Run Multiple Android Programs in Windows



Did you know that you can now run a variety of Android apps in Windows?

Why would you do this?

Answer: Games

Think of all the amazing games that have come out for Android over the past few years.  Now you can run them on a large screen, and without paying for extra expensive Android hardware.


People have been successfully emulating Android for about 5 years now.  One of the most popular Android emulators is Bluestacks.

With their recent release of Bluestacks 2, you can now run multiple Android apps in Windows at the same time.  It actually works a lot like tabbed browsing.


Just think of it.  You could play Clash of Clans and Angry Birds   at the same time.

The company claims that it has reached more than 109 million downloads.  Billions of apps have been used on their emulator to date.  Their user base has gotten so huge that it actually is the 7th largest Android user-base in the world.  That puts them ahead of Sony.

Download Bluckstacks today and get Temple Run on your Windows machine.

I can think of a ton of amazing reasons to emulate android on Windows.

  1. Using it on your work machine during breaks.
  2. Bigger screen for gaming.
  3. Using your desktop speaker system for better sound.
  4. Being able to control things with keyboard/mouse.
  5. Easily take pictures with the print screen button of your content.
  6. Testing your games/programs

The list could just go on.

How do you use Android emulation?  Have you had a chance to try the multiple app mode?

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