Tech Time Podcast Episode 7 – Clouds of Bugs and Donairs

Tech Time Podcast Episode 7:

Gut-Brain Connection Could Lead To a ‘New Sense’

  • In our podcast a new study has revealed a “fast-acting neural circuit allowing gut cells to communicate with the brain in just seconds,” reports New Atlas. Diego Bohorquez, senior author of the study, says “these findings are going to be the biological basis of a new sense. One that serves as the entry point for how the brain knows when the stomach is full of food and calories.” He says it “brings legitimacy to [the] idea of the ‘gut feeling’ as a sixth sense.”
  • Duke university
  • Remarkable new work from a team of researchers at Duke University has now revealed a previously unknown direct circuit between the gut and the brain that could allow for fast sensory communication that doesn’t relay on laborious hormonal signaling.


Mosquitoes Genetically Modified To Crash Species That Spreads Malaria

  • For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that a controversial new kind of genetic engineering can rapidly spread a self-destructive genetic modification through a complex species.
  • The scientists used the revolutionary gene-editing tool known as CRISPR to engineer mosquitoes with a “gene drive,” which rapidly transmitted a sterilizing mutation through other members of the mosquito’s species
  • After mosquitoes carrying the mutation were released into cages filled with unmodified mosquitoes in a high-security basement laboratory in London, virtually all of the insects were wiped out, according to a report in Nature Biotechnology. The mosquitoes were created in the hopes of using them as a potent new weapon in the long, frustrating fight against malaria. Malaria remains one of the world’s deadliest diseases, killing more than 400,000 people every year, mostly children younger than 5 years old.
  • What’s encouraging is that the mosquitos reportedly did not appear to further mutate in a way that would diminish the effectiveness of the engineered mutation. “But the researchers stressed that many years of additional research are needed to further test the safety and effectiveness of the approach before anyone attempts to release these mosquitos or any other organisms created this way into the wild,
  • Matt – What effect would this have on the local ecology?  I hate mosquitos but would birds, bats and other predators starve? Would other insects move in to replace mosquitos?


Uber Drivers and Other Gig Economy Workers Are Earning Half What They Did Five Years Ago

  • According to a new study by the JPMorgan Chase Instittue, drivers who transport people via apps (e.g. Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Postmates) made 53 percent less in 2017 than they did in 2013.
  • drivers on average are working fewer hours; demand hasn’t increased to meet the increased number of drivers; trip prices have fallen; or platforms are paying drivers lower rates.
  • The average monthly payments to those who worked for a transportation app in a given month declined to $783 from $1,469. Meanwhile, people working for leasing apps — Airbnb, Turo, Parklee and other apps that let you rent assets like your home, car or parking space — saw their incomes from those platforms rise 69 percent to $1,736 on average.
  • Matt – Outdoorsy – I looked at renting my RV.  A friend of mine said he put his gas Class A on the site just before the May long weekend and had over $10k of bookings within a week.


Apple Completes Shazam Acquisition, Will Make App Ad-Free For Everyone


  • Apple has successfully completed its $400 million acquisition of Shazam, and the company announced it will be removing all ads from the app “soon.”
  • Shazam has been downloaded over 1 billion times around the world and is used over 20 million times every day


Implanted Device Helps Two People With Paralysis Walk Again
* NBC News: At least five people whose legs were completely paralyzed are walking again, two of them with no outside help, thanks to a specialized program of therapy and a pain stimulator implanted in their spines

  • It’s the latest and most dramatic advance in a new approach to treating spinal cord injuries developed at the University of Louisville in Kentucky
  • The reports show that electrical stimulation of the spine, when combined with a very intense and specialized training program, can re-educate the body and help move the legs even though signals from the brain are cut off. The stimulator is implanted into the epidural layer surrounding the spinal cord, and sends controlled signals into the bundle of nerve tissue.


SiriusXM Is Acquiring Pandora in $3.5 Billion Deal To Create the ‘World’s Largest Audio-Entertainment Company’

  • with more than $7 billion in projected revenue in 2018 and more than 100 million monthly listeners, combining SiriusXM’s 36 million subscribers and Pandora’s 70 million-plus monthly active users.


Streaming Accounts For 75 Percent of Music Industry Revenue In the US

The numbers also show that more people continue to join paid subscription services, with subscription rates growing by about one million per month. But while streaming revenue is still on an upward trend, the news isn’t so good for digital downloads and CD sales. Digital downloads have only made up 12 percent of overall revenue so far this year, down from 19 percent last year, and CD sales saw a whopping 41 percent drop in revenue. To compare, during the same time last year, CD sales were only down three percent from the year before. Vinyl revenue, however, is up 13 percent.


First Android phone launched 10 years ago

  • 10 years ago (Sep 24) the HTC Dream was released on T-Mobile.
    • The first phone with Android as an Operating System.
  • Had a screen that slid away to reveal a QWERTY Keyboard.
  • Competition in 2008 was Nokia/Symbian, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Apple
  • In 10 years we now have Android Pie (API level 28).
  • 2 billion people are estimated to currently have an android device.
  • Android made its name through
    • being open sourced (fragmentation)
    • customizable (contrasted with Apple’s closed OS)
    • Google Apps integrated (Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, Docs, Photos)


Pixel 3 Ultra & Leaks Explained…?

  • Brandon (This is Tech Today) and John Prosser (Front Page Tech) the VBloggers who was behind the Pixel 3 Ultra rumour explains the reasons behind the Pixel 3 XL leaks and the Pixel 3 Ultra rumour.
    • Received this information through an Engineer at Google after establishing security protocols.
  • Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were not leaked on purpose.
    • They were allowed to continue to leak to find the culprit.
    • The leak happened at Foxcon where the LG screens are manufactured.
  • HTC was purchased by Google in January.
    • HTC is most likely the team designing the Pixel 4.
    • The Pixel 3 was designed by the old team (most likely their last).
      • Pixel 3 was already 4 months into development when HTC was purchased.
    • HTC has manufacturing power.
  • There is a 3rd device that the HTC team is working on.
    • It may be released in time for Christmas.
    • Possible working with Xiaomi


welcome back we’re here on our seventh
episode there’s a few things we wanted
to talk about before we get started if
you want to send us a message ask us to
talk about something you can send that
to our email address listed below as
well as our Twitter and if you’re
watching this on YouTube go ahead and
comment in the comment section and
alright then let’s get started how was
your weekend well it was really good I
actually just discovered there’s a
Korean market behind my house and yeah
yeah well good food it’s a meat market
so I went got bulgogi marinade sauce so
I’m gonna try that on my chicken today
to see if it tastes any good the stuff
in the store I don’t know it’s just okay
so we’ll see if this is a little more
authentic I live in kind of a Korean
hoping it’s good stuff how about you how
was your weekend oh it was great I took
the kids out to comic-con here in
Edmonton is actually called the Comic
Expo I guess there’s copyright issues
with calling it comic-con it was great
fun unfortunately a lot of the big stars
didn’t show up they canceled last minute
but we still had fun I was dressed up as
Captain Christopher Pike from Star Trek
and the kids all were there geekiest
shirts and we just had fun watching
people and trying to spot celebrities
and of course eating bad food and and
just getting our geek on it was awesome
so did your costume include a leotard no
I didn’t wear the leotard that’s the
next thing I have to buy but I had the
authentic original series shirt that
it’s the exact same color the same
fabric everything that was in the
original series so are you talking
Captain Kirk I miss twitchett captain
you said well Christopher Pike is before
Captain Kirk he was in the pilot in the
original series oh you know I did I said
I saw the first one it’s on Netflix I
think and I thought that’s strange that
isn’t the regular Captain Kirk I’m used
to well the reason why I chose
Christopher Pike is also in Star Trek
discovery season two he’s gonna be the
captain that shows up and starts
interacting with the discovery kind of
that bridging captain into the original
series since discovery takes place just
before it so fascinating stuff and of
course a few people did recognize me and
they said which captain are you so yeah
we got our geek on it
great at Miss Piggy and it’s a good way
to trying to explain the role switch
right freshman Sabella married to a new
person this is just weird
so to start out we’ve got some kind of
cool news I guess there’s a new
gut-brain connection that could lead to
a new sense so there’s a new study that
says that fast-acting neural circuit
allows gut cells to communicate with the
brain in seconds so if you’ve ever had
that gut feeling when you’ve gone
somewhere that something’s odd that
might actually be real apparently
they’ve figured out that the stomach in
the brain communicate a lot faster than
we think and this could actually be used
for a lot of really cool tech uses in
the future this was done out of Duke
University and it really is remarkable
work that they’re doing did you hear
anything about that no nothing at all
I’m just curious I mean I think it’s
great it’s a it’s our six senses I got a
bad gut feeling about this but what do
you think it could be used for
well I’m doing medical reasons I’m
hoping they’re going to be able to check
out the flora and your gut maybe they
could do tests where they use certain
dies they said that they actually used a
mouse and put a certain time at stomach
and found traces of it in the brain
literally milliseconds later perhaps we
could discover different ways to
diagnose and treat gut problems and I
think that’s just scratching the surface
so that I thought that was pretty cool
that is pretty neat another kind of neat
interesting thing going on is
genetically modifying mosquitoes so Matt
growing up in Canada we had a lot of
mosquitoes and a lot of people joke that
in Alberta is the provincial bird yes
and I remember one time I broke
down on the side of the road on baseline
road in Sherwood Park with mom and we
had to walk to the nearest gas station
and I remember there being thick black
clouds of mosquitoes and just running
and you can feel them filtering your
face as you ran through them if you
still have bad mosquitoes like that you
know what every year is different some
years there’s like flocks and hordes of
mosquitoes that will just descend upon
you and your children and just suck you
dry and then other years you hardly see
any it really depends on how wet the
summer is this summer wasn’t too bad but
I gotta tell you as an RV guy and I love
to take my motorhome out my biggest pet
peeve is mosquitoes and I just love
coming and visiting you down there in LA
because you don’t have the same mosquito
problem we do and you know just that
feeling of walking around in the dark at
I’m always cringing because in Tanana
you’re that’s mosquito season like you
just head for home don’t hang out at
night when the sun’s going down because
well this is really cool they actually
genetically modified the species using a
CRISPR technique and what they did was
they were able to make hordes of these
mosquitoes become infertile and so they
weren’t able to reproduce and it really
brought down the amount of mosquitoes in
the next batch for the next year so it’s
exciting but there’s some negative
consequences potentially I mean what
eats mosquitoes right I mean are we
gonna destroy a food chain there what
are you thinking yeah well that’s that
was my thought when you sent me the link
and I started reading about this so
first of all I think it’s great I don’t
know from mosquitoes have any benefit to
ecology other than feeding birds and
bats and other predators and I hope that
if we do decide to eradicate mosquitoes
I mean though prevent malaria and other
diseases get
get sent around in mosquitos what was
that one that was causing birth defects
a while ago yeah I know what you’re
talking about it’s all in Brazil and and
yeah I mean those types of things could
be eradicated and hopefully there’ll be
more less blood sucking bugs that will
sort of fill the neeshub mosquitos but
it does make me wonder a little bit what
would be the effects of eradicating this
past so how many people do you think
died a year from malaria I wouldn’t even
begin to guess did you see any numbers
yeah almost half a million is what the
estimate is so 400,000 a year and most
of them are children under five years
old so I think it might be worth getting
rid of a batterer to to to save all
those people that are potentially
passing away from from the pass on
malaria the one thing I saw that was
fascinating about it is the way that
crispers was eradicating this mosquitoes
is it was sterilizing them it was
basically creating the next generation
after they reproduced sterile and so in
essentially one generation which is
literally days memories yeah the days
are weeks with mosquitoes right you’ve
wiped out that population so it’s fast
it’s it’s a little bit scary to think
that we have that kind of control but
we’ve been doing crispers for a while
now and we’ve been doing gene editing on
plants for a long time for example most
of the plants that we grow and eat are
genetically modified in some way or
another either to be robust and and
prevent insects from eating them they
can handle Hardy or whether they can
grow a lot more wheat and a bushel and
these are great things that genetically
modifying is doing but also these
companies are protecting themselves by
making that generation of whatever is
being produced sterile so I can select
the seeds and
and do your own seating the next year
you want this fabulous new genetically
modified product and what you’re talking
about is quite controversial I know
people in Alberta love the canola plants
which i think is genetically modified a
GMO but you know when I was living in
Hawaii people hated GMOs and we would
constantly have people protesting in the
streets because yeah moustachio or
whatever it’s called that big company
that one said oh yes yeah they were
doing a bunch of testing out there in
Hawaii and so I think I find people that
are very Pro and I think the Pro points
you went over you know it’s more robust
bugs don’t eat it as much you get a
higher crop yield but then there are
some people that are a little bit leery
about eating a plant that’s not natural
and you know could it cause potential
side effects good companies go ahead and
copyright the the plants and say you’re
not allowed to grow this only we are and
would that create a monopoly there’s a
lot of pros and cons to those sides and
you know maybe with bugs and eliminating
mosquitoes we’d have certain
corporations and companies profiting off
of it and other farmers losing out I
don’t know there could be pros and cons
to it too let’s wait and see
so Dan here’s another interesting
article that you found and I’m curious
if you could just talk a little bit
about this
it’s just that side gig economy looks
like it’s not nearly as lucrative as it
was a year or two ago that’s right
you’re talking about Buber they did a
study where they took the average amount
that people earned in 2013 five years
ago and compared it to today and it’s
remarkably lower it’s 53% less this is
what the average uber driver is earning
this year as opposed to 2013 and there
could be several reasons for that it
might be that Buber drivers are working
less hours that demand hasn’t really
increased to meet the number of drivers
the prices have fallen there’s more
competition with lyft and other things
people are doing the scooters now are
they doing school
Simonton I haven’t seen any scooters no
they’re pretty cool when you come out
here to LA next time we’ll go to Santa
Monica yeah it’s full of people on
you know Millennials out everywhere
outside of their cars in the community
it’s fun to watch but that’s
controversial too a lot of people are
trying to get rid of them because
they’re living on the sidewalks well
everywhere you go there’s these scooters
that are electronic and people don’t put
them away nicely they just throw them on
people’s lawns they throw them on
business sidewalks and they’re just
literally everywhere I mean there’s a
new Segway you know remember what
everybody was whipping around on segways
now with scooters and well what you’re
saying is true I mean it’s a fad
obviously people love it and it’s funny
I just went to church this morning and
walked outside and there was you know
maybe 20 of these scattered right on
like near the lawn right in Monaca and
it’s just funny to see that but I mean
the positive things are people are out
in the community more I mean when you’re
behind a car in Los Angeles you don’t
talk to each other at least you can make
eye contact with people and it’s fun I
see people out on dates to people on a
scooter they’re going up and down the
path you know on the ark it’s a lot of
fun so I’ll have to show you that next
time you’re here that’d be great maybe
you can tweet out a picture of those so
to get back to the side gig and how it’s
being affected is the fact that it’s
harder to make money in a side gig
because prices are getting more
competitive is that better for the
consumer like myself if I wanted to go
get an uber am i seeing that the price
of an uber is dropping or is it really
just the amount of money that’s going
into the uber drivers pocket because
they’re getting less fares you know
perhaps but you’ll find what surge
pricing you know there’s times of the
day where it really is more expensive so
I don’t really know how much you’re
saving as a consumer it’s it’s
frustrating I mean the taxi drivers that
were here 20 years ago
have been working ever since some of
them have switched over to Ober and I
just feel like their paychecks keep
getting cut and I think maybe even in
the next five years we might see robots
take over and have self-driving Ebers
and so you know it really is frustrating
that you know the robots are coming for
our jobs and robots are coming it might
be good for the consumer in a way but I
think you’ll find that if you looked at
the data you’re probably spending just
as much as a consumer I don’t really
know how much you’re saving since 2013
so I think the big businesses are
probably winning here that’s my opinion
so I think it’s interesting just from
reading this article and your notes on
it it looks like it’s really because
this decline in them making money is
because there’s more and more people who
are driving for uber or lyft or some of
these other side gigs meanwhile you’ve
got a very fascinating note in here that
says leasing apps like Airbnb Turbo
partly outdoorsy where you can rent your
RV those seem to be on the move and on
the increase in fact the statistic you
have here it says 69 percent revenue has
increased by people posting things that
could be rented like that no numbers guy
yeah if you look at the numbers back in
2013 monthly on average people doing
Airbnb and other other things leasing
out their properties they would get 783
dollars a month and now it’s 1469 so
it’s you know it’s almost doubled and
Airbnb is huge here because people love
to come down here and experience the
sunshine and you know people are taking
more advantage of that with their
properties so that’s positive but I
think when it comes to over and other
ride-sharing apps things are just going
down it seems to me that it’s the
service industry that first had this
spike in popularity like uber and lyft
and we also have skipped the dishes as
another side hustle you can have so is
that like uber it’s ER
yeah it’s like uber eats it maybe a
Canadian thing but basically restaurants
that normally don’t deliver you can go
through skip the dishes and they’ll have
a minor fee to deliver you food I used
it all the time when I was working out
at an industrial site during night shift
and I wanted to feed a bunch of angry
construction workers and so it’s like Oh
donators for everybody so that everybody
knows that Donaire is actually a year
amazing it’s got this white sauce that’s
made out of sweetened condensed milk
it’s not available in the United States
the second you go to Canada get off the
plane and get it on there ask you to go
there yeah sweet white sauce you’ll be
in heaven
so anyways they I use skip the dishes
ooh it would be exactly like uber eats
so that’s the service industry and it
looks like it’s spiked and now a lot of
people are into the service industry and
it’s harder to make money meanwhile on
the rental industry Airbnb partly Turo
and the one I want to talk about is
outdoorsy that seems to be on the rise
as more and more consumers are
comfortable with using these apps I
think that actually lyft and uber paved
the way once people got in there first
uber and realized this isn’t a scary
person who just signed up and is trying
to make some money it might murder me
right which does happen like we talked
about last week it does happen but it
looks like people are becoming more
comfortable and starting to trust these
services for example outdoorsy is an app
that I’m looking at using next summer I
have a motor home that sits and doesn’t
get used all the time and I’d like to
make some money off it and on outdoorsy
people can rent my classe which is a big
bus and it’s a diesel pusher now I’ve
got a friend who has a gas class eight
lights a bus not nearly as nice as mine
and he listed it just before the May
long weekend this de spring
and he said within a week he had over
$10,000 worth of people booking his RV
and I thought 10,000 you know just think
of the amount of money you could make
how many people have trailers or
motorhomes just sitting in storage or in
their backyards that could be out making
them money so perhaps we’ll see this
spike as we talked about with the
service industry and maybe we’ll see a
drop-off as more and more people get
into things like Airbnb and Turo and
outdoorsy but still it’s an opportunity
to make some money on the side
that’s not really exciting also for our
American listeners the main long weekend
is Memorial Day a lot of people know
that is I’ve tried that a few times it
is the next thing I want to talk about
is that Apple actually just bought
Shazam do you ever use Suzanne I choose
them all the time
so I remember when Suzanne first came
out and I tried to show some friends how
cool it was it’s the app where you stick
it next to a speaker and within a few
seconds it knows what the song is and I
had a lot of friends push back at first
and say why would I do that I can just
hear the words in the song and then type
it in a Google search well you know
there’s some times where you can’t
understand what it is or maybe you’re
listening to a song that’s just a beat
so it’s been quite popular and I think
it’s actually driven the sales for a lot
of streaming downloads and it’s been
quite profitable and I think that’s one
of the reasons why Apple wants to own it
now they claim that they’re gonna take
away the advertisements for it and they
actually spend 400 million dollars on it
now here are some of these numbers I’m
kind of a numbers person so did you know
that Shazam has been downloaded over 1
billion times I mean I see people even
live on the earth 7 8 billion by that’s
1 7 that’s insane right that 1/7 of the
people of the earth have it and they say
that it’s used over 20 million times a
and so if you take the population of
like the Southern California that’s
everyone here using it once a day that’s
insane yeah it’s absolutely insane to
think how many people use it I love
using Shazam I even had the the little
the app on my phone where I could just
push it and and oh here’s the song and
then I could click on it I get
downloaded from iTunes I could watch it
on YouTube I mean all these things were
a fantastic way to get this music onto
my phone so I think that’s why Apple
says we don’t need advertising Shazam
needed the advertising and it considered
itself a little bit of a radio player
I’m guessing and that’s why advertising
naturally fit in with the Shazam model
however apples gonna benefit hugely I’m
sure it’s already benefited hugely by
having people Shazam and then instantly
going to buy like what does this mean
that people that aren’t Apple will have
a harder time recognizing songs is this
mean Samsung phones or you know other
kinds of Android tablets maybe wouldn’t
have the opportunity I’m sure they’ll
still be able to download Shazam but so
to get to your question I’m a little bit
concerned about that as well
I don’t think it will be harder to
Shazam a song and know what the song is
or even have access to its lyrics and
all the fun things that Shazam is known
for but what I’m concerned about is it
may not be as simple to go to youtube
and say I want to watch the video of
this in youtube so that’s what my
concern is I think they may try to push
Google and YouTube out by making it more
of an apple centric service interesting
one other cool article that I wanted to
talk about before we get into the geeky
stuff is did you hear that they actually
have an implant that has helped to
people with paralysis walk again so this
is pretty cool this is based out of I
believe it’s Tennessee so in NBC News
that at least five people whose legs
were completely paralyzed are walking
again two of them with no outside health
thanks to a specialized program of
therapy and a pain stimulator implanted
in their spines um so this is kind of a
big dream right to help people that are
paralyzed walk again and we’ve seen a
lot of things like exoskeletons we’ve
seen you know muscle stimulation but I
think this is really exciting this is a
cool advancement it’s the latest in most
dramatic advancement in the approach to
treating spinal cord injuries and yes
aluminum University of Louisville in
Kentucky actually that that is working
on that I look forward to seeing a
little bit more about that I’ve seen
exoskeletons used for people with spinal
injuries I think that the sky’s the
limit with what they can do
I mean cyberpunk is coming usually what
we see in science fiction from 20-30
years ago are a reality today I mean
Captain Kirk had an iPad so we’re going
to see similar things happen I think
this is even greater than the
exoskeleton because you’re actually
doing some repair to those those nerves
I look forward to seeing what happens I
also wanted to talk really quickly about
Sirius XM acquiring Pandora three point
five billion dollar deal recently that
happened and this is creating the
world’s largest audio entertainment
company now when I read this I was
fascinated because number one as a
millennial I don’t use Pandora and
number two as a millennial I don’t use
Sirius XM I’m on Spotify amount Apple
music I’m on YouTube those things they
seem kind of like people use them 10 15
years ago do you know a lot of people
that use Sirius XM in their car still or
no actually I don’t
and if I do it’s usually a free service
that comes with the car
they have it for a year the only people
I know that used to subscribe to Sirius
XM were people who worked out in the
bush out in the boonies didn’t have
access to regular radio so if you’re way
up in the Northwest Territories
underneath the Arctic Circle they’re
perfect you can get radio and you can
listen to Howard Stern in a way you go
but I said you can really get serious XM
up in the Northwest Territories oh yeah
yeah because it’s satellite based so I
think that there will always be a market
for satellite based radio you know and
perhaps it will grow in areas like the
second world instead of the first world
places where people are becoming more
affluent but maybe they don’t have
access to radio and Internet like we
have here however I absolutely agree
with your insight as to Millennials and
even myself I’m a generation Xer and I
don’t listen to regular radio I don’t
watch regular TV I use streaming
services like Netflix and I would use
Hulu if we could get it here in Canada
because I sure don’t know we actually
can’t even get Pandora here but I use
Spotify and I’m seriously thinking about
going to youtube music because I am an
Android person and a Google user and
that’s just one more service that falls
underneath the umbrella of Google and so
to me that just seems like a no-brainer
to just migrate that way but I think
you’re right this could be a bad buy but
I think Sirius XM realized that on the
way out they’re seeing a drop in
subscribers they see the Internet as the
savings to their to making money and
this is something that they could afford
seven billion is a lot of money
wait a minute 3.5 billion is good
Towson’s yeah chump change right
but that being said I I think that it’s
it’s they’re betting on the wrong horse
now what’s interesting to get into that
streaming media business there’s another
article here that you posted that says
streaming accounts for 75% of music
industry revenue now that’s in the US
alone but that’s huge then I think that
really shows they’re betting on the
wrong horse by going with radio based
listening to music so Pandora although
when it first came out was neat because
it would say oh you like this song and
here’s a radio station I’ve created
well Spotify does that and Spotify makes
recommendations and says hey I think
you’re gonna like Swedish country music
and I was like Swedish country music I
don’t think so and then I listened to it
and I was like this is great this is not
ABBA meets Willie Nelson like it’s it’s
alternative it’s cool and guess who knew
I would like it Spotify
really oh yeah okay you know one of the
most fascinating things in this article
about the streaming music is that did
you know that vinyl is 13% of the sales
now and that’s almost as much as CDs or
more that’s insane right I have a few
friends that listen only to vinyl and
you know it’s kind of a thing where you
go into their house and they have the
vinyl on yeah do people do that up there
oh sure I mean it’s an audiophile thing
and it’s it’s retro and it’s kind of
cool it’s kind of a hipster and maybe
the sound is a little bit better but
really CDs are retro too so to be able
to say he knows CDs or 12% they used to
be a hundred or or 95 percent and to say
vinyl is 13 it used to be a hundred
right until cassette tapes came out so I
still see yeah vinyls increasing because
of its audiophile appeal
it’s retro appeal but it’s not gonna
grow much more than that it’s not gonna
take over the music industry we are
going digital and I think what we’re
gonna see in the future is streaming
apps that are going to get their packets
of music in better quality smaller
chunks so we’re not using all of our
data and when 5g networks come out it’s
just gonna be that much easier to stream
that’s true you know I have a funny
story yesterday a patient was telling me
she wanted to get me this DVD for me to
watch yeah and you know there I guess
there’s this DVD store somewhere in Los
Angeles about she was gonna get it for
me and I told her I don’t have a DVD
player I mean what have you have your
playstation before I don’t have a
Playstation yeah literally my laptop
doesn’t have a DVD player my Roku
doesn’t I mean I couldn’t play it if I
tried so it’s interesting how we’re all
shifting away from physical media and
now you know that streaming music is 75%
that’s fascinating now you had some
articles about Android I can’t believe
it’s been 10 years than it’s been out
yeah actually so yesterday was the 10
year anniversary of when Android made
its first debut on t-mobile actually so
t-mobile had a phone called the g1 which
was also known as the HTC dream so HTC
was the manufacturer and Android was the
OS that was on it and if you see
pictures of this phone I should tweet it
out but it it looks like a really thick
and chunky blackberry that’s all screen
and then you can slide the screen out
and there was a QWERTY keyboard
underneath the screen and I remember
seeing this phone come out and I
remember thinking that’s awesome now at
the time I was a Palm Pilot user and I
had actually just migrated from palm
into Windows OS and I was into these
Windows phones and then to see a screen
slide and have a blackberry type quarter
QWERTY keyboard it was amazing I
remember thinking this is the future
is so cool and also Android started
putting cameras on the front of their
phones not necessarily on the HTC dream
but it was like wow we can get video
cameras now that’s science fiction
that’s crazy and it’s gonna be in my
cell phone
so Android change things now you could
argue Apple actually started to change
and I would agree with you
Apple put the internet in your pocket
that’s what made Apple cooler than
blackberry and cooler than Windows OS
because you actually had the internet in
your pocket it was much better than the
browser’s that the other phones gave you
but Android brought customisation it
brought the Google apps were all
integrated so you have Gmail Google Maps
then later came chrome Docs and photos
and so that’s all totally integrated
into Android so what I like about
Android is how much more customizable it
is you can do a lot more with it you can
tweak it a lot more it’s easier to you
know get under the hood and do things
you want to do with my iPhone I’m
basically stuck with the way it is and I
think it’s a great model but you know I
went to Android for three years you
remember that when I switched over and I
really enjoyed being able to do whatever
I wanted you know live backgrounds I was
able to change and tweak things for my
apps that I was developing it was just a
whole lot easier
yeah so it is it’s great it’s
customizable I really enjoy Android but
now the elephant in the room is the the
many different fractured types of phones
out there right you cannot make Android
as smooth and as seamless as what you
get with the iOS experience and iPhone
because the software is made to work
directly with the hardware so it’s still
great interesting to see so more numbers
so nowadays there are 2 billion people
they’re using an Android device today so
those good memory so anyways it’s
fascinating to see where we’ve come so
to go along with that some other
interesting things in the phone news
this last week we’ve been talking about
the conspiracy theories about the pixel
3 and the leaks that have been happening
with it have they been intentional and
then there was rumors about the pixel 3
ultra another phone that would not have
this terrible ugly notch and so we
finally got some answers this week and
the the answers came from two video
bloggers so the first is Brandon from
this tech today and the one that made it
really famous is John Prosser from
front-page tech and basically they were
the ones talking about these rumors and
and really spreading it and they said
they finally got to talk to an engineer
that works for Google and is actually on
the team for designing the pixel 3 well
first they had to lock down all these
security protocols you know using VPNs
and any messaging we do has to be on an
app that will delete everything within a
few seconds so that there was really no
trace but they said the leaks were not
intentional we thought they were you and
I talked about it as a way to drum up
buzz but it turns out that the leaks
were not intentional it came from Fox
Khan’s Factory in China where they
install the lg screens and that that’s
where some of the prototypes or a bunch
of prototypes were stolen and so that
the leaks happened but then Google
didn’t try to stop the leaks they
actually allowed leaks to continue to
happen so that they could find who is
the source of the leaks and fried or
topples so according to their inside
source they weren’t on purpose but then
they didn’t try to stop it but
unfortunately that means that
it’s gonna have a beastly notch at the
top right it’s not gonna be notice so to
get to the pixel 3 ultra which is this
bezel list notch list foam that we’re
all hoping was gonna show up and save
the pixel brand doesn’t look like it’s
coming so if you remember back in
Google purchased HTC and it purchased
their phone design team and so now
essentially they had two teams they had
the original pixel team and then they
have this HTC team and and the original
pixel 3 team so when they purchased it
the pixel 3 team was already four months
into development and you can’t just
bring a whole new team with all their
tools and all their equipment into the
lab and say use these guys so basically
what they did is they said according to
this inside source
HTC team with all the bells and whistles
and cool equipment you’re now working on
the pixel 4 which is coming out next
year current team you continue with the
pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL and if people
aren’t gonna like it it won’t matter
because you’re done when this is over
anyways interesting so apparently this
engineer was on the pixel 3 team doesn’t
expect to stick around for the pixel 4
looks like he’s already been replaced by
this new team that was purchased with
HTC so I guess we’ll we’ll look forward
to see what happens that is really
interesting now we’ve gotta go but
before we do I just wanted to remind you
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