Tech Time 12 – OnePlus 6T Launch Event Details

OnePlus 6T to Have Teardrop Notch & Remove Headphone Jack

  • The Oneplus 6T: Carl Pei also confirmed:
    • Synaptic’s 2nd Gen Underscreen Fingerprint reader
      • 1st gen released at CES in January.
      • 3rd gen confirmed in Samsung’s S10 – Ultrasound.
        • Used when finger is wet.
        • More secure.
  • Poster for the OnePlus 6T shows the teardrop notch.
    • Smallest notch next to the Essential Phone.
  • Expandable Micro SD
    • German Retailer Otto had a short lived posting.
  • Carl Pei (Cofounder of OnePlus) confirmed the 6T will not have a headphone jack.
    • States that 59% of OnePlus customers already have wireless headphones.
    • Will have a dongle in the box.
    • Can buy USB C headphones.
  • Pros
    • More internal space.  Specifically used for battery.
    • Easier to make it waterproof.
      • Will we get a rating this time round?
  • Cons
    • People love their headphones – I have bose.
    • Can’t charge at the same time as using a dongle.
    • OnePlus copying Apple again (face unlock, notch, now no headphone jack)?
  • Will be released on T-Mobile’s 600 Megahertz spectrum.  Can be used unlocked on Verizon.
  • Rumored to cost $650 to $670

Tim Cook Wants Bloomberg to retract its Spy Chip Story

  • Bloomberg reported that China infiltrated hardware of Apple, Amazon and others in a mass surveillance campaign.  
  • Apple and Amazon denied the report.
  • Chinese spy chips were allegedly used to gather intellectual property and trade secrets.
  • Tim Cook says, “There is no truth in their story about Apple.  They need to do the right thing and retract it.”
  • Andy Jassy (head of Amazon Web services) agreed with Cook and also called for a retraction from Bloomberg.
  • More concerns grow over Chinese tech spying and stealing trade secrets.
    • Australia blocked chinese carriers from building their 5G network.
    • The US Government is also calling for a US built 5G network that would be “free of the possibility of overseas interference.”


Twitter fired spy for Saudi Arabia

  • Employee was spying on Twitter accounts critical of Saudi Government.
  • Fired in December 2015.


OnePlus 6T Launch Event moved to Oct 29 (from Oct 30)

  • OnePlus was originally going to launch the 6T on Oct 30.  
  • Late last week Apple announced they would be holding an iPad and Laptop event on Oct 30.  Even though there will be no iPhones released… Everyone watches Apple.


OnePlus to be among the first to launch a 5G phone.

  • Carl Pei made the announcement alonside Qualcomm at the 5G Summit in Hong Kong today.
  • The OnePlus 7 will feature Qualcomm’s x50 modem and QTM052 mmWave antenna.
  • According to Qualcomm at least 2 5G phones will be released next year.

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welcome to Tech time podcast episode 12
we’re back again and we have a lot of
things to talk about this week the first
thing we wanted to talk about is Tim
Cook once Bloomberg to retrac it’s spy
chip story so Matt a couple weeks ago we
talked a little bit about this Apple
watch that maybe went into an embassy in
Turkey and you know overheard some
things with its recording technology can
you catch us up on what’s going on with
with Tim Cook here yeah actually so this
is interesting this goes back to 2015
even further back oh yes yeah so this
one goes back and basically Apple has a
lot of manufacturing that happens in
China but not just Apple Amazon as well
and then there’s a few chip makers and
motherboard makers that are also part of
this article the Bloomberg put out so
this articles actually been out for a
couple of weeks now but it’s just this
week that people have started to get
angry about it specifically Tim Cook so
what they’re accusing happened is that
there was a mass surveillance program
and they’re not sure by if it was the
Chinese government or if it was
industrial espionage done by a company
but it sounds like a little bit of both
it was the Chinese government saying
Foxconn or okay whatever other company
is out there is making these Amazon
Apple and chip products I’d like you to
put some spy hardware and so this is
Hardware going into these systems and
that’s what is alleged in the story by
Bloomberg so now Tim Cook has come out
and he says quote there is no truth to
this story about Apple they need they
may be bluebird bloomberg needs to do
the right thing and retract it now this
is interesting
because I mean there’s a lot of Apple
haters out there and Tim Cook if he
tried to ask everybody to retract
something that he didn’t feel was
accurate or correct he would that would
be his full-time job times 10 so it is
interesting that he is talking out about
this but that’s a big deal if you could
say every iPhone out there is
compromised and is potentially spying on
you because it was put together in China
that’s a big deal and so Andy jassie who
is the head of Amazon Web Services which
are the products that were alleged to be
compromised he agreed with Tim Cook and
also asked for a retraction from
Bloomberg so I’d like to see what
happens I’m is there proof behind these
allegations according to Tim Cook and
according to Andy jassie no there is no
proof however Bloomberg hasn’t retracted
it and I’d really like to know is there
smoking gun have they found a little spy
piece inside this equipment I really
like to know and if that’s the case what
would that do to China as the
manufacturing mecca of the world right
now well maybe we’d have to start moving
things to the States or other countries
well that’s of course exactly what
Donald Trump wants and what he’s been
trying to do he was successful in at
least getting Apple to move their
flagship or their their mast so the head
of their company from Ireland back to
the United States can he bring
manufacturing back and then what would
that do to the price of these goods
because of course of course will be very
expensive so we’ll see what happens now
what’s also interesting about this is a
lot of the worries about spying has
actually been in the cellphone arena
specifically around 5g technologies so I
know there was a big deal about the
United States government some of these
Chinese companies wanted to bid on
building the 5g network in the US and
right now the United States government
is calling for
the 5g networks to be quote free of the
possibility of overseas interference and
also just earlier this year Australia
the government of Australia blocked all
Chinese carriers from bidding on their
5g networks for the exact same concerns
that they could be spying on the
Australian Government on companies and
doing industrial espionage which is
exactly what is alleged by Bloomberg
with Apple Amazon and with these these
chips that are being made so I don’t
know what do you think dan do you think
it’s a it’s a true possibility that
there is not just spyware but spy
hardware that is installed in some of
these things well let’s start out with
all of the money that Australia is
losing because taking China out of the
arena of the bidding process for 5g is
just gonna lose them so much money I
mean there is so much money coming out
of China right now especially for
technology and also out of Asia I mean
Softbank in Japan own so many things
that it would just make your head spin
if you knew how much they’re involved in
the United States and how many things
they own and so for them to completely
pull out this Asian money is really
surprising to me and they must have some
real concerns because that’s a lot of
money lost so it there must be some
truth behind it if they’re if they’re
you know absolutely pulling them out
well think about just the proximity of
Australia to Asia Hong Kong or to
Thailand for their vacations because
it’s so close you know and there is a
lot of proximity and actually a lot of
immigrants go to Australia from Asia and
so it’s surprising that they’re they’re
cracking down on that now there’s a rule
that I always follow when it comes to
cell phones and electronics and digital
media if you have something private to
say go say it to someone’s face don’t
call them don’t text them you just say
it to them just like the story you told
us last week about the
the lady who confessed her love to a
doctor through messenger and deleted me
and she deleted it and thought she was
fine but then she realized that that’s
not a feature that’s out yet it’s 2018
Facebook get it together so let’s let’s
keep talking about spying so it’s it’s
not just spying with hardware and
spyware it turns out that there’s
another story here that Twitter actually
fired a spy for Saudi Arabia now I found
this story interesting especially
considering the fact that Saudi Arabia
has been in the news for the last couple
of weeks over the Khashoggi murder and
execution and so then all of a sudden
somebody goes well you know back in
December of 2015
didn’t we catch a spy for the Saudi
government working at Twitter he was
working at Twitter like in the United
States yeah I’m actually not sure what
office he was working out of I’m they
may have offices overseas but this spy
specifically targeted Twitter got a job
there and was monitoring accounts that
were negative to against the Saudi
government so if Khashoggi had a Twitter
account that’s what this guy would have
been doing and depending on what access
he had he could have shut them down he
could have censored them who knows what
the plan was but apparently it was
discovered in time and Twitter says
nothing terrible was done on behalf of
the Saudi Arabian government before what
how awkward would that office
conversation beam hey Jim what are you
doing over there in your cubicle do you
want to come over here for a minute we
have to talk about something just a
minute just spying here on dissidents
are you doing espionage and your cubicle
no no these these base Walzer crazy
thing about khashoggi right I mean
wasn’t he murdered well I mean
supposedly we don’t know for sure but
they come out and admitted he died so
that that’s recent that that’s finally
the Saudi Arabian government has said
what we’ve all known all along they
admitted he has died in the consulate
they just lost his body so did he slip
on the bathroom floor while he was
taking the leak or what was no they said
it was a fistfight
I mean hey have you seen this guy he’s a
brawler not at all like he’s like he’s
somebody that’s old enough to go to
Costco and enjoy an ice-cream there and
apparently he takes on 15 Saudi Arabian
government agents that are his kill
squad including a forensics expert with
the bonesaw he’s like I will take you on
that’s the latest so yes spies are
everywhere even on Twitter we are not
spies but I think if somebody worked for
YouTube for the Saudi government they’d
probably be watching this video right
now and flagging us because we brought
them up several times for the past
podcast and we are in so much trouble
Saudi Arabia Russia especially I
guarantee you Putin knows exactly who we
are and if I slip slip in a bathroom
somewhere you all know what happened
just record it on your Fitbit we’ve
already said recording everything
including this okay so what I really
want to talk about now is the one plus
new announcement the 60 now you had
already told us I think last week that
this is switching to the 29th of October
and it’s still yeah let’s let’s just
talk a little bit about what’s to be
expected so in typical one-plus fashion
there is so much that gets leaked in
now that’s on purpose and Carl Pei who
is one of the cofounders of oneplus
totally admits it in fact he’s the
reason why we know so much about the
oneplus 60 that’s coming out and there
were some really interesting leaks that
came out literally before we started
recording this I found an article that
was 15 minutes fresh and it talked about
a German website that accidentally
posted it in advance and we got another
little bit of information we thought we
knew everything about the 60 but
according to this website if you can
believe it there’s gonna be expandable
memory so you could put an SD card in it
I love that I love it – I love it with
my Samsung device I’ve used it in the
past and this will be a first for
oneplus so if this is really true
do you have an S nein I do I have an S 9
plus and it has expandable memory
absolutely yeah really cool yeah they
all do right now the S 9 yes 9 plus the
note 9 and fingers crossed the the 10
that comes out in the spring you’re
awesome yeah yeah yeah so let’s get into
what we think is gonna be announced so
the big news is the under fingerprint
scanner so this is gonna be the first
that’s gonna be commercially available
in the United States there are a few
that have already beat others to their
oneplus to the punch I believe there’s
some Xiaomi phones but basically these
are phones that are not commercially
available outside of China there might
even be one in India but it’s the first
generation of synaptics under the screen
fingerprint reader it’s an optical
reader it takes a picture of your
fingerprint and compares it to what it’s
got stored very similar actually the
fingerprint readers that you have
regularly that you just touch on the
back or the side of your phone however
it’s slow so the first jeanna slow
what’s making this pretty exciting is
this is the second gen fingerprint
reader and those people who have played
around with this one
+60 say it’s so much faster it’s just as
fast they claim as using a regular
fingerprint reader on the back or the
front of your phone I’m looking forward
to seeing that that sounds pretty cool
we also know from a box that appeared to
have been leaked and this was like a
month ago that’s gonna have a very tiny
notch so the one plus six has a knotch
and it’s pretty minimal when you compare
it to the iPhone tens with their giant
notches that take up three-quarters if
not more of that top so it’s just a
little teardrop notch and it’s just big
enough for a camera so that’s it and it
looks pretty minimal I like it it just
means it’s gonna be frustrating for you
to program more apps for a tiny not just
keep that part of the screen empty
that’s that’s a black black bar on the
top of all of my screens yeah yeah so
other things that have been leaked oh
here’s some bad leaks you can still have
bad leaks it looks like oneplus is
getting rid of the headphone jack done
that they seem like the kind of company
that’s like anti Apple you know they’ve
got their memory expansion they’ve got
their fingerprint scanner in the screen
instead of that it just it’s it’s
bizarre that they would get rid of the
headphone jack well this is what’s
interesting is Carl Pei says he says we
are a company that listens to our
customers that’s what he claims and so
he says we sent out a poll and you the
customer said you don’t care about the
headphone jack look at us both right now
we’re both using headphones that plug
into a jack am I right we are we are
headphones Carl Pei says 59% of one-plus
customers already have wireless
headphones and of course expect that
he’s going to release some new one plus
headphones that will be bluetooth
apparently there’s going to be a dongle
caryl pay also says you can always buy
USBC headphones yeah Karl but I can’t
charge my phone at the same time I
believe that’s the biggest frustration
is you can’t charge your phone at the
same time using a dongle or USBC
headphones and you know if you’re using
wireless headphones you’re draining
batteries there too so oh well
well here’s the thing I know I’m like
from the 90s still but I actually
plugged my phone into the auxiliary port
in my car and I want it to charge while
I’m driving – come on guys yeah unless
you have wireless charging so you know
maybe that can happen but in any case so
here’s some of the pros of why Carl Pei
does it he says it gives us more
internal space so specifically you can
have a bigger battery because you’re
removing some hardware out of the phone
when Apple said that though they said
that they added the batteries so much
bigger because of the space and then you
actually crack open the phone and it’s
just a space yeah that’s a that’s a bad
bad idea
well this is true is it makes it easier
to waterproof I’ll give you right it’s
it’s another opening that doesn’t let
anything in so that’s good but I gotta
tell you I love my headphones I got Bose
headphones they they stay in my ear when
I’m at the gym they you know they’re
good phones they got a beautiful sound
so anyways that that’s that’s
frustrating but other things about the
phone it will be released on t-mobile
600 megahertz spectrum so that’s it yeah
that’s a brand new spectrum that
t-mobile is unlocking and by the way if
you want to use it on Verizon don’t
worry and say Oh Verizon doesn’t have
the six megahertz 600 megahertz spectrum
it’s okay because their phones work on
Verizon just fine as well all their
phones come unlocked I’m sure even if
you get it on t-mobile it should come on
locks I
don’t know for sure we’ll find out but
you should be able to unlock it anyways
and use it on Verizon well I love the
price point I was looking at your
article and made me dance with Glee
because that’s about how much I want to
pay for a cell phone yes so 652 six
hundred seventy dollars I saw some
rumors that it’s going to go back to the
500 to 550 to 560 but it just doesn’t
seem likely especially comparing the
prices of the last one plus six so yeah
expecting around 650 679
let’s see if they get wireless charging
that’s one thing that was missing from
the last one they do have NFC that came
in on the one plus five so really the
only thing that we’re missing right now
is wireless charging and you get all
those great internals remember this is
gonna come with a Snapdragon the latest
Snapdragon what is it the 845 that’s out
this year so you’re getting yeah you’re
gonna get some really good specs with
this phone that’s why they call it a
flagship killer and it has been a
flagship killer since it came out well
it’s gonna be literally half the price
of all the other flagships yeah yeah
especially if they keep going up I mean
wasn’t there phone we were talking about
last week where it was like $1200 so
this is literally half the price of that
well here’s the thing about oneplus
right is it’s awesome for the emerging
markets like India and China because in
those locations people do have more
money now but they don’t want to pay
1200 u.s. for a phone you know you’ll
find that oneplus is huge in India and
and because it’s a better price point I
mean here you and me I mean I would
prefer to buy it over something a
thousand dollars from Samsung but I mean
it’s gonna be huge over there and I
bought two oneplus phones
I love oneplus the only reason why I got
a Samsung phone right now is it was a
pretty sweet deal trade-in that worked
well with the plan that I had and I was
so close to buying a one plus six and I
gotta tell you it wasn’t excited about
the knotch
now look
this needs even less of a knotch it’s
looking pretty exciting so rumors I
wanted this week about the 1 plus 7
Barcelona next year usually announced I
believe it’s in March or April so about
the same time a little bit after Samsung
releases their phones so I don’t think
actually 1 plus I’ve ever announced that
Barcelona but it’s usually close so yeah
let’s look forward to that but here’s
the rumor it’s not a rumor actually it
was confirmed just on October 23rd and
it was Carl pay made the announcement at
Qualcomm big 5g summit in Hong Kong and
it’s that the 1 plus 7 is gonna be the
first commercially available 5g cell
phone well here’s what I want to know do
they even have standards for 5g like do
they know how it’s gonna work already I
thought it was still in progress it
isn’t and it is let me explain they have
a standard so let me just scroll down
this is in some of our old news that we
didn’t talk about but they have a
standard and it’s called 5g NR and
that’s the global standard that’s coming
in 2019 there is another close to
standard that Verizon is actually
installing right now and some select
cities it’s in Houston LA San Francisco
and Indianapolis and they started doing
that about three weeks ago and it’s 5g
ETF or the t f stands for technical
forum and it’s proprietary to Verizon
and I know but it’s it’s on the same
spectrum as regular 5g the five GNR and
the only reason that Verizon says
they’re not installing five GNR right
now is because it’s not ready even
though it’s the standard they say we’ve
been working on the TF for so long and
we’re ready to go with the TF
and we can easily upgrade tf2 NR when in
ours ready cool now here’s the thing
about 5g I mean we’re all getting
excited about it but who really has an
unlimited data plan right now when you
talk to most of your friends they have
maybe two gigabytes maybe five gigabytes
if you have a 5g access and you only
have two gigabytes of data a month it’s
gonna go in ten minutes you’re gonna be
listening to your life streaming music
and it’s over well you know what I hope
this is gonna drive the price down just
like going to 3G did so remember with 2g
we were able to like get some webpages
but it was like turn off all the photos
because it was just burning through our
data and then when 3G came out it
brought data I mean it brought pictures
it brought it was so much quicker to
load a webpage and then 4G really
brought video so all of a sudden you
could be sitting on the bus and you
could be looking at YouTube videos and
Facebook videos and you know YouTube
live hello everybody Netflix and and all
the other things that you can be doing
so 5g is just gonna bring massive
amounts of data and I’m hoping that it
will also mean that it will be cheaper
now here’s the problem with 5g is the
hardware has to be really close to each
other because of the spectrum that it’s
working on you’re gonna have to be a
hundred and fifty feet apart so a lot of
people are concerned about this I was
reading some interesting articles about
it where they’re starting to install in
some of these cities like Indianapolis
what do you mean scope what do you mean
150 feet apart like from someone you’re
calling well actually from the antenna
so it’s basically a line-of-sight
situation so when you’re in other
spectrums like what we’re currently
dealing with in 4G and 3G you’re you can
broadcast that signal at a much greater
range but you don’t get as much data
whereas 5g you get these laser super
awesome amounts of data flying at you
but you basically have to be able to see
it and if you get past 150 feet then it
starts slowing down and getting worse
and worse and you can’t get through
trees so imagine that there’s an antenna
5g antenna that you’re using and the
true the wind starts blowing the leaves
in front of that antenna you’re gonna
notice it interesting now this might
work well in like a stadium situation or
Disneyland situation theme parks where
you know there’s a lot of open space and
people’s phones get bogged down because
there’s thousands of people there but it
would be terrible inside your house I
mean your windows are always those you
know hey I’m willing to bet you’re gonna
have 5g boosters for your house so you
you can buy 4G 3G boosters for your
motor home because you’re gonna be out
in the middle of nowheres Ville but
you’re gonna be buying these boosters
for your house so that you can be in
your basement and and still be able to
get your data I mean look at 5g how much
information can come we’ll probably pull
the plug on coaxial cable because we
don’t need coax right like be great
we’re we’re not getting or cat5 we’re
not gonna need cat5 we’re not getting it
like it’s gonna be so blazing fast but
we’re also gonna need to build that
infrastructure so that’s why I think 5g
is gonna take a while
is it gonna come out in 2019 sure are we
gonna be on it because even koala comm
says there’s gonna be at least two
phones in 2019 that we’ll be able to use
5g that’s it and are these light
spectrum rays going to give us cancer
maybe watching our Netflix on HD our
quality about this is they’re actually
doing some really cool things so they’re
they’re gonna be bouncing these 5g
signals off of walls so there’s actually
gonna be a lot of engineering that goes
into it if you set up an antenna over
here and an antenna over there you might
be bouncing that signal off of a wall
before it gets to the antenna so that’s
kind of their plan
is to use a lot of bouncing a lot of
antennas to be able to blanket the
places that we want to use 5g but and
we’re not gonna see it out in rural
areas you’re not gonna be on a farm on
5g but cities absolutely cities you’re
gonna see 5g and you’ll probably run out
by a 5g booster for your house if you’ve
got a 5g phone and that’s how you’re
getting your internet so they say it’s
gonna change the world I think it’s
gonna be slower than we think because of
the infrastructure and a lot of people
are concerned what’s it gonna make my
neighborhood look like if every tree or
every lamppost or every light post is
gonna have an antenna and how expensive
is that and how is there no other
solution to this like when all the
scientists sat down and thought about it
like it couldn’t there be another way
that is less lossy to just you know
transfer the data as quick as 5g but
through a wall you know well maybe I
think what they’re doing is they’re
already finding those workarounds by
literally working around the objects and
doing the bouncing so let’s let’s see
what happens okay well this is
fascinating stuff Matt again thank you
so much for joining us on our tech time
podcast you know if you have time go
ahead and subscribe to our YouTube
and as well please subscribe to us on
your podcast application whether it be
through Apple iTunes or through the
Google Play Store we’re also on Spotify
and stitcher and we’d love to hear from
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email we love to interact with you guys
and that’s why we do this so have a good
week I’ll catch you next time

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