Top 5 reasons to get an iPad Pro


It’s finally out!  Apple’s largest tablet to date.  Put away your iPad Air 2 and your MacBook Air.  Here are the top 8 new features for the iPad Pro.

#1. Really large screen


The iPad Pro has an enormous 12.9-inch screen.

Samsung has a few competitors to watch out for.  The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is 12.2 inches and the new galaxy view is an astonishing 18-inches.

Why such a large screen?  To take advantage of multi-tasting mode.

I’m surprised it has taken until 2015 to get true multi-tasking on a mobile apple product.  Now, you can actually have applications running side-by-side a-la-windows 3.1 (Sorry DOS). </rant>

Previously, audio content could playing while using other apps.  I tend to use this a lot when I’m listening to podcasts or music.  I look forward to the day when I can watch Netflix and chill and brows the Internet at the same time with my tablet.


#2. The Pencil

apple pencil

There is a new pencil that you can get for about a hundred bucks.  It can detect the position, force and tilt.  For example if you were to push hard onto the screen, the strokes are much more pronounced.

This idea is not new, and to be honest it is a bit disappointing.  One thing that has always impressed me about apple products is that they typically don’t need accessories to use them.  I applauded apple when they got rid of the original disk-drive and then  again when they got rid of the super-drive.  Less seems more simple to me. </rant>

Hopefully there will be a niche market of artists and designers that will be able to take advantage of this feature.

Another disappointing fact is that the pencil needs to be charged and will most likely get lost a time or two.


#3 Desktop-style performance


That large screen needs to be fast and efficient.  The new iPad pro comes with the A9X processor, it boasts twice the memory bandwidth of the older A8X and double the storage performance.

It’s a 64 bit processor, which probably is a bit overkill since that is only really necessary if there are over 4 gigs of ram.  I suppose it’s good to lay the groundwork for future tablets with over 4 gigs of ram. </rant>

Make no mistake about it, the iPad Pro has a lot of competition.  The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 actually runs full desktop applications and mobile apps.  Hopefully the “desktop-style” performance can keep this tablet up with the pack.

#4. Awesome speakers


Let’s face it, the speakers for the iPhone and iPad really have lackluster performance.  The new iPad Pro on the other hand has four internal speakers.  It also has a new feature that balances the sound based on how you hold it in your hands.  This sounds like a great feature for the beach.


#5. The Smart Keyboard


The new larger screen gives lots of space for the virtual keyboard, but when it comes to creating content I prefer a physical keyboard.  The new keyboard is about 170 bucks and it comes with a smart connector to hook onto the iPad Pro.

Honestly, I think $170 is a bit steep for a keyboard.  Most chrome books sell for the same price.  As with any Apple product, you pay for the gourmet.

Please comment below and let me know your favorite new features for the iPad Pro.

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