Tech Time Podcast – Apple October Event new iPads

Apple To Announce New iPads on October 30

  • Apple will hold its next big product announcement in New York later this month, the company said today.
  • BuzzFeed News: It’s the first time Apple, which usually holds these events in the Bay Area, will roll out new devices in New York City. It’ll happen at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, on October 30.
  • The company is widely expected to refresh its iPad and possibly the MacBook Air lineups at the event.
  • iPad with smaller bezel, faceID (look more like an iPhone X)

Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme

  • A new investigation uncovers a sophisticated ad fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites, some of which were targeted at kids. None were installed on Apple hardware
  • Last April, Steven Schoen received an email from someone named Natalie Andrea who said she worked for a company called We Purchase Apps. She wanted to buy his Android app, Emoji Switcher.
  • But right away, something seemed off. “I did a little bit of digging because I was a little sketched out because I couldn’t really find even that the company existed,” Schoen told BuzzFeed News. The We Purchase Apps website listed a location in New York, but the address appeared to be a residence. “And their phone number was British. It was just all over the place,” Schoen said.
  • It was all a bit weird, but nothing indicated he was about to see his app end up in the hands of an organization responsible for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in ad fraud, and which has funneled money to a cabal of shell companies and people scattered across Israel, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, Malta, and elsewhere.
  • The Google Play store pages for these apps were soon changed to list four different companies as their developers, with addresses in Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Russia, giving the appearance that the apps now had different owners. But an investigation by BuzzFeed News reveals that these seemingly separate apps and companies are today part of a massive, sophisticated digital advertising fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites connected to a network of front and shell companies in Cyprus, Malta, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Bulgaria, and elsewhere.
  • More than a dozen of the affected apps are targeted at kids or teens, and a person involved in the scheme estimates it has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from brands whose ads were shown to bots instead of actual humans.
  • This means a significant portion of the millions of Android phone owners who downloaded these apps were secretly tracked as they scrolled and clicked inside the application. By copying actual user behavior in the apps, the fraudsters were able to generate fake traffic that bypassed major fraud detection systems.

Silicon Valley’s Dirty Secret: Using a Shadow Workforce of Contract Employees To Drive Profits

  • As the gig economy grows, the ratio of contract workers to regular employees in corporate America is shifting.
  • Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and other Silicon Valley tech titans now employ thousands of contract workers to do a host of functions — anything from sales and writing code to managing teams and testing products. Does apple do this as well?
  • This year at Google, contract workers outnumbered direct employees for the first time in the company’s 20-year history. It’s not only in Silicon Valley. The trend is on the rise as public companies look for ways to trim HR costs or hire in-demand skills in a tight labor market.
  • The U.S. jobless rate dropped to 3.7 percent in September, the lowest since 1969, down from 3.9 percent in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some 57.3 million Americans, or 36 percent of the workforce, are now freelancing, according to a 2017 report by Upwork.
  • A spokesperson at Alphabet cited two main reasons for hiring contract or temporary workers. One reason is when the company doesn’t have or want to build out expertise in a particular area such as doctors, food service, customer support or shuttle bus drivers. Another reason is a need for temporary workers when there is a sudden spike in workload or to cover for an employee who is on leave.
  • Copout. Lame for a multi-million dollar company

Google App Suite Costs as Much as $40 Per Phone Under New EU Android Deal

  • Android manufacturers will have to pay Google a surprisingly high cost in Europe in order to include Google’s Play Store and other mobile apps on their devices, according to documents obtained by The Verge.
  • : A confidential fee schedule shows costs as high as $40 per device to install the “Google Mobile Services” suite of apps, which includes the Google Play Store. The new fees vary depending on country and device type, and it would apply to devices activated on or after February 1st, 2019.
  • But phone manufacturers may not actually have to shoulder that cost: Google is also offering separate agreements to cover some or all of the licensing costs for companies that choose to install Chrome and Google search on their devices as well, according to a person familiar with the terms. Google declined to comment.
  • Since Apple makes its own phones no increase in price would be necessary.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Book 2, a 2-in-1 Windows 10 S Hybrid With Gigabit LTE and 20-Hour Battery Life

  • At an event in New York City today, the Seoul, South Korea electronics giant took the wraps off of the Galaxy Book 2, a Windows ultraportable powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 chip.
  • From a report: The only catch? It runs Windows 10 S, a slimmed-down version of Microsoft’s operating system that can only run applications from the Windows Store — specifically Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and Win32 apps that Microsoft has explicitly approved (including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office). NO VR Etc…
  • You can upgrade to Windows 10 for free, of course, but it’s an emulated experience. But if that doesn’t bother you, you’ll be able to pick up a Book 2 at AT&T, Microsoft, and Samsung stores online for $999.99 starting November 2, 2018. It’ll hit brick and mortar at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon later in the month.
  • The Book2 — which measures 11.32 x 7.89 x 30 inches and weighs in at 1.75 pounds — looks sort of like Microsoft’s Surface.
  • Its gorgeous 12-inch 2,160 by 1,440-pixel AMOLED display (216 pixels per inch) is fully compatible with Samsung’s S Pen stylus, which comes bundled in the box (along with a detachable keyboard that attaches magnetically to the bottom bezel), allowing you to scribble notes and mark up documents easily.
  • The screen’s paired with stereo speakers tuned by Samsung subsidiary AKG Acoustic with support for Dolby Atmos, a premium audio format for multichannel surround sound setups, and there’s two cameras onboard: a front-facing 5-megapixel camera on tap and an 8-megapixel camera on the rear.
  • Under the hood is the aforementioned Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 system-on-chip paired with 4GB of RAM, comprising four high-performance processor cores running at 2.96 GHz and four power-efficient cores clocked at 1.7 GHz.

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so Matt we’re on this is podcast number
11 the exciting thing is we’re doing
YouTube live now so if you have comments
if you’re coming in type them for us
we’d love to chat with you and see how
you’re doing
but let’s get started now we’ve got lots
of things to talk about but first how
was your weekend you know what it was
just one of those weekends that with a
little bit lazy on Saturday and
winterized old Boris the Motorhome so
that was good to finally get that off my
plate but Sunday morning I had a bit of
a scare I forgot I had to speak in
church and my alarm went off at 8:30 and
it was in a different congregation than
I normally go to and they start at 9:00
and so I looked at my watch as like when
I looked and I had prepared nothing I
wrote my talk up on the stand
pretty cool went to Disneyland oh nice
Laguna Beach you know you can’t really
beat it life is good
but what’s really cool is actually this
weekend I’m going to the Grand Canyon
have you heard of how’s it Havasupai
Falls oh yeah of course yeah it’s really
cool about eight months ago we got
permission from the Native Americans to
cross over into their land and do the
hike and so we had to call their office
and call them like a million times we
finally got ahold of someone and so
we’re doing it yep I’m getting my new
backpack tomorrow in the mail and I’ve
got a special special sleeping bag that
hopefully will go down to 20 degrees
and jazz on prime that is that except
for I’m too cheap for Amazon Prime I
don’t know if I’m the only one out there
that does this but typically I’ll wait
six to eight days for my Amazon stuff
really really cheap yeah anything over
twenty five bucks is free shipping isn’t
it yeah just have to wait for it but
this time I was like shoot I knew that
by this weekend so I paid twenty dollars
but guess what twenty dollars is cheaper
than 119 or whatever Amazon Prime is am
i right yeah absolutely I gotta tell you
although I do enjoy watching Amazon
Prime the guy in the high castle Castle
electric trick this is a good one it’s a
lot like a black mirror that one’s
pretty good
oh I haven’t checked that one out yet
it’s a little bit dark but you know a
lot of fun black beers dark too
the other cool thing that I noticed have
you noticed a lot of other companies are
trying to compete with Amazon for
example Walmart and Costco so you can
actually have Costco ship you basically
anything in two days free because you’re
already paying the fifty five dollars to
be a member and so I have all my protein
powders and all of my ridiculous things
from Costco that I don’t want to
actually go to Costco and buy yeah I
just happen it’s out at my doorstep in
two days and I don’t have to battle with
like 160 year olds that are also there
you donated there for their ice cream
every time I I’m a big spender when I
take everybody out for lunch at work I’m
like let’s go to Costco every time I go
for a hot dogs I run into like some
people that we grew up with into Milt
Lybrand and Dan Butler eating their
cheap ice cream every time I go I run
into somebody like that like mom and
dad’s age having a cheap ice-cream or a
cheap hotdog you know the baby boomers
love Costco you are there there
by the way Milt LeBaron and for our
podcast listeners he has been a Costco
fanatic since the 1980s when it is true
that’s true yes she had a membership
before regular people could get a
membership yeah you know back when only
small businesses and and he was in the
know you know yeah he’s still there all
the time and everybody’s like how do you
know I’m like they’re like you know
everybody in sure Park i’ma just the
people at Costco well now you can get
your things shipped to your house I’m
afraid you can’t get the dollar 50
hotdogs also I’m really jealous that you
get poutine at your Costco yeah and I’ll
tell you what the gravy there is the
best poutine
maybe Burger King’s number two but I
like Burger King poutine I’ll have to
try Burger King poutine although I like
McDonald’s fries they’re there gravy
just is not good on there poutine I’d
say if I had to rate it KFC’s at the top
Costco’s number two and Burger King’s
number three AFC’s gone downhill they
used to use the drippings from the
chicken that’s what I like but they
don’t do it anymore that’s unsanitary
it’s dangerous so no it’s like it’s not
the same den it’s just not the same okay
well things have changed well we have a
great show ready yesterday you know
we’re gonna talk all about the new Apple
event that’s going on at the end of the
week we’re also going to talk about
different apps that are exposing people
to fraud schemes we’ve got new Samsung
products we’re gonna talk about and yeah
you know I just wanted to talk about the
Google Play Store I know we brought it
up before Google Play has always been a
little bit looser with their
applications so they allow their
developers to submit things a lot easier
than the Apple App Store does now
recently they’ve cracked down a little
bit more on it but I
reading an article this week about a new
investigation that uncovered a
sophisticated ad fraud scheme involving
more than 125 Android apps and websites
some of them were targeted at kids so
last April
this reporter received an email from
somebody named natalie andrea who said
she worked for a company that purchases
apps she wanted to buy his android app
and so this reporter had like an emoji
switch or app so right away something
felt a little bit off he did a little
bit of digging around because when he
looked on the website the company didn’t
even really exist it was just a house
address on the Google Play Store and
then after that it looked like it was
based in Cyprus in Europe so everything
just seemed a little bit strange and
their phone number was British so it was
all over the place so then when he
reached out in to BuzzFeed to
investigate a little bit further they
found out they were actually ripping
people off of millions of dollars with
these hundred and 25 apps from the App
Store and the Google Play app store so
this is massive and this is huge and
there’s a couple things about Google and
Android that are a little bit different
than Apple and the App Store so for our
podcast listeners if you’ve got an Apple
phone when you download an app you know
typically Apple really looks into the
company that’s making these apps they
make sure that it runs well I’m a game
developer myself and they had people
playing my game for hours and taking
screenshots before they even approved it
for the App Store Google Play it’s a
little more overwhelming for them they
have more users they’re not quite as
sophisticated and so you can get away
with releasing a lot of things easier on
the Google Play Store not only that but
with Android you can actually download
Android apps from any website without it
going through the Google Play Store so
that opens up owner abilities now I
think this is sketchy way to get your
sideloading is is the term that it’s
called in fortnight’s kind of doing that
but there are a little
more reputable but the thing about this
is you know they’re going in there
attacking kids because they know that
parents aren’t really supervising their
kids when they’re on their phone a lot
of parents I see it all the time they
give their kids tablets they give their
kids phones and they say here play with
this and unbeknownst to them their kids
are downloading these games off of the
Google Play Store that look fun and it
turns out 125 of those games have
malware that are actually racking up
millions of dollars and so you know it’s
pretty clever I was reading through how
they did it what they did was they kind
of made it seem like the kids were
looking at Google advertisements so
really it looked like it was ripping off
but you know this is just a warning out
there that when you download apps
instead of just clicking on anything
make sure it’s reputable make sure
there’s an app as well on the Apple App
Store because that one’s going to be
well vetted so you know watch out
absolutely so how were they getting
money were they just convincing kids to
download other apps like how did the
malware collect money yeah it says here
that for a significant portion of the
millions of Android owners who
downloaded these apps they were secret
or secretly tracked as they scrolled and
clicked inside the application so by
copying actual user behavior in the apps
the fraudsters were able to generate
fake traffic that bypassed major fraud
detective systems so it sounds to me
like it was just kind of showing
advertisements for Google probably
seeming like they were the actual user
the actual patron of the game when
really it was fraudsters in the
background I think it was probably with
advertisements with Google interesting
okay so Dan you’ve got another one here
that talks about Silicon Valley’s dirty
secret and it looks like it’s it’s using
contractors they call it a shadow work
force why don’t you tell us a little bit
about what’s going on there well this
gets me really angry I don’t know what
the job situation is like in Canada
I know here in the States whenever you
join a big company instead of offering
full-time we don’t have free health care
like you do they just offer contract
work and so they say you know we’ll give
you 40 hours of contract work but you’re
not going to be a full-time employee
what does that mean that means you don’t
get a 401k that means you don’t get
health insurance means you don’t get
vacation time if you don’t go to work
you simply don’t get paid and what’s
frustrating is is now the big companies
are doing it this isn’t just mon pop
places that can’t afford health care
this is Google this is Amazon this is
Apple this is huge companies that have
tons of money that should hire people
full time so that you know if they get
fired they have a severance package or
if they have kids they have a health
care package and people are saying yes
to this because the unemployment rate
has never been this low and so lots of
people are getting jobs but these jobs
aren’t real jobs their contract work its
gig economy work its side hustle work
and it’s frustrating that they’re
working 40 plus hours and they’re not
getting a guarantee I know personally
when I started my job that’s how it was
that was a contract worker for the first
two years and when they finally switched
me over to full-time you know you see
benefits and it’s just such a relief as
well if you’re trying to buy a house
mortgage companies really want to see
that you’re full-time and not a contract
work because it gives you a little more
reputable with with your money anyways
and so I just thought it was frustrating
that these huge places go Google
Facebook and Amazon uber and other
Silicon Valley tech Titans are just
doing contract work so they reached out
to them and they said why are you doing
this and they revealed it was because
they wanted to trim HR costs which makes
sense for their bottom line but it it’s
frustrating for for tech workers you
know it’s fascinating because I started
my career same as you on contract
straight out of university and Canada
actually changed our tax laws around
being a numbered company or a limited
company and you actually have to prove
that you have more than one customer so
for example if I was hired by Apple here
in Canada then I would have to show if I
was a contractor that I had more than
just Apple as a customer or else I would
be deemed an employee and in fact the
Canadian government has gone after
companies that have done this and said
by the way Matt is an employee because
you give him 40 hours a week and he has
no other customers and so now you owe
the government your portion of the taxes
that you normally would have paid if he
had been an employee so I know in the
state’s you got fika and sudha and
different states have different benefits
and taxes that the employer has to pay
and so it’s the same in Canada we have
Canadian pension plan CPP we have
Employment Insurance GI and the employer
has to pay half now if I was a
contractor I have to pay all those
things myself so I still have to pay
into the Canadian pension plan I still
have to get my employment insurance but
my limited company or my numbered
company would pay though that portion
for me and then I would pay my own as
well so in Canada it’s interesting that
since the crackdown we’ve seen a lot
less contract work but when I started in
oil and gas and heavy and industrial
just about everybody was a contractor
and some people really liked it because
it normally meant you got about 20 to 25
percent more on your out your hourly
rate and with that you could go out and
purchase your own insurance and you
could put away your own retirement
savings plan money so is that different
than what’s happening in the u.s. like
if I went to go get a job with one of
these companies in Silicon Valley would
they say oh you’re
contract for $40 an hour or you could be
a permanent employee at $40 an hour or
would they say contract you get 45 or 50
from this article it seems to me that
people are starting off with contract
work it makes it easy to fire someone
they don’t have any protection true yeah
and it’s it’s frustrating and I think
only the people that have been there for
several years are now getting that the
full time work they may offer an olive
branch to people that are very talented
in the industry but it seems to me that
this is kind of the way it’s going in
the future and you know quite frankly I
think it’s frustrating especially
because the companies are so rich yeah I
mean they can’t afford it and you know
they’re really looking at their bottom
line and it seems like that’s kind of
the way of the future of the the
full-time employees out the door and the
contract employee is and so well you
guys need to be like good old left-wing
Tanit up here and crack down on that
alright you know we were talking last
time about how remember how Europe was
was telling Google that they needed to
start separating all of their
applications from Android that includes
the Google Play Store that includes the
Google suite of office suite it includes
even their messenger chat anything
Google well it turns out this week that
it’s been revealed that now Google is
going to charge companies $40 a phone in
Europe if they choose to use the Google
suite and so that’s kind of putting a
price tag on it and do you think $40 is
fair absolutely they give away their
their software for free so you can put
Android on a phone for free I mean
that’s the whole reason why it’s free is
so that Google can benefit from their
apps being used so yeah absolutely
I don’t think this was a surprise to
anybody that Google was gonna put a $40
price tag on it per phone we all knew it
was going to happen and that’s the exact
reason why the EU actually wanted
this way now it’s incentivizing Android
phone makers the hardware side of things
to actually create their own apps very
similar to what Samsung does so for
example you get a Samsung phone you’ll
have Samsung’s email client you’ll have
Samsung’s browser those types of apps is
exactly what the EU wants to see is some
competition and trying to break that
monopoly that Google has over Android
here’s kind of a cool thing though
they said that if you use Google search
with Google Chrome on the phone it’ll be
free then they won’t charge the $40 so
that’s kind of a fun workaround yeah
that it’s an interesting workaround I
had no idea they would do that ok so now
everybody wants to talk about Apple
announcing these new iPads and and Macs
in October so this is gonna happen
October 30th
you know remember Matt I bought this new
MacBook Pro back in July and I was
really trying to hold out for the
regular MacBook refresh yes you know
there were rumors oh it’s gonna come out
in August oh no just kidding it’s coming
out in September well the latest rumor
is is that the new MacBooks are gonna
come out in October so October 30th
which is exciting and we might see a new
MacBook Air which is very long overdue
for a refresh very my regular MacBook
lineups I don’t think they’re gonna
change anything about the pro since that
came out this summer but these are very
exciting things so what does that mean
it’s gonna be faster processors it’s
gonna be faster graphics chips hopefully
more harddrive space that’s kind of the
the rumors that I’m hearing now for that
for the actual max and battery life
should remain consistent now another
cool thing is the new iPads that they’re
thinking about launching have you heard
anything about the rumors there yeah
absolutely in fact that’s what everybody
was expecting to come out at the same
time that they announced the new iPhones
and traditionally they’ve done both the
iPad and the iPhone at the same time so
sure why they push the iPad back maybe
they’re gonna do something spectacular
and they wanted to have just all the
buzz about that once everybody went out
and bought their new iPhone or maybe
they just weren’t ready
or maybe the IMAX weren’t quite ready so
I guess it all depends on how you look
at it we’ll find out on the 30th but
these new iPads they’re supposed to have
slimmer bezels hallelujah I mean all the
other tablets out there have had slimmer
bezels for a long time but you know iPad
just seems to be a little bit behind the
times when it comes to that and you’ve
got a note here that they’re gonna have
face ID I hadn’t heard about that so
that means they’re gonna have those
infrared dots go all over your face very
cool it’s gonna have a knotch
yes you know it’s interesting about this
announcement it was actually just
dropped like what three four days ago so
it wasn’t like they gave the tech world
a whole bunch of notice they just said
oh by the way in two weeks we’re gonna
have an event well remember a couple
weeks ago in our podcast we talked about
all the phones that are gonna be
released throughout the month of October
well October 30th was one pluses big
reveal of the oneplus 60 which is one of
the most look forward to phones that are
coming out this year and now oneplus is
going it’s like when a bride is at her
wedding and then this sister-in-law has
a baby that same day they changed it to
the 29 and you know there’s smaller
company but they did not want to share
the limelight with Apple even though
there’s no new phones
everybody’s gonna be talking Apple Apple
for at least three or four days after
the apple of it so it was wise that they
put it on the twenty-ninth yeah yeah
they did I thought that was interesting
and and I I totally agree with that move
the only extra thing I want to say about
this is if they do make the knotch on
the iPad it’s gonna be another freaking
resolution that I’ll have to program
into my face just a little rant I’m
putting out there oh no not on on
tablets please please no notches
alright so Samsung is announcing their
galaxy book 2 this is a two-in-one
Windows 10s hybrid with gigabit LTE and
20 hour battery life so this is pretty
cool it’s a lot like your laptop that
you have that you have the surface pro
right I do yeah the only thing about
this and you know I was getting excited
reading about it but the frustrating
thing about it is it actually comes with
Windows 10 s so that’s kind of a boiled
down version of Windows that runs on
certain chips um this isn’t an Intel
chip this is going to run on the
snapchat Snapdragon 850 chip which as
you know is kind of a mobile chip that’s
geared more towards cell phones very
powerful chip but you’re just not going
to be able to run normal applications so
what does Windows 10s means it means
that you can only download games from
the Windows Store yep now there are a
lot of programs on the Windows Store
obviously Microsoft Office is is on the
Windows Store and that’s very useful
their web browser edge is on there
basically it’s you know if you gave this
to mom or dad they’d be happy but if
it’s somebody that wants to run virtual
reality if it’s somebody that wants to
run steam games or if it’s somebody that
just wants to run legacy apps maybe
they’ve got an accounting app that you
know or maybe QuickBooks I don’t know
that’s on the Windows 10 store you’re
gonna have to emulate it so there is an
emulator that you can get you can
actually technically run 32 windows 32
apps but you know emulation is
always terrible it’s always slow and
you’re not gonna be gaming with that
you’re not going to be loading up
fortnight or Tomb Raider or whatever it
is that you play quake it’s gonna do its
weight quick way too slow it’s gonna
start at about a thousand bucks which I
thought was four that’s actually the
same price as the the iPhone 10s you
know it’s it’s very reasonably priced
and the cool thing about it is it has a
beautiful screen so it’s a twelve inch
AMOLED screen and it’s fully compatible
with the Samsung S Pen Stylus which I
know a lot of people like to do when
they mark up PDFs if they’re you know
students in a class or if they’re
artists a lot of people like to have
that that pen that’s detachable as well
a detachable keyboard and very small
bezel they also said that the the
speakers are really great with Dolby
Atmos and it’s got really great cameras
too so under the hood they’ve got the
snapdragon 850 chip that comes with 4
gigabytes of RAM and the processor is
almost three gigahertz and there’s
there’s a four cores so I mean this is
kind of a beast but how frustrating that
you can’t run real Windows on it you
know for a thousand bucks that that’s my
problem for a thousand bucks just go get
a surface pro and yeah there they even
start cheaper than that so yeah thousand
bucks go get a surface pro you’re gonna
have a real laptop you’re gonna be able
to run real applications without having
to go to the Windows 10 store and I
gotta tell you I’ve played around with
Windows 10 s and it’s a pretty good
operating system but I would prefer
Chrome OS if I had to choose so I think
that was a mistake I’d love to get a
debate going down in the comments or you
know have listeners angrily defend
Windows 10s on the Windows Store said
nobody ever that nobody ever and it’s
even a stripped down version
word so it’s not even the full version
of word that usually yeah I mean it’s
optimized for a tablet so I noticed that
they have a Samsung S Pen Stylus so
that’s great we’ll be able to handle
that but you know what so can a surface
pro so for that kind of money I always
have to compare to the service pro and
that is such a wonderful device at a
great price point and it just doesn’t
seem like it’s worth it to me now your
surface pro you can use a stylus on it
to write simple keyboard but it actually
runs the full-blown Windows 32 now full
shebang I I used the pen but really not
that much I used it more at the
beginning just because it was a novelty
oh look I can draw a little like now you
can see my doodles on my notes when I’m
in a meeting it is still pretty neat and
you know I’ve helped my kids with their
homework by being able to draw stuff out
and it’s fascinating on like especially
OneNote on the surface Pro because I can
handwrite and I can still search OneNote
and it will search my handwritten notes
yeah it’s pretty fantastic but honestly
it’s just faster to take that little
tablet with the keyboard into a meeting
and type on the keyboard than it is to
scribble it just way faster but in any
case you know I I wish Samsung luck with
this hybrid but I think they really made
a mistake when they went with Windows 10
s I don’t think you can even have the
real Windows with these Qualcomm chips
now there they must be really good at
battery life because I mean this thing
has 20 hours of battery life I wonder if
they threw in an Intel chip if it just
would be like eight hours or ten you
know it would be the same as what you
get in the surface pros or in the
MacBook Airs for that now how many hours
do get on your surface pro I get about
eight well actually that’s the way it
started was eight and it all depends on
what apps you’re running of course so if
you’re doing some heavy gaming like if
you’re running steam you’re not gonna
get a
you might get three or four I’ve had a
few apps really surprised me like for
some reason Adobe PDFs can suck the
battery life really fast sometimes even
just web browsing depending on what
websites I’ve got in the background
going on they could drain my battery so
I usually get anywhere between three and
eight hours I probably say average five
could you so this is actually a really
big advantage if you think about it I
mean this is like having a cell phone
but a computer and it lasts for 20 hours
I mean you could do that for a couple
days and take it to work type some notes
if you’re not doing games I mean it can
really be a good thing absolutely I mean
if you’re an international traveler and
you’re gonna be stuck on a plane that
doesn’t have an outlet to charge or you
know you’re gonna be sitting in the back
of a cab you know who knows and that I
think that’s that’s really what the
sales on this would be if you need a 20
hour battery then by all means this is
exactly who should go out buy it and you
know these days most people just use web
browsers anyways I mean I even do my
taxes on the web browser I don’t have
anything you know it’s pretty dude so
that’s why Chromebooks are becoming so
popular especially in the classroom the
great thing about stuff like that is
there’s not a lot of viruses for this
stuff because it’s new you know these
operating systems haven’t been around
for a whole lot of time and it’s just
harder to break

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