France Will Not Ban TOR or Wi-Fi


If you are a frequent Bapgo reader, you will remember that a few days ago it came out that France was looking to restrict TOR indefinitely and Public Wi-Fi during a state of emergency.  Today it was revealed that despite requests from police, France will not restrict the TOR network or public WiFi.

Prime Minister Manual Valls stated, “a ban on WiFi is not a course of action envisaged” by the government.


After the shocking attack in Paris Le Monde (the world), reported an internal law enforcement document asking to inhibit freedom of public Internet during a crisis as a way to trample terrorism.

The “Internet is a freedom, is an extraordinary means of communication between people, it is a benefit to the economy,” Valls concluded.

The world continues to watch as the French government seeks a solution.  Leaders in the European Union and the United States are seeking to compromise encryption and private communication.


On Wednesday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein promised to find a way to compromise encryption.  Fortunately there is not a law that requires a backdoor on encryption, however, depending on the type of encryption used, there may be a backdoor that hackers can compromise.  So, if a hacker can gain access to encryption it follows that the government could potentially have access as well.

Encryption makes the internet a safer place.  Safer for e-commerce, bank activity, stock trading and communication.  I agree with Prime Minister Valls, Freedom on the internet does encourage the economy. Time will tell if Sen. Dianne Feinstein will be successful in her endeavor.

Take a look at Bapgo’s article on how to easily encrypt your hard drive on a Windows machine.

How do you use encryption on a daily basis?  Have you ever been caught in a situation where you wish you had encrypted your data?  Share your experiences in the comments below.


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