Apple Pay for everyone


Square has just announced that it will bring Apple Pay to it’s popular credit card reader.

This will make it easier to purchase items without a credit card, and just a phone.


I remember taping an NFC MasterCard to my phone about 4 years ago.  Everyone at McDonald’s  marveled at how I was able to wave my phone over the reader to purchase my orders.  My hack definitely had some advantages (I could still use the NFC card when my phone battery died).

Now small businesses everywhere will be able to accept payments via Apple Pay.

Today, Square announced the launch of their NFC reader (USA Today).  They will start out with 100 small business across the united states.  The new reader will allow patrons to pay for wares with their NFC enabled phone.  The small block-shaped reader will allow iPhone users or Apple watch users to complete translations by waving their device over the reader.

The new device costs business owners 49 dollars.  The device also accepts chip cards, that have recently grown popular in the united states.  It should be noted that a regular reader is free.  I predict that this reader will also be free in the next few years as it grows in popularity.

Businesses interested in  Apple Pay can visit Square’s official website to purchase their reader.


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