Smaller Headphone Plug for iPhone 7

Rumor has it that Apple’s next iteration of their iPhone will be so thin, that it will need a smaller connector for headphones.  The current headphone jack has the standard 3.5mm opening that has been around for decades.  Toss out your Walkman’s headphones from the 80’s because you may need a proprietary set of headphones for the next flagship.

Is a Smaller and Thinner iPhone Better?


Without a headphone jack, the new phones will be able to be at least 1mm thinner.  Even one millimeter can place them ahead of competition. But just how thin and small we want our phones to get?

Potential problems

One potential problem that I foresee, is that converters will need to be purchased for your current third-party headphones to work with the new phone.  The analog-to-lightning adapters may be bulky, expensive, and easy to lose.

In retrospect, it was wise for Apple to buyout Beats.  Now they will be able to sell trendy headphones that work right out of the box with their new proprietary plug.

Apple hinted that they may move to Lightning-enabled headphone accessories at a session at WWDC last year.



Some potential advantages or using a lightning connector include the possibility to offer increased bandwidth and access to system controls from the headphones.  The lightning connectors could also send power to the headphones, allowing them to light-up or charge while plugged in.

I’ll have to admit, I’ve been through apple plug hell.   I’ve had to throw-out all of my old stereos that used the Apple 30 pin dock when the new lightning connectors came out.  I also had to throw-out my 30 pin TV/monitor connector for my iPhone.

How long will these new lightning connectors last for both audio and power?  Will we be throwing away our lightning-connected headphones in 5 years for the next best thing?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section on the latest rumor.   Would you be willing to pay extra for headphones if it means your phone is thinner?

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  1. Mike Moore says:

    This begs the question though: what if I want to simultaneously charge my phone AND listen to music? What then Apple?

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