Tech Time Podcast Episode 5 – iPhone XS, iphone XS Max, iPhone XR

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR Reveal Tomorrow at 10:00 am PST

  • 3 new iPhones to be revealed (all large like the iPhone X with notches
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone Xr – the budget phone with LCD screen, aluminum instead of Stainless Steel. 6.1” screen.  $700-$850 in price.
  • No more SE’s?  No more 4” screens?
  • No more home buttons?

Pixel 3 XL Notch – Leak Setup?

  • Google is contacting Video Bloggers to use their “negative reviews” in the upcoming Pixel 3 XL release event on October 4.
  • These reviews have all been anti notch.
  • One said, “I want to vomit every time I see the notch”.
  • Why would Google want to use these negative reviews?
  • Could have it been a setup?  Is it just another way to drum up hype?
    • “There is no such thing as bad publicity!” PT Barnum.
    • Could there be a notchless Pixel XL on it’s way to wow us all?

Didi halts carpooling across china after murder!

  • Didi Chuxing has suspended its Hitch carpooling service across all of China in the wake of a driver raping and killing a passenger on August 24th.
  • A customer had complained to Didi about the the driver’s sexually threatening behavior a day before, but the company didn’t follow through with an investigation that might have banned the driver in time to prevent the tragedy.
  • Apparently the drivers can rate the passengers (like nice legs etc…)
  • The article makes it sound like it’s a hitchhiking service more than an uber service.
  • A previous woman had complained to Didi on the 23rd that the same driver had exhibited extremely threatening behavior, including asking her to sit in the front, driving to an out-of-the-way area and following her for a while after she left the car. She’d complained to Didi, but the support agent attached to the case didn’t follow up within the company’s promised two-hour window. In other words, the absence of a swift ban against the driver may have cost a woman her life.

Musk’s Erratic Behavior Continues as he Smokes Pot on Joe Rogen Podcast

  • Investors are downgrading their forecast for Tesla Stock due to Elon Musk’s erratic behavior.
  • Take Private Drama
    • Tweet to take private.
    • Didn’t have a solid plan and backed away. (Saudi’s)
  • Pedofile Accusations
    • British Expat Tai Diver Accusation.
    • Appology in June.
    • Doubles down, “why hasn’t he sued me?”.  Apparently he did.
  • Thursday Smoked Pot on Joe Rogan’s Podcast.
    • Two Tesla Top Executives Quit the next day.
    • US Air Force is looking at removing Musk’s Space X security clearance for Marijuana use (prohibited for anyone with security clearance).
    • Tesla Share Price dropped 9% to lowest in almost a year.

Russian Assassins Caught on Cameras in London

  • Between 4 and 6 million CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom
    • London Police 10k, London Underground 11k, London Rail 4k (25k)
  • 250 Police Officers reviewed 11k hours of footage.
  • Video Footage of Assassins
    • March 2nd
      • 3 pm arrived at Gatwick Airport on Aeroflot flight.
      • Traveled to city centre by train.
      • Tube to hotel.
    • March 3
      • Traveled to Salisbury in afternoon for reconnaissance mission.
      • Returned to hotel 2 hours later.
    • March 4
      • Morning train to Salisbury
      • Walking along road near Sergei’s home just before noon.
      • Late afternoon back in London going to Heathrow Airport.
      • Boarded Aeroflot flight to Moscow.
  • Events
    • Sergie Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found on a bench in Salisbury on March 4.
    • Mid June Charlie Rowley found perfume in donation bin.
      • Perfume bottle was modified with a long sprayer and  had Novichok Nerve Agent.
    • His girl friend sprayed her wrists and dropped to the ground (later died).
    • Charlie went to her aid and dropped to the ground (recovered).
  • Evidence
    • Modified perfume bottle had Novichok in it (was a counterfeit Premier Jour)..
    • Hotel room where assassins stayed had traces of Novichok.
    • Door Knob of Skripal home had Novichok.
    • Video Evidence found the men and traced their travels, leading investigators to the hotel room.
  • Is this scary or good that we are recorded so much?


Space Station Air Leak Caused by Man-Made Drill Hole

  • 2mm hole in Soyuz Spacecraft first thought it was caused by a micro-meteor.
  • Hole made from inside the craft by a hand drill.
  • Drill held by a wavering faltering hand, traces of the drill sliding along the surface.
  • former cosmonaut Maxim Suraev, says he doesn’t rule out the possibility that the hole was drilled by a “mentally unstable member of the ISS crew.”
    • 3 Americans, 2 Russians, 1 German.


AT&T AirGig = 100 megabit rural Broadband

  • 100 megabits in rural if you are near powerlines.
    • Hops from power pole to power pole; 5G mobile tech to the house.
    • Not through the power line but around it using “eggs” (routers) that are on the poles.
    • Eggs are a “Poly Rod Phased Array” capable of beaming 90 gigabits per second.
      • This will be shared among all the homes attached to the line.
    • Accidentally discovered that data sent wirelessly behaved differently when it was traveling in the same direction as a power line.
  • To be rolled out in 2021.


OnePlus 6T Confirmed to have Display Fingerprint Sensor

  • Email to CNET, “OnePlus wanted to put the in Display Fingerprint Sensor in the 5T but the technology wasn’t up to OnePlus’ standards for a fast and smooth experience.”
  • This will make the 6T 0.44mm thicker than the current OnePlus 6.
  • This will be the first in-display fingerprint sensor available in the United States.
    • The OnePlus 6T will be available on T-Mobile.


all right so we’re back for our fifth episode I can’t believe it five weeks right on Matt yeah they’re in Canada I’m not too bad we’re getting ready for a little bit of snow unfortunate yeah yeah it’s September 11 are your kids even back to school oh yeah yeah just to give you a little bit of context last year we were at 29 degrees Celsius so we were like high 80s and this year we’re gonna have snow tonight yeah there you go it’s not gonna last very much and it sounds like a lot of the snow is gonna be hitting Jasper but anyways that’s that’s the news here in Edmonton where winter is coming with a force and maybe where your groundhog you’re the anti groundhog where you tell you winter’s coming early that’s exciting more exciting news though is tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific they’re gonna release the the iPhone 10’s information so what I heard is that there might be three different phones have you heard about that yeah we talked a little bit about it a couple weeks ago with the leaks and of course all those leaks come from cases and some people who might have gotten their hands on them earlier so there’s there’s those three phones that everybody’s talking about the iPhone excess excess Max and X are so far they’re pretty big right yeah they’re really big and it sounds like these ones are actually gonna be even a little bit bigger so I like a good phablet in my hand I like a big screen you prefer the smaller 4-inch yeah so what do you think I think it’s gonna be really big I mean I like the iPhone 5 size slips in my pocket really easy I can go jogging with it around the Rose Bowl and it’s no big deal it doesn’t bounce around in my shorts but I feel like even the iPhone 10 would be too big for me to work out with right do you take yours to the gym oh yes yeah and it’s fine I mean it fits in my pocket but it barely and mine is the s9 plus so it’s pretty big but it seems to me that that’s the trend these days it’s a bigger screen bigger phone and apples definitely taping us there so my question to you is will you be disappointed if we don’t have a 4-inch se announce tomorrow I am gonna be disappointed that would be my next phone I don’t want anything bigger okay so I’ve noticed that the trend is that typically things get bigger and then they get smaller and then it goes back in that direction so I work with glasses all day and if you remember back in the 90s everyone was trying to rock the smallest pair of glasses they could they kept getting smaller and smaller yeah have you noticed that now glasses are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it’s almost like sitting with your phone number zoo Lander let me hit the little tiny phone and goes I don’t know why people want that console junk in their pocket you know it seems really inconvenient but it’s the trend right now to have big everything big glasses big SUVs people want big phones and you know it might just be because the economy is but I mean maybe things were going smaller when it was more of a depression or a recession and be interesting to see if there’s any kind of a connection there and that’s funny personally I like a big screen I’m constantly using my phone for work and so if I need to pull up a drawing on the bigger screen that’s how I can see the detail that I need to get to so as a Productivity device bigger is better for me also on the entertainment side I also like bit bigger is better you know for games right or for watching movies or Netflix or more for watching movies and Netflix and I can only imagine trying to play a game like fortnight on a little tiny screen on a Nessy right that was really hard yeah it sounds like they have something called the the ten s max which is supposed to be the bigger of the phones right so they’re gonna have the 10 s that should be around the same size maybe a little bit bigger and then they’re gonna do the max which is for people like you that really like the big phones and I think this could be an opportunity for them to ask for even more money than $1,000 for a phone do you think they’ll keep it at $9.99 for the max or do you think that’ll be more expensive you know that’s the big debate historically apples always kind of kept the price the same now they’ve inched up more and more and more every year but traditionally they try especially on their laptops and there are other products they try to keep it at the same price point however I think that Apple’s realized that some of the people out there who are big fans will pay more for the most premium product so I would not be surprised if we see the iPhone access Mac’s coming in around 1100 just look at what the note 9 did with its highest end model right it’s yeah I think it’s around $1200 so if people are buying it now how many I don’t know but I I think Apple might go this direction I’ll tell you what if they do release that 10 R that’s supposed to be the budget one that’s made out of aluminum instead of stainless steel that’s the one I would buy i’m kind of cheap when it comes to stuff like this i mean it’s a phone you can drop it it can fall it can break the screen can shatter right I can’t imagine spending $1200 on something that temporary yeah I mean okay so that’s the better price and it that’s actually kind of the big buzz going on right now is we’re gonna get a cheaper iPhone that’s gonna look like the iPhone X and what you mean yeah okay that’s not super cheap because the se was how much how much I bought it for $189 boxes is out of my price range I think yeah so speaking of really big screens the pixel 3 XL has a little bit of controversy going on right now I mean that’s a really big screen with a really big notch and we’ve covered this earlier in the last couple of weeks talking about the knotch and how we don’t really like it that much well there have been a lot of bloggers especially video bloggers that have been giving negative reviews from some beliefs they’ve seen in fact we’ve seen an entire unboxing of the pixel 3 XL is that the same one they found on the ubered remember when you told that no this one’s actually coming out of the Ukraine well yeah it’s like a full unboxing and they turned it on there’s some controversy in whether this is real it could be a fake it could be some people think that there was actually some production units that ended up getting stolen and so they think that’s kind of where this came from but a lot of the video bloggers hate the knotch hate it hate it hate it one of them even said when I look at this I want to vomit all over it so here’s what the interesting thing is google has been contacting these bloggers with these extremely negative reviews and they said can I use the clips of you wanting to vomit on the phone in our our reveal why would they want to use negative press like them well that’s the question right that’s the question why are they doing this so now the conspiracy theorists are just going crazy especially these video bloggers I mean more and more people are clicking on their videos because they’re like hey Google just contacted me they want to use my vomit quote right so the theory is that Google might actually release another model that they’ve been to keep under wraps that’s going to be notch las’ and this would be their premium phone just like Apple tomorrow is going to release the iPhone 10’s max mm-hmm they might have a bezel s pixel three XL yet with no knotch so that’s kind of the rumored personally I don’t think it’s gonna happen I think it would have leaked by now I mean the technology yeah yeah what Elise didn’t you see the cases I mean there would have been something but I don’t know why Google’s gonna do it maybe this is all just made up maybe somebody started making contact and nothing is going to show I don’t know they already have a release date for that film the pixel 3 right isn’t it at the end of this month yeah it’s gonna be on October 4th actually so ok September but October 4th that’s that’s their big reveal just like Apple’s gonna have their big event tomorrow so by the time this comes out everybody’s probably gonna be logged on watching the Apple Keynote or going to the the blogs to see what’s being released I’m excited to find out what ends up happening you know I wanted to talk about this last week but we didn’t get a chance to did you hear about that murder in China with Didius carpooling app you know what I hadn’t until you talked to me about it so how did this happen and what’s different between say Diddy and uber so did is a lot like uber but in China one thing people say about it though is it’s more like a carpooling service so it sounds like if you’re on the way somewhere you can pick someone up and they can come with you anyways but either way their drivers are vetted according to and gadget the website I was reading about one thing they did say though is that this person that’s supposedly murdered their passenger had a complaint filed against them the day before he picked up a lady and she said he was really creepy he made her sit in the front seat kept commenting about her legs and then when she left and got out of the car he followed her for some time so he immediately called Diddy and said you know you really should look into this driver and the person she contacted on the phone didn’t do anything with it and the next day is when the girl died and so that’s their breasts yeah PR nightmare on their hand because they really should have done something had just been pretending they could have prevented it especially in that case and somebody had called the day before but you know even here in the United States should there be more done to bet new bird drivers it’s funny in my neighborhood sometimes I’ll do we’re cool you know to go to the airport or whatever and and sometimes parents just push their kids in with me and they don’t know who I am you know I don’t know the driver and are you serious I’m not kidding they just don’t want to drive the kids over to wherever they’re going and so I think in their mind they think because they have the app they can watch them go and then they probably call on the other side to make sure they make it there and I imagine that uber has a thing where you can’t be under 18 and use it but I’m sure it’s just the parents using their app and having the kids to be picked up it’s happened a couple of times while I’ve been in the backseat with their kids you know they don’t know me I’m not vetted so I I think they should really do something to to be a little more cautious about both the people that they’re carpooling with and the person driving for both Diddy and Peru burr yeah I mean what’s to prevent some creepy dude of saying you know what I’m good I’m gonna get out here with this kid right would you ever put your kids in an uber and just let them go well you know my kids are getting older I already put them on a bus that’s true you know what’s the difference between a bus and an uber other than at least a bus is a little bit more public right there’s several people on a bus somebody who’s going to be a witness but I don’t know it gives me the creeps a little bit it was unfortunate to hear that story it really is I in fact I’m kind of glad it didn’t catch on very much here in North America because I think it really would have affected Oberer and other ride-sharing programs and I actually support it I think it’s fantastic I think uber is a great platform I’m hoping as more competition comes that the price will get even lower than it already is and look at how they’ve shook up the taxi market yeah you know I’m really hoping that self-driving cars in the future I mean you could do ride-sharing there I really see a future where most people aren’t going to own a vehicle anymore and we look at the blogs that I’ve been reading say that uber is losing a lot of money right now paying all of their drivers and so really they’re not going to start getting a hit until they start having the self-driving cars so they’re had a loss right now apparently but I’m Roberto I mean it was unfortunate when I went to British Columbia a few weeks ago Vancouver no Ebers Vancouver Island no burrs you’ve got them in really yeah we do yeah we do have them here in Edmonton so it must be something with the municipality of the City of Vancouver is not allowing them to come probably because of a strong taxi Union that’s most likely it very interesting and speaking of international stories do you remember that crazy story with those Russian spies in the UK oh yeah so they’re actually I consider them assassins they were trying to kill mr. scribble what was his name Yuri I know his daughter’s name was Yulia anyways what was fascinating was how Britain now has been able to put together enough information to say look we know who the people were that attempted the murder and actually a death did result out of this and I’ll get into that a little bit later but they’ve been able to put it in front of the international community to say look Russia you had the motive here are the people and we’re quite certain that these are Russian spies how does it relate to technology so this is what’s fascinating about it I didn’t realize this about London but they have 25,000 CCTV cameras throughout London in fact they say four and six million of these cameras are throughout all of the United Kingdom so this is a real Big Brother issue here however in this case I kind of support it so imagine 25,000 cameras throughout London they found as they went through 250 police officers went through 11,000 hours of video footage they were able to walk back from the incident and trace these people that were suspects and followed them throughout the day and eventually get to the beginning of the incidents where these guys got off of a narrow float flight from Russia so this is how it goes March 2nd 3 p.m. a Gatwick Airport and an arrow flow flight arrives two guys get off they actually follow those guys to city centre by train so the train station has cameras they saw which train they got on they saw where they got off and then they watch them through the cameras go to their hotel so they knew exactly which hotel it was and then they could follow up with the owners and say ok what room were they in so March 3rd they then follow them through these cameras and they go to Salsbury which is the town where the attempted assassination took place where mr. scribble and his daughter lived they do what they think is a reconnaissance mission and then two hours later they return to their hotel March 4th they watch them go to the Train and they watch them get off the train in Salisbury in the town of mr. scruple live they watch them walk along the road towards his house now he didn’t have any cameras specifically showing them but now they know what they used was a perfume bottle and it was a modified perfume bottle with an extra long nozzle and they sprayed the nerve agents the Novacek nerve agent on the doorknob now that’s actually a proven assassination technique that Russia had experimented with in the 90s with this very same nerve agent and so just more evidence pointing to this issue came out of Russia and through their current spy agency they then catch them returning leaving directly from Salsbury going straight to Heathrow Airport and getting on a waiting flight so by the time mr. scruple and his daughter collapse on the bench in Salsbury they’re already on a plane flying to Russia so it’s amazing to me how they followed them with these camera systems from the time they enter to the time they exited now they didn’t have the technology to be able to prevent this and it was all after the fact but it was amazing to me after Russia has been denying denying denying and then this is laid out in front of us it’s very obvious to the rest of the world that look you can deny all you want but it’s pretty obvious these two guys are the guys who did it and they have the skills and the training that your government gives well that sounds like big brother to me I mean does that make you nervous that they’re watching them all the time or do you like it does it make you feel more safe you know what I kind of like it but then again I’m not the type of person that worries a lot about my own privacy however it is a little bit creepy to think that somebody could be watching us what I’m more concerned about our security issues with creepy people watching us I don’t care if the police watches me some people make Big Brother scares them what concerns me more is somebody hacking into that system mm-hmm and then watching there was an incident I think it was two or three years ago where there was an elementary school that had one of those cameras pointed at a boys and girls washroom so in elementary school and then somebody in Russia started live-blogging it so they had hacked in and then you could watch these elementary kids walk into the bathroom I mean how creepy is that really that concerns me far more than the police watching me because I personally don’t care they can watch me all they want and if they can stop somebody from getting me mugging me whatever I am that’s even better it’s the creeps it’s the it’s the other people that can hack into that system that has me concerned well then I guess when we give our credit card information out to stores I mean that’s trackable right and so that’s they can follow the money and now they can follow you on the street too so we’re already giving up a little bit of our sovereignty there you’d have to be cashless and drive cars and not take public transportation to be out of the limelight right you know some people do that some people truly do that they do go cashless they you store on their browser yeah they don’t own property right there they’re really trying to drop off but that’s such a minority of people I don’t think the average person gets that far but I think the average person would be concerned about a little bit concerned about Big Brother and really concerned about hackers and what they could be using that information for did I tell you and the listeners about when I was in Spain and they demanded to see my passport at every hotel why would you need my passport I mean I’ll show you my ID if you want me to and yeah they said that they have a registry in Europe where when you go to a hotel and it doesn’t matter if it’s a hostel or a hotel they have to register you in the database that says where you are every night and I asked one of the people at the hotel like have you ever seen anything go down he says yeah like one time there was some people that were trying to get away from the law and the police officer showed up two hours after I registered them into the database and so it’s a real thing over there it’s not just the UK that’s doing it it’s all of the European Union they’re following their their citizens and non-citizens you would think you would need a huge army of people to be able to handle that much data I mean you look at 250 police officers trying to track these two spies slash assassins down and 11 thousand hours of footage and they did it after the fact being able to zero in specifically on what they were looking for so it’s massive maybe this is the future of data is data management and being able to identify the important things up front and facial recognition to write an artificial intelligence that’ll help the police a lot I actually have an interesting story at what are the embassies I won’t say which country but here in Los Angeles I had a friend that was protesting there and they walked out and said even though we can’t do anything within the law to you I just want you to know that we sent your picture to our home country and you’re not allowed in it so be careful who you protest protest in your face might just be on their facial recognition so it’s interesting to watch different governments and how they’re choosing to to lead and I wonder what the United States and Canada will do if they’re watching us as well well look at the grassroots movement as well I mean it’s not just a government that can be doing that you have the white supremists marches that have been going on and then the the Facebook and social media shaming they came out of that where counter protesters are taking pictures with their phones of these people and putting it up on Facebook and saying do you know who this is and they were able to identify many of those people marching so I kind of support that too I mean there’s gonna be the grassroots monitoring where if we don’t have enough police being able to do this then you know maybe he comes down to a good old-fashioned grassroots lynching there’s no question that was outrageous in Virginia wasn’t it I’m having a hard time remembering where that was but that was well they’re being quite a few Washington DC had some as well since then definitely the white supremists have been feeling a lot more comfortable lately with the political landscape the way it is and comments about well there’s good and bad people in both groups right so these these groups are feeling a lot more bold than they have been in the past interestingly both sides now are covering up their faces even the counter protesters are covering their faces and I personally don’t know why I mean if I was there and I personally have a problem with white supremacy I wouldn’t care if everybody saw that I was there saying this is wrong but some are it makes me sad that it’s 2018 and we’re still going through that right oh it’s terrible there’s a couple more things that I wanted to talk about today did you hear about that leak in the space station so this has more to do with Russia yes yeah this is pretty cool what happened well not cool it’s it’s terrible so two weeks ago there was a leak in the Soyuz spacecraft which is Russian made and it connects up to the space station and this leak they thought was caused by a micro meteor that was flying through the air and and poked a little hole less than two millimeters which actually is a pretty big leak and if your oxygen is dependent on it and quickly going on you’re toast in his face like space is really really dangerous I don’t think people realize just that how insulated we are here on the earth and how it’s it’s perfect for us right you go to space and everything is going to kill you everything literally is going to kill you and so you get a little 2 millimeter leak and it’s it’s a big deal well they’ve now investigated this leak and it turns out it’s sabotage well forensics so they’ve looked at pictures and video of this and you can tell that somebody had taken a drill with an unsteady hand and try to drill a hole in the the wall of the soyuz spacecraft and you can actually see that it was sliding right so you know how sometimes you start to drill specially if it’s a strong metal the drill slides a little bit there so they’ve seen those slide marks they can tell it was an unsteady hand I mean obviously somebody was like trying to do with secret so anyways now Russian officials are saying oh well you know it it could have been done while this Soyuz spacecraft was being manufactured but we really think it’s somebody in space maybe they’re just freaking out maybe it’s a little bit of space madness right these people want to come home what’s the easiest way to come home create a little emergency in space so that’s the big question right now in the space station there’s three Americans two Russians and one German so who could it be I personally think it’s probably somebody down on the ground not somebody in space somebody who’s not happy with their employer I’ve seen sabotage I work in construction all the time there’s all kinds of people out there and they just do dumb things and in my opinion this is attempted murder right beside my channel if I’ve learned anything from all those space movies over the years it’s when you make a bullet hole or any hole in a spacecraft it explodes or implodes right space is gonna kill you dad it’s just gonna kill you well it’ll be interesting to see what they discover about that that’s interesting that you think it’s sabotage well to me it’s pretty obvious that it is sabotage the question is when so did it happen and did they launch with the hole or was it some astronaut floating with a little drill trying to drill a hole because they just won’t go home but personally these astronauts I think these astronauts are trained for such a long time they’re mentally prepared they’re ready to do this I don’t see it being an astronaut buckling I think somebody wanted to go home they would have to be requested to go home right as soon as the leak happened people that are getting antsy on earth here – wouldn’t you say Matt like Elon Musk getting crazy Wakita hot smoking and nice transition yeah so yeah this is probably one of the biggest stories of this week and you wouldn’t think it’s big so let’s just talk about the most recent event Elon Musk went on Joe Rogan’s podcast Joe Rogan was smoking something in Elon said hey what’s that you’re smoking is that a cigar and he says and other things something like the flames yeah and then he says would you like some and then Elon said is it legal here in California in other words he kind of knew that it was gonna be pot I mean if you smell it lit up you know what it is and joe says sure but if I hand it to you it may not be good for you you know stockholders right and was he right absolutely lon takes a toke and then they’re drinking whiskey and guess what happens to the stock price it drops 9 percent 9 percent 10 this is huge usually when you see stop crisis move it like a big move is 1.5 percent right 3 percent something catastrophic is happening Elon Musk smokes pot honor on a podcast 9 percent and to give you an idea of just how big this is we’ve seen Tesla’s stock teeter-totter through this whole year with his crazy behavior this though has wiped out any gains any gains Tesla stock has seen all year and that’s big because if you follow what the American tech industry has done they’re probably on an average around 10% which is huge huge huge huge the NASCAR was beating them all Tesla with beating them all wiped out nine percent gone and just a little bit of the teeter-totter that’s happening just last month it all kind of started with musk saying tweeting actually that he was going to take the company private and that he wanted to take a private at 422 dollars a share well all of a sudden that was a huge chunk 21% jump in one day boom and then of course that was the peak and then starts dropping especially as people were like who can afford to take this private and he wants a oh I’ve got some people wink wink wink and they’re like no no we need more than this and then the board is freaking out because Tesla’s board they seem to have not really been aware of this you know like Elon really is the head of his ship he’s the captain and the board is kind of along for this wild ride so the board assigned two full-time people to kind of take care of this like these are board members usually board members just sit back and give a little bit advice to full-time people were gonna help Elon identify a who it is that could take the private cuz obviously he wanted to and then he realized oh maybe it’s not best for Tesla as a company and then of course the stocks drop again and then there’s the paedophile accusations all that craziness that was the previous month and then he apologized so that was May he apologized in June and then he doubled down after he’s apologized he started saying well I think this guy really is a pedophile because if he wasn’t don’t you think he would have sued me well turns out he already had Elon didn’t know it maybe the stocks just up and down up and down up and down but I don’t get why don’t people just look at the quarterly reports you know look at how the company is doing and base buying the stock on that I mean why is it so flippant that but you know if an if a CEO takes a whiff of something suddenly it goes down 10% I don’t understand why people would pull well you know you’re right then and in a typical company that’s exactly what people do the problem is Tesla is a lot like Apple it’s all about reputation it’s all about the Riz McGill on musk and the brilliance of him we talked pretty viously about how he’s like a superhero to most people right and so you have this persona that really the stock price is so tied to and then that person has this erratic behavior and starts tweeting about his ambien addiction and is smoking pot and I mean and this is the guy who makes SpaceX Rockets right this guy launches rockets for the United States government in fact this the US Air Force is looking at removing his security clearance because they have a policy nobody with that level of security clearance is allowed to partake in marijuana even if it is legal in the state where they’re using it that’s how your yeah this is the United States Air Force it’s important that the people who are making these decisions are not skilled podcast for this we

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