Tech Time Podcast Episode 2 – Canadian Musk

Gig economy pressure: drivers more likely to crash

  • From a report: Research from University College London (UCL) indicated 42% of “gig-economy” couriers and taxi drivers reported vehicle damage because of a collision.
  • Close to half admitted time pressure could make them break the speed limit. Distraction by smartphones and tiredness from overwork were also flagged as risks for those delivering food and parcels.
  • Have you ever had a close call in an uber? (Black mirror: Everyone has a number.  What’s my uber number?) Do you feel pressure to tip?

Chinese Internet Users Cross 800 Million Mark

  • There are now as many internet users in China as there are people in the United States, Indonesia and Brazil combined
  • open huge market opportunities for hi-tech companies
  • provide the government with better access to keep watch over its citizens (When I went to china everything was blocked.  I’m sure they were watching me)
  • Wechat (Like Messenger).  Weibo (A lot like twitter.  Saw some girls using it last night at Disneyland)


NVida’s new graphics cards: RTX 2070 and 2080

  • These new 20-series cards will succeed Nvidia’s current top-of-the-line GPUs, the GeForce GTX 1070, GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti
  • (Expensive) The Nvidia-manufactured Founders Edition versions will cost $599 for the RTX 2070, $799 for the RTX 2080 and $1,199 for the RTX 2080 Ti
  • will be the first consumer-level graphics cards based on Nvidia’s next-generation Turing architecture
  • built-in support for real-time ray tracing, a rendering and lighting technique for photorealistic graphics
  • Out in September
  • (I remember in 1994 saving up money from my paper rout to get an ATI Mach 64 video card.


Gmail can now send self-destructing email from phone:

  • protect sensitive information by allowing users to set an expiration date for individual messages or revoke access to messages already sent.
  • The feature also prevents recipients from forwarding, copying, printing or downloading its content and allows users to require recipients to enter a one-time code sent via SMS to view the email. The authentication feature is intended to protect information in the event of the recipient’s email account being hijacked.
  • How many times have we accidentally sent an email right?
  • Some say it doesn’t go far enough.  It’s not end to end encrypted and google will ask you for your latest cell phone number in some cases to decrypt a message.  Should we be giving this information to goole?


Netflix Will Now Interrupt Series Binges With Video Ads For Its Other Series

  • users claimed that ads for entirely different series would play between episodes of a given show’s binging.
  • Awkward placements for advertisements are happening:  An add for “I am killer” during the cartoon bob’s burgers (Tina is my favorite character on that show).


Twitch Prime Ends Ad Free Viewing.

New Chromecast with Bluetooth and better 5grz WiFi.

Motorola Receives Backlash For Revealing a ‘Shameless’ Copy of the iPhone X as Its New Model

  • The new  Motorola P30 was a “brazen” and “egregious” rip-off of Apple’s flagship device
  • Same notch
  • Motorola “even went so far as to adorn the screen with a wallpaper that’s a dead ringer for Apple’s default wallpaper.”
  • Is it a good design?
  • Do you like the notch?

Apple planning new low cost MacBook and MacMini

Tesla Tweets

  • Stock bumps and drops
  • Rapper Aziela Banks claims Musk was tweeting on Acid.
    • Was in LA to work with his girlfriend Grimes.
  • 25k car in 3 years.
    • YouTuber Marques Brownlee asked Musk in an interview about room for a lower-cost Tesla

Tesla Stock YoYo
• Whistle Blower
○ Drop %
• Tai Rescue Diver Pedophile Accusation
○ Drop 4%
○ Apology
•  Going Private
○ Increase 11%
§ Tweet – Taking Tesla Private at $420 a share ($82B).
○ Fact Check Drop 5%
○ Saudis Increase 2%
○ Tesla Board Appoints 3 people to vet his “Go Private”
§ Lost all gains.
○ Class Action Law Suit because his tweet rallied his stock without any proof.
§ Short Sellers mad.

OnePlus 6T
• Launch in October on T-Mobile
○ Huge for a Chinese firm.
○ Surprising no Leaks yet.
§ Perhaps waiting for the next gen processors.


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