaire now you get clothing
specifically made for you not for your
body type not for your gender but for
you Dan for me
Matt and and I think that’s great so I’d
be tempted to try get a little spandex
suit some genderless clothes that could
be the future of buying clothes online
but I agree with you I like to try
things on I like to see how it fits and
I like the idea that you can always
return it if you got an issue with it
hey well that’s pretty cool I’ve had a
lot of fun today Matt that was a good
podcast we’d love to hear what you have
to say if you know anything about this
Zozo suit I want to know more about it
and if you’re feeling calm
enough to post it in the comments below
we’ve probably reposted on Twitter so
watch out it sleazy subscribe to our
podcast you know where iTunes stitcher
Spotify and will hit you up next week
I feel later

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