iPad Pro 2018 is awesome but expensive – Episode 13

iPad Pro Apple Event Oct 30

  • iPad Pro
    • 11” $799, 12.9” $999 (same price as previous MacBook Air)
    • Face ID (266 ppi), Slimmer Bezels, rounded corners, Liquid Retina Display, 4 speakers, no home button, 1 USB C
    • Storage tops out at 1TB, 8 core A12X Bionic processor (same as new phones).
      • Claim 92% faster than i7 chips.
    • Apple Pencil wirelessly charges.  
      • Old Pencil won’t work on new.  New pencil won’t work on old.
    • Support for USB-C
      • Cannot connect directly to Monitors yet.  Needs Dongle.
    • Output for 5K displays
      • only mirrors but 3rd party can extend.
    • Can buy Magnetic Keyboard $200 (That’s $1,200 with 12.9” iPad Pro).
      • Max $1899 + Pencil + Folio + BT Headphones (no HP Jack). $2,200
      • Just get a Surface Pro 6 or MacBook Air!
  • MacBook Air
    • 13.3” laptop, 2.75lbs, Retina Display, Touch ID (17% smaller and 10% thinner).
    • 8th Gen i5 dual core, 128GB – 1.5TB SSD
    • $1,199
  • Mac Mini
    • Up to 6 cores, 64GB of memory and 2TB of storage.
    • $799 (previous $499).


Apple lowers forecast for iPhone XR by 30% and Stock Tumbled Below $1 Trillion.

  • Apple announced that they will miss forecasted earnings.
  • Specifically around the iPhone XR which is their budget friendly iPhone X.
  • Stocks dropped 6.6% on Friday and is the fifth week in a row of declines.
  • Interestingly, they increased production of the iPhone 8 due to greater demand.
  • It looks like Apple users are getting $$$ fatigue and want cheaper iPhones.


Blizzard getting booed for the first time at their own event.

  • As soon as Chang opened and used the word mobile the whole crowd let out an audible groan.
  • Later during the QA someone asked him if this was an out of season April fools joke.


  • There’s exactly three problems with Diablo Immortal.
  • 1: People spent real money- 200 bucks for the tickets, probably around one grand in travel and lodging expenses- to go to Blizzcon. The convention for Blizzard. The company best known for it’s PC titles. No one is going for the next big cell phone game announcement. Hearthstone was announced at Pax for a reason, you know?
  • 2: This is a core franchise title. Hearthstone was spun off from Warcraft, but Immortal is straight up the plot of the Diablo universe in between 2 and 3.
  • 3: This isn’t even a Blizzard game. They’re not developing it, a Chinese mobile cell phone game developer is.


The Year OnePlus Started Ignoring Fans

  • OnePlus has made a name for itself selling devices that punch above the price class. The Chinese smartphone maker has also built a loyal fanbase by proactively reaching out to its users and incorporating the changes and suggestions they make in its product lineup.
  • But as the company grows bigger and embarks on a new journey — entering the United States — it is increasingly turning a blind eye to its community.
  • OnePlus releases two phones per year, and it makes sure to hype these before each debut. This year was the same in this regard, except for the obvious fan backlash.
  • notches and headphone jacks.
  • In March, OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei tweeted that users should “learn to love the notch.” The outcry was so great that Pei deleted the tweet.
  • The OnePlus 6 of course launched in May with a notch. Earlier in March, Pei also tweeted his usual annual poll about headphone jacks. The OnePlus 6T, which started shipping in the U.S. on November 1 and will hit the rest of the world on November 6, has a smaller “teardrop” notch. But as you likely already know, it doesn’t have a headphone jack. […]
  • It’s a bizarre set of decisions given OnePlus has always prided itself on giving its fans exactly what they want.


OnePlus 6T to Has Teardrop Notch & Removed Headphone Jack

  • Oct 29, OnePlus announced the 6T.
  • Synaptic’s 2nd Gen Under-screen Fingerprint reader
    • 1st gen released at CES in January.
    • 3rd gen confirmed in Samsung’s S10 – Ultrasound.
      • Used when finger is wet.
      • More secure.
    • 1st in US to have under-screen Fingerprint reader.
  • OnePlus 6T has a teardrop notch.
    • Smallest notch next to the Essential Phone.
  • Expandable Micro SD – No
    • German Retailer Otto had a short lived posting.
  • Camera
    • Front 16mp + Portrait Mode
    • 16mp 20mp + Night Mode
  • Android Pie
  • Carl Pei (Cofounder of OnePlus) confirmed the 6T will not have a headphone jack.
    • States that 59% of OnePlus customers already have wireless headphones.
    • Will have a dongle in the box.
    • Can buy USB C headphones.
    • Pros
      • More internal space.  Specifically used for battery.
      • Easier to make it waterproof.
        • Did not happen.
    • Cons
      • People love their headphones – I have bose.
      • Can’t charge at the same time as using a dongle.
      • OnePlus copying Apple again (face unlock, notch, now no headphone jack)?
  • Will be released on T-Mobile’s 600 Megahertz spectrum.  Can be used unlocked on Verizon.
  • Cost $549 (6GB 128GB) – $629 (8GB 256GB)
    • $300 off at T-Mobil ($259) with trade in (iphone 6, Pixel 1, Samsung s6, OnePlus X, 1).


OnePlus to be among the first to launch a 5G phone.

  • Carl Pei made the announcement alonside Qualcomm at the 5G Summit in Hong Kong today.
  • The OnePlus 7 will feature Qualcomm’s x50 modem and QTM052 mmWave antenna.
  • According to Qualcomm at least 2 5G phones will be released next year.


Samsung Leaker Claims the Galaxy S10 will be Bezel-less and Notchless.

  • Ice Universe got in a Samsung event in China where Samsung was talking about the S10.
  • Not only integrates in the fingerprint sensor but the front-facing camera and speaker as well.
  • FoD – Finger on Display – snaptec’s 3rd generation. Ultrasonic pulses (sound) to map finer instead of optical (picture) in this year’s phones.
  • HoD – Haptics on Display – creates sensation of buttons for games.
  • SoD – Sound on Display – the screen becomes an external speaker.
    • Can others hear your conversation?
  • UPS – Under Panel Sensors.  Camera Lens and facial recoginition sensors placed behind the screen so they are hidden but hey can see through the screen when in use.
  • Will the UPS technology be ready for the release in Q2 of 2019?


President Trump’s iPhone was Hacked!

  • A report came out last week stating that both Russia and China have spied on President Trump through an iPhone he keeps to chat with his friends.
  • The NSA has altered two iPhones for President Trump but he cannot store contacts on those phones and prefers to use his personal phone to call friends.
  • The New York Times states that China is using the information from his phone calls to manipulate President Trump’s policies towards them.
  • This is done through using his friends to influence his thoughts on certain policies.
  • Russia isn’t thought to be doing something similar because “Trump Admires Putin”.
  • Xiaomi (a Chinese company that doesn’t have a foothold in the USA due to security concerns) has invited President Trump to use one of their phones.

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welcome back to the tech time podcast we
have so much to cover today we’re gonna
talk about Apple’s event how they
announced the new iPad pro the new
MacBook Air we’re gonna talk about the
oneplus 6 president Trump’s iPhone got
and maybe some rumors about the Galaxy S
10 coming out next year and about
Apple’s stock getting slashed by 10% so
we have a ton to go through but first I
want to know how are you doing Matt are
you having a good time in Canada oh man
we are in a frozen winter wonderland
we’ve had freezing rain all week car
accidents left and right it’s almost
like everybody kind of forgot how to
drive throughout the beautiful it’s it’s
not that bad but yeah it’s time to get
the winter tires on and you know like
right when it just starts getting cold
that’s when you get all that ice that
just builds up because it freezes and
thaws and yeah it’s it’s bad but anyways
we’ll get through that we’ll be back to
the beautiful winter paradise that we’re
known for you know what terrifies me
about winter driving is the traffic
circles you guys have yeah so I just
remember one time I was taking the first
exit and I just slid right on through
really trying to pump the brakes and I
was just turning and spinning there’s
cars everywhere in the traffic circle so
here in the states we do have traffic
circles they’re just one lane and never
two lanes at least in the city that I’m
in and you know no ice at all this week
oh yeah you know what two lane traffic
circles are the way to go the problem is
as most people don’t know how to use
them and so it got a signal the
dangerous part about it is people
changing lanes in the traffic circle
you’re like no no stop or people going
too far when they’re in the outside lane
and I mean the problem isn’t with the
design the problem is with people who
don’t know how to use them and you know
absolutely and I’m gonna save everyone’s
lives here that are listening right now
that my
visit Canada or Europe if you’re in a
traffic circle and you’re not taking the
first exit use your blinker light to the
left and that way people will know
you’re not taking the first exit so
there you go
it’s a choice yield to people who are on
the what side inside or outside daddy
aware when you’re in a traffic circle
what’s going on around you yeah I’m just
gonna be looking to the inside the whole
time imagine doing it the opposite in
the UK go in the opposite direction oh
yeah inside or outside man-bird National
Lampoon’s Kids Big Ben and then they
keep driving around this big annex big
to the inside even if you’re driving the
other direction are you sure you just
keep driving until 2 in the morning when
no one else is there and then you run
away signal you know I had a pretty cool
weekend we actually went to have a soup
I so for our listeners that don’t know
about that it’s the Grand Canyon there’s
this giant waterfall that has these
majestic blue waters and in February you
can actually reserve a campsite there
and you have to hike down with your
packs and you know I was so lazy on the
way up I just bought a mule to take all
my my pack sup to the top and then that
way I could just hike the 10 miles
without a 30 pound bag on my back so it
was pretty pretty cool you’ll have to
check out our Instagram and our Twitter
for some pictures on that and the
mermaid tail yeah there was somebody
randomly had a mermaid tail there so
there may or may not be pictures of that
up well let’s get back down to business
so Apple had a big event tell us what
happened there
okay this was round two so the first
event was all about their iPhone tens
and the changes that came there and so
this one was their iPad event at least
that’s what they focused on but they
also talked about releasing a MacBook
Air as well as a Mac Mini and you know
Dan I’m actually a big fan of the Mac
Mini I thought it was a really cool
design when it first came out and I was
really disappointed that it just doesn’t
get the same kind of love that other
Apple products get so I was excited to
see a little bit more love coming I
wasn’t excited about the price because
it’s still supposed to be
budget-friendly and it is still kind of
but nothing like it was supposed to be
but anyways yeah let’s get into it so
the product everybody’s talking about
right now is the iPad pro and so as we
were talking about through leaks that we
had seen slimmer bezels absolutely this
is a beautiful iPad it’s a little bit
thinner than the previous iPad pro but
the key is is they’ve slimmed down those
bezels and yes there is facial
recognition with those little infra red
dots that come out and map your face but
Dad but no not no just gonna redesign my
game for this right now tonight I’m
gonna stamp until 3:00 in the morning
yeah they were able to keep a lot of the
I’m pretty sure the same aspect ratios
and what’s really neat about it is you
compare the iPad pro from last year to
this year and even though the screen
size is the same it’s a much smaller
footprint because they’ve slimmed down
those bezels and man it was time I mean
those bezels were just killing us cool
I’ll tell you what I’m the most excited
about it’s that USB see yeah the most
excited about and you know people were
talking on rumors about this and I
thought they’ve got their proprietary
lightning cable no way they’re gonna
switch because they have all these
speakers and you know car attachments
and plugins and they’re probably making
so much money off of those lightning
cables and the minute that they switch
it to USB see then all of these
third-party places you know can just use
the same cable for their PC as their
iPad pro now and it really takes away a
lot of the market for them but the
positive thing is now we
can use all of our peripherals you can
plug that into basically anything an
overhead projector if you’re at school
and you want to show a presentation you
can plug it into lots of things that
will give it power no dongle necessary
yeah yes we were always buy an iPhone
dongles dongles for your headphones
you’ll still need that because they got
rid of the headphone jack I mean you
could put a headphone jack thing there’s
room in there there’s room for the drop
this thing in the toilet we’re both
using our headphone jack right now right
that’s interesting
they also improved the screen so they
call it their liquid Retina display they
have four speakers that’s pretty cool so
this thing some really good sound they
got rid of home button that’s part of
shrinking the bezels and so it’s all
about the flicks and the gestures and to
be honest with you I I don’t know I
haven’t tried it yet but just from the
reviews I’m seeing not everybody’s
excited about the new gestures and it’s
a little bit harder to get to the
multitasking features that we were used
to with like a double tap on the home
button so I guess we’ll see how that
so other things that come along with
this and then let’s talk about price
because that’s crazy
yeah so peripherals you can buy a new
Apple pencil today hmm it wirelessly
charges it has a magnetic mount where
you just stick it right on top and so
your pencil doesn’t have to stick in
your ear or up your nose where you used
to keep it yeah that’s cool what’s sad
about it is it’s pretty expensive I
think it’s around 200 bucks and you
cannot use the old pencil wait wait wait
the pencils $200 of the iPads $200
groceries for a month or one pencil cool
things you could tap it to like make it
change from like eraser mode and stuff
like that
so but what’s sad about it is you can’t
use your old pencil if you bought the
pencil last year you can’t use it on the
new iPad whatever you know you just
can’t do it so you have combined the new
pencil okay so another thing you have to
buy because people say this is the
must-have peripheral is this new
magnetic keyboard portfolio that one is
$200 I saw that one and a keyboard makes
sense for $200 a pencil in my opinion is
a little bit crazy yeah and maybe it’s a
hundred maybe 150 we’ll have to like
answer down in the comments below of
what it really is but you know it starts
adding up if you’re buying all these
peripherals so first of all how much
does this cost n do you know how much it
costs to buy a new iPad pro I’m gonna
guess 599 wrong Bob one dollar Bob what
you’ve got here so for the 11 inch which
is the budget-friendly model 799 dollars
okay that’s yeah you know to be expected
okay now the 12.9 just squeaks under
$1000 for their cheapest version 999
okay how much was the previous MacBook
Air wasn’t that the same price as
getting a MacBook Air yeah that’s the
budget-friendly hurt so this doesn’t
come without the e or any of those sim
card slots now you can crank this up to
a terabyte storage you can put LTE in it
and the most expensive it’s 1809 that’s
like my iPad I mean my iMac pro now slap
on that at $200 a keyboard by the pencil
let’s even call it an extra 100 bucks
you’re gonna need bluetooth headphones
unless you want to dongle it up all the
time you’re gonna be like around 20 to
23 hundred bucks by the time you’re
finally done buying this iPad well the
thing about iPads is you can’t really
create still as well on them I mean if
you’re using this
magnetic pencil for $200 maybe you’ve
got some crazy photoshop skills and can
do a little bit of creation but yeah all
of the creative people I know they use a
laptop or a Microsoft Surface because
they need those more powerful
applications that you know are a little
more RAM hogs and the the iPad
applications I just haven’t seen them be
equal yet and you know it’s the
hopefully tasking – it’s the
multitasking you go back and forth you
take screenshots of things you put it
into Photoshop I mean that kind of stuff
is just harder to do on the iOS instead
of the Apple now this one you can do
split screen so you can have two apps
open at the same time but that’s it you
can’t have four you have this massive
screen you got a 12 point 9 inch screen
if you go for the big one and you can’t
put 4 apps you can’t do 3 it’s it’s –
and what’s interesting about this though
is the chips they are super high power I
mean you’re talking processing seven
nanos like it is so fast and what do so
many nanos what they’re saying though is
that the just running it through the
benchmarks this is a powerful device but
yet it’s still even though it would
underperform say macbook air of the same
price value it still isn’t as functional
as say a laptop so all the reviews I’m
reading basically say is it a laptop
killer no but it is the best tablet you
could buy out there if that I’m making a
prediction here me internet problems
Apple has said for a long time that they
are not merging Mac OS and iOS but I’m
calling them on it I think they’re gonna
have to if they’re gonna make these
$2,000 iPads they’re gonna need to merge
the two operating systems they’re gonna
need to have creatives be excited about
buying this and creating content on the
platform I mean I just don’t see people
creating this and this seems like maybe
something that rich rich baby boomers
would have to you know read but III just
don’t see a lot of people running out
and buying this I mean it’s a beautiful
device it really is but when you look at
the form factor that it is and how big
it’s gonna be if you’re gonna stick it
in your bag you might as well put a
laptop in your back right like it’s not
as amazing is when the the iPad first
came out it was way thinner than a
laptop and way easier to take with you
and I tried really hard to get my iPad
to replace my tablet mostly by screen
mirroring and and leaving my laptop at
work and oh that’s interesting yeah I
could do all kinds of cool stuff with it
but it I just no matter how hard I tried
I could not replace my laptop and even
today which we’re talking like seven
eight years later from when I was doing
that we still can’t do it so I agree
with you I think they’ve got to somehow
bring the software experience together
between us
iOS and and OS OS X yeah well speaking
of laptops the new MacBook Air now this
is the thing that I was waiting for in
the summer we’ve talked about it in our
past podcasts I really wanted to buy a
new Apple laptop in the summer time and
they just kept delaying it I kept
hearing rumors finally I threw up my
hands and I said I need to buy this
MacBook Pro today and of course now
months and months later they have this
reasonably affordable laptop I mean it
comes in at $1,200 yeah and you know
it’s even a bunsen worth than before
yeah yeah I read the the benchmarks
comparing it to my MacBook Pro the 2018
with the touch bar and they actually say
that for the single core processes it’s
pretty comparable where my MacBook Pro
really beats it is the multi-core so
when are you gonna start using
multi-core that’s going to be when
you’re creating YouTube content like we
do and when we are rendering things or
when you’re compiling code it’s really
for creative people if you’re using
Photoshop and you have some
an effect that you’re gonna put in your
picture the multicore is gonna make that
go a whole lot faster and process it
quicker but for the single core things
and that’s for the majority of people if
you’re gonna be word processing if
you’re gonna be using Chrome or Safari
to browse the internet or even if you’re
playing games most likely you’re not
going to tap into that multi-core unless
you’re using some pretty hardcore stuff
and so I think this is a great deal if I
could talk to myself back in July I
would say self-weight wait until
November because you’ll save $600 a
MacBook Air is amazing yeah so it’s it’s
the 8th gen I 5 dual-core that comes out
with it you get 128 gigabytes up of
storage up to 1.5 terabytes
now I’m sure that’s gonna be expensive
to stick that in there and 128 gigs
though I mean that goes so fast I mean
you basically install your operating
system is gone like you know what you
need to double that at least at least
but the big deal is they now have Retina
display so that’s good that’s what
they’ve been asking for for these
MacBook Airs for a long time so I think
it’s gonna be a nice laptop and I think
it’s gonna be a winner for Apple and Mac
Mini let’s quickly touch on it even
though it’s not the most sexy device
that Apple’s ever put out it’s gonna do
sexy yes sexy six quarters that’s what
its gonna have 60 40 gigabytes of memory
yeah and two terabytes of storage so
it’s got tons of memory tons of storage
six cores and it comes in at $7.99 so
it’s almost double it used to be $4.99
so 500 bucks
now it’s 800 bucks it’s a big price jump
but you also look at what you get with
that you get an awesome processor up to
six cores and tons of storage so I think
it’s gonna be great the portability of
taking it with you a lot of people use
them in server farms I think it’s gonna
be pretty good I I’m glad that they
refreshed it instead of just letting it
die well let me talk about the Mac Mini
for a minute I really like it because
all of us have keyboards in the garage
or a door
we all have mice from 15 years ago we’ve
all got a monitor that just is a flat
screen that we don’t use anymore yeah so
here comes this Mac Mini that you can
hook up that old technology to and you
can keep upgrading and keep those
peripherals that are fine I mean our
mice and our keyboards haven’t really
changed in the last 20 years so I like
it for that standpoint because you can
save money now who would want to buy
this Mac Mini developers because you
can’t use Xcode on Windows and it is so
expensive to buy an Apple computer just
to use Xcode I mean you have people that
are actually renting Mac computers
online just to compile their code that’s
why people get older Mac minis to have
Xcode so that they can compile their iOS
apps now here’s the problem with the Mac
Mini yeah a roommate of mine has the Mac
Mini but the problem is is it it’s only
five or six years old and it’s not it’s
not ordered anything you can’t install
the latest operating system on it and I
suppose you could say that with all of
Apple’s hardware whether it be a laptop
their iPads their iPhones you buy one of
these and you’re hoping you can use your
legacy technology four or five years you
can’t use Xcode anymore you’re no longer
able to to submit apps to the Apple
Store because it really has a shelf life
of maybe four to five years so that’s
the danger you run into there weren’t
weren’t I totally agree and this is the
cheapest way to get a Mac is to get a
Mac Mini and I think they’re cool all
right so what happened since this
announcement well Apple stock actually
rose they everybody said hey this is
great we think the iPad looks pretty
cool maybe it’s gonna bring in some
money the definitely the iPad or the air
the MacBook Air is gonna bring in a
whole ton of cash and so stocks rose and
then Friday dan do you know what
happened Friday well you know they had
their quarterly their quarterly
announcement their phone call
it’s funny I don’t know what you guys do
for budgeting but I keep track of my net
worth on a quarterly basis so I’ve just
decided to do it with Apple stocks so I
have a spreadsheet and every time that
they do the Colin you know this was how
many Macs we sold then I just put my you
know net worth on this spreadsheet so I
knew it was coming up because I was
excited to see the difference from last
time now what they did was they
announced how many units they had sold
for each individual thing and it was
actually down the amount of money they
made was up and the reason why is
because they’re charging us more for the
phones they’re charging us more for the
iPads and so they’re making more money
but they’re not selling as many units
and so then at the end of the phone call
they announced we’re not going to tell
you how many units were selling anymore
we’re just gonna tell you the bottom
line of how much money we made and
everyone lost their mind because it’s
not honest I mean look at us we’re
buying these thousand-dollar phones
$1,200 laptops we’re buying these iPads
for $1,800 and it’s making them a lot of
money but what you don’t realize is that
other companies out of China’s or Korea
Samsung they’re selling more units and
they’re more affordable and so you
really have to look at the numbers and
people were not very pleased that means
the next quarterly report we will not
know how many they sold yeah and so what
I I think you hit it right on the head
Dan if they stopped talking about units
sold we will lose the ability to track
market share and that’s what’s important
because yeah they can keep hosing us and
the fanboys will keep forking out the
cash but if the fanboys are forking out
more cash and the units are getting less
and less and less you will actually have
a stock crash as soon as people realize
how much market share is being lost and
Apple is the one who is losing market
share like crazy if you look at their
market share they owned the world five
years ago they
owned it and then as Android became more
competitive and Samsung came in and took
over as the number one cellphone
producer and then you’ve got phone
companies like oneplus and so and Xiaomi
and you know out of China these
companies are just growing like crazy
cuz their affordable
margins are tight apples margins are
great that’s awesome but they’re losing
market share so a lot of people are
asking the question is Apple in the same
position today that Blackberry was in
eight years right good point you know
it’s so interesting to watch their stock
I remember I sent you and dad an email
probably a couple years ago and it was
at $100 and they had that big scandal
where a bunch of celebrities their nude
photos were hacked and so oh yes their
stock had fallen below $100 I think it
was like 98 dollars and I I wrote you
guys and I said bye bye-bye and you know
if you had bought it it would have
doubled which is pretty cool but it’s
just interesting to see that even this
huge stock that everyone’s in love with
I mean it’s part of the sp500 it’s a
huge company even something as robust as
that can still fall overnight by 10% so
you have to be really careful when you
look at these numbers and I just find it
fascinating from an economic standpoint
so one last thing and I don’t want to
beat the dead horse with this but this
is an interesting thing that came out
they announced they were actually going
to produce less iPhone 10 ours and
that’s the budget-friendly model of the
iPhone 10 and I think there’s two
reasons why they’re gonna do it number
one is they show demand wasn’t there
like they thought it was everybody was
forecasting this phone to take the world
by storm the cheapest iPhone 10 and it
didn’t why it’s still crazy expensive
and it’s still $800 to start yeah it’s
crazy expensive so people are still
saying you know what I’m just gonna get
an iPhone 8 which is still I think it’s
only a hundred bucks less than that but
it turns out that’s where the
and is so Apple said look we’re gonna
cut back the iPhone 10 are and we’re
gonna increase production of the iPhone
8 and as far as I’m concerned that’s
kind of an ugly phone for 2018 I mean
yeah it’s got a chin like but you can
get a refurbished one for $4.99 I saw on
Apple’s website it’s an iPhone 8 so
that’s way better than $7.99 right you
know what else you can get for $4.99
what add 50 bucks in there and you can
get a one plus 60 with the greatest
process sorry I mean okay we won’t talk
about that yet but let’s let’s first
talk about another company that was all
guns-a-blazing I can’t wait to tell you
about this sorry about this frequent
redditor so I’m always on reddit seeing
what’s going on and yesterday people
were losing their minds over blizzard so
Blizzard has this thing called Blizzcon
where they announce new things I don’t
know if you remember this game did you
ever play Diablo or Diablo – of course
of course I did
so this was called up to 90 yeah this is
kind of a 90s thing you know Diablo is
kind of fun and the cool thing about it
is you could do multiplayer you could
really get into the quests people just
loved Diablo 2 and jambo 3 actually did
pretty well as well and as soon as Chang
opened he used the word mobile and
everybody’s brain melted people lost
their minds
boo he actually got booed at his own
Blizzcon so you know ii was in second
it’s like if you went to comic-con and
booed spider-man I mean nobody would do
that but people were so angry later they
had a questions and answers session
where people could go up and ask
questions and one guy said is this an
out of season April Fool’s joke and
everybody laughed and it’s funny on on
reddit there’s memes there’s videos of
just hilarious things of people making
fun of this and you know it’s it’s
really funny people wanted the actual PC
game you know and I’ve seen that
recently a lot of people are
heading back towards PC games because of
Steam people want their powerful
processors they want their big screens
to play these games and basically these
hardcore fans did not want a mobile game
here’s another problem with it this
mobile game is basically being made by a
Chinese manufacturer it’s basically a
Chinese game that’s just kind of being
made into Diablo and people are furious
because the controls are the same
everything looks the same there’s just
no originality to it I think it’s really
actually sad this is a computer gaming
company now where’s the cash of course
the money is in mobile of course
why because little six-year-old kids are
racking up mom and dad’s iTunes credit
card because they’re buying all these
little extra things so that they can
beat their buddies in fortnight or
whether it will actually fortnight’s one
of the ones where you can’t pay to win
but a lot of people pay a lot of money
and pay to win and and we talked about
this earlier about some computer games
going that way and people are losing
their minds but this is another example
of a company chasing the buck and
leaving behind what they’re known for
and what they’re known for
are great amazing and game world
altering PC games world altering I’m
telling you these games like Diablo and
World of Warcraft and many of their
franchise games change the way people
play video games and it’s like of course
they should be booed it’s like they’re
walking away from what they do great to
chase that almighty dollar it was just
like when EA with battlefront 2 started
putting all those micro transactions and
pay2win and everybody went boo
we don’t want this well that’s the thing
is as a corporation you really need to
listen to the consumer what do they want
and you need to cater to that which
actually brings me into the oneplus yeah
about it that is a corporation that’s
not necessarily listening to their fan
base look they have really great things
and like you were saying you can get
their flagship for 650 dollars which is
much cheaper than the idea can I 55 well
there you go let’s go buy it today but
they’ve made a name for themselves
selling devices that really have great
hardware at great prices and the Chinese
phone maker has also built a loyal fan
base and they’re always reaching out to
users asking them what do you like how
can we improve on this well as you know
with their newest phone it came out with
a knotch
that people weren’t excited about back
in March and then this latest one
doesn’t have a headphone jack and people
lost their minds again because they want
the headphone jack they don’t want a
knotch if you listen to your consumer
that’s who that’s who you should be
listening to or else you’re gonna lose a
lot of money and a lot of the fan base
is frankly gonna go over to Samsung
because it’s the same story over there
but possibly just designed a little bit
better and a lot more expensive that’s
true too but I got to tell you yeah
people lost their minds when they
brought the notch out and so the one or
the yeah the one plus six came out
earlier in the spring and it had a notch
was it as crazy huge as the iPhone 10 no
but it still was an ugly notch and I
gotta tell you Dan I really struggled
because I I seriously considered the 1
plus 6 but that not just had me going
and Carl Pei said embrace the knotch
that’s right he wrote that tweet did me
and Anita lead it right after
it was like the whole does everybody
went and saying over it now
I got to tell you have you seen the new
notch that’s on the sixth it much better
right it’s a teardrop notch on it’s so
tiny now if you gotta have a notch it’s
the way to go I’m still not a notch
lover but on a scale of one to ten where
the iPhone 10 is a notch that makes you
rage like the Hulk
the the oneplus six was probably a 5 or
a 6 and the oneplus 60 this new one’s
probably a 2 or a 3 on a rage scale of
10 so it’s it’s really small it’s not
nearly as obtrusive but it’s still there
but still if you gotta have a notch I
think it’s the best implementation we’ve
seen to date so this all got announced
and of course it has the first under
screen fingerprint sensor which we were
talking about last week and it’s optical
so it takes a picture of your finger and
that’s how the biometrics work it’s
slightly slower it’s a third slower than
the optical sensors that most
fingerprint readers have so some people
say they notice it some people say they
don’t I prefer to have that fingerprint
reader on the front especially when it’s
it’s docked in my car so I can just
unlock and go and you know even though I
have Samsung it has Retina display I
find myself staring at my phone yeah one
thing we did say one of the rumors that
didn’t turn out to be true is that it
would have expandable memory it doesn’t
but it does have great cameras the
cameras aren’t much different from the 1
plus 6 that came out earlier you still
got a 16 megapixel front camera you have
a 16 and a 20 megapixel on the back and
you have great night mode I don’t
believe that they have optical zoom
which is what I really look forward to
when I have 2 cameras but it’s I think
it’s a great phone and the best price
that that you can get out there for all
the flagships yeah yeah the only thing
this phone does not have
is proper waterproofing my and well it’s
still you can drop it in the toilet and
you’ll be okay but you can’t drop it to
the bottom of a swimming pool for half
an hour like you can with all these
other phones yeah doesn’t have that same
rating even when they got rid of the
headphone jack so you know that’s part
of the problem with it but and it also
doesn’t have wireless charging I’m
pretty sure that’s that’s one of the
issues but you give up wireless charging
and that extra waterproofing and you
shave off three four hundred dollars off
of the price of a cell phone if you get
and they’re no longer calling it a
flagship killer they’re calling it a
flagship great so it is right up there
with bones like the pixel three the the
Samsung nine the iPhone 10 doesn’t have
all the bells and whistles they have no
but it comes pretty darn close for a
fraction of the price yeah the processor
screaming fast the cameras are pretty
good yeah and now that price is really
great the price is fantastic in my
opinion I think this is by far the best
one plus phone that we have seen and you
know we’ll see it’s it actually looks
like it’s quite popular and the fact
that it’s gonna be released on t-mobile
oh Dan did you hear how much money you
can buy it for on t-mobile how much you
can so it’s five hundred and fifty
dollars and you can get three hundred
dollars off by training in an old phone
any phone not any they got a list but
they go way back like you can go back to
a Samsung s5 you can go back to an
iPhone I believe six and you can go all
the way back to one plus one or one plus
X which my son has I think I only paid
250 for it and you still get $300 credit
so you’re paying two hundred and fifty
dollars for a flagship phone right you
know what is the problem with t-mobile
though is I think their cheapest price
that you can get is fifty dollars a
month for their unlimited plan last time
I looked into it
and you know I just do way better with
other things I pay $19.99 for my
wireless bill and it’s five five gigs of
data so it would be hard to get back
into that you know where you’re kind of
renting the phone is that what it is you
are kind of renting it and you’ve
definitely got to do your homework and
research like make sure that the cost of
the phone is factored into that $50 a
month that’s true and see is it cheaper
so ask yourself how much would I pay
without having this plan of $50 a month
is it 35 is at 40 and then is it worth
offsetting the price of the phone in
fact when I bought my samsung s 9 plus
actually it was way cheaper to do that
which surprised me so for the last three
four years I’ve always just brought my
own device and paid a cheap for plan but
when I actually did the math I said I
can drop a thousand bucks right now on
an s nine plus and then have this
cheaper plan or for two years I can only
pay I think it was $500 for it nice plus
I get a trade-in so I mean there were
things you gotta do your homework and do
your own research cool well that’s great
and it sounds like one plus might even
be among the first to launch the 5g
phone right that’s the rumor so Carl Pei
made the announcement alongside koala
comm so this was a week or two ago and
koala coms making these 5g chips and
they said oneplus is our first baby that
will be coming out with it so you know I
think that’s great I am cheering for
oneplus the underdog has grown from
underdog to medium dog yes let’s say I’m
all about oneplus growing some more so
let’s see how that goes so some other
exciting news is there’s been some leaks
about the Galaxy S 10 so they’re saying
it might be bezel this and notch less
that’s pretty cool how big is your notch
in bezel on your s9 uh well I have no
but here I’ll hold it up for you okay if
everybody on the YouTube channel can see
this and yes that is an iPhone
background what I join it cuz I like it
you can see so the forehead is pretty
thin and so is the chin okay you can see
on the forehead you still have your
sensors you have your front camera and
you have your speaker and then down here
it’s really just the space they need for
the screens hardware that’s underneath
on the chin so what they’re saying with
the s10 is it’s gonna be bezel this now
will it or won’t it I’m gonna prophesy
now I’m gonna say the s10 isn’t gonna
quite achieve it but I think the note 10
will oh they always seem so it’s just
like the under screen fingerprint reader
the note 9 was supposed to get it but it
just wasn’t quite ready you know it
always seems like they save a little bit
of amazing technology and because
they’re working feverishly on getting it
to work so I’m gonna say we’re probably
not gonna see bezel listen till the note
10 but this is what the the forecast is
or the roadmap for Samsung for 2019 so
are you ready yeah well I really want to
hear in your current one where’s your
fingerprint readers and on the back yeah
it’s on the back how cool would it be if
it was under the screen totally cool and
what they’re saying is the new
technology is going to be sonic so the
one that we see right now in the 1 plus
6 is optical when it takes a picture of
your finger and then compares it and
that’s exactly what these fingerprint
sensors on the back and some of them are
on the side of the phone I like that
idea of on the side of the phone I’m
sure it drives left-handed people crazy
but in any case that’s optical it’s
taking a picture of your fingerprint so
the sonic is it sends out sound and will
actually tap test the depths of the
creases in your fingerprint so you get a
3d map and it’s supposed to be way more
secure than the optical where you can
actually fake it right now that’s pretty
cool yeah so that’s neat so that’s the
third generation now the other thing
that they have to do there’s a few
technologies to make it
Trulli bedless how are you going to get
the speaker underneath that screen well
this technology’s been out for a little
bit I believe there’s some Xiaomi phones
that already do it and they basically
use the screen as a mini speaker so that
the screen vibrates and you can hear it
I haven’t been able to test it out but
the reviewers say surprisingly it
doesn’t sound any different from a phone
that actually has a speaker grille in
the top cool yeah so it makes me kind of
wonder well does that mean it’s gonna be
a little bit louder for my neighbor who
sitting next to me on the bus will they
be able to hear my whole conversation I
don’t know but from what the reviewers
are saying this technology actually
works pretty good so another one so
that’s called s OD sound on display and
then they’ve got finger on display which
we talked about and then there’s haptics
on display we’ve seen this a little bit
in the past I know Apple played around
with it where they were trying to make
it feel like there’s buttons on the
screen and they’re kind of shying away
from that now I read an article that
said they’re not really doing that
anymore they’re just doing the press and
hold thing and yeah they’re not really
doing the 3d touch as much as they were
before yeah so I’m a little bit more
skeptical on this feature haptics on
display it’s supposed to create the
sensation of buttons for games so kind
of like you’re holding a controller in
your hands
and to me I don’t know if we really need
that right like we’ve already got
virtual buttons I don’t really miss the
old buttons but anyways that’s one thing
they’re working on now the big
technology this is the one that’s
blowing everybody’s minds if they can
actually do this it’s called ups under
panel sensors so what they’re doing is
they’re actually gonna put the selfie
camera behind the screen that’s
impossible I don’t know a screen that
lights up but yet it will be able to
take pictures through the screen so
that’s pretty neat and they’re talking
about putting a 3d optical recognition
just like Apple has but instead of this
gross notch that takes up most the top
anyways yeah that notch sucks it’s gonna
fly through the screen
yeah so I think that’s pretty neat so to
me that’s the game changer if they can
put sensors and the selfie camera behind
the screen we will see a truely bezel
as’ phone and who can do this
Samsung already creates most of the
screens out there for the phones that’s
true yeah they come for Apple they make
them for themselves they make them for
most of the smaller Android companies so
I think LG is making the ones for pixel
right now but still those screens don’t
match up to what Samsung can do so if
anybody’s gonna be able to pull this off
I think Samsung is the one and that’s
what I’m looking forward to if they can
get ups working for the s10 this phone I
never upgrade until after three years
but I might be tempted to yeah it’d be
pretty sweet now I know we normally
don’t go this long but I think there’s a
fun story that I want to hear about it’s
a little bit political and being that
it’s voter day today will you tell us a
little bit yeah political political I
keep singing that song we should
probably have like a little intro with
that when we work on it so Donald
Trump’s iPhone is getting hacked by
spies we love talking about spies we
love talking about President Trump and
when you can take president Trump and
spies and put them together and make a
tech story out of it this is goal it
makes our minds melt like all those
people at Blizzcon so it turns out
Donald Trump has three cell phones that
the NSA has taken apart made them super
secure I don’t know if it launches up to
Sputnik and back down well wouldn’t be
Sputnik that would be a Russian
satellite but you know I’m not sure how
they make it so secure but one of the
features they have is he’s not allowed
to keep any contacts on those three
phones probably in case somebody picks
it up they can’t figure out who he’s
calling right away right so right no
contacts so when he calls his buddies do
you think he goes to one of his secure
phones no he picks up his iPhone that
he’s had forever
nobody here bill gates right so that’s
what he’s doing and the problem is that
phone is completely unsecured in fact
with just some simple technology you can
get from Radio Shack or The Shack or you
know whatever your they’re calling
themselves these days you anybody can go
and listen to other people’s cell phone
conversations it’s not that hard and so
do you think there are spies following
president Trump around what they’re
they’re basically they’re the cup to
their ear to the wall absolutely they
are you know I heard that even there
were some reports that possibly China
and Russia had already tapped into that
phone which is insane they admitted it
oh of course we do how could they even
figure out what that phone number is in
the first place people are you know
really on top of it when it comes to
yeah so so basically Russia said of
course we listen in to President Trump
when he uses this phone it’s great but
we know he loves Putin so of course we
do nothing so that’s what Russia says
China goes oh yeah man we use it to
manipulate him because it’s got all
kinds of business ties in China so we
talk to his buddies and we’re like hey
you know president Trump’s putting all
kinds of tariffs on China and do you
think he could soften him up a bit and
by the way I heard him say this to you
about that talking about this to him
then perhaps you can alter president
Trump’s policies if this was a Netflix
show I’d watch it anyways that’s what’s
fascinating and then the best part this
is kind of the punchline to the whole
situation Xiaomi a Chinese company came
out and and they were the ones that not
only president Trump but many other
Republicans and perhaps even Democrats
stopped from Verizon sharing their
phones because the security issues
Xiaomi came out and said president Trump
our phones are secure
dating China would you like to use one
of our crazy
I really enjoyed that political story
there that you know this is great I’m so
glad you guys are listening to us on the
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