Tech Time Podcast Episode 4 – Turtlenecks and Electric Cars IPhone XS and more

Will the iPhone XS be worth it?

Listen to find out if the iPhone XS will be worth your wait.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone to be revealed in November

  • Samsung CEO DJ Koh said they will reveal the foldable smartphone sometime this year.
  • Many speculate it will be during Samsung’s Developer Conference in November.
  • Koh stated that Samsung is working on differentiating the phone from a phone or a tablet.
    • “If the unfolded experience is the same as the tablet, why would [consumers] buy it?” Koh added: “So every device, every feature, every innovation should have a meaningful message to our end customer. So when the end customer uses it, [they will think] ‘Wow, this is the reason Samsung made it.’”
  • Do we need a foldable phone?
    • Will a foldable phone fit better in my pocket?
    • Why would I say, “I need this?”
  • What is the market for this?


Samsung Rumored to be Developing a Phone with 4 Cameras on One Side.

  • Not the S10 witch is rumored to have 3 cameras on one side and an in-screen fingerprint sensor.
  • What is the purpose?
    • Double 3D?
    • Extra Zoom?  That would be nice!


OnePlus 6T Shows a “Teardrop” Notch and an In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

  • Slashleaks user “King Star” (has a 91% accuracy rating) posted the image of the packaging.
  • There are authenticity questions – Oneplus never drew pictures of the phone in their packaging before.
  • I like the small “teardrop notch”.
  • In-screen fingerprint sensor will need to be fast.
    • I don’t like my back fingerprint sensor – difficult to unlock when mounted in the car.


Sony Dismisses Cross-Platform Gaming

  • Many multiplayer games have been asking Sony to open up and allow cross-platform gaming.
    • Fortnight is the latest to request this feature.
  • Sony’s CEO Knichiro Yoshida said, the “best experience” is offered by Playstation 4.
  • XBox Engineering Lead Mike Ybarra, “Sony still isn’t listening to gamers”.
  • Currently games like Fortnite and Minecraft are playable on XBox and Nintendo Switch.
    • Would you like to play cross-platform?


iPhone XS, iPad Pro, Apple Watch 4 – Release Date Wed, Sep 12 @ 10 am Pacific Time.

  • iPhone XS – What do we know of this device?
    • Will this be just another S year?  New processor same form?
  • Apple Watch Series 4
    • Leaked images show screen could wrap around watch.
    • Battery Life?
  • iPad Pro – New slimmer bezels.


Lyft Driver finds a Prototype Pixel 3 in his Car.

  • Leaked so much, the driver instantly knew he was looking at the Pixel 3 XL.
    • Big Notch, Big Chin..
  • He took it out of the case, snapped some pictures and sent them to “BusinessInsider” before returning it to the owner.
  • It looks like nobody cared.  Has it been over leaked?


European Car Makers Releasing all Electric Competitors to Tesla

  • Mercedes Benz – Yoga, an Electric SUV geared towards millenials.
    • How many millennials have the money for a Mercedes?
  • BMW & Audi will release their Tesla competition shortly.
    • Audi – e-Tron SUV to launch on Sep 17 in San Francisco.
    • BMW – Vision iNext Concept car will be flown to San Francisco for a tour during the same time.
  • European Car CEOs and VPs have been seen copying Silicon Valley style by appearing in jeans and sneakers to appeal to a younger crowd.  
  • The three German Car Makers are developing their own network of fast- charges along major highways in partnership with Ford.
    • What do you think about Proprietary Charging Stations?
      • We don’t have Ford or Chevy gas stations…
  • Tesla currently holds 12.3% of all electric car sales.
    • As competition heats up, will they be able to hold their market share?




all right welcome back this is our

podcast and we finally have professional

microphones and we also have videos so

you can see a speak in live

how’d your week go Matt it went pretty

good back at work and just trying to get

everything under control kids started

school again so that’s always exciting

did you do anything cool for Labor Day

uh no not really we just hung out at

home got ready for school cleaned up the

house a bit and that was it nice well I

went on a giant sand dune up in Malibu

and I rolled down it it was pretty

awesome I’ll post that on Instagram and

had a good time camping so it’s been

pretty good sounds awesome

well I hear there’s a lot to talk about

this week with technology did you hear

about that new fold-up Samsung phone

that they’re talking about yeah they’ve

been talking about her for a few years

Samsung has been playing around with the

technology teasing it a little bit here

and there but we haven’t seen an actual

working prototype I guess it was I think

it was yesterday or maybe even today

Samsung CEO JB Koh talked about

revealing the phone sometime this year

so it sounds like he’s given himself a

commitment of 2018 and and we should see

if people are expecting around November

when Samsung does their development

conference what do you think about a

fold-up phone would it be helpful well

you know I thought a lot about that and

I’ve been wondering like what would be

the difference because I have a tablet I

have a cell phone and it would be nice

to say well I’ve got both now but I

really don’t see what the functionality

difference would be and I think a lot of

people have mentioned that to Samsung in

fact code made this statement he says if

the unfolded experience is the same as

the tablet

why would consumers buy it so every

device every feature every innovation

should have a meaningful message to our

end customers so when the end customer

uses it they will think wow this is

reason why Samsung made it so I agree

with him I’d really like to see what is

the advantage of having a foldable phone

I think it’s cool I mean people might

like it personally I’m okay with just

slipping a candy bar phone in my pocket

that’s how they’ve been for the last ten

years kind of like a chocolate bar you

know yeah but it’s kind of fun that

they’re thinking outside of the box and

maybe they could put a screen on the

back side or maybe just make it more

innovative maybe you could write on one

part kind of like a notepad I’m not too

sure what their plans are but it’s

better than just doing the same thing

over and over again right yeah it seems

to me creative renders that people have

been doing based on rumors and usually

the renders look way cooler than what

the actual product looks like because

they’re just based on what they would

love to see not what they can

technically actually fit inside right

and it was really neat because on the

edges when it was folded the edges had

the date the time the weather and kind

of looked like a neat little clock that

was sitting next to your bed or on your

desk and then you open it up and you’ve

got full tablet capabilities I’m just

not sure I like how thin my phone is and

if I was to fold it in half like I don’t

know then it’s it’s bulkier in my pocket

right maybe we’ll go back to holsters

like we had back in the early 2000s

where we all kind of look like Batman

with one or two things hanging off of

our belts I’m looking forward to that

and I’ll start wearing a belt more often

I actually saw a commercial for a

foldable phone for Samsung about a year

ago it was the prototype yeah it had two

people in a bar you know this girl sits

next to this guy he pulls it out and

unfolds it what is that she says you

know yeah it’s really interested

everyone stops in the bar and looks over

so there’s definitely it’s definitely a

gimmick that’s for sure yeah so I heard

that Samsung’s rumored to be making a

phone with four cameras on the side how

many cameras does your phone have you’ve

got a Samsung right yeah mine’s got two

and I actually really like the

functionality of having two cameras

what Samsung lets you do at least with

the s9 Plus which is what I have is it

gives me two times optical zoom I know a

lot of the camera setups that have

multiple cameras out there for example

oneplus doesn’t give you the optical

zoom on the one plus six instead they

went with a different range of you I

think a wide angle lens I’d have to

double check that so some are going with

just black and white so that they can

get more detail there’s lots of

different experimentation with different

cameras so it makes me wonder why for

now do you think it could be 3d do they

want to do like things that pop out you

know like the red phone yeah I don’t

know I know red phone definitely is

going that way but I don’t really see

that as being something that people are

looking for and people are asking for

right now maybe extra zoom I think

that’d be fantastic because that’s been

my biggest complaint of using a camera

phone I mean the camera phone sensors

are amazing they’re great in low-light

they are getting more and more detail

man we’ve got twenty five megapixels 30

megapixel cameras coming in these phones

now but really you don’t have that zoom

unless you lose quality and you do at a

digital zoom and I know on the p20

that’s got three lenses and you can do a

three times zoom and it’s when I was

playing around with it was a big

difference and so for somebody who wants

to take photos with their phone and not

have to carry around anything else

perhaps that’s why they’re going with

four cameras that will give you a lot of

zoom that might give you some great

low-light may be a wide angle it would

be kind of like swapping out lenses on a

digital SLR but it’s right there

built-in deer phone there’s a lot of

people that really like to take close-up

photos photographers I think that would

be a really great option and that way

you don’t have to put a hunk and lens on

every single one of your phones right

those clip ons that you can get was

there a more convenient

I know you like the oneplus phones in

your family did you hear about the 60

yeah so there’s a rumor that came out I

believe it was just today maybe a landed

last night there’s a leaker he his name

is King star and he likes to post to a

website called slash leaks and he showed

the inside of a fox that will package

the oneplus 60 and it’s really neat

because it shows a teardrop notch so

it’s a very minimalist notch right in

the middle of the phone that would house

the selfie camera and then it also shows

an in screen fingerprint sensor so we’ve

known about the in screen and

fingerprint sensor for a while now we

knew it was gonna have a notch because

the six already has a notch but the tear

droppy it looks really nice it’s almost

like the notch isn’t there so if this is

real I think that would be fantastic it

would almost make me want to go grab a

oneplus again / Samsung now I know the

Samsung has 10 coming out next year

looks like it’s gonna have an in screen

fingerprint sensor and Samsung’s just

trying to get the soft or the hardware

fast enough so that it can be responsive

enough some of the phones that came out

with it right now out of China they’re

just slow you stick your finger on and

it slowly unlocked your phone as

compared to the ones that are on the

back of your phone that are lightning

fast well I want to talk about two

things first of all that teardrop

I like that they’re getting smaller

honestly I don’t like the look of the

iPhone 10 with that selfie camera on the

top I know a lot of people like the


I think it looks ridiculous I think it’s

2018 let’s figure out a way to put the

selfie camera behind the screen I know

it’s very difficult to do but I remember

when I first got my first iPhone the 3G

I remember booting it up and thinking it

was slow I knew back in 2008 that it was

too slow and yeah I knew that it had a

lot to improve on

that’s kind of how I feel about the

iPhone 10 I saw the notch and I just

felt like this isn’t a very well

polished product I can’t believe they

release this to the public and people

are wanting it and then androids trying

to copy it which I also think is

ridiculous so it’s great that they’re

making it smaller I hope that in a

couple of years they can just completely

eliminate any kind of knotch

let me tell you as a game developer it’s

a little bit of a nightmare I make games

for the iPhone and for the Android and

it’s frustrating that all of these

screens are different sizes and it’s

frustrating that there’s a knotch and so

it’s hopefully something they’ll get rid

of and I think something that shouldn’t

have even been included in the first

place yeah I agree I like the idea of

having more screen space I think that’s

important I thought some of the ways

that people are using the knotch where

they put a black bar across the top and

then make it look like it’s just the

forehead of the phone but you can have

notifications up there I think that’s a

neat way of using it but it really looks

like the different companies aren’t

there or just embracing the notch and

just putting the wallpaper all the way

up and I agree with you it’s it’s a

little bit painful to see so the tear

drop what we’re seeing from oneplus

looks like a good compromise but it

would sure be great if we can get a spat

and and remove notches all together


the other thing I wanted to talk about

is the fingerprint sensor I’m not sure

about your phones but my phone already

doesn’t work the finger really sir yeah

it worked for about eight months and

then just one day it stopped working and

when I asked about it at the Apple

support they just said sometimes it just

stops working and and I’m not gonna buy

a new phone and so I like the idea of

being able to put your finger anywhere

on the screen instead of yet one spot

because then hopefully it’ll be able to

work in the future I mean I love what

what Apple wants to do eventually make

just one sheet of glass as a phone

without any buttons without any spots

that are you know more sensitive than

others no holes to plug things in and

I’m hoping that this this fingerprint

sensor being anywhere on the screen will

will make it closer to that one sheet of

glass they’re aiming for absolutely and

you know at first when I I’ve got a

fingerprint sensor on the back but I had

one on the front of my oneplus 2 and it

was lightning fast and the problem with

it being in the back is when I travel

and I tried a lot for work and trying to

unlock the phone and you reach out your

finger and you got to take it out of the

harness that it’s in and get your finger

back behind it to unlock it that way it

also does iris scanning but then you’re

driving and then you find yourself like

it really closing your eyes are on the

road I’m like this is totally dangerous

and we’re over drivers that’s terrible

right I’m sure they have to knock and

lock their phones all the time

especially with foreign people in their

cars strangers right all the time they

probably just leave them unlocked

completely and with my old one plus I

just reached out my finger because the

fingerprint sensor was underneath the

screen on the chin right so in fact

that’s something that the pixel 3 in

pixel three XL I was hoping if they’ve

got that big massive chin might as well

put it to use and put that fingerprint

sensor on the front I’m not sure if they

are or not I believe they’re on the back

for the current version of the pixels

and it just seems like such a waste of

real estate space on the front if you’re

not gonna use it for that hey so do you

play any cross-platform games like to

play for tonight or did you play doom or

quake or Wolfenstein when you were

younger oh of course I played doom quake

and Wolfenstein and all kinds of

multiplayer muds multi-user dimensions

and mord’s and all those fun games

my son Brant plays Fortnight in fact he

plays all kinds of games and the problem

that he has is he has friends with

Xboxes and friends with Playstations and

friends with computers and you guys have

Station right we have a Playstation and

then we have an iMac which by the way

isn’t working right now but the problem

with having an Apple computer is a lot

of the gaming for computers is geared

towards Windows and not every game is

ported to Apple but in any case if he

wants to play with friends that are on

the computer and Friends that are on the

Xbox right now Sony doesn’t let you do

that that’s so frustrating and so only

Xbox allows you to play cross-platform

so you could play with a Nintendo

console or with a with a PC may be

running steam software but Sony’s not

into that at home no in fact Sony CEO

his name is Kenichi royo Shiba I

probably said that completely wrong but

when he was asked about it he says oh

the best experiences offered by

PlayStation 4 so in other words why

would we bother allowing cross-platform

gaming when the best experiences here on

the PlayStation they want you to buy

their product of course now what’s

interesting is they are outselling

Xboxes by quite a bit and so he may have

a point however it drives my son crazy

because he still has quite a few friends

that are on the Xbox and also a lot of

these games could be played on the

Nintendo switch oh yeah the

cross-platform in gaming is the future

and if Samsung isn’t listening to gamers

then I think they’re gonna fall behind

this could be a big mistake for Samsung

I heard for sodium you know honestly a

lot of my friends my age do most

everything on steam they’re not really

doing Playstation or Xbox because they

can build a PC that’s much more powerful

the better video card and then just

running off of steam do you see that a

lot – absolutely yeah steam is very

popular in fact it’s getting popular in

virtual reality as well and I like the

idea because steam can be cross-platform

if some of these consoles will let it be

well let’s talk about

biggest news this week I think there’s

been some leaks on the new iPhone

maybe 10s or XS what have you heard

about that

yeah there have been a few leaks but I

guess what is most important is now we

have a date at that time where we can

watch it be revealed so it’s going to be

released on Wednesday September 12th at

10 a.m. Pacific time right now and I

don’t know about you but in the past I

used to log onto my computer and I’d

live streaming or I’d go to different

websites that are blogging it and I do a

little bit of work and I come over and

see what what’s balay this is great

coming out of Apple now I used to be a

huge Apple fanboy and I wouldn’t say

that I’ve got the same fanaticism that I

used to have in the past but I’m still

very interested to see what they’re

going to release and according to some

of the information that’s coming out of

Cupertino or how do you pronounce that

anyway over there I know you got it yeah

coming out of Cupertino we’ve already

talked about the iPhone XS it’s going to

be a bigger screen there’s going to be

an OLED model there’s gonna be some

cheaper LCD models I’m also interested

to see what the iPad pro is gonna do

it’s been a long time since the iPads

had a remake the rumours now is it’s

gonna have slimmer bezels and that’s

been a big question I’ve always had why

has an Apple slimmed down those bezels

it’s a lot of wasted front page now do

you guys use tablets in your household

you know not as much as we used to so we

used to be an iPhone and iPad home and

then I you know getting a a Windows

laptop the surface pro oh that one’s a

good one it’s fantastic because it can

act as a tablet and it can act as a

laptop and I often use it as both so if

I’m at home and I just want to watch

some Netflix or just do some casual

surfing it’s my tablet if I need to pull

something out and actually do some work

on it then it’s a tiny little laptop but

anyways I haven’t had the need for a new

tablet since I’ve

that laptop for me tablets don’t make a

lot of sense

mostly I can do everything on my phone I

even watch netflix on my phone I mean

why would I need a bigger screen so you

don’t have that desire for a bigger

screen especially for movies and TV

shows not at this point I think when I’m

over 40 I might because then I’ll need

reading glasses and I need a bigger

screen well I am over 40 and I don’t

need reading glasses and I like a nice

big screen when I watch you watch on a

tiny little what’s your phone by that

sir yeah yeah it’s the same as the

iPhone 5 it’s a tiny little screen so I

heard that they have a lift driver found

a prototype of the pixel 3 in his car

yeah that’s actually quite funny because

it happened on the weekend and what I

find interesting is this lift driver

recognized the phone for what it was

that just goes to show how much the

pixel 3xl has been leaked and so he also

took some pictures of the front-to-back

took it out of the case and sent it off

to a website to say hey look a miss I

found a prototype phone but the most

interesting thing about it is nobody

really cares it’s like this phone’s been

leaked so much that it definitely hasn’t

been driving up the hype like people

thought it would for finding such a

sought-after prototype phone in the wild

that’s quite a tech-savvy lift tracker

to be able to recognize a phone like

that I think most people would look at a

phone like that and say oh must be 2 3

years old right yeah

left his phone here oops oh I don’t

recognize this phone oh L might be one

of those weird Android phones but

apparently the lift driver has the

current version of the XL so the pixel –

and obviously knew what he was looking

at when he saw that big giant notch at

the top and and he’s remind our

listeners – one of the reasons why

people really like the pixel 3 is

because it’s great at taking pictures

you know it’s debatable whether it’s

better than the iPhone 10 but I know a

lot of photographers that I talk to

prefer the pixel over Apple phones and

so this new one’s kind of exciting for

that reason so I got a question for you

Dan the fact that there was hardly any

hype is there such a thing as something

being over leaked it just we see it so

much that it loses the excitement I

think it’s kind of the opposite of Apple

right they try to keep everything

hush-hush this is actually kind of

advertisement for them people are

finding out what’s coming out and it’s

really not their fault right that that

it’s leaked but I think it’s creating

some buzz and it’s creating some

excitement and I think it’s actually a

good thing for Google that it’s leaking

well you know oneplus is famous for

their ability to drum up excitement

right before a phone launch and they’re

kind of the ones that started this whole

get the buzz going in the wild and get

it going on the internet and people

talking and excited about it and they

started that through leaks but it’s

gotten to the point where you wonder is

Google leaking this on purpose why is

this the leakiest phone in history like

it’s it’s got to be like oh this lyft

driver just happened to recognize

exactly what he had I mean I’m not

saying that that was a plant but maybe

some of the other leaks were we know

Villeneuve oh yeah could’ve been a setup

lanova did that with their phone they

they put all these crazy rumors that

this phone was going to be amazing and

then it was the most disappointing thing

when we actually saw it get released and

it actually made me dislike Lenovo a

little bit more but at least people

talked about Lenovo where nobody cared

about or even knew that they were still

making phone I’ll tell you what I don’t

like about the pixel phones before we

move on that they really only stay with

Google’s operating systems for about two

to three years and then Google stopped

supporting them and yeah one of the

reasons why I had originally gotten a

Google phone was so that I could try out

the new betas of all of their software

and after about two years they just

dropped me and dumped me so I thought

that was frustrating and Apple seems to

be installing new software on a lot of

their older phones compared to Android

and so that’s that’s a bit of a surprise

to me I like to see a comparison how

long phones are supported because the

biggest problem with Android is that I

believe it really depends on the OEM

manufacturer how long they’re gonna

support it my oneplus 2 I got through

two years of support and then they

stopped updating it but yet if I had a

one plus three they’re going on three

years of support so I it’s really up to

the manufacturer and where they feel is

the the best use for their money for

supporting these older phones I’d really

like to see a comparison because my

experience with Apple is when I had the

old like second version or four they did

get supported much more than two years

maybe three at the most and then it was

just going so slow they stopped

supporting it and then all the sudden

apps stopped working from the app store

so maybe they go a little bit longer I

don’t know I’d like to see that

comparison here’s what I want to know I

hear that there’s some European car

makers releasing electronic competitors

to test what have you heard about that

like is it BMW and Mercedes or who’s

who’s doing that so there’s three that

are being announced this month BMW Audi

and Mercedes are all coming out with

their fully electric competitors to

Tesla now this isn’t the first time

we’ve seen these manufacturers at least

BMW Mercedes have cut out other

all-electric vehicles in the past but

what they really struggled with is they

didn’t have the mileage and the range

that Tesla’s being able to put into

their cars at same thing with the Nissan

Leaf that’s probably one of the more


the all-electric so you’ve got the

Nissan Leaf you’ve got Tesla’s vehicles

and they they just can’t compare with

the range that Tesla’s getting even

these new ones coming out don’t quite

get the same range but they’re at least

getting closer so the question that I’ve

got is 10 these competitors especially

these brands coming out of Europe can

they compete with Tesla and then where

is the advantage that they have over

Tesla because these are hundred-year-old

companies these are companies that have

a huge supply chain and being able to

manufacture parts that can be moved in

and out of vehicles all over the world

but that’s gotta give them some some

savings and being able to bring the cost

of these vehicles down now where they’re

behind the ball is their batteries so

they’re manufacturing and being able to

get a big enough battery and to get the

factory the castle stuff even mega

factories that are putting out giant

batteries made just for their vehicles

but I don’t think it’s going to take too

much longer for these companies

especially BMW Mercedes and Audi they

have large war chests

I feel like Tesla’s overrated as far as

how much its stock price is whereas

these companies are proving Giants with

great quality at least that’s our

perception and here in North America

that these European companies have

better quality so what do you think Dad

do you think they’ve got a chance do you

think they’re gonna chew away at Tesla’s

market for these all electrics there’s

no question that we need competition in

the market if it’s just gonna be Elan

musk making these all-electric cars and

the leaf we’re not gonna get very far

now here in California we used to have a

mandate I believe that it was by 2025

that we needed to really cut back

emissions and electronic cars are part

of that and so you know in order to get

less pollution

on the 405 and all of the freeways down

here I’m hoping that we’ll move in that

direction if it’s just gonna be one or

two car companies and you know the major

public’s not going to pick it up and so

I’m hoping these German cars do start to

do that so we can start seeing less

pollution in the air and you know I

think it would just be neat to have more

technology in our cars I agree so here

are the three vehicles that are being

released this month mercedes-benz has

the yoga SUV I believe they have been

talking about it for a little bit but

they’re actually going to be releasing

it this month and it’s geared towards

Millennials so that’s coming out

howdy has the e-tron SUV that’s supposed

to be launched on September 17th in San

Francisco and then BMW has the vision I

next concept car which is going to be

flown to San Francisco

and is going to be touring around the

same time now here’s something that’s

interesting about these German

manufacturers they’re copying Elon Musk

or perhaps let’s say Silicon Valley

style there instead of showing up in

their crisp suits and walking around

with their white collars they’re now

wearing jeans and sneakers and they’re

trying to look hip and cool and they’re

trying to grab the Millennial crowd

which loves that style that I would

argue started with Steve Jobs and Apple

so not only that but isn’t it

interesting that they’re releasing these

cars in San Francisco or bringing them

to San Francisco to kind of get the buzz

going so what do you think do you think

they’re being copycats or do you think

they can actually bring their own style

to the electric car are they wearing

turtlenecks get people excited about it

you know that’s a lot of great

information that was a great podcast

today Matt I’m hoping that our users

will like seeing us

and we’ll be back again next week if you

have any questions please feel free to

email at us and you can also tweet us

and Instagram us and all of that

informations below please subscribe to

this channel up here and we’d love to

hear from you thank you talk at you next


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