Tech Time Podcast 10 – Huawei Mate 20, Samsung Foldable Phone and Paul Allen’s Passing

Chinese Tech Phone Maker Huawei Launches Mate 20 Pro Featuring In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor, Two-Way Wireless Charging, 3 Rear Cameras and 4,200mAh Battery
2 Slashdot / by msmash / 6 hours ago

  • Huawei’s new Mate 20 Pro has a massive screen,
  • three cameras on the back and a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display.
  • From a report: The new top-end phone from the Chinese firm aims to secure its place at the top of the market alongside Samsung, having recently beaten Apple to become the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in August.
  • The Mate 20 Pro follows Huawei’s tried and trusted format for its Mate series: a huge 6.39in QHD+ OLED screen, big 4,200mAh battery and powerful new Huawei Kirin 980 processor — Huawei’s first to be produced at 7 nanometres, matching Apple’s latest A12 chip in the 2018 iPhones.
  • New for this year is an infrared 3D facial recognition system, similar to that used by Apple for its Face ID in the iPhone XS, and
  • one of the first fingerprint scanners embedded in the screen that is widely available in the UK, removing the need for a fingerprint scanner on the back or a chin on the front.
  • The Mate 20 Pro is water resistant to IP68 standards and has a sleek new design reminiscent of Samsung’s S-series phones, with curved glass on the front and back.
  • The back also has an new pattern etched into the glass, which is smooth to the touch but ridged when running your nail over it.
  • On the back is a new version of Huawei’s award-winning triple camera system using a 40-megapixel standard camera, an 8-megapixel telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom and new for this year is a 20-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera, replacing the monochrome sensor used on the P20 Pro.
  • The Mate 20 Pro runs EMUI 9, which is base
  • $1,214 USD.


Samsung Says Its Foldable Phone Will Be a Tablet You Can Put In Your Pocket

11 Slashdot / by BeauHD / 3 days ago
The CEO of Samsung’s mobile business, D.J. Koh, said you’ll be able to use its upcoming foldable smartphone as a tablet that you can put in your pocket. While the phone has been teased and hyped up for several months, Koh stressed that it will not be a “gimmick product” that will “disappear after six to nine months after it’s delivered.” It’ll reportedly be available globally. CNET reports: However, the foldable Samsung phone, like the Galaxy Round, will be Samsung’s testbed device to see how reviewers and the market react. The Galaxy Round, which bowed vertically in the middle, was Samsung’s first curve-screen phone. It’s a direct ancestor to the dual curved screens we see on today’s Galaxy S9 and Note 9 phones. The larger screen is important, Koh said. When Samsung first released the original Galaxy Note, he said, competitors called its device dead on arrival. Now, after generations of Notes phones, you see larger devices like the iPhone XS Max and the Pixel 3 XL, proving that consumers want bigger screens. A foldable phone would let screen sizes extend beyond 6.5 inches.
Read more of this story at Slashd


Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder dead at 65

  • Paul Allen died today at 65 from cancer.  He is best known for his partnering with Bill Gates to found Microsoft.
  • Paul Allen and Bill Gates met in Private School and would later drop out of college to pursue their High School software dreams.
  • Bill Gates stated that “Personal Computing would not have existed without Paul Allen.”
  • Paul Allen left Microsoft in the 80’s (before the 90’s boom) but not before he became a billionaire.  He owned the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seattle Seahawks.
  • He also founded Vlucan; an investment firm for his philanthropy.  He also founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the aerospace firm Stratolaunch.  He also backed research into nuclear-fusion power.


Facebook Is Testing An Unsend Feature For Messenger

19 Slashdot / by BeauHD / 3 days ago
Facebook is reportedly testing a feature that will let you take back what you send via Messenger. The company said it was working on the feature back in April after TechCrunch caught it deleting messages from CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After TechCrunch asked Facebook about its progress on the Unsend feature, the company said: “Though we have nothing to announce today, we have previously confirmed that we intend to ship a feature like this and are still planning to do so.” From the report: Now we have our first look at the feature thanks to TechCrunch’s favorite tipster Jane Manchun Wong. She’s managed to generate screenshots of a prototype Unsend button from Facebook Messenger’s Android code. Currently, you can only delete messages from your own inbox — they still remain in the recipients’ inbox. But with this Unsend feature prototype, you’re able to remove a message from both sides of a conversation. However, the code indicates that in the current prototype there’s a “time limit.” That may mean users would only have a certain amount of time after they send a message to unsend it. That would essentially be an editing window in which users could take back what they said.
Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Google Fined $5B fine by EU; Tells Europe that Phone makers will have to pay to preload Google Apps.

  • Android controls more that 80% of the world’s mobile market share.
  • Google has given Android free to Phone Makers but requires all Android phones to come preloaded with Google’s Apps like Search, Maps & Chrome.
  • The EU fined the $5B by arguing that this requirement gives Google an unfair advantage on the Mobile market.
  • Google has responded and said it will comply but any phones going to EU will need to pay a licensing fee if they want to install Google’s mobile Apps (Play store, Gmail, TouTube, Maps etc.).
  • Apparently this was exactly what the EU wanted; incentive for competitors to develop alternatives.
  • Will this inspire innovation or will people just sideload the Playstore and then download their Apps?


The Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward Piracy

  • BitTorrent usage has bounced back because there’s too many streaming services and too much exclusive content.

    • Game of Thrones (HBO)
    • House of Cards (Netflix)
    • Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)
    • Jack Ryan (Amazon)
  • It’s getting almost as expensive to subscribe to all these services as it was to pay for cable.  Is it worth it?


Turkey Claims Khashoggi’s Apple Watch recorded his Torture and Execution.

  • Turkish Officials claimed that Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch recorded his torture and execution.
  • Khashoggi handed his iPhone to his fiance before he entered the Saudi Arabian Consulate.
  • Could have the Blue Tooth been enough to get through the walls and sync with the phone?
  • Turkish Officials also claim that his assailants noticed the recording and unlocked the watch with Khashoggi’s fingerprint and proceeded to delete files.
  • Some believe that his watch could have synced via LTE but Turkey doesn’t have that technology.
  • Lastly, the Apple watch doesn’t have touch ID to recognize fingerprints.
  • More likely a cover story to protect an informant inside the Consulate.
  • Many believe that Turkey has the Consulate bugged.

Cops Use Slain Woman’s Fitbit To Charge 90-Year-Old Stepdad

  • 90 year old man has been charged in slaying his 67 year-old step daughter.
  • Her fitbit was used to destroy his alibi.
  • The authorities compared surveillance video to the woman’s fitbit data.  
  • The fitbit shows her heart rate spike at 3:20pm followed by a rapid slowing of her heart rate which stopped at 3:28 pm (official time of death).
  • The surveillance video shows the 90-year-old parked in front of her house from 3:12 – 3:33.
  • Other evidence was used to tie him to the crime such as her blood on a couple of his shirts.

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and we’re back this is episode 10 can
you believe we’ve made it all the way to
number 10 Matt number 10 that’s exciting
milestone every week’s a milestone for
us so this is tech time podcast we are
talking about huawei launching the May
20 pro today as well we’re going to talk
about Samsung’s new foldable phone and
how it might actually be a tablet that
you can put in your pocket Paul Allen
the Microsoft co-founder is dead at 65
Facebook is testing an unsent feature
for messenger and Google is fined five
billion by the European Union and it
looks like we have a pretty good lineup
today so how are you doing that I’m
doing pretty good Dan how about you
pretty good I was just fighting a Los
Angeles traffic right now it was insane
have you ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day
Off when he’s running from his mom and
sister in the car
thankfully I made it in time to do this
podcast I think it would been an awesome
if there was a parade that just started
going down the street you jumped up on
the float and started singing that would
have been awesome either that or maybe I
could have gotten one of those bird
scooters and and gotten my way through
the parade yes they’re likely I’m doing
really good
it’s it’s been a busy week both at work
and of course rebuilding the condo that
burned down so it’s kind of nice to just
think about the tech news and and unwind
all right well let’s unwind to Huawei’s
new mate 20 pro now I want you to tell
us a little bit about this and it will
it be something that we can even buy
here in North America
well yes but only I can so I don’t think
you’ll be able to so Huawei’s products
come to Canada the United States has had
a problem with Huawei just because of
some of the executive owners happen to
also be former Chinese military and with
extreme ties to the government so the
United States is concerned about spying
and hardware and I personally think it’s
maybe a little bit of protectionism for
Apple I’m not sure but for whatever
reasons the whole rest of the world
doesn’t seem to be afraid of always
phones except for the United States so
this is the p20 now what’s really neat
is it’s a great phone but also the p30
which Huawei releases every year as well
tends to be their big flagship device I
would probably compare it to say the
note 9 or the note series for Samsung
but the 20 always comes out this time of
year and then the third he usually comes
out with the following year in the
spring so the 30 that came out this year
was the first three camera phone and it
was doing amazing things in low-light as
well as having a telephoto lens and it’s
been an all-around great phone
specifically for the camera so the new
mate 20 this one also comes with three
cameras and it is the best phone that
while we produces now if you want to
wait for an even better phone I prefer
the 30 but it this is a pretty neat
phone it is feature packed I personally
feel like it’s got too many features so
for example it has an in screen
fingerprint sensor which is great but it
also has the infrared giant notch that
Apple has to send out those little
infrared dots to do face ID so I almost
feel like Huawei couldn’t commit to one
way or the other to unlock the phone so
you’ve got giant notch and you have an
inch screen fingerprint sensor I would
have thought maybe you can bring the
price point down
little bit by just focusing on one or
the other so we do know that one plus
will be focusing more on the in finger
or in screen fingerprint sensor but this
one has both so if you like that if you
like the options and you know what maybe
it’s more useful when you’re driving to
just smile at your phone and have it
unlock I guess we’ll have to test it I
love that it has both actually I mean
some people might feel a little more
comfortable with their fingerprints but
other people might like the face one
well Huawei says they are protecting
your face information right because yeah
in China in China of course the United
States government doesn’t feel that
that’s very protected and also your
fingerprint information I mean that’s
important if you think about it these
phones are collecting our fingerprints
that’s kind of interesting they’re
collecting our biometric identification
do we care about that I don’t know if
we’ve had much discussion on that on
this show but we’re putting a lot of
trust in these companies and some of
these companies may come and go and what
happens if Huawei now I don’t think
Huawei will disappear but what about
some of the smaller ones that we may be
testing and trying and then what happens
to all that intellectual information
when the company is sold or bought out
and who can buy it and is that something
we really want
so maybe the US government might be
right to be a little bit hesitant but I
personally feel it’s a little bit of
protectionism well I think it could be
sold to the highest bidder I mean really
that’s where they’re making most of
their money is off of our information in
our data and like you said now that they
have our biometrics that’s even more so
yeah I mean if you think about it I use
my fingerprint to get into my banking
information on my phone so if somebody
sold my fingerprint to somebody else and
all you had to do was hack the phone to
trick it and say okay now you’re into my
bank now you can transfer funds you can
and they could even own that condo in
Fort McMurray that you loved so much
right please
so let’s get into some of the specs on
this phone it’s actually really it’s a
beautiful phone it’s quite large
actually it’s a six point three nine
inch qHD OLED screen it’s gone up it’s
huge it’s gigantic
but actually they have a smaller more
budget-friendly model that is not an
OLED screen and it’s an LED screen or
sorry LCD screen and it’s actually a
little bit bigger and it’s got a little
tiny notch it doesn’t have the face
recognition it’s got the teardrop knotch
that we’ve seen in the p6 the oneplus
six phones that are coming out here the
battery is huge this is a 4200 milliamp
battery and it is huge and there’s
something really neat above the battery
but let’s go through some of the other
specs and then I want to get back to the
battery so it also has Huawei’s care and
980 processor so this is the first of
always been able to produce at seven
now as you noted in this article they’re
matching apples a12 chips from the 2018
phone so this is pretty neat and it’s
their own proprietary chip so they can
manufacture it to be special
on the huawei phones how do they do that
how are they you know are they copying
Qualcomm are they copying Apple how are
they making their own processor honestly
I don’t know I know that Samsung in the
past is created their own processors I
know that they do it for their watches
their smartwatches
they’ve also created their own operating
systems to go along with it while we
also released a SmartWatch today that
doesn’t use where OS and does their own
operating system so I guess we’ll have
to see whether Qualcomm which has all
the money or arm has quite a bit of
funding has been around forever if if
they can stay on top or if some of these
more proprietary chips like Apple
is done I can actually take over and be
quite competitive but it sounds like it
just may be and I guess we’ll have to
see how tests and speeds has go on these
phones you know it’s fascinating I’ve
noticed a trend I don’t know if you’ve
noticed this that it seems like Google
is moving away from Android and they’re
going more towards Chrome OS and I
wonder if maybe Huawei is using Android
and if there might be a fork in the road
in the near future where Google starts
to go more towards chrome and everyone
else is going to just be left with an
old Fork of Android you know that’s an
interesting thought and personally let’s
simplify why have Android and Chrome OS
I get it at Chrome OS is for Chromebooks
and it’s supposed to be more of your
desktop computing software made simple
but it uses the Play Store right so like
why have to let’s just create one and
let’s make it seamless between the
phones and computers I mean my phone’s
practically computer already and for the
prices we’re paying for these phones
it’s the same as what we pay for a
computer anyways and so I think we’re
gonna see the lines blurring we we saw
the lines blur between tablets and
phones and now we’re gonna see phones
and computers blur we’re already seeing
it with Samsung and I’m trying to
remember the feature they have where you
can plug your new Samsung phone into
your your screen and in a minute yeah
and it mimics a desktop so you know give
it a few more years and and I think that
maybe we will see a unification between
the operating systems on phones and
desktops so let’s talk about the cameras
and then let’s get back to the battery
because this is kind of the neat feature
that if it might be the feature that
people run out by four so you’ve still
got your three cameras you’ve got a 40
megapixel standard camera on the back
you have an 8 megapixel telephoto camera
love the telephoto Dan I am NOT a fan a
digital zoom
although pixel 3 had a really
interesting way of doing the enhanced
feature that we talked about last week
so that’s great to have the 3 times
optical zoom and it has this is new
a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera
so you’re gonna see like arms reaching
around and like grabbing bigger selfies
perverts rejoice just take a picture of
the apartment complex next to you and
zoom in rejoice okay so let’s talk about
the really neat thing about this phone
the feature it will allow you so not
only will it have wireless charging but
it will also wirelessly charge other
phones so that possible like a network
of charging yeah so it actually showed
that if you picked up this phone and put
another phone that can wirelessly charge
onto the back of it it will charge that
phone so at first I thought why well
here’s a few reasons number one it’s a
huge battery it’s 4,200 milliamps that’s
pretty big number two what about having
your phone plugged into the wall and
then somebody else’s phone attached to
it wirelessly charging off of that that
would be cool yeah so that’s kind of
cool so if you’re traveling somewhere
with a friend then you know juice up
both phones at once if there’s only one
outlet also think about sneaking up next
to your brain your battery you know you
could just sort of vampire life 3 then
so am I going to get cancer by being
close to this chain of err connected
chargers I don’t know people be worried
about cell phones and cancer for decades
now so you put it right next to your
head while you’re charging you and your
wife’s phone while you’re sleeping and
see what happens so Dan have you heard
how much this phone is gonna cost well
I’m guessing since it’s not the iPhone
10 less than a thousand how much it is
so it’s a thousand forty nine euros and
I threw it into exchange just to see
what it comes out to 1214 US dollars
that’s a laptop friend yes it is so I
guess you gotta have deep pockets if you
want to wirelessly charge your buddy’s
phone like I said there is a cheaper
version of the phone that doesn’t have
the face ID doesn’t have the OLED screen
has a little bit smaller battery but the
actual phone itself the the footprint is
a little bit bigger maybe that’s the one
people are gonna go for it personally
I’m gonna wait around for the p30 that
will come out next year see how that
goes but man if they’re gonna keep at
this price point yeah I’m kind of
surprised actually so just so I’m clear
about it the one that doesn’t have the
face ID still has the fingerprint reader
in the screen and it’s written has less
of a notch that’s the one I’m gonna buy
right yeah but I didn’t actually throw
that one through exchange it could still
be a thousand bucks I hope LCD screen
but yeah hey speaking of cool screens
Samsung remember how we talked about
this before they say that their new
foldable phone will be a tablet you can
put in your pocket so remember about
four or five episodes back we had talked
about the rumors we had heard about
Samsung having a foldable screen and we
thought well what would be useful about
that once you fold it and have a
calculator on one side maybe a daily
planner on the other like why would you
want to pull foldable phone yeah and so
now they’re saying it’s actually going
to be a tablet that you can just fold
and put in your pocket so for example if
you had a tablet in front of you it
might be awkward to put in a bag you
can’t put a tablet in a pocket but if
you pulled it it up that could be
convenient right yeah I guess if it’s a
tablet first and then a phone second I
think that’s kind of the issue that
you’ve got to ask yourself is what is
the purpose of this device and it was
kind of the same question we had to ask
ourselves when phablets first came out I
remember love I do love it and I
remember my first note it was the very
first note that came out and then when
all the other phones were small like the
iPhone 4 it looked like I put a dinner
plate to my head but I remember I was
out at lunch and
my phone rang and I picked up my my note
1 and I put it to my head and everybody
started laughing they’re like mad it’s
like you put a dinner plate at your head
the whole restaurant stopped eating that
is scratched on the ground yeah so I
mean I do like the form factor that
Samsung is putting out now it’s more of
a candy bar shape it’s not nearly as
wide as that original note so it fits
better in your hand it’s easier to one
hand use but it took them a while to get
to that form factor so I don’t know what
do you think do you think people will
buy it as a tablet first and then oh
it’s a foldable tablet not necessarily a
phone yeah and it sounds to me like it’s
really just for storage – right you’ll
fold it and be able to put it in
convenient places Co he’s kind of the
person that always talks about the new
Samsung products
he says he’s hoping this isn’t going to
be a gimmick product that it’s actually
going to be something that people will
want to buy I mean women have purses
it’s easy for them to throw big
electronics in and be on the go but for
us I mean we only have a front pocket
imagine if you could take a tablet sized
thing that was thin that you can fold up
and just pull out anywhere that would be
pretty neat it would be sweet for the
plane it would be sweet for work I mean
yeah I think it would be great I got to
see what it looks like when it’s folded
up but you know I’m gonna reserve any
judgment until I actually see the phone
so I’m looking forward to this one they
say it’s gonna be more than 6.5 inches
which is I mean your phone’s like around
that isn’t it
yeah 6.5 to 69 is kind of the average
for phablets right now nothing really
goes over 7 inches so if this foldable
actually takes you into that 7 to 8 inch
region but then allows you to have the
form factor of a phone when it’s folded
I think it could be kind of
groundbreaking I personally like a
bigger screen that’s why I’ve always
loved phablets but you know we’ll see
and and you know Dan there was actually
another phone that was announced this
week by palm and really they’re still
well yeah and I can’t remember who
bought the rights to palm but it’s the
complete opposite of this giant phablet
that Samsung is trying to create it’s a
tiny little phone and it’s actually
ridiculous I don’t think it’s gonna go
anywhere but the whole purpose of the
new palm phone is to wean you off your
smartphone addiction so it’s small to
stop using phones yeah that’s exactly it
sounds great so your goodness I’m gonna
buy a phone to stop using my phone but
the whole idea is well it’s Android and
it’s on this tiny little screen kind of
reminds me of Zoolander when you have
that tiny little boat and so it’s like
am I really gonna get on Facebook or
Twitter or YouTube on this tiny little
phone so that’s kind of their idea I
think it’s gimmicky and it’s also really
silly because of like look it fits
better in those sports armbands that you
put on and go to the gym in and I was
like nobody uses some I actually see one
guy at the gym you than I think it looks
silly but just get a SmartWatch listen
to our podcast about the Apple watch it
sounds pretty cool yeah so some sad news
I believe it was yesterday that Paul
Allen the Microsoft co-founder died
right at 65 I actually heard about it
today so maybe it was last night but I
heard it this morning coming into work
yeah so he cancer was the cause of his
death and so a lot of people are talking
about the things that Paul Allen did one
of the things that I found quite
interesting was a quote from Bill Gates
he said quote personal computing would
not have existed without Paul Allen so
for those of our listeners who aren’t
familiar with Paul Allen both he and
Bill Gates were in the same private
school and then they went on to college
but they had their dreams to create
their own software company in highschool
and they I think they kind of convinced
each other that
we don’t need no college education let’s
go become billionaires so together they
created Microsoft and that’s pretty
exciting and he pressure with a
philanthropist and gave a lot of his
money away in and did some wonderful
things with his billions right he did
you know so some of the things he’s done
there’s the Allen Institute for brain
science he also created the aerospace
firm straddle launch which sends it
actually created this giant airplane to
launch satellites into space he also
backed research into nuclear fusion
power he also was quite well known for
loving sports so he’s owned the Portland
Trailblazers and the Seattle Seahawks so
very cool he was still a billionaire
what’s interesting is he got out of
Microsoft in the 80s and Microsoft
really boomed at the end of the 80s and
throughout the 90s so you could say well
he missed that giant wave kind of like
yeah but actually he still came out of
it a billionaire I mean if he was worth
the billion in the early eighties when
he got out he definitely had the cash to
buy some sports teams and be a
philanthropist and research nuclear
fusion so good on him the world will
miss him and we need more people like
him that will create groundbreaking
inventions that will just change the
course of the world for good and that we
can give our billions to let’s make some
more billionaires right let’s make some
more billionaires speaking of people
that are billionaires Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook so here’s a future that I think
is pretty funny that’s taken forever to
come out with do you ever use Facebook
messenger and you send somebody a text
and then you immediately regret it and
then you delete it and you realize that
only was deleted on your end and not on
their end they can still see it like I
so they’re finally working on this
feature an unsent feature I mean how
hard could it be right right but I
actually have a pretty funny story about
it I have a friend that confessed her
love to a doctor at work and then by
very message yeah regretted it and she’s
elated it no it’s fine and then the next
day everything was really awkward
because of course on his and it never
deleted it’s funny if you think about
all of the different technologies we
have we have email you can’t unsend an
email and have text messages once the
text is sent it’s gone and so it’s a
little bit silly to me that even
messenger you know whatsapp it’s
ridiculous that you can’t delete
something that you’ve already sent so
I’m excited about this feature just for
picture embarrassing things although
it’s always fun at the office so when
something like that happens I think it
was like podcast number 2 or 3 where I
shared the story about the guy that sent
the drunken email and the milk midnight
this was like and I’m not drunk and all
you can do is write that email that says
please don’t open that other email
exactly actually did you know the Gmail
now has an undo function I believe it’s
been live for a couple months now and so
it basically delays sending so you can
set how long you want to wait until it
sends it off but that’s really all it is
I was gonna say maybe you can try it
first because wouldn’t that be great if
there was an undo button for life
decisions a lot of my student loans I
think I would have sold my condo before
it burned down we all would have
invested an apple back in the 90s we’d
all be billionaires and we’d all own
sports teams and be philanthropist Matt
of course we’re not gonna board all the
money I’m speaking of money Google was
fine five billion dollars by the
European you
Union tell me about what’s going on with
that is it from the Google Play Store or
what’s going on there so this one’s
actually been in the works in the courts
in the European Union for quite some
time I remember reading about it I seen
it even two years ago so here’s the
argument that the European Union says
80% of the world’s smartphones are on
Android and that is a huge market and
every single one of these Android phones
comes with pre-loaded google apps and
that’s actually by design because
Android or search should I say Google
says we developers of phones we will
give you our software for free but in
order for you to get it for free you
have to use our apps such as google
search and it comes with chrome and by
the way who knows photos maps and
anybody who has that phone or buys the
phone they can delete and put other apps
as they so choose so it’s not like
they’re forcing the end-user to use
their apps but they come pre-loaded so
what the EU said is well this is unfair
if 80% of the phones in Europe come with
your apps pre-loaded that’s not allowing
innovation and allowing smaller
companies the opportunity to have their
day in the Sun now you could argue that
the reason why Android apps are so huge
like YouTube how many millions if not
billions of people use YouTube you need
that economies of scale to make it
worthwhile same with your ad revenue and
so we talked about this in the past so
it can be really hard for third-party
apps to be able to take on Android so
here’s what’s interesting so Google trot
back and they said ok you hit us with 5
billion dollars and we understand what
you’re saying so now what we’re going to
do is any Android phone that is going to
be sold in the European Union will have
to pay a licensing fee
so the producer of the phone whether it
be huawei shall me Samsung the the
manufacturer of the phone will have to
pay a licensing fee or every single one
of the phones that go to the EU and that
sounds like Google’s kind of being a
little bit snarky you know saying well
if you’re not gonna use the whole reason
why we create Android to be free in the
first place then you gotta pay us for it
and that actually makes sense to me and
actually this is exactly what the
European Union wanted they wanted the
smartphone manufacturers to be
incentivized to innovate and to create
competitors so what do you think dan do
you think this is gonna work or do you
think people are just gonna sideload the
Play Store cuz that’s a Google app these
phones won’t even come with her Play
Store so well here’s what I’m hoping you
know Samsung’s working on Tizen their
own phone operating system I’m hoping
that you know they’ll start to innovate
that but the problem that we have like
you were talking about before is that
the Google Play Store needs to be a
central place for everyone to get their
apps if you start segregating at all
it’s going to be almost impossible to
find the apps you want and especially as
an app developer it’s so annoying to
release it for the Google Play Store and
for Apple iTunes and for you know all
the different things and if Samsung
makes their own store and if oneplus
makes their own it really complicated
but it could drive innovation and you
know with all capitalism the fastest and
the strongest wins and so eventually
it’s going to come out as one company is
going to have it all anyways so it’s
kind of a circle you know this kind of
reminds me of another article that we
research but never did and it’s all
about how there’s so much competition in
the streaming world so competition with
Netflix Disney now is coming out with
their own movie and TV app and you’ve
gotta go
Amazon crime rate and also yes as the
has the Star Trek ones yeah so what it’s
doing is because there’s so much
competition people are starting to go to
BitTorrent again and in fact when
Netflix got big people stop torrenting I
don’t want to have any admission on
anything what I definitely would have
been less likely to torrent because
everything I needed was on Netflix and
but now I can’t get go get Star Trek on
Netflix I can get the old stuff but I
can’t get the new stuff and people who
want to watch games of Thrones has to go
to HBO and people who want man in the
high tower have to go to Amazon Prime so
they have all this specialized content
and what it’s doing is its pushing
people back to piracy so it’s kind of
the same thing with trying to create
these new operating systems is the world
better off with more operating systems
in the mobile device sphere or are we
better off with a few really good
choices and then is it the same thing
with streaming our television and movies
are we better off with two or three
giants or are we better off with this
smorgasbord that’s gonna cost us the
same as having cable in the first place
if we want to watch it all well it’s
frustrating because of the money right I
mean obviously I wanted third to only be
one store but that would mean only one
company would get all of the money and
it would be impossible to break into
that monopoly and so if you’re asking
what’s best for the consumer one store
is the best if you’re asking what’s best
for all of us at several stores or else
it’ll just be impossible in the future
for anyone to break in I guess we’ll let
the invisible hand decide and Adam Smith
and I’ve got some really interesting
news I want to get political I want to
get into crime so this is like true
crime typist
from mixes with technology and I see
where we’ve got a few minutes left so
I’ll try to make it as quick as possible
did you know I think I want to hear this
story because it’s about is it about the
embassy where that guy died yes are you
familiar so his name is Jamal khashoggi
are you familiar with him and what
happened to him no I just know that he
and his girlfriend or fiancee went to
the consulate and and he disappeared and
never came out right that’s all I know
yes so he’s a journalist and he used to
be quite pro Saudi Arabia that’s his
home country but within the last few
years he’s actually been quite anti the
current king and Crown Prince and so
he’s actually less Saudi Arabia for his
own safety and has been living in the
United States I believe in Vermont but
he was in Turkey at this time and his
fiancee was with him and he wanted to go
get documents so that he could get
married to her now he had to get those
documents from the Saudi Arabian
Consulate so he goes up to the consulate
and he hands his iPhone to his fiance
I’m not really sure why he does that but
he gives it to her he walks into the
consulate and he never comes out so the
very next day the Turkish government
says hey what happened to this guy he
walked into your embassy we know that he
is somebody that you guys don’t like and
somebody that you would like to have
something bad happened to him where is
now how what does this have to do with
well the Turkish government or the
officials say that khashoggi actually
recorded his interrogation and his
execution on his Apple watch no way so
that’s that’s the claim so in order for
that to happen a few things have to work
number one his fiance has to be close
that the Bluetooth will be able to work
through the consulate walls and be able
to upload that to iCloud so that’s
number one and we know that’s very
number two the Apple watch could have
been connected to Wi-Fi while it was
inside the Saudi Arabian consulate and
that’s possible if for some reason the
Wi-Fi was wide open
or if Khashoggi had previously been
there and somehow connected to the Wi-Fi
so that’s a possibility but also not
very likely and then the third option
that lots of people have talked about is
perhaps his Apple watch was LTE enabled
and it was syncing with iCloud from the
moment that he walked in there and
started recording the problem is as
turkey does not have LTE technology so
anyways the Turkish officials claimed
that he was recording all of this on his
his Apple watch and that the assassins I
mean we’re using that term a lot on this
podcast took the Apple watch and then
used his finger to unlock it and delete
certain buttons now could they do that
you find my Apple watch function on his
iCloud to find where the body is could
have a great idea I don’t know if
anybody’s looked into it I’m sure they
may have tried personally I think the
watch is toast and I think the body’s
gone and we won’t get into how that
happens although I have a forensics
degree and we can have a whole other bug
that’s done how how to get rid of a body
take a blue barrel put some acid in it
no does it work trust me okay anyway so
we won’t get into that so when a lot of
people think actually happened is that
the Turkish officials have the consulate
bugged and so they’ve been spying on
their Saudi Arabian friends for a long
time and when they go down they heard it
go down and they recorded it and so
here’s the whole thing now we’re not
going to get in on the latest political
news such as Donald Trump saying maybe
it was a rogue element trying to give
excuses to the Saudi Arabian government
for what happened but the technology
side of that was quite interesting and
then one last story that goes along with
it is a Fitbit was used to lay charges
and also convict a 90 year old man of
murder 90 years old yeah so first of all
I don’t know what a 9 year old man is
doing murdering people work with the
Fitbit how can he even stand up anymore
well it wasn’t his Fitbit it was the the
woman he murdered so it was his
stepdaughter she’s 67 years old and so
what he claimed was he went and he
visited his stepdaughter and they had a
nice little conversation maybe ate some
cookies cuz that’s what you do when
you’re 90 and then Werther’s Originals
and then she walked him to the door and
he drove away and then somebody came in
and murdered her after that was his
alibi but what the the prosecutors did
is they took camera footage now we’re
back to those cameras that are watching
us everywhere just like those Russian
spies got caught in England so it’s
camera footage and they saw when this 90
year old guy parked in her driveway so
they have his car there they know when
he got there and they know any left and
then they went to the Fitbit that his
stepdaughter was wearing and they went
and they can see exactly what happened
they say the Fitbit shows her heart rate
spiked at 3:20 p.m. followed by a rapid
slowing of her heart rate which stopped
at exactly 328 so that does it
can I see your murder happen and then
they tied that to the surveillance video
and they said you were there and there’s
also other things like they found blood
on his shirt you know like it wasn’t
convicted just because of a bit but 90
year old dudes I mean nobody should be
murdering but you know what it’s this or
90 you don’t get a free pass
technology is not letting us get away
with anything these days and I’m
actually very happy also I’m wearing my
Fitbit anytime I go into an old folks
home me too
and I’m going to have it record any
interrogations or executions of myself
any time I go into a consulate I am
wearing my Fitbit well that was a lot of
fun if you’re watching this on youtube
please subscribe also tell your friends
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