Galaxy Note 8 battery is smaller and that’s probably a good thing

Galaxy Note 8:  The battery is smaller and that is probably a good thing

The day is finally here.  The Galaxy Note 8 has been announced and the battery is a little bit smaller.

Last year’s batterygate was a catastrophe to say the least.  Airplanes were filled with smoke, people sued Samsung from the phone burning holes in their pockets and some of the phones literally caught on fire.  A smaller battery is a welcome addition, in anticipation that the new phones will not only be sleek but also safe.

After the terrible public relations nightmare, Samsung started a multi-point battery safety check that was used for the Galaxy S8.  So far, there are no reports of S8 phones blowing up in people’s pocket.  The Galaxy Note 8 will enjoy similar extensive testing before it is publicly released on September 15th.

The battery is now 3300mAh, it would seem Samsung is playing it safe compared to the 3500mAh Galaxy Note 7.

My take on it is that it’s worth the sacrifice of having the smaller battery if it means that the device has a lower chance of melting down.  I still remember getting a call from my friend last year who had to rush out to her father’s place about 60 miles away because his phone burned through the plastic covering on his desk.

This phone looks amazing.  I have to admit I have a bit of envy for it.  About 3 months ago I purchased an iPhone SE (32 gig edition 2017).  I got a crazy deal from ATT for only 170 dollars with the first month of gophone service paid for.  How could I say no?  At the time, in May, you could sell the phone to for the same price.  I’m really enjoying the iPhone SE, but the screen is so small.  Imagine how much more enriched my life would be with the Galaxy Note 8’s 6.3-inch Quad HD+ (2960×1440) Super AMOLED display?  Movies would be brighter, games would be more vivid and texting would be a joy to read.

I’m glad that Samsung decided to used the curve display for this new phone.  I really think it’s little brother, the S8, looks slick.

I have to admit the stylus on the new S8 does not look that enticing to me.   On all of the videos that I’ve seen of the device there seems to be a lag.  That would drive me crazy.  Besides it’s 2017, we don’t need to be writing on our screens anymore.  This isn’t 1998 with our Apple Newton, although I had one and it was amazing.  We’ve moved on.  Most of our desires can now be handled with the flick of our wrist or by uttering words.

I think Samsung has a hit on their hands with the Galaxy Note 8.  I know it I was $950 dollars richer I would be lined up and waiting for my new toy.



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