TOR Names Shari Steele as New Director

Tor is Looking to Diversify its Funding and Avoid Government Sources:


The TOR project will now be led by a former Electronic Frontier Foundation executive director.  During the 2016 presidential campaign, anonymity and encryption has been at the front of many of the debates.  France itself was considering banning TOR from its country after the attacks.  Read more about what TOR is and how it can benefit the lay user here.

Shari Steele, former EFF executive director, was selected because of her experience in growing non-profits.  Roger Dingledine, TOR’s temporary executive director stated that she “will be especially valuable as we continue our campaign to diversify our funding sources”.  Read more about the transition in this blog post.


Shari Steele climbed up the corporate ladder at EFF by starting as a staff attorney, then onto legal director and finally as executive director.  Her 20 years of experience will prove valuable for the anonymity company.

TOR originally started with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and is now a nonprofit company.  Fortunately, the nonprofit has had several wealthy donors like Radio free Asia.

In a post on their website, TOR stated that it would prefer to move away from government sources as their primary income.  Hopefully with funding the TOR project can become faster, and more secure.  I also feel a lot better knowing that the non-profit organization will have less ties with the government.  This will help prevent future back-doors and compromises.


f you’d like to try out TOR, take a look at our guide on how to set it up for the very first time on your windows machine.  It’s easier than you think.

TOR makes it hard, although not impossible, to find a user’s real IP address.  This can help protect your anonymity while browsing online.  It should be noted that the government and other hacking organizations have found workarounds, some involving your browser’s cache.

Hopefully Steele can take TOR in a wonderful direction, avoiding government back doors, and government funding.

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