Tech Time Episode 6 – iPhone XS, XR, XMax and Lard Sandwiches

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr,

Price! Up to $1,500 USD ($2k CAD). This is crazy.
Tim Cook Defended the Price of the Xs Max by saying, “most people make a deal with their phone carrier and pay about $30 a month for the phone. That’s only $1 a day.”
What do you think? Is it really just $1 a day? If you keep the phone for two years, isn’t it $3.70 a day.
Apple Watch Series 4
$399 – ???
Larger screen, smaller bezels, new UI
Battery extended to 18 hrs – Is this enough?
Do you need 24 hrs? I often find myself traveling.
Easy to charge a phone but a watch….?

Trump Tariffs on China Exclude Apple & Components that go in Apple Products.
Tim Cook suggested that Apple may be too big to tax.
“I don’t want to speak for [the Trump administration], but I think they looked at this and said that it’s not really great for the United States to put a tariff on those types of products,”
After Trump’s Tax cuts Apple’s US back taxes dropped from $78B to $39B; almost on par to Ireland’s taxes where Apple currently is “Headquartered”.
Trump went after Apple about it’s Ireland Headquarters but he appears to happy as Apple announced earlier this year that they were moving their money back to the US (thanks to the Tax Cuts).

Google Remotely Changed Settings on Android Pie Phones.
Google accidentally changed the settings on Android Phones with Android Pie.
They switched on the feature “Battery Saver”.
Went to Reddit to apologize and explain.
“an internal experiment to test battery saving features that was mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended… We have now rolled battery saver settings back to default. Please configure to your liking”.
What do you think of major Corporations having the power to remotely change the settings on your phone?
Not new, Apple has done this with slowing down phones.

Security Experts are Warning Android Users of Fake Apps (Fortnite to blame).
Top10VPN commissioned a study of the most common Malware found on Android devices.
Google play is cracking down on apps to their store (tetris)
Found the malware is coming mostly from Digital Marketplaces outside of Google’s Play Store such as Amazon.
Majority of these Apps are tied to Fortnight which choose to sell it’s app outside of Google’s Play Store to avoid paying Google fees.
These Apps were found to have the ability to spy on the users by turning on their cameras & microphones, record and upload phone calls, reading their contacts & accessing their files, photos and emails.
Dan – As a developer of mobile games, do you feel Apple’s and Google’s store are worth the fees or is Fortnight correct by avoiding them?

Online divorce service says ‘Fortnite addiction’ cited in 200 divorces (lol)
Data mining of divorce hearings show that Fortnite is being increasingly referenced.
Digital addiction is now being added to the three most common causes of divorce (addiction to drugs, alcohol & gambling).

Google Accused of Political Censorship after Pulling Videos of Putin’s Biggest Critic.
Advertisements of Alexei Navalny were taken down at the request of the Russian Government.
Navalny was calling for demonstrations on Sunday to protest the raising of the Russian retirement age (Women to 60 and men to 65; life expectancy is 71).
In Russia it is illegal to campaign more than 24 hours before an election (election was Sunday).
Russian Government considered the Youtube Ads to be campaigning.
Navalny called it “getting the message out for a demonstration”.
Google sided with the Russian Government.
What do you think? Was Google right to side with the Government’s claim it was campaigning or was it political censorship?


welcome back we are now on Episode six I
can’t believe we’ve made it this far are
you doing that I’m doing pretty good
yeah so six this is good we’ve made it
past the average number of podcasts when
they stop it’s five all right so how’s
it going Kenneth are you guys freezing
you know what has been really cold we’ve
had snow on the ground I’ve been
traveling for work and last week I went
to Fort McMurray and it was nicer in
northeastern Alberta than it was an
Edmonton yeah we’ve had this Arctic
front that came down from the Yukon it
dropped into northern BC and then just
shuffled out east towards us so it looks
like we’re gonna be out of it soon but
welcome to Canada September and freezing
cold well I’ll tell you today I had a
pretty good time I actually went to a
lake in Hollywood I don’t know if you
know this but over by the Hollywood sign
there’s a giant lake only eight people
have a house around and they have a
hiking trail so I went into that and
there’s a suicide house there that’s
really interesting what’s the scene it’s
this old Japanese house that has you
know kind of that really cool tile on
the top and it overlooks the lake and
the Hollywood sign and the last person
that owned it committed suicide and so
it’s been on the market now for two
years nobody will buy it and then we
found us we found out from a neighbor
that the people before that committed
suicide and the people before that as
well as those three people in a row they
didn’t know each other they were all
owners of the property killed themselves
in the house like within the last 20
years so that they’re not burial ground
poltergeist was filmed here in the
valley so maybe there you go
but I’m jet technology man we have a lot
to talk about the new iPhone XS and XS
matter tenants
sorry that’s right yeah it is the 10
look at me I sound like I’m 5 years
behind but holy cow that price is crazy
I heard for the best one for the max
that’s gonna be like $1500 American
right what is that equal in canadian
dollars it is one dollar shy of 2,000
bucks it’s almost like Apple chose to be
just under that like 1999 Canadian
dollars that’s just crazy Dan so you’re
gonna spend $2,000 for a phone not me no
that’s like tuition for one semester at
a university in Canada right it’s a
little bit more expensive now but yeah I
mean that’s a lot of money and you know
like how much did you pay for your
computer for your MacBook I need some
that flip that into a phone I feel like
that’s that’s just too much but what’s
interesting is Tim Cook started
defending himself the the day after they
announced the 10s max and this is what
he says he says most people will make a
deal with their phone carrier and he
figures that you pay about $30 a month
to your phone carrier for the price of
the phone and then on top of that
they’ll add whatever services you’re
buying from them and he says that’s only
one dollar a day now I don’t know how
how team cook does math but I broke it
down I thought the average person keeps
their phone for two years
and I personally keep it a little bit
longer but I think it’s probably two
years and when I did the math 1,500
bucks comes out to about three dollars
and 70 cents a day that’s insane that’s
like a McDonald’s meal every day just
for your phone right
or super grande I just drink water I’m
just gonna say no that is really
expensive and if you think about it it’s
a lot like leasing a car right like it
seems like oh I’m gonna have this
Mercedes and it’s only $300 a month
well it’s not really yours right I mean
you drive it off a lot it’s really
you’re renting the car from the car
company and you can’t do over a certain
number of miles and it’s it’s terrible
you’re getting fleeced right so just
like this with the phones you think it’s
yours you drop it in the toilet guess
what you know you’re out fifteen hundred
bucks unless you have AppleCare hey
they’re waterproof now so that’s good
but just thinking about leasing the
phone I mean that’s ridiculous maybe the
next step is a mortgage all right we
should take out 30-year mortgages maybe
they’ll let us fix the interest rate and
4.5% yeah $2,000 is a lot of money for a
phone especially because by the time you
pay it off in two years the next biggest
thing is going to come out you’re not
even gonna want it anymore so I agree
now Dan I know you love BSE and I saw
this coming the SE is dead the iPhone 6
and the 6s is gone the net is gone to
buy the 10 I think that was wise of them
because that’s what I was going to do I
don’t know about you but I like to buy
last year’s model for a cheaper discount
well guess what you can’t do that
anymore because it’s not there to buy
unless you go on eBay but you can’t buy
a new one from the source anymore and
that’s why they did the are the XR is
based or the 10r is basically our answer
to that so what do you think you’ve now
seen it you’ve seen videos you probably
haven’t held one but since your next
phones gonna be an Apple phone are you
happy with the form factor now you’re
gonna have to deal with the knotch
there’s no getting away from the notch
unless you buy a7 which I believe they
or maybe it’s the eight they’re still
selling so would you go with a
clunkier older phone that’s notch less
or a phone that’s the exact same height
and width but a little bit thinner and
way bigger screen real estate which but
you deal with the notch what do you
think oh man I’m gonna have to deal with
the knotch I’ll tell you what Matt two
days ago I was dealing with notch L
because I was trying to reprogram my
game my mobile game for the knotch
and I thought it would be easy I mean
I’m sure there’s a ton of developers
online that have run into the same
problem I have using unity and then
needing to do space at the top for a
notch so I thought it would be an easy
fix maybe a patch I could plug into
unity that’s the program I used to
program my games it took me six hours of
complicated math I was doing the
Pythagorean theorem because all the
screens are so different and it’s funny
one thing that we’re not talking about
is the aspect ratio of the 10 is
actually different it’s a little bit
skinnier than the other ones and so all
of my tiles for my game wouldn’t fit
properly on it not just a notch but just
the shape of it if you’ve noticed the
aspect ratio of the iPhones ever since
the the 5s it’s always been the same up
until the 10th and so everything’s
really changed am i frustrated yes would
I buy a new one of course of course
we’re gonna donate money were to the
cult of Apple I’ll tell you one thing I
would be interested in buying though is
that new Apple watch for 399 a little
bit bigger screen smaller bezel longer
battery life I think they look pretty
slick I like the idea of being up work
and just looking and glancing at my
watch and seeing a text met up being
defective by pulling out my phone I
think that would be needs you’ve got a
bit bit right are you pretty satisfied
with that
I do have a Fitbit um you know what I do
have a Fitbit I like what it does it’s
very simple I think it does an amazing
job with their software as far as the
health app side of things I also really
like the challenges that they have and a
lot of people I know have fitbit’s way
more people that I know have fitbit’s
than they have Apple watches but I gotta
tell you Dan I think the star of the
announcement that happened last Thursday
was the Apple watch series 4 I even and
I wouldn’t say I’m an apple hater but
I’m not an Apple lover like I used to be
I’m almost like that spurned lover that
now is kind of anti Apple if that watch
is hot I’m gonna tell you it’s beautiful
I love the screen on it I think it would
be great I also love how it’s got
speakers it’s now 50% louder than the
series 3 and it’s like a Dick Tracy
watch where you can now actually carry
on a conversation a phone conversation
on your watch without having to bring
your big giant 10s Mac’s phone with you
when you’re going to the gym or working
out however that being said I got a
question for you okay say the battery
life is even better and it’s now 18
hours Wow hours enough I mean as long as
you’re plugging it in every day right
yeah you got to plug it in every day and
here’s the problem with that though and
we could talk a lot about how to extend
battery life when you’ve got lithium ion
in your watch or your phone it’s
actually not healthy to leave your watch
or your phone plugged in once it’s fully
charged and if you’re gonna do that
you’re gonna plug it in overnight and of
course it’s gonna stay plugged in and so
you wake up and take it off so I think
that’s part of the reason why we replace
our phone so much at least for me and
we’ve talked about this in the past its
battery life now 18 hours I’d love to
see 24 i rare
stay up 18 hours but it’s not unheard of
24 is a little bit harder to do but if
you’re traveling if you’re flying across
to Europe or something like that you’re
gonna want something that’s got a little
bit more staying power than 18 hours my
Fitbit last four days now granted I
don’t have a beautiful color display
with Retina display on it or anything
like that but at least I can get four
days out of it and I don’t have to worry
and you can still get your text messages
with the two I do I get text messages I
get notifications and somebody’s calling
I can’t reply on my Fitbit I know the
Aria which is the the latest version
that came out and it’s it looks a lot
like the the old pebble watches because
they purchased pebble I think it’s a
great watch I probably think it’s one of
the better watches you can buy right now
as long as you’re okay with not having
GPS in it it’s a great price and of
course it’s got the Fitbit ecosystem but
Dan that Apple watch series 4 is a sexy
beast well I’d be my favorite story from
you about your Fitbit is that lady that
you know that lost like 50 pounds
because she was competing with you so
let’s say story about that and about how
she’d wake up yeah she’s a good friend
of mine and she was extremely
competitive and she did she lost a lot
of weight it wasn’t like she was
overweight to start with but she just
got trim and we would get in these
Fitbit competitions which I know you can
do with just about any kind of health
device and I would usually sync at the
end of the day and all my data would go
to the Fitbit servers and if it was 11
o’clock at night my phone would start
buzzing because my friend would get on
the treadmill at 11 o’clock just to beat
me that’s great well what’s all I like
about Fitbit those that you can do it
with your Android friends you can do it
with your iPhone friends I mean with the
Apple watch if you’ve got friends on it
it’s just in the Apple ecosystem right
absolutely.i I like that about Fitbit I
hope they can be competitive with Apple
I hope Android can be competitive with
Apple we have these new Qualcomm trips
that are coming out for Android wear and
if those chips don’t make great
I think Android wear it could be dead I
think Apple and Fitbit will grab just
about everything out there they can
Android wear is great from what I can
tell and what I’ve seen it’s just that
it’s got that Android problem of having
so many people making devices for it
that it’s hard to get the coverage the
advertising and I think they’re in
trouble unless these koala comm shifts
can make something special that can at
least match the iPhone series for in
specifications or give me a better
battery you can give me a battery that
will last two days and give me something
equivalent to the series three I’ll
choose that over a series four well it
wasn’t it interesting to find out that
Google was kind of backing off of making
even Android tablets for a while and we
thought forever that it was going to be
neck and neck between them and Apple and
they just said this isn’t profitable
anymore and they don’t really release
tablets anymore wonder if the same thing
is going to happen for the watch yeah
isn’t that interesting
because we used to have was it called
the Nexus phones and then their their
tablets and you know we thought they
were pretty good but then they just
backed off and the tablet has
disappeared in fact even Samsung doesn’t
release as regularly their tablets
I feel like tablets are dropping off I
don’t have any empirical data to back up
that statement right now maybe it’s
something we can follow up with next
week but it really looks like even iPads
are dropping off and apples not focusing
on them the attentions all on these
phones getting bigger so maybe these
phablets are replacing our iPads
exactly what’s happening I mean I I
really never understood the point of a
tablet unless you wanted to watch
Netflix on it you know I mean you can do
everything on your phone and if your
phone has a bigger screen why would you
want to pay for another device that just
gets old in two years and then you have
to replace again I’ve never understood
it yeah I remember when my phone was so
small an iPad was great I Wow look at
all this real estate and I was taking my
iPad to meetings so school board
meetings church meetings things that I
wanted to take notes on and it was like
a little computer well now we have
computers that are basically the size of
a tablet just like I have my windows
surface pro and now we have cell phones
they’re as big as a small tablet I think
as you mentioned I think the tablets
going out and including the iPad so
let’s talk a little bit more about some
news that came out today would you see
the tariffs that President Trump placed
on China
oh let me get political so yeah it
sounds like there are a ton of tariffs
but nothing on Apple how is that
yeah I find that fascinating so Donald
Trump announced 200 billion dollars of
more tariffs on China
but Apple products and the components
that go into them are going to be
excluded and I wondered for a little bit
why this love affair from President
Trump and Apple because Tim Cook’s
actually a well-known Democrat he is not
a Republican and I don’t think he’s
funded president Trump’s campaigns
anywhere in the past so why this special
favor for Apple well I started doing
some research and I was reminded of some
changes that happen just recently so
Apple had been technically headquartered
in Ireland and I think they technically
still are and Ireland has had very low
his business taxes and so it was a good
business move for Apple to be
headquartered in Ireland well president
Trump accused them of being non-american
for being this very American company but
yet headquartered in Ireland and so he
was calling out Apple and saying you’re
an American you’re unpatriotic what are
you doing in Europe and then on the tiny
little island and with the announcement
of the tax cuts that came into effect
earlier this year for businesses it
actually dropped the back taxes that
Apple would pay by 50% so that’s big
they went from owing 78 billion dollars
in back taxes to the American government
to 39 billion dollars and so it now
makes economic sense I think that’s
almost on par to what they were paying
in Ireland and for moving back to the
United States that says okay President
Trump I’m now an American and I’m proud
to be an American and they’re bringing
that money back to the US and so that
ingratiated apple into president Trump
and his administration’s graces and now
look at the break they’re getting huge
break big tax break do you think that’s
going to make them a lot more
competitive on the international stage
and is it fair right so President Trump
is all about renegotiating NAFTA and
trade deals all across the world and
he’s pushing hard and hitting companies
and countries I should say with tariffs
is it fair that his American company is
spared the same tariffs that he’s
placing on non-american companies what
do you think I do know that’s hard to
say I can tell you it’s exciting to go
to other countries and to see people
using American products like Apple
unlike the iPhone I don’t know if it is
fair and
the whole business tax thing I mean I
think it’s good in a way because it
makes it a lot more competitive to to do
business here in the states and I do see
a lot of people going overseas alive but
it’s at the same time you know I know my
taxes this year are going up because of
it really fill that gap they are yeah
and that’s all personal taxes guy
personal taxes are going up not by a lot
just by about $3,000 it’s complicated it
has to do with a change that they did
and the way that the property tax relief
works at the end of the year anyway I
calculated it out and with these tax
drops I’m actually paying 3,000 more so
that will go towards Apple’s pocket I
guess they’re the ones that are saving I
know what you could do with your $3,000
what’s that an iPhone 10s max and a
series for Apple watch it is a little
strange to put money in pockets of big
big businesses and take it away from
property taxes here in California but I
you know it’s if it helps the economy I
guess it’s good I’m pretty neutral on
that I don’t have any strong opinions
either way all right well let’s get some
more strong opinions and let’s get
political political okay that was bad
I’ve been trying to want to do that all
week so Google has gotten political with
Russia and what they’ve done is the
government of russia has asked them to
pull some videos of putin’s biggest
critic and they argued that they pulled
it because it’s campaigning there’s a
law in russia that says you’re not
allowed to campaign earlier than 24
hours before the election i guess that’s
to save on money and bothering people
with so much or perhaps to help that guy
who’s in charge right now but any case
it’s illegal and so the government of
russia claimed that their biggest
competitor this
was campaigning meanwhile the individual
his last name is novel Ani
he stated look I’m just doing these
YouTube advertisements trying to get
people out to protest against Putin’s
latest rising of retirement age he’s
raising women’s retirement age to 60
years old and men’s to 65 and that’s
pretty much on par with what we’re
seeing here in North America but keep in
mind life expectancy in Russia is still
only at 71 so yeah it’s significantly
lower so it’s kind of like saying okay
you’re not allowed to retire until
you’re at 90 percent of your life
expectancy so what do you think do you
think Google was right to side with the
government and say okay you know this
looks like he’s campaigning let’s pull
it or do you feel that with freedom of
speech you should be able to get on
YouTube and call on your supporters to
demonstrate an issue that you feel is
relevant absolutely I think you should
be able to call on supporters to help
you out it was fascinating Matt that
there are only up to 71 years old
yeah that’s terrifying is it just the
the labor that they do or is it the
types of food that they’re eating or the
lifestyle yes so I was surprised too I
actually thought it was more like 65 and
the reason why I thought it was 65 is
when I was living in Russia that’s
actually where it was in the mid 90s so
I did some research on it and you can
see a graph where they actually went to
their lowest since the 60s in the mid
90s understandably that was when the
government was collapsing and being
replaced over and over again it was a
very politically unstable time the Mafia
was running a lot of the show and I
could get in a lot of details of crazy
things I saw with mafia there but also
there is a very unhealthy lifestyle I
don’t know how many large sandwiches I
eat right like ecology it’s is
now I can’t even speak English it’s it’s
a delicacy that’s the English word I was
looking for right it’s it’s basically
meat jello with chunks of knuckle in it
I can’t be healthy so heart and stroke
issues are a big part of the life
expectancy in Russia there’s a lot of
heavy smoking if you look at the smoking
percentages in Russia versus the West
North America by far is actually ahead
of even Europe I’ll have to confirm that
by doing some research but just my
personal experience walking around
Europe versus North America we just
smoked less also vodka is a huge deal in
Russian culture in fact it’s how you
shake hands and do business you drink a
hundred milliliters of vodka to seal a
deal sure they’ll shake hands but when
you drink that 100 milliliters of vodka
you’ve agreed
that’s your stamp on the document so
with the way that alcohol is ingrained
in the culture and cigarettes and eating
a lot of fatty foods heart and strokes a
big issue so it’s great to hear that at
least they have some kind of a form of
Social Security though I wasn’t aware
that they did and so you’re saying that
that’s that’s what they’re waiting for
is is the payment from the government
right like you could just retire any
time if you wanted to if you’re rich
enough over there right so this is when
you could start collecting your pension
and that’s actually exactly what they
call it they don’t call it old-age it’s
actually just called pension and when
you retire you’re called a pension year
that’s the direct translation of what it
is and it’s a big deal because during
the Soviet era of course all pensioners
were taken care of and it was a much
earlier age I believe it was in your
early 50s men maybe 55 I’ll have to
double check that and then you could
collect your pension so it’s a
significant bump and of course the
Putin’s critics are trying to to rally
and cause them some issues to just talk
about Google real quick I know you have
back them up with Russia did you hear
about how they’re actually changing
settings remotely on people’s phones
without their permission yeah so this
has to do with Android PI and some
people still have it in beta some people
actually have the official rollout but
it looks like what Google was doing is
they were testing some settings and
accidentally released it to a lot of
people in fact they went to Reddit to
explain what happened and apologized and
this is what they say quote and internal
experiments to test battery saving
features that was mistakenly rolled out
to more users than intended we have now
rolled battery saver settings back to
please configure to your liking so your
battery saver came on but that can be
bad what if you rely on apps that are
shut down when battery saving gets set
on or and then that can affect you not
getting your notifications it could
affect your job
it could affect anything where you need
immediate communication but I guess the
bigger question is is that scary it is
that Google goons shut you down yeah if
they can change your settings on your
phone are they also looking at where you
what’s your texting to your friends I
mean no no evil oh right I forgot you
are you told you know how hoover has a
god mode right we’re at their company
they can look and see where all of the
uber drivers are where all of the their
patrons are and you know and they can do
that what if Google could do that and
just see where all has been doing the
same thing for years especially when
they’ve been throttling your speed to
save on battery life right it’s no
surprise that they
can do this is it scary sure are we
putting a lot of trust in these
companies that we’re giving them
thousands of dollars for phones
absolutely how do we feel about it if we
keep buying these devices I guess we’re
okay yeah I guess we’re slowly letting
them take over our privacy which kind of
bothers me honestly I’d like it to be a
hands-off approach I think once you’ve
purchased you their equipment I think
they should leave you alone well okay
this brings up the next topic and I’m
really curious to what you think about
this as an app developer so a lot of
companies are trying to get away from
that ecosystem that both Apple and
Google have created specifically around
their stores and fortnight’s
specifically was the big one in the
press this last month where they chose
not to put Fortnite on Google Play and
instead you have to go to their servers
and download it directly from them and
then that way they don’t have to pay
Google the extra fees that they normally
would have to unfortunately they’re
stuck with Apple because Apple has a
much more enclosed ecosystem and you
can’t really get around it but I’m sure
they would have done the same thing with
Apple if it was an option yeah okay
first of all the Google Play Store is
getting a lot more intense just the
other day I was submitting an
application to it and they had someone
actually go through my game screen by
screen and they wrote me an email and
said you need to change this this and
this and I’ve never had that come back
from Google before so I like that
feedback I I didn’t like the feedback
most of it had to do with their privacy
policies and other things and they had
some other things they wanted me to
change but I was just shocked there was
somebody in Mountain View that was going
through my app and had the time to take
a look at it so they really are upping
their security in the Google Play Store
just like Apple did years ago and so I’m
shocked that Andrew
it’s letting for tonight just install it
using their own ecosystem Oh apples not
I’m sorry Google Play yeah and that begs
the question well things like steam
suddenly get on our phones now without
having to go after an app store because
it really is a lot of money that you’re
giving these companies I believe it’s
like 30% of whatever they purchase right
now I do freemium things where I make a
game for free and then you can purchase
items in it but it’s still 30% goes to
them and so mostly I like to get my
revenue from advertising which still
gives a chunk to Google so either way
you can’t get away from it
but if I was a large corporation that
had created fortnight I mean they’re
gonna make a lot more money this way and
there’s a lot more Android users than
you’d think because a lot of people in
Korea play for tonight a lot of Android
users over there in that countries so I
think that was a smart business move on
their side and I think this is a
slippery slope for Google I think if
they don’t get in an elastomer
though this also brings up another issue
that was actually in the news this week
is some security experts are actually
quite concerned about people leaving
that safer ecosystem of Google Play to
go and get apps and I know on a
jailbroken phone and maybe you don’t
even need to jailbreak iPhones anymore
you can still go get apps okay so you
have to jailbreak which removes your
warranty but you can still go get apps
outside of that protected space so talk
to nvp n actually commissioned a study
about malware found on Android devices
and surprise fries most of the malware
that’s affecting devices right now are
tied to fortnight and yeah I mean in
fact that’s what they found in fact I
think I don’t think it was most I think
it was all the malware that’s causing
grief right now is people going looking
for for at night looking for fortnight
apps that can maybe give them an edge
the game and they’re downloading these
apps onto their phone and giving them
access to record and upload their phone
calls read their text messages read
their emails access their photos I mean
this is scary stuff I mean that’s
exactly what malware is there to do is
to steal your personal information and
then benefit from it by selling it or
blackmailing I mean it’s it’s scary
stuff well not just that but they could
also put a bit minor on your phone and
take away all of your processing speed
and just you know mind their own
bitcoins while you’re trying to use your
phone and you’d have no idea why it’s
going so slow and your data goes through
the roof you have that protected
ecosystem I remember even when we had
Windows 95 windows 3.1 and you know all
the time people at school were telling
me hey Dan can you come over and fix my
computer because I have a virus and so I
would constantly be formatting people’s
hard drives and reinstalling Windows I
mean that was a big problem in the late
90s early 2000s you would have just
people coming up to me all the time and
asking me to do that the problem was all
the time they were downloading stuff but
they shouldn’t and it would install the
malware and it looks like we’re seeing
that again with bones this time I have
one more thing I wanted to bring up
about for tonight before we finish did
you hear about the divorce statistics
this is just an article I found that I
thought was hilarious and there was a
company that started mining data from
divorce courts and was looking at the
reasons why people are getting divorced
they found over 200 divorces within the
last year or so
blamed for tonight addiction as a reason
for divorce
it is hilarious I mean they specifically
said a game they didn’t say
Oh my spouse spends too much time
playing video games they said my spouse
spends too much time on fortnight so I
wonder how many of them were women maybe
2 out of 200 so this is interesting now
digital addiction is a real thing I mean
I hadn’t heard of fortnight being to
blame for in the past four divorces but
I actually do know people who have
gotten divorced over digital addiction
video games pornography these are things
that you can definitely be addicted to
on your technology and it’s now actually
been added digital addiction has been
added to the 3 so it’s now the four most
common causes of divorce so right up
there – addiction to drugs alcohol and
now it’s addicted to digital media
fascinating well that was a great
podcast Matt we will see you guys next
week check us out on YouTube you can
also check us out on Twitter at Tech
toshi tech time show PC and we will hit
you up next week talk at you next week

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