Secure Messaging App Signal Launches Desktop Version


Signal Desktop App:

Text messages, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Whatsapp etc… all have a major flaw: A backdoor.

It’s no secret that the government can easily access our communications, in some cases, without a warrant.  Here is an article I wrote about the IRS accessing telephone information.  The NSA has also been known to traverse through phone records.


Signal, a private messaging app alternative, has just launched a desktop version of their application which can run through Google’s Chrome browser.  Many privacy advocates use this as their primary messaging service, including Edward Snowden.

If you are an Android user, you are in luck.   You will be able to link your Android account to the desktop version for seamless messaging.  iOS linking is forthcoming.

The linking service with Android devices will allow you to have all your contacts and chat-logs from your Android app loaded into PCs.


Mobile Version:

If you are using the mobile app you may need to be careful with your data plan.  Signal uses a data connection to send encrypted SMS messages, so SMS traffic will count against your carrier data cap.

With recent current events, many governments are calling for a ban on end-to-end encryption.  They claim that encrypted data gives terrorists and criminals an opportunity to conspire worry-free.  Here is an article I wrote about why some people may prefer private communication even if they aren’t a criminal.

There are almost ten thousand people waiting for this desktop beta of Signal.  Head over to their website today to get in line.

Have you had a chance to use encrypted messaging?  Has it been a positive experience?  Let us know in the comments below.

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