Tech Time Podcast 9 – Google Pixel 3 XL Home Hub and Pixel Slate

Google Event 2018: Pixel 3 Pixel 3 XL Google Home Hub Pixel Slate

  • Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL – Exactly what we thought it would be.
    • Starts at $799 – $999 (128gb XL).
    • XL = 6.3” QHD+ Flexible OLED at 523ppi, Notch!, 40% louder speakers.
      • Finally –  Wireless charging and IPX8 Dust & Water Resistant (Pixel 2 IPX6).
    • Single camera on Back, Two Selfie Cameras. = All about AI!
      • Top Shot – Takes multiple pictures – AI to pick the best.  You can scroll through too.
      • High Rez Digital Zoom. – Uses AI to increase the Pixels using the wavering of your hand when you take a picture.  Let’s see!
      • Night Shot – Said, “Don’t use your flash again”.  AI – Multiple layers and apertures to get amazing color in the dark.  Let’s see!
      • Moving Focus – AI identifies people/pets and keeps the focus when it’s moving.
      • Wide Selfie – Two front facing cameras to create an extra wide image for lots of people in the selfie.
    • Screen Call – Google Assistant, will answer and you can read the text as the person replies, “This is your captain speaking”.
  • Home Hub – Screen to Google Home
    • 7” Screen. BT 5.0,  Should have good sound.  
    • $150 – Cheaper than Amazon Show.
    • Can’t adjust the angle.
    • No camera – I want one.  Many freak out.
  • Pixel Slate
    • Chromebook/Tablet – Definitely competing with the iPad Pro.
    • Decent camera on the back (not sure if it gets all the AI of Pixel 3).
    • Folio – Magnetic keyboard, silent type, full trackpad + Cover.  Optional Pen.
    • $799 (Slate) + $199 (folio Keyboard) + $99 (Pen) = $1k (Surface Price).
      • I would rather have a full Windows Laptop (Surface Pro 6) for that price ($899 + $99 keyboard).

Tesla Model 3 Achieves NHTSA’s ‘Lowest Probability’ of Injury Ever

In a blog post on Monday, Tesla said that the Model 3 has been deemed to have the lowest probability of occupant injury than any vehicle ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Drive reports: Since 1979, the regulatory body has implemented the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) which, through a series of tests, ultimately produces a rating for a new-to-market vehicle based on how well it performs in a variety of safety-related tests. Over time the test has evolved to assess the injury to occupants based on data gathered for front, side, and rollover crashes. During the NHTSA’s previous tests of Tesla vehicles, the Model S and Model X, respectively, became the two vehicles with the lowest probability for injury, outpacing all other automakers. The Model 3 has now widened that gap as it takes the new number-one position on the leaderboard for the safest overall vehicle for occupants. The California-based auto manufacturer acknowledges the car’s low center of gravity as a major factor in its gracious performance in rollover tests. Similar to The Model 3 places its heaviest component, the battery pack, into the floor, so this helps improve the overall stability and rigidity of the car, making it perform excellently in rollover crashes. Additionally, the automaker gives a subtle nod to its engineering team for their design of the vehicle’s crumple zones. Working in conjunction with airbags placed in the front of the vehicle and at the occupant’s knees, the Model 3 was able to safely control the deceleration of passengers in frontal crash tests.

Microsoft Rereleases Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Fixes Data Deletion Bug

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Microsoft is re-releasing its Windows 10 October 2018 Update today, following the company pulling it offline due to data deletion issues over the weekend. The software giant says there were only a few reports of data loss, at a rate of one one-hundredth of one percent. “We have fully investigated all reports of data loss, identified and fixed all known issues in the update, and conducted internal validation,” says Microsoft’s John Cable, director of program management for Windows Servicing and Delivery. Microsoft is now re-releasing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update to Windows Insiders, before rolling it out more broadly to consumers. “We will carefully study the results, feedback, and diagnostic data from our Insiders before taking additional steps towards re-releasing more broadly,” explains Cable. It appears the bug that caused file deletion was related to Windows 10 users who had enabled Known Folder Redirection to redirect folders like desktop, documents, pictures, and screenshots from the default location.


Google Launches Third-Gen Chromecast With 60fps Video, Multiroom Audio Support

Alongside the new Pixel smartphones, and the Pixel Slate laptop-tablet hybrid, Google on Tuesday also announced a new version of its Chromecast streaming adapter, the third generation of the company’s streaming device, which supports playback video at higher frame rates and can also stream multiroom audio. From a report: The new device goes on sale Tuesday in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. Stateside, the new Chromecast once again costs $35 — the same as its predecessor. […] The bigger changes are on the inside: The new Chromecast is 15% faster than the previous model, which allows it to stream 1080p HD video with a rate of up to 60 frames per second (fps). “Everything becomes much smoother,” said Google Home product manager Chris Chan during a recent interview with Variety. He specifically cited the growth of 60fps content on YouTube as one of the reasons Google added the new feature.

*Could be for streaming gaming

Facebook announces Portal and Portal+, an Alexa-enabled video chat device for you home

  • Video Chat Smart Speaker – with Alexa.  Called Portal.
  • $200 10”, $350 15”.
  • “Smart Camera” – Automatically Pan and Zoom to keep everyone in view.
  • “Smart Sound” – Minimizes background noise and enhances speaking.
  • Facebook Messenger – Upto 7 people.
  • Can disable the speaker and camera.

Google Plus to close after bug leaks personal information

  • Google Plus will shutdown after it was made known that Google had leaked +++
  • Did anyone use Google +?

Is Spying too Old Fashoined for our Internet World?

  • We brought you the breaking news of how the Russian Spies were caught on hundreds of CCTV cameras in Salisbury England attempting to kill Sergei Skripal.
  • A month ago Russia tried to give these two men alibis but the Internet has blown that cover right out of the water.
    • RT (Russian Television) interviewed the two accused of the assassination attempt and had them tell their side of the story.
      • Two Sports Nutritionists who loved 14th century clocks.  They flew in directly from Moscow only to see the clock in Salisbury’s cathedral (a few blocks from the Skripal residence) and then flew home.
      • They did not address why there were traces of the Novichok Nerve Agent in their hotel room.
    • One week after the Interview, Bellingcat (British Investigative Website) disclosed the name of one of the spies as Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga.  A high level GRU operative who received the highest honor “Hero of Russia” from Putin himself. They had pictures of him from his graduating class, and confirmation of him receiving the medal from Putin when they visited his hometown and saw the picture in his Grandmother’s home.
    • This week Bellingcat released the name of the 2nd Spie as Alexander Mishkin.  He is a Military Doctor who spent a lot of time in the Ukraine, just before Russia Annexed Crimea.
    • Mishkin took longer to unmask because he had a smaller “digital footprint”.
  • Not only have these missions been botched but the Netherlands have caught and kickout GRU spies who were trying to hack the “Global Chemical Weapons Watchdog”, the organisation looking into the Novichok nerve agent.
  • What do you think about an investigative Website thousands of miles away from Russia uncovering both of these spies?  What about the cameras that caught them in England? Would James Bond stand a chance today???

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welcome back to tech time this is
episode number 9 we’ve got a lot to talk
about today
the first thing we’re gonna hit up is
Tesla Model 3 achieves the lowest
probability of injury ever afterwards
Microsoft releases Windows 10 October
2018 update fixes the data deletion bug
we’re going to talk about the
ridiculousness of that bug and why we
think it’s good they got rid of it
google has launched so many things
including a new chromecast the pixel 3
and pixel three XL there’s the home hub
the pixel slate we’re going to talk
about that Facebook announces portal and
portal plus an Alexa enabled video chat
not Google or Siri and then also Google
Plus has closed we’ll talk about the
implications of that and then is spying
too old-fashioned for our internet world
we have an update about our Russian
spies welcome back to tech time we are
excited to have you back as always
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you use iTunes or any other Android
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doing that
I’m doing great dan how about you good I
had a pretty fun weekend so Halloween’s
in full effect here in Southern
California have you heard of not scary
farm before no I haven’t heard I’m
scared fire it’s a lot like Disneyland
yeah but it’s just scary mazes with
monsters so I’m not scary it is with a
k’ and silent cave as a Berry Farms got
a timer too how about you what were you
up to this weekend well it was Canadian
Thanksgiving so I made some turkey hung
out with mom and dad we went down to the
the cabin down in southern Alberta just
north of Waterton and Dan it was
beautiful al elahh show you some of the
pictures maybe we should tweet some out
but absolutely loved it and then
when I drove back Edmonton was in full
winter mode I’ll bring you to a warmer
climate yes that’s right let’s get a
million views just another 900 that’s
all you need to do just listen to our
podcast save Matt from the winter snow
from the winter but I do love my schemes
so I’m looking forward to that but
anyways we we’ve got some more
seasonable weather coming up its gonna
get above zero here and that zero
Celsius and yeah it’ll be nice again but
anyways that’s what we’re dealing with
okay so we wanted to start out with that
new Tesla Model 3 there’s some cool news
I’m apparently it has achieved the
lowest probability of injury ever and so
in a blog post on Monday Tesla said that
the model three had been deemed to the
lowest probability of occupant injury
than any other vehicle tested by the
National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration that’s pretty good
especially since things like a Corolla
or a Honda Accord have been out there
for so long right the driver port says
since 1979 the regulatory body has
implemented the new car assessment
program which through a series of tests
ultimately produces a rating for a new
to market vehicle based on how well it
performs on a variety of safety related
tests so basically they did a bunch of
tests on this car and it kept winning
over and over now one of the reasons why
that happened is because it’s very low
bearing and it has a very heavy battery
and so that helps it not flip you know
if you were on the side of the road or
if somebody swiped you on the side it
helps it have that low balance yeah and
the model three has now widened I a gap
as it takes the number of new number one
positions on the leader of the board for
the safest overall vehicle for
California so that’s pretty good you
know and I think yeah I was just gonna
say anything it’s really quite
fascinating how the model 3 is just
tearing it up a lot of people were
concerned could they get enough model
trees oh and
with the amount of model 3s I believe
they’re doing five thousand a week
now what about quality control issues
and I am hearing about some paint issues
things like that Tesla does take care of
them but it’s great to see that quality
it might be a little paint Fleck here or
there that you can get fixed and it
doesn’t affect safety so I think that’s
really important I think so – have you
had a chance to drive in the model
through yet or just the Model S actually
neither of them but funny you should ask
I’m actually going down to Calgary we
don’t have anything in Emmett in where I
can test drive but we do have Depot in
Calgary and I’m gonna set up my model
three test drive and I’ll test drive a
Model S there as well I’m gonna be down
there I think Thursday Friday this week
so ask me again next week and I’ll tell
you know goes and then I’m interested
and I think our listeners are interested
too and how it handles the snow and ice
yeah that’ll be neat especially as a low
bearing card you know I wonder if it
slips and if the back wheels slip you
don’t have to tell us how it is well
with the additional weight it should be
a lot better on the snow my only concern
and I believe it’s front-wheel drive the
model three I know the S is rear-wheel
drive you can get the all-wheel drive
but it you know once again it’s more
expensive so I think it’s gonna be good
on the snow especially front-wheel drive
and the heavier weight very cool and you
still have that thousand dollars down
right so are you serious ideas entering
buying one well it’s 80,000 Canadian if
you get every Bell and whistle so that
means you’re getting the all-wheel drive
you’re getting the extra long battery
you’re getting the pure glass roof your
you’re getting the ultimate autopilot
even though it’s not legal to use it
probably won’t be for years and years
and years so I think that one comes out
to like 80 grand oh and they now have a
performance Edition which probably takes
you closer to 90 95 so crazy but I’m
still waiting for the 35,000 US dollar
one and then once I put the upgrades I
want to see
they’re like they do want a pretty nice
autopilot I’ll probably be sitting
around 55 60,000 I also want the
extended battery just because I travel a
lot for work and I don’t want to have to
get halfway there and then wait an hour
as I plug in and is it weird that I just
want the car because of the big display
it’s like an iPad drive itself so in my
car right now it does not have bluetooth
so I have one of those Bluetooth plugins
yeah and it Fritz’s every once in a
while so I have to flick it so that the
music isn’t but it’s going to be great
when I finally get a test well you guys
will be the first to know our next thing
that we wanted to bring up is Windows 10
finally releases the October 2018 update
this fixes that data deletion bug now
this bug was kind of scary people were
installing the update and all of the
sudden the data on their Drive you know
files pictures spreadsheets were being
deleted by Microsoft that’s that man
Gary it’s scary because I don’t think a
lot of people backup their data I know
personally I use Google Docs Google
Drive for most of my things but when
you’re at work you probably don’t put
your work spreadsheets up on the Google
Docs do you you know someone came in and
updated your software and then all of
your hard work just disappeared or your
pictures of your loved ones it doesn’t
sound very fun and so oh it’s terrible
the software giant says there were only
a few reports of data loss they said
1/100 of a percent so that a fully
investigated all the data all the
reports of data loss and identified and
fix the known issue so the issue turns
out to be it was people that were
connecting their folders in a way that
it was like a shortcut and that sounds
like something maybe a power user would
do or something that you or me would do
and that’s why the the updates kind of
scary so it appears that the bug that
caused the file deletion was related to
Windows 10 users who had enabled known
folder redirection
– redirect folders like desktop
documents pictures and screenshots from
the default location
so again if you’re a regular user if
you’re not really changing things up you
wouldn’t have had to be worried in the
first place but if you’re a power user
and if you like to organize where your
documents are it’s very possible that
your data could have been deleted so
make sure to check that out and that
raises a good question I mean do you
trust updates Matt do you always do this
I usually do absolutely because often
especially with Windows 10 is a security
update and then we already know that we
are not secure at all so I’d be happy to
have any security update I can get so
yeah I trust them and I just click sure
go ahead and then I sit there and tap my
fingers well it goes through the reboot
install process but it’s fascinating to
think that we’re trusting you know this
company and then all of a sudden the
files are deleted right oh yeah oh no
scary I’ll be honest I usually wait a
week or two especially for my phone I
have not updated to iOS 12 yet I’m still
on 11 I know they have a really great
beta testing process but I usually give
it a few months before I switch over I’m
a little bit stubborn yeah I got you on
that one
one thing I gotta say is I am impressed
with how quickly updates are coming out
for Windows 10 now it seems to be a lot
faster than in the past and other
versions of Windows even faster than
Apple Apple did a great job doing that
with my Mac and tell it’s tough working
but we’re not going to talk about that
I’m frustrated and shouldn’t have done
that but anyways yeah the updates are
coming fast and furious I personally
trust them and it’s just downright scary
that I got a lost things like family
photos but thankfully I do put most my
documents in the cloud
especially photos oh great so we had a
big Google lunch just this weekend do
you want to talk a little bit about the
Google event yeah I don’t know did you
have a chance to watch it at all today
dance I definitely read about it and I’m
really excited about all the different
devices maybe let’s talk about each
device starting with the pixel being the
pixel 3xl what did you learn about that
well it’s actually nothing surprising of
course the the pixel 3 in pixel 3 XL
were leaked profusely before it came out
and so it’s exactly what we were telling
everybody it was gonna look like so
here’s just the stats really quick it’s
got the excel as a 6.3 qhd+ flexible
OLED screen at 523 PPI and it’s got that
honkin notched and the notches it’s so
ugly like the ugliest iteration of a
notch is huge and it’s because it’s got
two front facing cameras it’s not for a
depth picture or why would they do that
you know at first I thought it was but
really what they touted is the
wide-angle ability with both cameras it
pieces the two pictures together so that
you can do group selfies so it’s
actually a group selfie mode but it’s
also probably really good if you’re
standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or
something else and do in the selfie so
it’s really it’s four awesome selfies
now what surprised me is cameras tend to
be on the back with the double cameras
so that you can get like a zoom feature
the extra wide angle or even night modes
and so it was surprising to see that
they did that on the selfie because they
felt like everything else could be
handled by software so that’s where the
real story is I’ll just finish really
quick on the specs we have wireless
charging hallelujah that’s great
and we also upped the dust and water
resistance net to ipx8 so that’s
fantastic it’s so it’s it’s now catching
up to the other flagship phones so a
quick question about the OLED screen
what does it mean that it’s flexible I
don’t know I just saw that written down
I think it’s because especially on the
excel it goes right to the edge so
they’re doing an edge to edge screen and
so just like my Samsung s9 here I’ll
just hold it up and you can see that it
has the curved edges here and that’s the
flexible screen so I think that on the
pixel 3 it’s got a little bit of that
rounding of the edges to make it smooth
and I think it’s kind of a neat look so
one camera on the back why did they do
this well I was pretty impressed if you
guys want to check out the keynote on it
I highly suggest you do because it’s all
about the AI so this camera or this
phone there’s nothing really special
about the hardware there’s nothing new
that hasn’t been done before but even
the double selfie cam cameras has been
done before for wide-angle shots so
that’s not even new but it’s really neat
the tricks that can do so the first one
is pop shot and what it does is it takes
multiple pictures and then with the
artificial intelligence it says this is
the one where the wind wasn’t blowing
your hair in your face or this is the
one where you weren’t blinking so you
don’t have all the all the crazy
pictures and yeah it’s neat because you
can also sort of go through the pictures
too and you can just scroll until you
see one that you like the VA I maybe
didn’t pick out but it’s supposed to be
really good at that this is a neat one
I’m actually really interested to see
how well it works
it’s called high-res digital zoom now it
only has one camera and with my phone
the s9 plus I have two cameras and I get
in a two times optical zoom and that’s
why I got it I wanted that optical zoom
in my pocket well this one does a
digital zoom but it uses that shakiness
from your hand when you’re holding your
phone up to grab pixels that the one
camera doesn’t grab all at once and then
as you zoom in the artificial
intelligence sort of fills in the blanks
so it’s kind of like when you watch
those spy movies and they’re watching
the camera footage and they’re like zoom
in zoom it enhance enhance and I was
like enhancing is totally big you can’t
enhance but that’s what this AI is doing
so they really are enhancing so we’re in
the future I’m excited to see if it
really works like they were showing it
off to do and then excited for my sake
you are the better it’s going to enhance
so another one that’s me is that shot
now nice shot sounds really cool because
what it does is it takes a whole bunch
of really quick shots with different
apertures grabbing different aspects of
light and then it layers the pictures on
top of each other and what it does is it
then pieces together like a fully bright
picture in the dark now of course they
compared an iPhone X phone or a 10 phone
to the pixel 3 and it’s probably
completely unfair but I like I’d like to
see people do these tests and and they
always do you can find them on YouTube
and it will be great to see if this
night mode is truly as exciting as it
looks I know I mean these all sound
great but it sounds like it’s taking
like a hundred photos for each photo
you’re taking yeah how much memory are
you using and is that gonna force you to
buy the more expensive phone well that
your hard drive that’s a great question
because the phone actually doesn’t have
a lot of memory both the 30 in the three
XL come in the standard 60 40 gigabytes
that’s tiny dent totally tiny compared
to what the other cameras are doing
especially these cheap ones coming out
of China so that was a little bit
disappointing you pay an extra hundred
dollars to get the 128 gigs but really
what’s great about these phones is all
your photos as long as you’re taking
them with this phone in their native I
think it’s only 12 megapixels it’s all
free and it uploads to your google
photos and so that’s great and I think
the AI is smart enough to say that when
you take all these pictures and this
one’s the one where you don’t blink and
you’re happy with it it deletes
everything else so I think that’s good
and I believe there’s also a feature
where you can keep them all if you
really want to and so that lets you just
go crazy and it all goes to the cloud
then you can weave through them later
another really neat feature is called
moving focus so I don’t know if you’ve
ever tried to take a picture of a dog
and it does is it identifies it look at
this kid it’s zooming around and or this
motorbike and it knows that this is the
subject and the focus follows so that’s
pretty neat and then the very last one
that is part AI is the wide selfie that
we talked about earlier that it just
grabs that bigger field of view so that
looks pretty neat
there’s also another interesting feature
they use Google’s what’s at Google’s
assistant to screen a call so you know
how you get those phone calls like this
is your captain speaking and it’s of
course the total fake call so if you get
a call that you don’t recognize the
number you can actually turn on the auto
answer and Google assistant will answer
your phone for you and then it shows
this little text readout of what the
phone says and then what people say to
the phone and then if it’s like this is
your captain speaking you can just hang
up right there it’s like this is your
mom and I lost my old phone and I’m
calling from a pay phone and then you
mom got lost in Los Angeles in a bad
area and had to use the payphone at a
gas station one real quick thing I want
to bring up with that is that that
reminds me a lot of Google Voice did you
ever have a Google Voice it has that
option where you can have you know a
robotic voice just people yeah oh hi you
know who is this and then they have to
record it and then you pick up the phone
it rings and it says hello this is your
captain speaking
and then you can choose to accept or not
it sounds a lot like Google Voice yeah
it sounds like it is and it’s just a
little bit smarter than that and it’s
built right into the phone so it’s not a
game changer to me I wouldn’t buy the
phone just for that but for these other
features like night mode and and
high-res digital zoom top shot I think
these are actually pretty cool I’m
hoping they work and if they do do we
need three or four cameras on the back
like what is the the rage that’s
happening right now in the hardware
pretty soon the phones are gonna be like
bumble bees they’re gonna have a million
eyes on the sides they’re going to buy
to get really good pictures am i right
yeah I think a combination of the two
right let’s use that AI let’s throw on
some optical zoom there hey Google
let’s get that optical zoom so you get
that better quality throwing you’re
super brilliant smartness and then you
get an even better product well one
thing that was really cool too from the
announcements was the home hub it’s a
screen to Google home now you have
Google home and we use it every day yeah
we love it and it turns on our lights
and it can lock my door and you know
there’s there’s a lot of security built
into it as well but um well we lock do
you have for your door I’ve got the
yeah smart lock yet what you put it on
is it I really like it yeah yeah yeah
it’s great the only problem is my door
has a weather sealing in it and it has a
hard time closing unless you push the
door tight so I’ve just got to do a
little bit of adjusting and then it will
be perfect when I was looking at that
August lock yeah it just looked really
big and bulky to me is I kind of have a
small house and so I didn’t want like it
taking up the whole entire doorway you
know I don’t know it just seemed really
big and it seemed like I had to replace
the batteries every six months it is is
it annoying or do you like it or it is
big and bulky it’s ugly
I’ll admit that you go walking I’ve got
on my back door and you walk by this
huge in this ugly yeah that’s probably a
complaint and it doesn’t need to be that
big it doesn’t you look at the
components in another few generations
yeah but back to the home hub yeah it’s
a hundred and fifty dollars cheaper than
Amazon Show
you know every time I see Amazon Show on
the internet you know somebody’s
displaying it I just don’t have that
feeling like I need to run to the store
and buy it it just kind of looks cheesy
I don’t know but this Google home might
be a little bit sleeker it has the 7
inch screen it has good sound but no
camera yet what do you think would you
be excited about it you know
or sleep on whether they want this
camera or not I think that’s actually
kind of lame that you don’t have a
I mean what’s great about the Google
home I do phone calls on it so like I’ve
talked to you on it in the car yeah yeah
and mom and dad and I mean everybody can
gather around the Google home and have a
great conversation why not do video
calling now people on the other side of
the coin they’re like that’s creepy I
mean Google homes already listening to
everything I say so why would I want it
looking everything that I do then you’ll
know I’m sitting on the toilet so and
also people want to put these things in
their bedrooms the kind of neat thing
about it is you can send an alarm and as
it gets closer to when your alarm goes
off it can get brighter and brighter
brighter and slowly wake you I think
it’s cheesy I don’t care about that but
it’s one of the things they’re touting
personally I don’t think I’m gonna buy
it unless it’s got a camera okay well
you did write a note that says mini
freak out about having a camera so it
was another product that was announced
and this is probably the least
interesting to me
it’s the pixel slate so it’s Google’s
approach to the iPad pro and to tell you
the truth Dan I think tablets are on
their way out about that before yeah so
it’s got Chrome OS which yeah it’s light
it’s fast you can play any game that’s
in the Play Store but it’s not gonna
replace a laptop or a computer
especially for heavy gaming and the
price so it starts out at $7.99 which is
about volume is the ED probe yeah and
then you pay another $200 to get the
keyboard the magnetic keyboard a lot
like the surface and then another
hundred dollars for a pen so now you’re
at a thousand US dollars Dan just go get
yourself the surface pro six it’s or
thousand dogs yeah
get a whole laptop right yeah because it
just has Chrome OS on it right that’s
crazy yeah I mean it looks really nice
it comes with Google assistant and it’s
got a super high resolution I haven’t
been able to compare it to the iPad pro
or to save a surface pro Microsoft
Surface pro so it does look like it’s
got a lot of really neat features but in
the end you still don’t have Windows or
or Mac like it’s so you’re not laying
your Steam games you’re not using valve
or anything like that that’s crazy now
or having a full experience with the
office suite yes they have Android apps
but it’s not the same and it’s not as
quick and easy to use but you could play
my new game on it which would be
exciting yeah that’s great game I’ve
been played it so it’s it’s called le
words look it up the next thing I wanted
to talk about is Facebook announcing
portal and portal plus so this is really
similar it’s an Alexa enabled video chat
device for your home but this time it
actually has a camera so you’d be a
little more stoked about this right Matt
yeah actually it looks great it’s a lot
more expensive and the Google Hub I mean
the Google hubs only seven inches this
one comes in two sizes a ten inch for
$200 and a 15 inch for 350 dollars and
the 15 inch is actually really long so
you got portrait mode or you can rotate
it the whole idea about this is to bring
messenger into the home and they want it
so that you can feel like the the
person’s actually in the room with you
and with a 15-inch shirt it would be
pretty cool there’s understands smiling
face looking at me right Colin from LA
is a free anyways it looks interesting I
think the neat feature about this is
it’s got the smart camera so what this
camera will do according to what they
say is it will zoom around so if
somebody else walks in and starts
talking the camera will pan
and then it will zoom into wherever the
action is I’d really like to see if this
works or not I mean that just sounds
really crazy like what if you have a
robotic vacuum that comes in the room is
it gonna zoom in on this or a dog
maybe it’s oom Zin on the fish and the
fishbowl just swimming around I don’t
know it would be neat to see if it
really works
same thing with smart sound it will take
all the background noise and kind of
fade that out I that seems more
believable to me than just this magic
cameraman that seems to work but I’d
like to see how it works well it’s cool
that it works with Facebook messenger
because that’s what I use anyways for
everything so you could just you know
talk to whoever on it and you wouldn’t
have to make them get a new account with
you know say Google+ so did you hear
about Google+ is actually closing after
some bug leaks of personal information
now we’ve talked about this before how
people try to make things that that
isn’t their bread and butter for example
in Apple made their social network on
iTunes that totally flopped now this
time it’s Google trying to make a
Facebook Google+ and it totally has been
flopping I mean I’m amazed it even
lasted this long you know honestly I
always post things on Google+
I find it hard on the internet to find a
place that you can post your blogs or
your YouTube videos I really like that
about Google+ that was kind of like
Twitter how you can say hey check this
out people can easily search it and it’s
not buried under a bunch of other
searches but so that’s kind of sad that
Google+ is leaving but did you ever
really use it you know what I didn’t I
set it up and I kind of liked it because
you know I’ve admitted I’m a oneplus fan
and I’ve had one plus phones in the past
and they were really present on Google+
and I really liked that so I’d go to my
Google+ feed and there would be one plus
I wonder if it has to do with the plus
plus plus anyway
but I think was the most controversial
part about this move is this happened at
the same time Facebook announced that
they had a problem earlier on in the
year and that they’d been hacked and we
talked about that last week so they kept
it quiet and that’s kind of evil Google
I know that they’re not promising to do
no evil anymore but you know they didn’t
announce that they had a problem and
maybe it’s because nobody cares cuz
nobody really uses it anyways but now
it’s gone so one thing that I thought
was cool about Google+ when it first
came out as they had Google Circles so
you know when you’re on Facebook and you
have 2,000 friends and you cannot
remember who that build person is or
that tiffany girl is you know you kind
of you have to do a little bit of
stalking look at their pictures see who
their friends are it takes you a little
bit of time to figure out whose birthday
it is that you’re posting right the neat
thing about Google+ and the idea that
they had was it was going to be
organized so when you added a friend you
would add it to a circle so maybe the
circle of work friends or church friends
or you know school friends and so as you
were adding people they were going into
groups and you could easily message the
group’s you know I only want people at
school to see this post or I only want
people at work to see this post and I
thought that was ingenious I think
Facebook’s very disorganized I would
really just like to have them punch
things together and have artificial
intelligence to say this is who this is
let’s group these people all into one I
really like that but obviously it didn’t
work people didn’t catch on to it yeah
it’s a shame you’re right I thought that
was great and I don’t see Facebook
paying the money to Google to to buy in
fact I think Google and Facebook don’t
get along very much right now because in
Facebook’s in their portal and portal
plus they chose to go with Alexa as
their voice assistant really that yeah
analog yeah so Amazon ins instead of
making it work with all the big ones
like Siri Google so Apple Google
Amazon they chose to go with Amazon so
that kind of surprised me and I don’t
know if it was good or bad that’s
probably the main reason why I won’t get
it because I’m invested into Google the
Google sphere so not really into
Facebook sphere so you know we’ll we’ll
see if they they made the right choice
or not now before we end there’s
something that I’ve been dying to hear
about that Russian spy that you’ve been
on top of what’s going on there okay I
just had to put this in here because it
is so fascinating so the world of spies
is it’s coming down and so we talked
about and I think it was in our first or
second podcast how the spies that tried
to assassinate saved a street ball in
Salisbury England were caught and so it
was this technology side of all these
cameras that caught them when they got
off the plane and watch them get on the
bus and go to their hotel and then watch
them go to Salsbury and watch them go on
a reconnaissance mission and then watch
them go and do it the next day like it
was fascinating how they were able to
use this technology to catch these spies
well then Russia of course they couldn’t
let it go they couldn’t just be like
Lulu maybe you’ve got a lot of spies
this time but we’re not telling you who
they are so they does both right
Wilson’s acquittal
so what they decided to do is they had
the craziest interview and they put it
on um RT which is Russian television and
it’s of course paid for by the Russian
government and they interview these two
guys in like no trust us we are just
nutritionist experts who like to go look
at 14th century clock towers and
cathedrals in Salisbury
we specifically flew from Moscow to go
look at this clock like that’s it that
was their their alibi and the whole
world looked at in there like really
like that’s your attempt to try to give
these two guys in alibi like they should
have just let them disappear into yeah
okay you got our spies but we’re not
telling you who they are so because of
this there is a website called Belling
cat out of
England and this is another fascinating
thing with technology they watched the
interviews they went through the data
and information that mi6 put together as
far as who are these guys they nailed
them they found out exactly who these
guys are so the very first one one week
after the interview they disclosed that
the first guy’s name was Colonel Anatole
chapito and yeah so they’re like here’s
the guy and this is where he was born
this is the military school he went to
he got honors like we know everything
about this guy here’s a picture of him
this is what he looks like so you don’t
have so it’s like this is obviously the
same guy and they’re showing them side
by side and with all the video camera
stuff and here he is in the interview
and then here he is getting Russia’s
highest honor which is the hero of
Russia and he got it from Putin himself
now that was classified they couldn’t
find any digital information about it
because Russia had scrubbed that but
when they went to his hometown and went
and talked to his grandma they’re like
is this your son so I mean it would
totally fell apart and then it took a
little bit longer and the same website
has now uncovered who the second spy was
and his name is Alexander Michigan and
it turns out he’s a military doctor and
it makes sense they were using the
Novacek nerve agent and this guy they
were able to release that he spent a lot
of time in the Ukraine so not only is he
a military guy here but they were able
to expose he is a spy and he’s been
working for Russia and he’s been in the
Ukraine and we talked earlier about all
the fake news that was happening in the
Ukraine and how it helped topple the
Crimean Peninsula and then it got
annexed by Russia I mean this it just
shows that all the dominoes all the
pieces are coming together and they’re
starting to fall and it shows that
Russia is not nearly as innocent as they
present to be I mean of course we all
they were behind everything and it
wasn’t just the Russian people in the
Ukraine they’re like please come take a
salute we all want to be a Russia again
but it was carefully orchestrated and
the GRU which is the Russian spy agency
was behind it so all of this which
amazed me was exposed by a grassroots
website so these are just people who are
like this is dumb let’s find out who
these people are I mean these are
hackers these are investigative
this isn’t mi6 that put this together
maybe they did as well separately and
did release it but these are people who
are just discovering what’s going on so
here’s a question is is the age of
international spying over like or is it
just gonna get more technical like you
can’t get away with the old school stuff
anymore you can’t just get away with a
let’s go in there and let’s assassinate
them by sprague nerve agent on their
doorknobs so what do you think Dad would
James Bond stand a chance today I’m just
shocked that these people are not clock
tower enthusiasts this whole time 14th
century clocks what does Wikipedia say
oldest clock in Europe we must fly out
just to see we must don’t see that’s
really cool if you guys have comments
please comment below in the YouTube
channel feel free to tweet at us at Tech
Time show PC as well we would love for
you to subscribe I’m in tune in next
week take care doc see you next week

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