Donald Trump Wants to Restrict Internet


Just after Donald Trump revealed his plans to ban Muslims from entering the United States, the presidential hopeful stated that the US should consider “closing the Internet up in some way” to fight ISIS terrorists online.

Trump made fun of anyone that would reject his plan stating “these are foolish people, we have a lot of foolish people”.

As a quick solution he stated “we have to go see Bill Gates” to better understand the Internet and then possibly “close it up”.

Donald continues to stir the pot by saying “we’re losing a lot of people because of the Internet”.


Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan for Internet:

The Internet is a hot button issue for the election next year.  Hillary Clinton requested that tech companies “deny online space” to terrorists.

To rationalize away the first amendment she stated “we’re going to hear all the usual complaints.  You know, freedom of speech, etc… But if we truly are in a war against terrorism and we are truly looking for ways to shut off their funding, shut off the flow of foreign fighters, then we’ve got to shut off their means of communicating. It’s more complicated with some of what they do on encrypted apps, and I’m well aware of that, and that requires even more thinking about how to do it.”

Encrypted apps can be used for good.  Read my article about setting up an encrypted messenger on your Windows machine.


President Obama’s Plan:

President Obama also chimed in on Sunday night urging “high-tech and law enforcement leaders to make it harder to use technology to escape from justice”.

I agree that there needs to by cyber vigilance to combat terrorism.  However, limiting freedoms and regulating the internet may not be the best solution to this ongoing problem.

What are some ways we could overcome cyber warfare without compromising our rights?  Please share in the comments below.

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