Gadget Gifts for under 100 bucks

It’s black Friday, and people are racing to the stores to get deals here in the United States.   Yesterday, I was coming home late from a party, and I noticed lines of people waiting in the cold for a deal at the closest electronics shop.  While today can bring a good deal, there are several gadgets you can get for under a hundred dollars.  Here are some great gifts that you can buy this season for a gadget lover without breaking the bank.

#1.  Illuminated LED charging cable ($15):

illuminated cable

This has to be my favorite gadget accessory of all time.  Whenever I have it in my car or at my house, people cannot believe how cool it looks.  Gimmicky yes, amazing… yes.

Here it is for 15 bucks at amazon.

#2. Roku 2 ($70)


For about 70 bucks you can get a Roku 2 box.  I love my roku 2.  I stream netflix, hulu, vevo, and even movies from my computer with it to the big screen.  No need to spend copious amounts of money for unnecessary options like 4K streaming.

Here it is for 66 bucks at amazon.

#3. Jawbone Up2 ($90)


Fitness trackers are getting more stylish.  Pickup the Jawbone up2 for under a hundred bucks at amazon.


#4. Samsung Gear VR ($100)


I love the Samsung Gear VR.  If you already have a compatible Samsung phone, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality.  Checkout my full review of the Samsung Gear VR here on

Grab it at Amazon here.

#5. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ($100)


While you can read Amazon e-books on your phone/tablet, having a glare-free screen really helps.  Grab the new Paperwhite at

If you have any great ideas for gadgets under 100 dollars this holiday season, please comment.

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