Google’s Cheap Virtual Reality

Cheap Virtual Reality By Google


About a week ago, I did a review of Samsung’s Gear VR, a great way to get into virtual reality with your Samsung phone for a hundred bucks.

What if I told you that you could immerse yourself in virtual reality for an even cheaper price?  For just under 25 dollars you can get Google Cardboard.  Basically, it’s cardboard that wraps around your device, and allows most smartphones to view virtual reality content.

Once you have Google Cardboard, you can explore a ton of apps that unfold all around you.  The site boasts that you can “visit new places, play immersive games, fly through space and more”.

So What Kind of Apps are Available?


You can immerse yourself in a Paul McCartney concert, layout on a tropical beach and jump into the inner workings of the body.  At this point, there are several free Apps available.


New App for Creating Virtual reality Scenes


On Thursday, Google released a new virtual-reality camera app.  The app lets you take a three dimensional panoramic photo that you can view in Google Cardboard.

Simply place your phone into the cardboard headset, and put it up to your eyes.  You can then look at the entire scene as if you are there.  Look around and behind you.  Unfortunately, you cannot look up or down at the moment.  Google is still working out the kinks.

Mike Podwal, a product manager for Google stated, “It’s a really powerful way to understand a moment in time”.

Imagine capturing an important moment in your life in virtual reality.  Maybe a wedding kiss, a birthday party, a graduation or retirement.  You could look all around the room, and see friends and loved ones in a three dimensional view.  The next step of course would be to capture three dimensional immersive video.  This would most likely require something a little more complicated than your smartphone’s camera.  I think this is a great start to capturing in depth moments.


Virtual reality seems to be the darling for silicon Valley in 2015.  Facebook with Occulus Rift, Samsung with the Gear VR and  Sony with Project Morpheus.  This new app for capturing a 3D moment is just the beginning.

Imagine taking a trip to the louvre in Paris while in your living room.  Perhaps we will get to the point where you could visit your doctor in three dimensions.

Cardboard is a great cheap option with its units costing just under $25. The headset isn’t manufactured by google itself, but is available through their website.

Have you had the chance to try out the new Google Cardboard?  What did you think of it?  Leave your comments below.

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